10 Best Lisbon Wine Tours: From Winery Visits To Porto Tasting

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Lisbon wine tours offer an opportunity to explore Portugal’s wine scene, a country with more than 250 native grape varieties.

Oenophiles and wine lovers of all stripes can enjoy wine tastings within Lisbon or in the nearby wine regions.

Located within an hour of Lisbon, you can discover Portuguese wineries in Torre Verda, Sintra, Bucelas and Cheleiros and more.

Wine tours from Lisbon take you to these wineries and wine farms for premium Portuguese wines and food tastings. 

Whereas within the capital, several wine tours in Lisbon can help you discover the Portugal wines and specialties on tasting experiences. You have the choice of walking and boat wine tours as well as tastings at Lisbon’s first wine bar.

If you want to discover Portugal’s wine regions, grape varieties and wineries, this is your guide to the best Lisbon wine tours.

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What Are the Wine Regions Near Lisbon?

Lisbon Wine Regions Portugal by Authentic Food Quest
Lisbon is surrounded by beautiful vineyards

Surprisingly, Portugal’s capital Lisbon, is surrounded by vineyards and, is one of the largest wine producing regions within the country.

There are numerous wineries offering wine tastings and tours easily accessible from the city. 

Renowned wine producing areas in close proximity to Lisbon include Sintra, Torres Vedras, Bucelas and Cheleiros to name a few.

Still easily accessible, you have the Setúbal and the Alentenjo wine region. Many of these wine regions and wineries are prestigious with some dating back centuries.

These wineries around Lisbon produce some of the country’s best wines. Learn about the importance of wine in Portuguese history and discover local wines from native grapes you’ve never heard of.

Wine Tours From Lisbon

Here are a few selected wine tours from Lisbon to get you started.

The following Lisbon wine tours take you to nearby wine regions for tastings of some of the best wines in Portugal. 

Each region is celebrated for its grape varieties and the wineries visited are historic and prestigious. 

Choose any of these wine tours from Lisbon and discover new wines, regions and great food.

1. Setubal Private Wine Tour – Picturesque Tasting Experiences

Setimbra Setubal Wine Region Portugal by Authentic Food Quest
Scenic view of Sesimbra in Setubal

If you’re looking for a picturesque and unpretentious Lisbon wine tour experience, embark on a Setubal private wine tour

This private wine tasting tour take you south of Lisbon, to Azeitão, a scenic region known for its wine and cheese. 

This full day tour from Lisbon has you visiting three exclusive wine cellars for wine tastings of the finest regional wines. 

In total, you will taste about ten wines as you discover these amazing Portuguese wines.

The first stop is at the renowed winery, José Maria da Fonseca, one of Portugal’s oldest wineries. 

You’ll learn about traditional Portuguese grape varieties accompanied by a tasting of regional cheese and meats.

The next stop is at Quinta de Alcube cellar, a family owned winery. Here, you’ll learn about wine making from a traditional cellar who sells exclusive wines not found in stores.

For the last stop on this private wine tour from Lisbon, you can choose to sample more wines or visit a winery.

A visit to medium sized winery is available. Or, a personalized experience at the “Mother House” of the wine region, which stocks all  21 wine varieties from this area.

As you sip on wines, enjoy local Portuguese breads, oils, cheese, as you take in spectacular views of Arrabida natural park. 

For wine lovers interested in discovering Portuguese wines around Lisbon, this is one of the best wine tours to take.

Cost: About $195.5 per person  

Time and Length: Approximately 6 hours. Wine tour starting at 9:00 am or 9:30 am 

Group Style: Private tour, pick up and drop off to your hotel included

2. Torre Vedras Wine Tour – Complete Wine Experience With Jeep Ride

Torre Vedras Cathedral Lisbon Wine Toursm by Authentic Food Quest
Torre Vedras cathedral near Lisbon

Just about one hour north from the Portuguese capital, is the Torre Vedras region, an area with a rich history in winemaking.

