Allianz TravelSmart App: A Review of Its 10 Useful Benefits

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When traveling, there are a lot of moving parts that can make things stressful. On our travels, we use a few travel apps to keep us organized and make our life easier. 

One of the apps we use consistently while on the go is the free TravelSmart app from Allianz, the travel insurance company.

The TravelSmart app offers several practical benefits, some of which you won’t know you need until the opportunity arises.

Here is our review of the 10 useful ways the travel smart app simplifies travels. And the best part is that some of these benefits are even available when not insured with Allianz. 

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What is the TravelSmart App?

Allianz travelsmart app by Authentic Food Quest
Easily access your plan and helpful tools in one free travel app

The TravelSmart app is a free app from Allianz travel insurance that helps make your travels simple, safe, and smarter.

On the app, you can easily manage your Allianz travel insurance, access your coverage benefits, and contact customer service with the push of a button.

There’s no need to carry your travel insurance policy details on the road, where they could get misplaced or left behind. 

Instead, you can easily access your plan and helpful tools in one free travel app.

We love the convenience of the AllianzTravel Smart app and use it all the time on our travels. One feature we particularly like is the ability to track flights in real-time with the most updated gate information.

The TravelSmart App is available for iPhone on the AppStore and Android on Google Play. It is updated frequently with several features to help you stay ahead of changes that could impact your travel plans. 

Think of the Allianz TravelSmart app as your digital travel companion – a one-stop app that’s continuously updated to make your travels simpler, safer, and smarter.

Do note that some features do require internet access. To use them, connect to a local wifi network or purchase a travel data plan through your mobile carrier for ultimate convenience. 

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Pandemic Coverage

Wizzair Airplane Allianz Travel Smart App by Authentic Food Quest
Get instant travel updates with the Allianz Travel Smart App

While Covid travel restrictions have been lifted in many parts of the world, the pandemic has caused a lasting impact on the travel industry.  

This includes how we stay safe and healthy while traveling. 

And with possible changes in travel, it helps to stay ahead to avoid any surprises that may impact your travel plans. 

With the Travel Smart app, you have instant access to all your travel benefits, including pandemic coverage, at your fingertips.

One of the features of the Allianz TravelSmart app is timely updates found within the Alert Center in the app.

The updates are location-based and include health and security risks, updates on weather or environmental issues, transportation, and more.

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10 TravelSmart App Benefits You Want To Use

Allianz Travel Smart insurance and the corresponding app are lifesavers – literally. You never know when you may need their assistance (but you’ll be glad you have it!). 

These are 10 Allianz TravelSmart app features that will come in handy wherever the adventure takes you. 

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1. Get Local Medical Help on the Road

Hospital in Bansko Bulgaria Travel Smart App  by Authentic Food Quest
The local hospital Rosemary visited in Bansko, Bulgaria

One of the best features of the Travel Smart App is access to medical help on the road. 

When we visited Bansko, Bulgaria for the first time, Rosemary lost her voice. When she woke up on our first morning, she couldn’t speak.

It was our first day in a new country, and neither of us speak Bulgarian. I was challenged to find a doctor when all the writing was in Cyrillic.

The Travel Smart App by Allianz has a handy feature called Assistance Around Me. On this screen, you can search for local assistance, including a hospital, doctor, pharmacy, police station, and even an embassy.

We didn’t know about this feature at the time and wish we did. In this case, I would have clicked “I need a doctor,” which gives access to a list of nearby Allianz Global Assistance-reviewed medical facilities. 

Nonetheless, the story had a happy ending. The friendly baker in the building where we were staying took us to a doctor at the local hospital. 

Rosemary was examined and given a prescription for antibiotics. Shortly thereafter, she got her voice back.

For unexpected situations like this, being able to find nearby doctors is a benefit that cannot be understated.

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2. Access Medical Translation Capabilities on the Travel Smart App

Screenshot Medical Translator Travel Smart App by Authentic Food Quest
The simplicity of using the First Aid feature

Have you ever been to a new destination, and on a particular day, you just aren’t feeling your best? Maybe you have a headache, some cramps, or familiar aches and pains. 

