7 of the Best Porto Food Tours You Want To Try – Review

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Discover Portugal’s second largest city through the eyes of a local guide on a Porto food tour.

The city’s rich culinary culture, world famous wines and traditional foods come to life through the stories and legends of local experts.

While in Portugal exploring the local food specialties, we took several food tours in Porto to discover the traditional specialties.

At traditional restaurants and hidden gems, we savored Porto foods, port wines, olive oil, unique desserts and much more.

If you’re traveling to Porto consider taking one of the Porto food tours offered. Fascinating stories from your local guides or tripeiros will give you a taste of local life and authentic cultural experiences. 

To help you sink your teeth into the local food scene, here are the best 7 Porto food tours to taste Porto.

Please note, hours and availability may vary based on local restrictions. Make sure to follow the local health regulations.

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Top Selection of Porto Food Tours

1. Food and Wine Tasting Tour – Best Overall

Pasteis de Nata Porto Food Tour by Authentic Food Quest
The famous pasteis de nata are a must-have in Portugal

The best way to savor local foods is to enjoy them at family-owned joints and traditional cafes. 

This private food and wine tour, introduces you to the regional delights and the food specialties locals eat every day.

During the three-hour private tour, you’ll learn interesting gastronomy facts about Porto and the food as you navigate the cobbled streets.

Along the way, you’ll sample a variety of savory classics and sweet Portuguese desserts. Port wine, the drink that represents the culinary spirit of the city features in abundance.

From sweet custard tarts at iconic market to hearty bifana sandwiches at century-old cafes, you’ll enjoy a fantastic tour hitting local hot spots.

An immersion into Porto’s beautiful architecture with your local guide will ground you even deeper into Portuguese culture. 

What we love about this Porto tour are the knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides who help you see Porto through their eyes.

Their storytelling about the food, historical facts about the city make for a well-rounded authentic cultural experience.

Plan to savor amazing Porto food along with Porto wine and cheese pairings at an iconic wine shop. If you are exploring Porto with vegetarians, this food tour also provides vegetarian options. Be sure to make your request in advance.

With this tour, you also have the option to book a private experience. It’s the same Porto tour but with your own private friendly local guide. 

Cost: Private tour $65.67 per person. Minimum 2 people per tour.

Time and Length:  Approximately 3 hours. Tours at 10.00 am and 3.00 pm.

Group Style: Private Porto food tour conducted in 4 languages including English.

2. Secret Food Tours Porto

Ribeirain Porto Portugal by Authentic Food Quest
You will stroll by Cais da Ribeira with its lively restaurants and cafes

Starting in the heart of Porto’s city center, you’ll weave your away around while learning about Porto’s culinary heritage and fascinating culture.

The 3.5-hour long food tour is centered around the historic districts of downtown Porto and Ribeira. These distinct districts are known for their delicious food, famous wines and distinctive culture.

To help you get a sense of daily life in Porto, your local guide will take you to Porto’s beloved cafés for a sampling of the classics.

You’ll visit stalls at the local market, sample Portuguese sponge cake with traditional coffee.   Sampling Porto’s signature sandwiches is part of the experience along with sardines, olives and cured meats.

The tour ends on the banks of Douro river, where you’ll sip on a premium 10-year Tawny port wine while enjoying the views.

This tour is called a “secret” food tour for one reason. And, that’s a “secret dish” that’s part of the experience. 

This food tour in Porto is different for many reasons. First, is the group of foodies it attracts who are keen on learning about the local culture, food and history. 

And, secondly, is the fun surprise dish that is part of the food tour experience.

We’ve taken Secret Food tours before and have always had a great time. This is one of the highly recommended tours to explore Porto.

With this tour, you have the option to choose a private experience with just you and local guide.

Cost: $79.17 per person; Private tour price varies based on group size 

Time and Length: 3 to 3.5 hours. Tours in the morning starting at 10:00 am.

Group Style: Small group or private food tour 

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3. Porto Private Food Tour – 10 Tasting With Locals

Rosemary on Food Tour in Porto by Authentic Food Quest
Rosemary tasting the white Port with the cod fritter

This 10 Tasting of Porto private food tour takes you on culinary tour through the city in the evening.

With your own private tour guide, you’ll dive Portuguese cuisine as you make a variety of food stops at hidden gems. 

The tour covers everything from a 100-year-old shop selling cheese and quince marmalade to a wine bar offering cod fritters with Portuguese wines.

