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We are Claire and Rosemary, founders and culinary explorers of Authentic Food Quest. We are passionate about helping you connect to the local culture through food.

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Rosemary and Claire eating Pho in Danang Vietnam by Authentic Food Quest
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At Authentic Food Quest, we strive to help curious food lovers see the world in a new way. Through inspirational stories of local cuisine and culture, you open up to the possibilities for connecting deeper with people and places, through local food.

How the Authentic Food Quest
Culinary Journey Began

2015 was a pivotal year

Partners in life and business, we took a leap of faith and created Authentic Food Quest in mid-2015. At the time, we were working tirelessly in our corporate careers and had reached a point where we were dissatisfied and feeling like “just another cog in the system.”

We knew life could be better. So, together with our love for food and travel, and our entrepreneurial spirit, we began our very own authentic food quest.

What started out as a personal quest to discover and showcase authentic foods from around the world has grown into much more. Today, we are a trusted resource for local and authentic food experiences with a community of passionate authentic food lovers.

If you love local food, discovering traditional recipes and local products, Join Us!

Authentic Food Quest is an award-winning food and travel website. And we want to help you forge deeper connections with the food, place, culture, and the people behind the food.

Our Philosophy is Simple.

We believe the best way to travel is through local food experiences.

Since 2015 we’ve been traveling across the globe, immersing ourselves in the local culture. The more we step off the beaten path, the deeper the human connections we make, and the greater the appreciation and understanding we have for local foods and traditions.

Together we’ve visited 45 countries and 240+ cities using food as our lens for traveling.

Our journey takes us right into the heart of the communities we visit. And through immersive food experiences, we learn and explore traditions passed down from generation to generation.

Locals are no longer strangers. Instead, we make friends at the table, sharing stories alongside tasty local dishes. And, in those moments heartfelt connections are made. These experiences have profoundly impacted us. Making deeper connections than we ever thought possible.

We hope to share this impact with you by sharing our stories, recipes and experiences about the people and food specialties.

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Helping food lovers connect through authentic local food

It’s been more than 6 years since we started this culinary adventure and we still love every delicious bite of it.

The more we discover local specialties, flavorful traditional recipes and meet the people behind the food, the more we are inspired to share these experiences with you.

We believe local food can transform and connect us in meaningful ways. And, that’s what we want to help you to do. Through inspirational stories of local cuisine and culture, our website will help you get to know the local food scene.

You’ll discover the local specialties not to miss and where to have them. World recipes to easily make at home. Inspirational stories from local artisans. And, food experiences like cooking classes, food and wine tours, and much more.

If you are longing for travel escape, unwind with our tasty YouTube videos featuring recipes, food specialties and more.

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Get To Know Claire

Being from France, Claire brings a unique appreciation for simple and exquisite cuisine. An ex-engineer and now digital nomad and content creator, Claire’s love for food and adventure started at a young age hiking with her parents throughout France.
She’s on a mission to help you enjoy the best local specialties on your travels or through recipes in your home kitchen. Favorite country for food: Vietnam. Favorite local dish: Hainanese Chicken Rice. Favorite way to keep fit: Cycling.
Claire is responsible for SEO and keeping the website running as well as the fun food & travel videos on YouTube.

Get To Know Rosemary

Rosemary, ex-marketing and advertising strategist, now digital nomad and co-founder of Authentic Food Quest is an adventurer at heart. She left her native country, Kenya, to move to the US to pursue her education and establish her life. Rosemary’s insatiable curiosity fuels her love for exploring new places and flavors. A marathon runner, Rosemary is inspired by the phrase “I eat therefore I run”. Favorite country for food: Greece. Favorite local dish: Bacalhau à Brás. Favorite way to keep fit: Running.
Rosemary is the editor-in-chief and strategist at Authentic Food Quest.

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