This guided tour from Lisbon takes you on an experiential experience to discover the amazing wines produced near Lisbon.

You will visit a prestigious wine cellar in the town of Torre Vedras for three unique wine experiences.

First, you’ll visit the wine cellar with the viticulturist and learn about wine making from ancient to contemporary methods.

You’ll then visit the expansive vineyards driven around in an open air 4WD. You’ll make several stops in the vineyard and learn about Portuguese grape varieties. 

In the bright open skies in the middle of vineyards, you’ll enjoy wine tastings of the local grape varieties.

The experience ends in a Lagar or place where wine is pressed for the final wine tasting. In addition to tasting 4 to 5 local wines, you’ll also enjoy Portuguese appetizers.

Spend an unforgettable half day exploring fine wines near Lisbon with a knowledgeable wine enthusiast guide.

The 45-minute jeep ride through scenic landscapes within the vineyards is one of the highlights of this wine tour.

Cost: About $100.8 per person  

Time and Length: Approximately 5 hours. Wine tour starting at 9:00 am

Group Style: Small group tour, available in English and Spanish

3. Cheleiros and Bucelas Wine Region – Tasting Tour in Two Amazing Wine Regions

Cheleiros Wine Region Portugal by Authentic Food Quest
Explore northern Portugal’s lovely villages while on a wine tour

Just north of the capital city, this is one of the best Lisbon wine tours for oenophiles.

This full day private wine tour takes you to two incredible wine regions in Portugal. Bucelas and Cheleiros are historic wine regions with distinctive Portuguese grape varieties and local wines.

From Lisbon Portugal, you’ll  head to Cheleiros with your private guide to a winery located within a 14th-century parish. 

For the next two hours, you’ll  learn all about traditional winemaking with Jambal grape at ManzWines. 

You’ll taste wine thought to be extinct while sampling local cheeses, bread, olive oil and more.

Along the way, you’ll savor spectacular views of vineyards and the charming villages of northern Portugal.

At Quinta da Murta in Bucelas, you’ll discover the “Prince of Portuguese Wine.” This is a famous white wine from Arinto, one of the oldest grapes cultivated here.

In addition to sampling local wines from the region, your local guide will regale you with stories of Vasco da Gama and wines.

This private guided tour takes you to important Portugal wine regions to discover unique local grape varieties and wines. 

You’ll visit rural villages, learn about grape growing and wine making and leave with a deeper appreciation for Portuguese wines.

Savor the experience and let someone else do the driving. This is one of the best wine tours from Lisbon to take.

Cost: About $99.46 per person  

Time and Length: Approximately 6 to 7  hours. Wine tours start at 9:00 am or 9:30 am

Group Style: Private tour, pick up and drop off to your hotel included

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4. Sintra Wine Tour – Wine Tasting in the Magical Fairyland

Palacio da Pena Things to do in Sintra by Authentic Food Quest
Distinctive architectural style of Palacio da Pena

Sintra, a beautiful Unesco world heritage site is one of most magical destinations for a wine tour from Lisbon.

Just 40 minutes away from Lisbon, Sintra, a former royal residence is famous for its magnificent castles.

The majestic Palace of Queluz, a former residence of the King of Portugal in the 18the century will be the first stop.

You’ll then visit the historic town of Sintra, including the Sintra National Palace. And afterwards, Pena Palace, to admire and learn about its unique architectural style.

The wine tasting portion of this private wine tour takes you to Colares town, to the cellars of Adega Regional de Colares.

At this prestigious and historic winery, you’ll learn about the winery while touring the vineyards and enjoy a fabulous tasting experience.

Before heading back to Lisbon, you’ll stop in Cascais, a former fishing town and royal getaway. 

Here, you’ll stop for fresh seafood at any one of the local taverns, while enjoying the beautiful beaches around.

If you want to see Sintra and also enjoy Portuguese wines, this is one of the best wine tours to take. 