You may not need to see a doctor, but you know taking your usual ibuprofen or pain relief pills offers immediate relief.

So, imagine you are walking around sightseeing, and you spot a pharmacy. You run in and ask for your usual pain relief pills and quickly realize that no one is familiar with it. You look around and see all the writing is in a foreign language. 

This happened to us when exploring the local food specialties in Costa Brava, Spain.

Early one morning, we were going on a fishing boat on a day with strong winds. We were advised to get something for motion sickness. 

We didn’t know the Spanish equivalent of Dramamine and only realized later that it is simply Dramamina.

The Allianz TravelSmart App eliminates this type of anxiety on your travels. There is a Medical Translator function with a medical terms dictionary and first aid terms available in several languages.

The medication dictionary shows the universal pharmaceutical name for hundreds of common medications that any pharmacist will understand.

To use the first aid terms feature, all you do is put in how you are feeling and choose the language of the country you are in. Then, the translation is done automatically. 

It’s that simple and easy, like having personalized concierge services at your fingertips.

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3. Conveniently File and Track Insurance Claims

Claim process Allianz Travel Smart App by Authentic Food Quest
Track your insurance claim directly in the app

While in Thailand exploring the local food in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Rosemary unexpectedly needed to see a dentist.

Fortunately, we are covered by Allianz Insurance, and the claim process was fairly simple.  Rosemary simply filled out a few forms where she outlined what happened and the treatment she received. 

She sent in some scanned copies of the invoices, and the only additional paperwork Allianz requested was a copy of the flight itinerary. 

Once the paperwork was sent in, she would log into the account from time to time to check if it had been approved or if Allianz needed more information. 

The Allianz TravelSmart App makes it easy to file and track a claim. From the convenience of a mobile device, tracking and checking the status of a claim is as simple as logging into the app.  

This process makes a world of difference, rather than having to deal with call centers or send repeated emails when waiting on updates. 

4. Access Travel Smart Hotline and Emergency Information

Screenshot Emergency Numbers Travel Smart App by Authentic Food Quest
Emergency numbers at your destination

Do you always know the emergency numbers of the destination country you’re in? What number would you call if you need emergency services?

The Travel Smart Hotline, or the unmissable orange button on the app, easily connects you to the Allianz Global Assistance customer services team. 

The Allianz medical assistance, customer service, and email address are available in case you find yourself in an unexpected travel dilemma.

Utilizing geo-location services, the local emergency numbers are automatically populated on the app for the local police stations, ambulance, and fire services. 

The phone number to the nearest embassy is also provided should you need emergency overseas help.

Looking up the emergency number where you are traveling is as easy as tapping on the contact button on the app.

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5. Get Allianz TravelSmart App Alerts for Safety and Security

Travel Smart App by Authentic Food Quest
TravelSmart app sends you timely notifications about the destination you are visiting

The latest Alerts feature on the TravelSmart Allianz app sends you timely notifications about the destination you are visiting. 

This could include weather advisories, health and security risks, changes in travel conditions, and more.

With location services enabled on your mobile phone, you’ll receive alerts about conditions happening at the location of your travels. 

For example, Oaxaca, Mexico is a region known for seismic movements and earthquakes.

We were planning on visiting Oaxaca at the end of June and unexpectedly had to delay our travels.

A severe earthquake hit the region, with tremors felt as far as Mexico City and Guatemala. Thankfully the damages were mostly material.

If we had been in Oaxaca at the time, the TravelSmart App would have alerted us. In addition, we would enjoy personalized concierge services tailored to how to respond to an earthquake. 

Get location-based updates and alerts about events that may impact your travels through the Allianz TravelSmart app. 

You’ll have 24 hour hotline assistance to everything you need to stay safe with timely alerts.

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6. Track Flights with Real-Time Updates

Track Your Flight with Allianz Travel Smart App by Authentic Food Quest
Track your flight directly on the app

One of the handy features of the Travel SmartApp is the ability to track your flights directly on the app.

