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Authentic Sicilian Cannoli Recipe

This scrumptious and traditional Sicilian cannoli recipe makes for 16 delicious cannoli. This Cannoli recipe comes straight from Sicily…

Polvo A Lagareiro Recipe

In this video, learn to make a tasty Portuguese octopus baked with potatoes. With only a few ingredients, this traditional Portuguese dish…


Sicilian Cannoli by AuthenticFoodQuest

Authentic Sicilian Cannoli Recipe: How To Make The Best Traditional Cannoli

This scrumptious and traditional Sicilian cannoli recipe is universally adored. Easy to make, it consists of crispy tubular shaped shells, filled with creamy sweet ricotta dipped in chopped pistachio and candied orange peel. Straight from Sicily, watch everyone’s eyes light up with each delightfully creamy bite…


Polvo a Lagareiro Recipe by Authentic Food Quest

Polvo A Lagareiro Recipe: How To Make Octopus Portuguese Style

This Polvo a Lagareiro recipe is for a delicious and traditional Portuguese dish. Requiring only a few ingredients, it consists of roasted octopus, potatoes with herbs, onions, garlic, and lots of olive oil. Simple to make and amazingly tender, watch everyone’s eyes light up with delight as they savor this…


Malaysian Teh Tarik Drinks by AuthenticFoodQuest

Teh Tarik Recipe – How To Make Delicious Frothy Malaysian Pulled Tea

This teh tarik recipe is for a delicious, frothy, milky tea from Malaysia. Simple to make using just four ingredients, you can easily sip on Malaysia’s national tea in 10 minutes or less…



Chicago Deep Dish pizza Food Tours Favorite  by AuthenticFoodQuest

The Best Food Tours in Chicago: Top 10 Windy City Culinary Experiences

Chicago food tours introduce you to the best local food scene and the iconic flavors that have received worldwide acclaim. As Chicago locals, we are proud of our city and the diverse culinary gems found all over the city. Chicago has been named one of the top cities for food in America with deep dish pizza and Chicago hotdog at…


Best Italian Culinary Tours by Authentic Food Quest

8 of The Best Italian Culinary Tours for Amazing Food and Wine

Italian culinary tours take you to the regions at the heart of one of the world’s most famous cuisines. From Bologna, Moderna, Tuscany,  Emilia-Romagna, Sicily, and everything in between, you’ll discover the best Italian food and wine. On our culinary trips in Italy, taking wine and food tours gave us a deeper understanding…


Best Local Restaurants in Lisbon by Authentic Food Quest

15 Of The Best Restaurants to Eat like a Local in Lisbon

Getting familiar with a new city and finding the best places to eat can be a daunting task. Determined to explore the city like the locals, we set out to taste Lisbon food, one neighborhood at a time. Along the way, we stumbled onto Lisbon local restaurants using our own flair for finding authentic food experiences. Recommendations from locals…