The Best 7 Food Tours In Saigon For Authentic Vietnamese Culinary Experiences

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Saigon, or Ho Chi Minh City, is home to some of the finest regional Vietnamese cuisine and one of our favorite destination for food.

Vietnam and its largest city, Saigon, present you with a fine glimpse of history and local culture with authentic and freshly prepared foods.

Unique ingredients, unfamiliar spices and herbs, and uncommon fruits – a food adventure awaits you at every corner.   

While you’re spoilt for choice, the varied foods, aromas, and flavors can get overwhelming for first-time visitors.  

Food tours help you explore the city’s food offerings at your own pace. A conversant local guide makes the experience entertaining and personally satisfying. 

We have curated 7 of the best Saigon food tours to help you know the vibrant city through its foods, and taste some amazing Vietnamese foods.

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Comparison Table of The Best Food Tours in Saigon To Choose From

Food Tours in SaigonPrice ($ USD)PrivateStart TimeDuration (hours)Best For
Taste of Vietnam$81No6.00 pm4 hFirst Time Visitors
Street Food Evening Walking Tour$39Yes5:30 pm, 6:00 pm or 6:30 pm4 hStreet Food
Private Street Food Tour by Motorbike$27Yes5.30 pm or 6:00 pm4 hPersonalisation
Ho Chi Minh City by Night$23.30No5.00 pm3 hWalking Tour
Private 10 Tastings With Locals$59.05YesEvery half hour from 10:00 am to 3:30pm3 hMarket Tour
Street Food Tour By Motorbike$20Private and small group8:00 am, 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm4 hValue
Seafood Trail$65Private and small group8:00 pm4 to 5 hSeafood Lovers

The prices of these food tours in Saigon are shown in Vietnamese Dong (VND). We provide USD conversion at the time of writing. Prices and food tours availability may vary when you book your tour.

Top Selection of Food Tours in Saigon

1. A Taste of Vietnam – Best For First Time Visitors

Dessert On BBQ Food Tours In Saigon by Authentic Food Quest
Try unique Vietnamese dessert grilled on the street

Discover delicious Vietnamese food in Ho Chi Minh City as you navigate the streets on a motor cycle, like locals.

Over a period of 4 hours, you’ll explore Saigon’s back streets while stopping at local eateries for authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

Your local guide will zip you through town, safely as you take in the sites and local culture. This Saigon food tour takes you to the prominent food districts – 1, 3 and 10, for five different tastings.

You’ll enjoy a diverse mix of four different traditional Vietnamese dishes and one unique dessert.

As you visit the different districts, you’ll also learn about the local culture as you savor great food.

This Saigon food tour is peppered with informative conversations with your guide, and beverages to keep your spirits high.

This Ho Chi Minh City food tour is a fun and one in a lifetime experience for new and repeat visitors to Vietnam’s capital.

Cost: Private tour $81 per person

Time and Length:  Approximately 4 hours. Tour starts a 6.00 pm 

Group Style: Group Saigon food tour conducted in English.

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2. Private Street Food Evening Walking Tour in Ho Chi Minh City

Banh Xeo Saigon Food Tour by Authentic Food Quest
Banh Xeo a delicious Vietnamese stuffed rice pancake

With a dazzling array of street foods in Ho Chi Minh can be overwhelming. Taking a food tour with a private guide can help ease you into the local specialties at your own pace.

This private street food evening walking tour invites you to explore the sights, sounds, flavors, and culinary delights of Vietnam.

This Saigon tour offers you a bit of everything. From riding a taxi to scouring the best local bites  along non-touristy areas. The well curated menu includes savory foods, seafood and sweet dishes. 

There is some local rice wine and Vietnamese beer tasting thrown into the mix.

Your Saigon food adventure starts with rice pancakes – Banh Khot and Banh Xeo in District 3. 

Pass by a street full of BBQ seafood stalls to try Bo La Lot or beef in wild betel leaves or Banh Canh Trang Bang, a delicious pork noodle soup.

On your way to Distict 5 for one of our favorite Vietnamese noodle dishes, Bun Cha, you’ll try freshly pressed sugarcane juice.

In District 4 your stop for seafood, you’ll indulge in barbecue fish and seafood at Seafood Alley. You’ll enjoy the unique combination of flavors along with rice wine, Saigon beer or soft drinks.

The tour ends at the beautiful night flower market where you enjoy either delicious coconut or longan ice cream or caramel flan cake.

Our top tip is to eat sparingly at the first couple of food stops so you can taste everything else.

We recommend booking this Ho Chi Minh City food tour on your first day. This will give you a chance to familiarize yourself with the food so you know what to eat during the rest of your stay.

Cost: $39 per person.

