10 Best Wine Suitcases of 2023 to Safeguards Your Bottles

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If you’re a wine enthusiast, you may be planning a trip to your next or favorite wine destination.  

And like us, chances are that you’ll want to bring wines back to savor at home and share with friends.

The easiest part is buying the wines, but the difficult part is bringing them home in one piece

That’s when wine suitcases come in handy to bring back your treasured wines safely and easily. 

Whether you are looking for a wine suitcase for a road trip or international travel, picking the right one makes all the difference.

To help guide your wine travels, we put together this detailed review to the best wine suitcases to safeguards your bottles

Use this guide to find the best wine suitcase for your next trip.

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Comparison Table For The Best Wine Suitcases

Wine SuitcasePrice Bottle CapacityClothing OptionFull WeightWarrantyBest For
Best Wine Suitcases For 10 to 12 Bottles
Vino Voyage 2.0$199.9912YesLess Than 55 lbsLimitedValue
VinGarde Valise$379.9512YesLess Than 55 lbs10-year Best All-Around
Case Pro$429.9912No60 to 70 lbsLifetime Case WarrantyWine Professionals
Oeno Tourer$34912Yes50 to 60 lbs10-year Versatility
Boldworks$419.9712Yes50 lbsLimitedBells & Whistles
Best Wine Suitcases For 6 to 8 Bottles
TZ Case$191.347NoLess Than 30 lbs12-month Case WarrantyBudget Conscious
VinGarde Valise Petite$339.958YesLess Than 33 lbs10-year Style
Vino Via $229.996YesAround 25 lbs10-year Vintage Design
Best Wine Suitcases For 2 to 3 Bottles
Nanuk 935$269.953NoLess than 20 lbsLifetime Case Compact
Case Clubs$54.952NoLess than 10 lbsLifetime Case Hand Carry

Best Wine Suitcases For 10 to 12 Bottles

1.  Best Wine Suitcase For Packing Wines and Clothes – Vino-Voyage 2.0 12 Bottles

Vino Voyage 12 Wine Suitcases by Authentic Food Quest

This 12 bottle wine suitcase, the Vino Voyage 2.0 could pass for a regular suitcase with its hip design and aesthetics. 

This wine carrier has a robust hard-shell exterior, corner protectors, and four double-spinner wheels to make it easier to move around

You can adjust the foam inserts (the slots are cut multiple times) to accommodate bottles of different sizes and shapes. 

You can also remove the inserts on any side to convert it into a packing bag for your personal items.

This wine luggage also comes with a TSA-approved lock mechanism that protects your wine through various security checks.


  • Pleasing design aesthetics
  • Pack clothes and wines together in one piece of luggage
  • Inserts customizable to accommodate various bottle sizes


  • Warranty undisclosed
  • Lack user feedback

2. Best All-Around Wine SuitcaseVinGardeValise Grande 12 Bottles

10 Best Wine Suitcases of 2023 to Safeguards Your Bottles 110 Best Wine Suitcases of 2023 to Safeguards Your Bottles 2

VinGardeValise is a popular brand and an undisputed leader when it comes to luggage for wine.

The VinGuardValise Grande 12-bottle wine suitcase is a best seller and comes with a 10-year limited warranty. 

The Grande has a sleek design and is armed with 360 spinner wheels that make it easy to maneuver your luggage.

You cannot always trust baggage handlers with your precious wine. That’s the reason this wine suitcase for travel comes with a TSA-approved lock to ensure your wine remains safe. 

The best part about this wine luggage? It is an all-purpose suitcase for packing wine and clothes together. Simply remove some inserts and add your personal belongings. 

However, if you are just transporting wine, the inserts can be customized to hold bottles of various sizes. 

Note that when full, this suitcase will weigh over the 50lbs limit which might trigger additional baggage charges. 

With all the positive rave reviews, this is one of the best 12 bottle wine suitcases for wine lovers. 


  • Trusted brand
  • Pack clothes and wines in one luggage
  • Inserts removable to accommodate more clothing
  • Lost luggage locator


  • Can weigh over 50lbs when full

3. Best Wine Suitcase For Wine Professionals – Case Pro 12 Bottles

10 Best Wine Suitcases of 2023 to Safeguards Your Bottles 310 Best Wine Suitcases of 2023 to Safeguards Your Bottles 4

Slightly costlier than the VinGuardValise Grande, Case Pro is aimed at the wine professional who travels regularly.