It’s an immersive and unrushed experience filled with delightful sights, unique fine wine and a personalized experience to your tastes.

Cost: About $121 per person, minimum 2 people

Time and Length: Approximately 8 hours. Wine tours start at 9:00 am

Group Style: Private tour, pick up and drop off to your hotel included

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5. From Lisbon To Evora Wine Tour

Wine Tasting Ervideira for Alentejo Food in Evora by Authentic Food Quest
A delightful selection of Evora wines

This wine tour from Lisbon that take you Evora, another UNESCO world heritage site. Evora, an  enchanting medieval town, is known for its gastronomy and wine culture.

This Evora guided wine tour combines both sightseeing and visits to wineries. In the Evora region,  you’ll explore the cathedral and museums including the historic squares and narrow streets.

You’ll visit the Roman temple also known as the Temple of Diana and the unmissable Chapel of Bones.

After a satiating lunch of some of the best regional Portuguese cuisine, you’ll visit a wine farm just outside of Evora city.

At the wine farm, you’ll taste delightful limited batch wines made from native Portuguese grapes. 

As you enjoy spectacular views of the countryside, you’ll also taste a variety of Portuguese olive oils while learning about the production process.

On your way back to Lisbon, you’ll explore the sights and sounds of Arraiolos, a charming village known for traditional craftwork.

This wine tour from Lisbon is best for those looking to explore Evora and enjoy fine wines.

Cost: About $353 per person, minimum 3 people

Time and Length: Approximately 8 hours. Wine tours start at 8:30 am or 9:00 am

Group Style: Private tour, additional $20 for wine and olive oil tasting

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Best Lisbon Wine Tours Comparison Table

Lisbon Wine ToursPrice ($USD)TimeDurationLocationBest For
Setubal Private Tour$195.59:00 am6 hoursSetubalPicturesque
Torre Vedras Tour$100.89:00 am5 hoursTorre VedrasJeep Ride
Cheleiros and Bucelas Wine Region$99.469:00 am6 to 7  hoursCheleiros and BucelasRural villages
Sintra Wine Tour$1219:00 am8 hoursSintraSintra Sightseeing
From Lisbon To Evora Wine Tour$3538:30 am8 hoursEvoraExploring Evora

These Lisbon Wine Tours are in euros (€). We provide USD conversion at the time of writing. Prices might vary slightly when you book your tour.

Lisbon Wine Tasting

If you want to stay local in Lisbon Portugal, you can still enjoy fine wine from the different Portuguese wine regions.

The following are great locations to learn about Portuguese wines and regions in Lisbon.

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6. Lisbon Wine Tasting And Cheese – Hidden Gem Experience

Lisbon Wine Tasting From The Vine by Authentic Food Quest
Taste wines from different Portuguese wine regions – Photo credit: From The Vine on Facebook

In an intimate and small group setting, enjoy Portuguese wine tasting at Portugal’s first wine bar.

Your local wine expert guide will showcase select wines from six different wine regions in Portugal.

You’ll learn how the wine is made, the specificities of terroir and the native grapes that thrive in each region. 

During the tasting session, you’ll pair the wines with local Portuguese cheeses and savory bites which compliment the wine.

You will learn about Portugal’s history with wine and the importance in the culture. And, get all your questions answered from your knowledgeable guide.

This two-hour wine and cheese tasting will increases your knowledge of Portugal’s wine world and regional specialties.

A short but fun learning experience for those interested in diving into the country’s wine culture in the Portuguese capital.

Cost: About $60.50 per person

Time and Length: Approximately 2 hours. Tasting experience starts at 1:00 pm

Group Style: Small group wine and cheese tasting experience 

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: If you don’t have a lot of time or don’t feel like eating, consider this short tasting From The Vine. This 1-hour Portuguese wine tasting session gives you a crash course about Portugal wine regions in addition to tasting three different Portuguese wines. You’ll learn about each wine and how to pair it with Portuguese cuisine. For about $29.7, it’s the best value Lisbon wine tasting experience you can find.

