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Chivito Sandwich Recipe

In this video, we learn to make the Chivito sandwich, Uruguay’s national dish…

Paila Marina Recipe

In this video, we learn to make Paila Marina, a popular and delicious Chilean fish stew…


Banana Thai Roti by AuthenticFoodQuest

Thai Roti Recipe – How To Make The Best Crispy Thai Banana Pancake

This Thai roti recipe is for a popular Thai street food also called Thai banana pancake. A crispy pancake served with condensed milk and banana, the sweet and salty flavors will get you hooked immediately. Simple to make with just a few ingredients, discover one of Thailand’s most popular…


Chivito sandwich Uruguay national dish by AuthenticFoodQuest

Best Chivito Sandwich: How To Make Uruguay National Dish

The Chivito sandwich is a steak sandwich from Uruguay and is considered the country’s national dish. It’s a generous, unbelievably flavorful sandwich you will want to try. Picture sinking your teeth into tender steak slices, bacon, ham, eggs, cheese, tomatoes, onions, …


Paila Marina recipe by AuthenticFoodQuest

Paila Marina Recipe: How To Make The Most Popular Chilean Fish Stew

This paila marina recipe is for a traditional Chilean seafood stew that cooks under 15 minutes. Rich and flavorful, simply toss in a mix of fish, shellfish, white wine, fish broth and serve it hot. Savor Chile with this impressive soup that is quick and easy to pull together…



Chinese Snacks by AuthenticFoodQuest

Chinese Snack Box: 7 Best Snacks For A Taste of The Red Dragon

Ordering a Chinese snack box online is a great way to become familiar with the exotic tastes of the country. Snacks from China, also known as the Red Dragon, come in various unusual flavors and textures. The best Chinese snack boxes include Chinese New Year snacks, traditional teas…


Street Food Quotes by AuthenticFoodQuest

74 Street Food Quotes To Inspire The Adventurous Eater in You

Street food quotes have a way of capturing the novel experiences of street foods that feed the soul. Street foods eaten amongst locals in unremarkable places take us to the core of a destination’s local food culture. With this list of street food quotes, we aim to inspire the adventurous eater… 


Best Culinary Destinations in The World On a Plate by AuthenticFoodQuest

18 of the Best Culinary Destinations In The World for Scrumptious Adventures

Food is invariably the best part of traveling. You get to know the culture and food history by sampling authentic local dishes you may not find back home. This list of the best culinary destinations in the world is designed to enthrall travelers and food lovers alike. We’ve visited some of these foodie destinations…