Time and Length:  Approximately 4 hours. Tours at 5:30 pm, 6:00 pm and 6:30 pm

Group Style: Private Saigon food tour conducted in English.

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3. Private Street Food Tour by Motorbike with Local Students

Bun Thit Nuong Saigon Food Tours by Authentic Food Quest
Taste Bun thit nuong, a tasty combination of rice noodles and grilled pork

If are hungry for fun and adventure, how about weaving the back alleyways of Saigon with local students?

This private street food tour by motorbike with local students takes you on an intimate journey through the city to the best local eateries.

You’ll sample lots of local Vietnamese foods at 8 different off the beaten track eateries, known only to locals.

While the menu varies, you can expect to try famous Vietnamese dishes like Bun Bo Hue, a noodle soup from Hue. 

The famous Vietnamese baguette sandwich, Banh Mi is part of the experience. As well as other savory bites like delicious Bun thit nuong, an amazing rice noodles and grilled pork dish.

Vietnamese desserts like che sweet soups, or coconut ice cream will introduce you to popular  local desserts.

As you ride around with your experienced guides on motorbikes, you’ll also visit a few of the major attractions in the city. 

You’ll learn about the history of Vietnam, the culture and important events that have shaped the country and food.

A visit to the famous Ho Thi Ky flower market, which is very characteristic of Old Saigon, immerses you into local life.

Not only is it the largest flower market in the city, it is also home to small shops with local delicacies. 

Your student drivers will show you the real Vietnam as you explore and wander through the beautiful alleyways.

For the adventurous and those willing to try new foods, this is one of the best food tours in Saigon to take.

Cost: $27 per person

Time and Length: Approximately 4 hours. Tours at 5:30 pm or 6.00 pm

Group Style: Private Saigon food tour conducted in English.

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4. Ho Chi Minh City by Night: Ultimate Street Food Experience with 5 Food Stops

Grilling Bo La Lot Ho Chi Minh Food Tour by Authentic Food Quest
Grilling Bo La Lot on the street of Saigon

It’s one thing to explore Saigon by day, and another to experience this dynamic city by night.

This ultimate street food experience at night takes you on a gastronomic tour to the hidden gems with iconic southern Vietnamese dishes.

This Saigon walking street food tour covers 5 food stops and 2 local beverage breaks. 

On the first leg of your walking tour, you’ll sample appetizers from the food stalls near the fine art museum.

Enjoy Chao Muc or dry squid porridge, Xa Xui or Cantonese barbecued pork as you learn how Chinese influences have shaped Vietnamese cooking.

A fascinating stop at Chua Ba Thien Hau Pagoda, a Chinese style temple, further emphasizes the Chinese integration in the country. 

Here, you’ll savor some Banh Bo Banh Tie, a unique street food associated with childhood.

As you make your way to different street corners for iconic street food dishes, your local guide will share interesting facts about Vietnamese history. 

No Ho Chi Minh City food tour would be complete without sipping on the local coffee and learning how it is prepared.  

You finish the tour with some traditional Vietnamese street beer, rice crackers, and fried tofu at the last tasting destination.

The best part about this food tour is that it features local markets and small and family-owned eateries. This walking tour includes a good mix of good food from street stalls and popular attractions.

This immersive Ho Chi Minh City food tour at night is one of the best food tours to savor the city in the dark hours.

Cost: Private tour $23.30 per person

Time and Length:  Approximately 3 hours. Tours start at 5.00 pm 

Group Style: Small group tour conducted in English  

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5. The 10 Tastings of Ho Chi Minh City With Locals – Private Street Food Tour

Ben Thanh Market Saigon FoodTours by Authentic Food Quest
Various food products at the colorful Ben Thanh market

With the undivided attention of your foodie local guide, this 10 tasting food tour takes you on a fascinating tour of Saigon.

You’ll experience the real Vietnam with a curated list of places to see and things to do with a local guide.

This culinary tour is also a cultural tour as you visit colorful markets and admire historic landmark. 

In great company, you’ll discover the best local bites, relish steamed rice cakes, papaya salad, sugar cane juice and more.

Rice flour cakes, pork and shrimp dumplings with nuoc mam pha dip are your first introductions at Ben Thanh Market.

A visit to the 20th century Mariamman Hindu temple and Tao Dan Park in the city center follow. Another food tasting of local Saigon style banh mi sandwiches awaits you here. 

Walk to the Independent Palace to admire the view and sip some delectable cane juice.

And, the historic Turtle Lake beckons you with an opportunity to enjoy some snacks and local culture. 

Another food tasting happens at Saigon Square as you walk to Tan Dinh Market to enjoy some banh xeo, dessert and  traditional tea or coffee.