You’ll taste octopus, traditional bread, Vinho Verde Portuguese wines, Port wines and a range of tasty desserts.

The authentic local foods from carefully selected from hidden gems around the city will delight you and surprise your taste buds.

Your guide, who will quickly feel like a friend, will also introduce you to the city and its highlights. 

You’ll learn about Porto’s rich history through stories and legends as you pass by Galerias Palladium, Chapel of Souls and other iconic sites.

This private food tour lasts for about 3 hours and be customized to your needs. If you are vegetarian, alternative options can be easily substituted. Be sure to make any requests at the time of booking.

Get ready to fall in love with the flavors of Porto on this delicious food tour of Porto.

Cost: Private tour $63.27 per person for 2 people. Price varies depending on number of people

Time and Length: Approximately 3 hours. Tours starting at 4:30 pm or  5.00 pm 

Group Style: Private Porto food tour conducted in English and Portuguese.

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4. Brunch Food Tour Porto

Typical Conventual Desserts Porto Food Tours Review by Authentic Food Quest
Portugal is known for its sweets and eggy desserts

Starting out your day in Porto just like a local, is the highlight of this particular Porto food tour.

You’ll start your day off with a local guide on this traditional brunch food tour with petiscos.

Mornings are a fascinating way to discover a city. You get to experience the rhythms of morning life while tasting the traditional breakfast and brunch specialties.

This brunch food tour in Porto, designed like an adventure, guides you through successive moments of daily life. You start at an iconic cafe for typical Portuguese breakfast. 

You’ll visit Porto’s iconic food market for lanchar, also called second breakfast or morning snack. 

Along the way, you’ll be visiting Porto as you weave your way around off the beaten path neighborhoods and narrow streets.

Learning the daily customs, the cultural impact of influences in the food shaped will give you an authentic perspective of this fascinating city.

Over the duration of your 3-hour tour, you’ll eat a range of pesticos or small bites, from sweet to savory classics.

The servings which are about 10 to 12 are equivalent to a full meal. Since you’ll have the rest of the day to explore sites in town, don’t miss getting recommendations from your tour guide. 

This brunch experience is one of the best food tours for a morning authentic cultural experience. By the end of your adventure, you’ll intimately understand how to live like a local in Porto.

Cost: $58.98 per person.

Time and Length:  Approximately 3 hours. Tours in the morning starting at 10:00 am

Group Style: Small group Porto food tour conducted in English and 3 other languages.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: If you’re not a morning person or simply don’t have time for a brunch tour, take the evening Petiscos Crawl instead. This original pestiscos crawl with drink pairings take you to 5 historic food and wine spots for tastings. You’ll visit traditional Porto bars and restaurants as you explore the city’s architecture at iconic heritage sites. This pestiscos crawl includes 12 to 14 bites paired with Portuguese drinks. You’ll try Port wine, Portuguese table wine from the nearby Douro Valley and traditional spirits.

5. Porto Tapas and Vinho Verde Tour

Tapas and Wine Porto Food Tour by Authentic Food Quest
We could not have enough of the tapas, called petiscos, in Portugal

Strap on your walking shoes and get ready for a Porto wine tastings experience.

Focused on traditional restaurants or taverns, known as tascas in Portuguese, you’ll skip all the tourist traps as you explore Porto.

On this unpretentious Porto Tapas and Vinho Verde tour, you’ll meet the local tascas owners as you taste their unique specialties.

You’ll start at the local market where you’ll visit a renowned local stall owners. Later, you visit a traditional tavern for specialty Portuguese food and wines. 

Here you’ll be introduced to Vinho Verde, a distinctive wine from northern Portugal and a favorite amongst locals.

Sweet and savory treats at two confeitarias or pastry shops will put the final touches on your Porto food tour.

You’ll be glad this is a walking tour. Over the 3.5-hour duration of the tour, you’ll eat 10 to 12 Portuguese tapas and try at least three different wines.

This Porto tour gets you tasting Porto and its unique flavors while delving into the local food culture. 

Cost: $72.92 per person

Time and Length: Approximately 3.5 hours. Tours start at 11:30 am

Group Style: Small group tour conducted in English

6. World’s Oldest Port Wine Cellar and Food Tour

Port Wine Cellar Porto Tour by Authentic Food Quest
A fascinating visit to the oldest port cellar on this Porto food tour

Did you know that some of Porto’s famous Port wines are actually made on the other side of Douro River?