To get the full benefits of this feature, however, it is better to be logged into your account on the app. Nonetheless, you can still track your flights even if you do not have Allianz travel insurance.

Easily track flights from the home page with either the flight number and date or the route and date. 

One feature we like and use a lot is the real-time terminal and gate information for departures and arrivals. 

On a trip to Italy, we had a layover, and just before arrival, the airline notified us of a terminal change. 

With the Travel Smart Allianz app, we had peace of mind knowing we didn’t need to worry about the gate change. 

This is especially important when dealing with connecting flights with little time to spare. 

As soon as we landed, we simply checked the TravelSmart app for the updated boarding gate information for our ongoing flight.

The real-time updates provided on the app make traveling so much easier and can help reduce any travel anxieties. 

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7. Automatic No Claim Receipt $100 Payment for Delayed Flights

Air France Flight in CDG Travel Smart App by Authentic Food Quest
Stranded in Paris-CDG because of the snow

Flight delays do happen, and unfortunately, they’re not all that uncommon. These delays can happen due to weather, health, or security risks.

While it can be a major inconvenience, the Allianz travel insurance plan alleviates some of that stress.

If your flight gets delayed and the delay is covered by your travel insurance plan, you get an automatic payment of $100

Use it towards a hot meal, a night in a hotel, or a little bonus to help with this inconvenience. 

To receive the payment, contact Allianz using the TravelSmart App directly from your smartphone. 

There is no need to fill out any paperwork; just let Allianz Travel know the flight information, and you’ll receive notice of your eligibility right away.

Directly from the app, simply follow the prompts and indicate how you want to get paid. For faster processing, choose via debit card which is almost instantaneous. 

You also have the option of having the money wired directly to your bank. Direct deposits, however, can take about 2 to 5 days, depending on your bank.

Imagine the feeling of relief knowing you have $100 to cover additional spending due to flight delays. 

Keep in mind, this automatic payment only happens if you use the tracking flight feature ahead of your flight – never forget to complete this step.

Also, the $100 payment is for each person and per travel day. 

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8. No Receipt Claim Payment for Delayed Luggage

Baggage Delays Claim allianz travelsmart by Authentic Food Quest
TravelSmart app provides payment for delayed luggage

Another useful feature of the TravelSmart app is payment for delayed luggage. 

Imagine how frustrating it can be to learn at arrival that your bags got left behind.

This happened to us a few years ago when we were traveling to France for Christmas.

Upon arrival at Paris-CDG airport, we found out it had been snowing. Subsequently, our plane was grounded on the tarmac for a couple of hours before we could get out. 

Shortly after, a bus came to pick up the passengers, but the luggage got left behind. The next day, we were able to retrieve one suitcase at the airport but not the one with Christmas gifts.

It was really disheartening to celebrate Christmas and not have the promised gifts for our nieces.

We eventually got our luggage back, but it was late and several days after Christmas. At the time, we didn’t have travel insurance. 

If we would have had Allianz, we would have been covered by the delayed luggage policy

In situations like this, you need to provide proof of covered delay. Typically, this is a claim form from the airline and the delivery receipt.

The payment is handled in the same manner as the delayed flights. 

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9. Everything in the Same Place with Allianz TravelSmart App

Policy Document from Travel Smart App by Authentic Food Quest
Your policy from the TravelSmart app

I’m not a fan of paperwork, but I am the master of filing documents safely; sometimes so safe that I don’t remember where I put them.

The TravelSmart app helps me with my “file and forget” behavior. Once logged in to the TravelSmart App, all the information is available in one place.

On the app, your information is available as soon as you log in. With one click on the policy information, you see a summary of the main coverage details. 

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll find a link to visualize the entire policy or email it to yourself, making it convenient to see all your plan details easily. 

From checking your travel policy to real-time flight information, alerts, and knowledgeable advice from Allianz, you can easily stay organized.

Keep all your documents accessible and in one place with the TravelSmart app.