Frequent road or air travel checked luggage, and rough handling can lead to wear and tear of your baggage. 

Case Pro’s wine bottle suitcase is equipped for all the moving around associated with road trips and air travel.

The strong heavy-duty corner guards and casing can handle hard knocks without any damage to the precious cargo. 

The closed-cell foam is thermally insulated and comes with 12 cavities to secure your wines. 

You can pack 12 regular-sized, 750ml, wine bottles no matter the shape. And, for the wine professional, a handy folder on the inside is provided to carry a wine opener, magazines, and other accessories.

This typical wheeled luggage wine carrier has five latches to safely secure your wines

With two TSA-approved locks, you can rest assured that your favorite bottles will travel safely.

The black Case Pro won’t win awards for looks. But if you prefer performance over form, this is the go-to wine suitcase for wine aficionados and professionals.


  • Heavy duty design
  • Insulated protection
  • Can accommodate various bottle sizes


  • On the pricey side
  • No room for clothing
  • Industrial look

4. Best Wine Suitcase for Versatility – OenoTourer 12 Bottles 

10 Best Wine Suitcases of 2023 to Safeguards Your Bottles 510 Best Wine Suitcases of 2023 to Safeguards Your Bottles 6

The OnenoTourer wine suitcase for travel is extremely durable and built to withstand falls if dropped from heights as high as to 6-feet.

This OenoTourer wine suitcase can carry up to 12 bottles of wine or fewer wines plus your personal belongings.

The suitcase comes with removable insulated wine carrier bags that hold two bottle each making it versatile and adaptable.

Featuring 360-degree spinning wheels and a TSA-compliant lock, makes it easy to travel with the suitcase in checked luggage.

One of the best features of this wine suitcase is that it is expandable by up to 2 inches, giving you a little more room for your bottles or clothes.

The OenoTourer has a modern and premium design and comes with several colors to choose from.


  • Withstands drops of up to 6 feet and and keeps wine bottles safe
  • Insulated wine carrier inserts can be used separately
  • Wine suitcase can be for wine, clothes or combination of both
  • Multiple color choices are available


  • Lack user feedback

5. Best Wine Suitcase with Bells & Whistles – Boldworks 12 Bottles

10 Best Wine Suitcases of 2023 to Safeguards Your Bottles 710 Best Wine Suitcases of 2023 to Safeguards Your Bottles 8

This is one of the most durable yet stylish wine suitcases for carrying up to 12 bottles of wine.

The heavy-duty Boldworks wine luggage has 360-degree foam protection to keep your wine or liquor bottles safe.

The wine inserts are removable giving you the option to carry wine, clothes, or both.  

It comes with the necessary security and protection features like a TSA-compliant lock, 360 wheels, and burst straps to prevent accidental openings.

It has a wavy stylish design, but it is only available in black. This Boldworks wine suitcase is great for both road trips and air travel. 

Known for its exceptional durability, you’ll not run the risk of breaking your wine bottles while traveling.


  • Two burst straps provided per wine suitcase
  • TSA-compliant lock
  • Under 50 lbs when fully loaded


  • Have to remove foam to accommodate clothing
  • Warranty not specified

Best Wine Suitcases To Carry 6 to 8 Bottles

6. Best Wine Suitcase For Budget Conscious – TZ Case 7 Bottles

10 Best Wine Suitcases of 2023 to Safeguards Your Bottles 910 Best Wine Suitcases of 2023 to Safeguards Your Bottles 10

If the 10 or 12 wine suitcases are too large for you, then the TZ Case might just be the right wine travel suitcase for you. 

The TZ Case wine luggage is compact with a holding capacity of 7 bottles. The foam inserts encased in rugged and molded plastic make packing wine easy and secure. 

Find dual padlock slots, a pull-up handle, and a sturdy exterior for car or plane travel.

This wine suitcase is waterproof and has a unique pressure release valve, which keeps the bottles from uncorking pressure during wine travel.

