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Spaghetti Al Nero Di Seppia Recipe: How To Make Flavorful Sicilian Black Pasta

In this video, we make spaghetti al nero di seppia served to you directly from Sicily. Spaghetti al nero di seppia is an impressive pasta dish marked by a dark black color from squid ink. It is a simple recipe made with chopped up squid…

Cretan Dakos Salad Recipe

Cretan dakos salad also known as ntakos is a much loved traditional Cretan salad. It is often served as a salad, light meal or in bite sized appetizers called meze. This Cretan dakos salad recipe is super simple to make… 


Pataniscas de Bacalhau by AuthenticFoodQuest

Pataniscas de Bacalhau Recipe: Easy to Make Portuguese Cod Fish Fritters

This easy authentic Portuguese pataniscas de bacalhau recipe makes for a mouthwatering starter or main dish. Light and fried to perfection, they come together by mixing codfish, eggs, flour, onion and parsley.  Easy to make and full of flavor, these irresistible codfish fritters bring the tastes of Portugal to your table…


Cretan Dakos Recipe: The Best Authentic Cretan Salad You Want To Make

This Cretan dakos recipe is for a traditional salad from the island of Crete. Super simple to make it consists of a Cretan barley rusk topped with juicy tomatoes, cheese and olive oil.  A guaranteed crowd pleaser, all you need is a few great quality ingredients for delicious Greek Mediterranean flavors…


Sicilian Pistachio Cake Recipe: Easy To Make Italian Pistachio Dessert

This made from scratch Sicilian pistachio cake recipe with pistachio flour and lemon peel encloses the warm spirit of the island. Easy to make using just one mixing bowl, you’ll be surprised by its simplicity and goodness. Irresistibly soft and moist, this remarkable Italian pistachio cake…



7 of The Best Food Tours in Sicily You Want To Try – Review

Sicily food tours introduce you to the sumptuous flavors found across the island. This large and diverse Italian island offers distinctive flavors from one side to the other. Its strategic location, in the center of the Mediterranean sea, has made it attractive to various empires and populations throughout the centuries. As a result, this mixing of populations has influenced the cuisine…


The 10 Best Day Trips from Lisbon for Food and Wine Lovers

Visitors to Lisbon have much to explore, whether they are staying for a few days, weeks or longer. However, getting out of the city for one of these day trips from Lisbon offers another slice of Portuguese life. If you’re staying in Portugal’s capital for more than a day, consider taking a Lisbon day trip. Most are easily accessible by…


7 of the Best Porto Food Tours You Want To Try

Discover Portugal’s second largest city through the eyes of a local guide on a Porto food tour. The city’s rich culinary culture, world famous wines and traditional foods come to life through the stories and legends of local experts. While in Portugal exploring the local food specialties, we took several food tours in Porto to discover the traditional specialties…