10. TravelSmart App Ease of Use

Watch for the Health alerts on the Allianz TravelSmart app

Overall, the TravelSmart app is easy to use and simple to navigate. 

Right from the home page, you have direct access to important policy, flight, and contact information. 

Other features like Alerts, Claims, Medical Translator, and information to locate important services nearby are available under the Tools menu tab.

Each menu tab is user-friendly and easy to use, even if you’re not the most tech-savvy. 

If there is one area we’d like to see developed further, it is the medical translator with additional languages like Vietnamese or Bulgarian. 

That said, Allianz makes regular updates and takes customer feedback into account. So don’t hesitate to give your feedback on the TravelSmart app.

Try it for yourself and see how easy it is to use. The TravelSmart app is completely free and available for iOS or Android devices.

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In Summary

Between packing, getting to the airport, complying with location-based regulations, and catching your flight, you have a lot on your mind while traveling. 

Thankfully, the features on the free Allianz TravelSmart App make it easy to stay organized and prepared for any obstacle you may encounter. 

The app, designed with the traveler in mind, is constantly being updated with new features and functionalities to enhance your travel experience. 

No matter the distance of your travels, the app helps to have your travel information organized in one place.

The Allianz TravelSmart app offers peace of mind knowing medical and travel assistance is at your fingertips, at any time.

On your next trip, make sure you are covered and use the functionalities of the TravelSmart App at your side. Your health is worth it. 

What’s your favorite feature of the Allianz Travelsmart app? Please let us know in the comments below.

Savor The Adventure!

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Allianz Travel Smart Useful Benefits by Authentic Food Quest

Disclosure: This article has been written in partnership with Allianz Travel Insurance. Authentic Food Quest has received financial compensation from Allianz Global Assistance (AGA Service Company).  As always all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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  1. I have never used TravelSmart before. However, with all cute benefits you listed here…I will try it out soon. Thanks for nice share about such app!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words. Glad you found the article informative and helpful. Indeed, the TravelSmart app offers many benefits to help you stay safe on your travels. Do let us know if you have any questions. Cheers.

  2. The TravelSmart APP is a total game-changer. I remember when it just used to do translations and keep your policy number, now it is SOOOO robust. We always enter our flight details in there, so we get the refund automatically (no paperwork FTW!)

  3. I’ve never traveled outside the country, so I never thought about what would happen if I got sick or needed something. This sounds like a great app for traveling!

    • Travel insurance like medical insurance is one of those things you really don’t want to use but are glad you have it if you need it. For unexpected situations, consider travel insurance for peace of mind. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I’ve heard that it is best to get travel insurance if you are traveling overseas just for medical care alone. We went on a cruise and it would have been terrible if something bad was to happen while at sea. I couldn’t imagine how much it would be to do an air rescue…I see $ signs flying out the window.

    • Having travel insurance is certainly a good idea and there are different coverage levels. Call or check online at the different options provided by Allianz Travel Insurance for one that suits your needs. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Apparently, there is an app for everything. This is great for those who travel especially for international trips. I can’t imagine getting sick in a foreign country. That would be very scary.

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  7. How cool, this sounds like a great app. I will have to check it out for sure. Anything that can help me stay organized is a plus!

  8. I wish we had known about this a few years ago when we were traveling outside the country and my daughter got sick. Thankfully, my son-in-law is a translator so that helped, but this is definitely a great feature.

    • So glad to read Pam that your son-in-law was able to step in. We love the language translation features and feeling empowered wherever in the world we may be. Download the app so that you are ready for your next trip. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. This is a very handy travel app! We’ve been sick in foreign countries before and it’s very stressful trying to get the right help when you need it. I really like the emergency number feature, as I am not always aware of how to go about dialing emergency services, and I think in a panic, I would probably not remember what specific country number I would need.

    • Sorry to hear Theresa that you’ve been sick in foreign countries before. I hope you travel insurance. Yes, the emergency numbers are helpful especially when not feeling well to try and figure things out. Download the app and be prepared for your next trips. Cheers.


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