Throughout your walking tour, your highly trained local guide will stories about Vietnamese culture and life in the capital. 

You’ll also get tips for the best local restaurants, Vietnam travel tips and everything you need to make your trip an unforgettable one.

As this tour is private, it can be customized to your needs. This private tour with locals is one of the best food tours in Saigon for seeing the city with a local friend.

Cost: Private tour $59.05 per person

Time and Length:  Approximately 3 hours. Tours offered every half  hour from 10.00 am to 3:30pm

Group Style: Private Saigon food tour conducted in English

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6. Ho Chi Minh City Street Food Tour By Motorbike

Nuoc Mia Saigon Food Tours by Authentic Food Quest
Nuoc Mia juice is one of our favorite street food experience in Saigon

If you want to skip one of the walking food tours and experience Saigon like a local, take a street food by motorbike.

Enjoy a hassle-free pick up and drop off end sample Vietnamese food as you zip through five city districts on a bike.

You can count on tasting  at least 10 authentic dishes, including seafood. And visiting at least 7 traditional restaurants and eateries.

Some of the iconic dishes you’ll try include Bun Bo Hue, Goi Cuon, Nuoc Mia, Banh Mi, Saigon Pizza, and Banana Crispy Crackers, 

As you enjoy a fun ride around the city, you’ll stop at historic sites. Thich Quang Duc Monument, Ho Thi Ky Flower Market, and Chinatown are a few of the places you’ll be visiting.

At Xom Chieu Market, you’ll stop for delicious French influenced Vietnamese flan cake for dessert and share local food stories.

While connecting with locals, this thrilling food tour on the back of a motorbike offers an exciting adventure in Ho Chi Minh City.

Cost: Private tour $20 per person

Time and Length:  Approximately 4 hours. Tours start at 8.00 am, 1:00pm or 6:00 pm

Group Style: Private or small group food tour  conducted in English

7. Seafood Trail – A  Nighttime Eating Adventure in Saigon

Seafood Stand Food Tours In Saigon by Authentic Food Quest
This is one of the best food tours in Saigon for seafood tasting

Seafood features prominently in Vietnam and especially snails. This was one of our most surprising discoveries while exploring the local and authentic specialties.

This Seafood trail Ho Chi Minh food tour takes you the small hole-in-the-wall eateries for delectable seafood.

You’ll try sea snails, and other seafood like mussels, prawns, scallops and more. Organized like a progressive dining experience, you’ll try a variety of snacks and foods from different vendors.

In addition to famous dishes like bun cha and banh mi, you’ll also try unaccustomed flavors like quail eggs and more.

Throughout this Saigon food tour experience, you’ll learn about Vietnamese culture and history as you taste the history in simple street food. 

Over a course of 4 to 5 hours, you’ll have lots of fun,  diverse stops, enjoyable company, and of course, great-tasting Vietnamese food. 

For adventure seekers, this is one of the best food tours in Saigon for unusual seafood and motorcycle rides. 

Cost: $65 per person

Time and Length:  Approximately 4 to 5 hours. Tours start at 8:00 pm.

Group Style: Private or small group tour conducted in English.

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What to Consider When Choosing Food Tours in Saigon

Taking food tours in Saigon allows you to discover the city and local food scene. Unless you are fluent in Vietnamese, navigating the local specialties can be challenging. 

Having a local expert guide can help you make the most out of your culinary experiences.

When choosing and booking a Ho Chi Minh food tour, here are some things to consider.

What Kind of Saigon Food Tour Experience Do You Want

Rosemary And Claire In Saigon Ho Chi Minh Food tour by Authentic Food Quest
Rosemary And Claire enjoying Saigon food tour

Before booking any of the food tours in Ho Chi Minh City, take note of your preferences. 

Would you prefer a private or small group tour? 

Do morning tours or day tours leave you excited or do you prefer night food tours for a different ambiance?

How do you prefer to navigate Ho Chi Minh City? By taking a walking food tour or a fun ride the back of a motorbike with a local guide?

With these considerations in mind, simply select the Saigon food tours that suits your preferences and travel itinerary.

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What Is Your Budget for Your Saigon Food Tours

HCM City Hall Saigon Food Tour by Authentic Food Quest
The statue of “Uncle Ho” in front of the Saigon city hall

Your Ho Chi Minh City culinary experience will largely depend on your budget and travel itinerary.

The best Ho Chi Minh food tours range from about $20 USD to $81USD.

However, depending on the size of your group, you may be able to negotiate discounted rates.

All tours featured continue to adhere to Covid safety guidelines.

However, if you prefer some offer personalized tours that you can take enjoy at your own pace.

On a positive note, all these tours have a free cancellation policy up to 24 to 72 hours before the event.

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