7. Lisbon Boat Tour With Wine Tasting

Tagus River Wine Cruise Lisbon Portugal by Authentic Food Quest
Enjoy city view while tasting wines on the Tagus River

Experience wine tasting on the Tagus River at the sunset on one of the most unique tours in Lisbon. 

Pack in some sightseeing of this beautiful city with a river cruise. 

This two-hour wine tasting Lisbon boat tour showcases Lisbon’s monuments and historical spots from a different vantage point.

You’ll take in riverside views of Ajuda National Palace, Belém Tower, famous bridges and much more.

During that 2-hour cruising period, the captain and his team will share fascinating stories about the city and renowned structures.

This is not all cruising, city views, and history class, but includes wining and snacking on the boat. 

As you relax and listen to the stories, you’ll sip on delicious Portuguese wines and much on regional specialties.

Taking this Lisbon wine tour is one of the best ways to end a day of sightseeing. The relaxed pace, admiring the city as the sky changes color, to delicious wine makes this one of the top tours in Lisbon.

Cost: About $46 per person

Time and Length: Approximately 2 hours. Boat wine tour starts at 6:30 pm or 7:00 pm

Group Style: Small group tour 

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8. Lisbon Secret Food Tours – With Portuguese Tapas and Wines

Sparkly Vinho Verde wine

Prepare your palette for an exciting Portugal wine tours journey in Lisbon. In the company of a wine loving guide, you’ll stop at several eateries to sample local wines and Lisbon food.

In Lisbon’s Mouraria district, you’ll indulge in a progressive wine tasting for approximately 3-hours. 

At each carefully selected food stop, you’ll sample a variety of wines that match Portuguese local specialties.

As you walk between the different stops, your local guide will share stories of the wines produced in Portugal. 

The tasty treats and surprising tapas include specialties like sardines, pastel de nata, artisanal cheeses, meats and more. 

This secret food tour is not limited to white and red table wines. You’ll also try “green wine” or Vinho Verde, delicious Port wines and Ginjinha, a local liqueur.

We’ve taken several Secret Food Tours and have always loved the historical context, food tastings and incredibly delightful guides.

In the colorful Mouraria district, this is one of the best wine tours in Lisbon for amazing wines and great food.

Cost: About $78 per person

Time and Length: Approximately 3 hours. Wine and food experience starts at 11:30 am

Group Style: Small group tour with option for a private tour experience 

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9. Port Wine Tasting in Lisbon – Best For Port Lovers

Port Wine Tasting Portugal by Authentic Food Quest
Taste five exclusive Port wines

Port wine, Portugal’s famous and iconic fortified wine can be sampled in Lisbon in this Port wine tasting experience.

This small group takes place in a wine bar in central Lisbon with a port wine aficionado as your guide.

You’ll embark on a special journey into the world of Port wines for a tasting of 5 exclusive Port wines.

Along the way, you’ll try white, tawny, and ruby ports while learning the characteristics of each one.

Your Port wine local expert will help you understand the production methods, differences and how to appreciate a great port.

You’ll also be introduced to exclusive small production port wines with a focus on the flavors and quality.

During the tasting, you’ll try artisanal cheeses and cured ham including Iberian pork charcuterie.  

This Port tasting tour also offers the rare chance to sample Pata Negra ham, which has been cured for 30 months.

For Port wine enthusiasts or those simply curious about Portuguese port wines, this 2-hour tasting with a port expert is worth taking.

Cost: About $85.7 per person

Time and Length: Approximately 2 hours. Port wine experience starts at 5:00 pm

Group Style: Small group port wine tasting experience 

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10. Lisbon Food and Wine Walking Tour – Best Food and Wine Experience

Lisbon Tapas and Wine Tasting by Authentic Food Quest
Taste Portuguese cuisine and wine at 5 locations

This three-hour Lisbon food and wine walking tour takes you to traditional eateries all over the Portuguese capital.

