Top 10 Snack Gift Boxes to Elevate Your Tastebuds

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Everyone enjoys great tasting snacks. Snacks of all shapes and sizes can comfort us, entertain us, or even help us travel the world.

Finding unique snack gift boxes from the vast selection available is no easy task. You’ve got to consider the tastes, variety, ingredient mix, and the experience you want to create.

With this in mind, we’ve curated this list of the best 10 snack gift boxes available.

There is something perfect for everyone to enjoy.  

Simply pick a snack gift box and spread joy with delicious and exciting snacks.

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Snacks Gift Boxes Comparison Table

Snacks Gifts BoxPrice per boxBox OptionUS/ InternationalShipping (US)Best For
Universal YumsStarts at $15Three sizesInternationalFreeInternational snacks
Try The WordStarts at $25Three sizesInternationalFreeExotic
SnackSack$26.91One sizeUSFreeHealth conscious
Sakuraco$32.50One sizeInternational$12.50Japanese Lovers
Man Cave $69.99One sizeUS/CanadaVaries per regionMen
Candy ClubStarts at $29.99Two sizesUSVaries per regionSweet lovers
Seven Sister Scones$61One sizeUS$9.99Pastry lovers
Hickory Farms$35.95One sizeUSAmazon ratesGourmet
Lightning TFarms$70.00One sizeUSFreeBreakfast lovers
Carnivore$59.99One sizeUS/CanadaFreeMeat lovers
Disclaimer: Please note prices were accurate at the time of publication.

Top Snack Gift Boxes

1. Universal Yums – Best For Global Treats

Universal Yums Best Snacks Gift Box by Authentic Food Quest
Perfect snack gift box for travel lovers

Imagine traveling around the world from the comfort of home with snacks. Yes, Universal Yums allows you to do that with a box of tasty treats from a surprise country each month.

That is not all. Each Universal Yums snacks box comes with a booklet containing recipes, cultural facts, trivia, and recipes about the country.  

The handpicked full-size snacks in each package are a mix of sweet and savory items with different flavors and textures. 

We love Universal Yums and have been receiving their exciting and fun snack boxes for several years now. 

For lovers of food and travel, Universal Yums makes the perfect gift. 

Three box sizes are available, small medium, and large, and the snacks in each one range from 5 to 20 authentic snacks.

Why not treat a food and travel lover to exotic global snacks?

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2. Try The Word – Best Exotic Snacks Gift Box  

Try The World Snacks Gift Box by Authentic Food Quest
For the gourmet – Photo credit: Try The World on Facebook

Satisfy your wanderlust or the wanderlust of a travel-loving friend or family member with carefully curated snacks.

Try the World offers exotic and gourmet snacks from around the world, sourced by a team of local culinary experts.

What’s unique about Try the World is that you can choose the countries you would like to visit with your “tasty gourmet snacks.”

Currently, you can choose from 35 different countries with new countries being added regularly. 

So, whether you want to relive or explore new flavors from countries as far-flung as Argentina, Spain, Finland, or Jamaica, there is an exciting snack gift box to explore.

Each box includes not only delicious gourmet treats but also a companion booklet with information about the destination.

Choose from three box sizes with snacks ranging from 7 to 20 snacks. Try the world either for one month or get a 12-month subscription at a reduced price.

Taste new cultures and discover new treats with exotic snacks from around the world.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP:  When you get started with Try the World, save even more when you use code AFQ10 at checkout. With an additional 10% OFF, tempt your tastebuds or gift the gift of worldly gourmet snacks.

3. SnackSack – Smart Snacking For the Health Conscious 

Snack Sack by Authentic Food Quest
Discover guilt-free snacking – Photo credit: SnackSack – Cratejoy

Are you looking for nutritious snacks and ways to avoid added sugar and almost-no additives? 

If so, then this monthly snack subscription from SnackSack is right up your alley. This is one of those snack box ideas that delivers nutritious snacks made with natural ingredients. 

Each snack box includes 11 to 15 snacks, each different from the previous boxes, and are based on a particular theme or season. 

The best thing about this SnackSack snack gift box is that it can accommodate different diets. 

You can choose from classic, gluten-free, vegan, or a mix of vegan and gluten-free snack options. 

Some of the items included are popcorn, energy bars, and cookies with ingredients based on your diet plan. 

At less than $30 this is a great box to enjoy guilt-free snacking.

4. Sakuraco Snack Box – Best For Japanese Lovers

Open Box Sakuraco Review by Authentic Food Quest
Sweet, salty, or spicy in one box

Discover the Land of the Rising Sun with authentic Japanese snacks, sweets, and teas.

Sakuraco is a monthly Japanese snack box that delivers unique snacks from different regions all across the country.

Working with local Japanese artisans and family-owned businesses, you get at least 20 authentic snacks and tea in each box.

But that’s not all. Each box also includes Japanese home goods like chopsticks, ceramics, and various fabrics all elegantly presented.

To help you dive even deeper into local Japanese food culture, a 24-page booklet is in each box with information about the snack makers, snacks, and region.

Lovers of Japanese culture will enjoy this authentic and immersive snack gift box

You can choose a one-month box or save even more with a 12-month subscription.