This Eating Europe tour takes you across the Douro River, to Vila Nova de Gaia to see how Port wine is stored and aged.

Few visitors to Porto visit the Port wine cellars across the river and even fewer make it to the oldest port wine cellar.

All that changes with this tour. Before your guided tour of the oldest functioning port wine cellar, you start off with a Portuguese breakfast.

After sipping and tastings of various Port wines, you’ll stop at three traditional Portuguese restaurants for different Porto food specialties.

Among the specialties you try is the francesinha, Porto’s most iconic sandwich. A hearty and delicious sandwich you’ll be sure to remember.

Beyond port wine, you’ll also try local beer and Portuguese Douro Valley table wines. The wines will be paired to match different specialties you’ll try on your food tour.

The combination of wine, Portuguese food and culture with a friendly local guide makes this one of the top Porto food tours to take.

Cost: $93.29 per person

Time and Length: Approximately 4 hours. Tours in the morning starting at 10:00 am

Group Style: Small group tour conducted in English

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: To visit more Port cellars in the city, check our detailed guide about Port Tasting in Porto

7. Taste Porto Vintage Food Tour

Charcuterie Board Food Tour Porto by Authentic Food Quest
We loved sampling the different cheese and cold meat cuts in Porto

This Taste Porto Vintage food tour showcases the best of the traditional cuisine along with newer modern interpretations.

The tour offers a balanced view of the local life along with food and wine savored at small authentic taverns, cafes and restaurants.

You’ll stop at five family owned eateries for food tastings. And, explore Port wine and table wines from Portugal’s northern wine region.

Over a duration of 3.5 hours, your passionate guide will reveal the city’s gastronomic treasures along with the rich history.

Cost: About $76.60 per person

Time and Length: Approximately 3.5 hours. Tours at 10:00 am and 3:00 pm

Group Style: Small group tour conducted in English

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Comparison Table of The Porto Food Tours To Choose From

Porto Food ToursPrice ($ USD)PrivateStart TimeDurationLocation
Food and Wine Tour$65.67 per pers min. 2Yes10.00am
3 hoursDowntown Porto and Ribeira
Secret Food Tours Porto$79.17Optional10.00am3-3.5 hoursDowntown Porto and Ribeira
10 Tasting with locals Food Tour$63.27 per pers min. 2Yes11.00am to
(Every 30 min)
3 hoursPorto City Centre
Brunch Food Tour$58.98No10.00am3 hoursRua de Fernandes
Porto Tapas and Vinho Verde Tour$72.92No10.00am3.5 hoursBolhao Market/ Downtown Porto
Eating Europe Porto Food Tour$93.29No10.00am4 hoursGaia
Taste Porto Vintage Food Tour$76.60No10.00am3.5 hoursDowntown Porto

What to Consider When Choosing a Porto Food Tour

While most Porto food tours have similar elements, others like tour length, costs, food and wine experiences vary.

As you choose your Porto food tour, here are a couple of things to consider. 

Once you’ve decided on what’s important to you, book the Porto food tour that fits your specific needs.

What Kind of Porto Food Tours Experience Do You Want

Visit Market on Food Tours Porto by Authentic Food Quest
Some of these Porto food tours stop at the city famers’ market

We’ve taken several tours in Porto and spent time exploring the culinary and cultural scene in this World Heritage city. Taking any of these Porto tours is guaranteed to be an authentic, tasty and memorable experience.

Before you go on any of the Porto food tours highlighted ask yourself what kind of experiences you would like to have?

Do you prefer to stick to one area or explore several neighborhoods?

Do you prefer tours in the mornings or evenings?

Is diving into Port wine on your must-do list?

Is a group food tour more your style or do you prefer private tours with family and friends?

Choose the experience you’ll enjoy the most and book your favorite food tour in Porto.

What Is Your Budget for Your Porto Food Tours?

Porto Small Shop Portugal by Authentic Food Quest
Some of the shops visited are great to pick up food souvenirs

The kind of culinary experience you choose will definitely depend on your budget and itinerary.

The best Porto food tours range from about $58 USD to $94 USD.

However, depending on the size of your group, you may be able to negotiate discounted rates.

The group tours showcased here are private and small groups only. And, they all adhere to strict Covid safety guidelines.

One thing to note is that all these Porto tours offer free cancellation up to 24 to 72 hours before the event.

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