Starting in the historical center, around Baixa, you’ll navigate through the surrounding areas, discovering the city, Lisbon food and wines.

The range of drinks you’ll sample is quite broad. You’ll start with coffee, end with Ginjinha, and in between try Portuguese red, white and refreshing green wines.

On this guided walking tour, you’ll try some of Portugal’s most traditional dishes, and learn the culinary history of each one.

You’ll relish delicious Bifana sandwiches, Portuguese cod fish cakes, sausages, artisanal cheeses and ham and more.

As you walk through the various neighborhoods, your guide will share foods to try and restaurants in Lisbon to visit. This information will make the rest of your stay in Lisbon a tasty adventure.

In this afternoon walking tour, you’ll be spend most of your time discovering and tasting food and wines at five different stops. 

This insightful Lisbon wine tasting and food tour culminates with a meal at a 17th century Palace.

You’ll indulge in local products like chouriço,sausage, bread, along with delicious red wine. And, you’ll leave satiated with a full appreciation of the local Portuguese food culture. 

Cost: About $59.5 per person

Time and Length: Approximately 3 hours. Walking tour starts at 4:30 pm

Group Style: Small group tour with option for a private walking tour experience 

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Best Lisbon Wine Tasting Experiences Comparison Table

Lisbon Wine TastingPrice ($USD)TimeDurationLocation / NeighborhoodBest For
Lisbon Wine Tasting And Cheese$60.501:00 pm2 hoursLisbonFun learning experience
Lisbon Boat Tour With Wine Tasting$466:30 pm2 hoursLisbonBoat Ride
Lisbon Secret Food Tours$7811:30 am3 hoursLisbonAmazing wines and food
Port Wine Tasting in Lisbon$85.75:00 pm2 hoursLisbonPort wines
Lisbon Food and Wine Walking Tour$59.54:30 pm3 hoursLisbonDiscovering the city

These Lisbon Wine Tasting experiences are in euros (€). We provide USD conversion at the time of writing. Prices might vary slightly when you book your experience.

FAQs – What to Consider When Choosing Lisbon Wine Tours

Vineyards by Authentic Food Quest
Lisbon vineyards are a unique experience for wine lovers

These tours are fascinating experiences filled with discovery, knowledge and tastings for wine lovers of all levels.

Your preferred Lisbon wine tour experience will depend on several things. How much time you have in your itinerary and your tasting preferences.

The location you select for your Lisbon winery tour will greatly shape your wine tasting experience.

Do You Want Winery Visits Outside Lisbon or Wine Tasting in Lisbon

How deep do you want to go into the Portuguese wine world, is a question worth asking yourself.

Do you want to go to the actual wineries to meet the wine makers and taste the wines? 

Or, are you comfortable learning about wines from different Portuguse wine regions at a wine bar?

Depending on your level of interest, you could select particular wine regions to explore on a full day tour.

Alternatively, a shorter Lisbon based food and wine tour is an excellent option, especially if you are short on time.

Lisbon Wine Tours Budget and Duration

Campode Ourique Lisbon Wines by Authentic Food Quest
Campo de Ourique Lisbon wines

The budget for these wine tours in Lisbon vary depending on whether the experience is private or taken in a small intimate group settings.

If you select wine tours in Lisbon, the costs are also more affordable when compared to wine tasting visits outside of the capital.

The all-day wine tours from Lisbon last anywhere from 6 to 9 hours.  While the Lisbon tasting tours range from 2 to 4 hours. 

Most of the wine trips  outside of Lisbon winery start in the morning. While the wine tours in Lisbon have afternoon and evening schedules. 

Safety and Dietary Considerations

All the tour guides and wineries continue to adhere to Covid safety guidelines. 

Most of these Lisbon wine tours have a free cancellation policy. You can cancel up to 24 hours in advance of the experience for a full refund.

With advanced notice these wine tours in Lisbon can accommodate most dietary requirements.

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