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5. Man Cave Gift Basket – Best For Men Who Enjoy Food

Snacks Gift Box by Authentic Food Quest
One of the few customizable snack gift boxes

Do you struggle to find the perfect gifts for the men in your life? Is your man someone who enjoys new flavors including cooking and grilling?

This Man Cave Gift Basket is one of the few snacks gift boxes with curated food aimed at men. 

This curated gift basket includes premium quality American full-size artisanal snacks. 

Inside, your man will be delighted to find different kinds of jerky, hot sauces, spicy chips, and unique sweet treats.

If you are looking for a snack gift for a dad, a brother, a co-worker, a friend, or a neighbor, this snack box for men says “I care.”

This basket of artisanal snacks for men is handmade and fully customizable. If you know what he loves, you can have specific items included or replaced.

This Man Cave gift basket for men is perfect for any occasion.  

6. Candy Club Snacks Gift Box – Best For Sweet Lovers

Candy Box by Authentic Food Quest
Premium candies for sweet moments

Are you a candy lover? Do you love discovering amazing and delicious candies from around the world?

Candy Club brings premium and curated candy for anyone who loves to indulge their sweet tooth. 

You get an assortment of 6 different types of candies from small artisan and candy producers. 

The candy goodies are varied. Find everything from gummies, cake bites, caramel, sour and sweet candies to dark and milk chocolate balls.

Totally customizable you can choose to get all-sweet candies or all-sour treats. 

What we like best about Candy Club is their commitment to delivering the best candies. If you don’t love your candy, it will be replaced for free.

7. Seven Sisters Gourmet Scone Box – Best For Pastry Lovers

Scones by Authentic Food Quest
Get your fix of sweet or savory scones

Lovers of scones know that there is nothing quite as tempting as a scone slathered with butter and jam.

If this describes you or someone on your gift-shopping list, these scrumptious scones from Seven Sister Scones will make your day.

When you select the Scone Sampler subscription, which has 12 large scones, enjoy delightful moist, and flavorful scones.

Each month, you’ll receive a dozen artisanal scones in a signature red gift box, each individually wrapped. 

This makes them an “easy to snack on” item that you can eat at home or on the go. 

You have quite a few scone snack options, from the Dozen Mini and Regular Dozen to Gluten-free and Chef’s Choice (mini and regular). 

Shipping is fast, and your scones arrive in just 48 hours. Allowing you to enjoy delicious and fresh scones.

If your scones are damaged in any way, they will be replaced, or you will be refunded immediately.

For the person who skips breakfast or needs an easy bite first thing in the morning, the Seven Sisters Scones is a great gift.

8. Hickory Farms Artisan Snack Gifts – Best For Gourmet

Top 10 Snack Gift Boxes to Elevate Your Tastebuds 1

If you’re looking for gourmet foods from a brand you can trust, this gift box from Hickory Farms is one to try. 

This Hickory Farms Gift Box will please any gourmet food lover. The gift box comes with varied food items ranging from crackers and condiments to meat and cheeses. 

These snack options from Hickory Farm make perfect gifts for special occasions and holidays.

You can choose a monthly gift basket of either sweet or savory snack items that come wrapped in eco-friendly packing material. 

For a one-time purchase, this gift box is $32.99. We love the range of flavors, from sweet to savory, and the diverse textures.

On the flip side, be sure to check the ingredients if you offering this snack box to someone with dietary restrictions.

9. Lightning TFarms Gourmet Gift Box – Best For Breakfast Lovers

Breakfast Snacks Box by Authentic Food Quest
Elevate your morning – Photo credit: Lightning TFarms on Etsy

Does the idea of a gourmet breakfast box with farm fresh ingredients resonate with you? Do you know someone who would appreciate an elegant breakfast at home? 

Lighting TFarms makes it easy for you to give the perfect gift of breakfast to the special people in your life.

The breakfast gift box includes artisanal foods sourced from their farm and made in their farm kitchen.

Inside the breakfast gift box, you’ll find a complete kit to make healthy and delicious recipes. 

From pancake mixes, syrups, oatmeal, granola, spreads, and hot cocoa mix, you can easily whip up a breakfast feast to remember. 

Depending on the taste of the person getting this snack gift, you can choose your spread from three delicious homegrown flavors – strawberry, peach, and grape.

Shipping is free within the United States. And, if you are giving a gift, it comes dressed up with a special “We Send Joy” message, perfect for the recipient.

What each delivery contains is a mix of prepared foods and from-scratch items that are well received by food lovers all over. 

10. Carnivore Artisanal Meats – Best For Meat Lovers

Charcuterie Artisan Snacks by Authentic Food Quest
Our favorite Carnivore snacks box is the Classic meat artisanal gift box

Are you looking for snack box ideas for lovers of artisanal cured meats? Or perhaps you want to make the perfect charcuterie board with artisanal products.

Carnivore is the world’s first subscription program featuring premium cured meats delivered to your home. 

While the products vary each month all feature artisanal cured meats of the highest quality. 

Our favorite Carnivore snacks box is the Classic meat artisanal gift box. Filled with premium cured meat like salami, prosciutto, bacon, and more for a delightful charcuterie platter.

Delight a meat lover with this delicious box of artisanal cured meats that are not easy to find. 

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Which snacks gift box would you enjoy buying for yourself or for a loved one? Please let us know in the comments below.

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