Made by California-based TZ Case company, this is one of the best wine suitcases for durability, functionality, and price.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Compact and durable


  • No TSA-approved lock
  • Has two wheels instead of four wheels
  • No room for clothing

7. Best Wine Suitcase for Style – VinGardeValise 8 Bottles 

10 Best Wine Suitcases of 2023 to Safeguards Your Bottles 1110 Best Wine Suitcases of 2023 to Safeguards Your Bottles 12

The VinGardeValise is an 8-bottle wine carrier that’s made with the same level of protection and craftsmanship as the larger VinGarde Valise.

This VinGarde Valise petite version has an outer ribbed design and high-density foam on the inside to securely protect your wine bottles.

While the inside cavities are designed to hold up to 8 bottles, they are removable and can also accommodate your personal belongings.

Like the other Vin Garde wine suitcases, this petite version comes with a TSA-compliant lock, 360-degree wheels, and a secure aircraft-grade handle.

For further protection, the suitcase has corner guards, two burst straps, and a reinforcement bar at the bottom.

This VinGarde Valise wine luggage comes in three different colors, and for an extra $20, you can add a customized nameplate.


  • Option to add a customized nameplate
  • Premium design
  • Heavy-duty protection


  • Expensive for an 8-bottle carrier

8. Best Wine Suitcase for Vintage Design – Vino Via 6 Bottles 

10 Best Wine Suitcases of 2023 to Safeguards Your Bottles 1310 Best Wine Suitcases of 2023 to Safeguards Your Bottles 14

The Vino Via 6-bottle wine luggage has the most unique wine suitcase designs in our selection. While it has a fancy wooden look, it is actually a durable polycarbonate case.

The shock-absorbing interior foam liners are patented and designed to cradle your bottles and accessories.

When it comes to protecting your wines and personal belongings the Vino Via has got you covered. 

It comes with a built-in TSA lock, anti-theft double zippers, and adjustable exterior large buckled straps for enhanced protection.

You can store clothing in the Vino Via The Six, but you will have to remove the foam padding from at least one side.

One thing that is quite handy about this wine luggage is that it is lightweight. It sits at about 25 lbs when packed, ensuring, it will get you to your destination with your favorite 6 bottles of wine intact.


  • Lightweight when packed
  • Unique design
  • Interior mesh compartment for accessories


  • No color or design options

Best Wine Suitcases To Carry 2 to 3 Bottles

9. Best Compact Wine Carrier – Nanuk 3 Bottles

10 Best Wine Suitcases of 2023 to Safeguards Your Bottles 1510 Best Wine Suitcases of 2023 to Safeguards Your Bottles 16

While the Nanuk 935 might not have the most elegant design, it is one of the sturdiest and most durable wine suitcases. 

This Nanuk 935 rugged wine case is made with an NK-7 resin shell and has a patented PowerClaw latching system. 

This ensures that every time you carry wine with you, it will stay locked, safe, and undamaged.

The telescopic handles on the Nanuk wine suitcase are retractable and reinforced with steel to ensure they won’t break during travel. 

While there is no room for clothing, the interior wine cavities have removable spaces for different-sized bottles like Champagne bottles.

There are also two custom cavities for wine openers and accessories. This TSA-approved suitcase offers unmatched peace of mind.

Whether you transport wine in a car or on a plane, rest assured, your favorite wines will arrive safely. 


  • Waterproof
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Multiple color options available 


  • Rough design
  • No room for clothes or accessories

10. Best Wine Carrying Case – Case Clubs 2 Bottles

10 Best Wine Suitcases of 2023 to Safeguards Your Bottles 1710 Best Wine Suitcases of 2023 to Safeguards Your Bottles 18

If you are traveling to a wine destination and want to bring back home only two bottles, the Case Club may be your perfect solution.

This Case Club 2 bottles is a hardshell carry case with a capacity for only two 750 ml bottles.

Even though it is priced at less than $60, it is made with high-strength polypropylene and high-density foam to keep your wines safe.

A wine lover looking to pick up only two exclusive bottles either for themselves or as gifts will appreciate the durability of the Case Club.

This wine carrier is also lightweight and compact, and can easily fit in a car or in the overhead compartment of a plane. 

However, the Case Club does not have a telescopic handle, wheels, or a TSA lock, and it needs to be carried by hand.


  • Perfect for two exclusive bottles 
  • Light, compact, and sturdy
  • Will protect your bottles from breaking even through the roughest transport


  • Handheld only with no wheels

FAQs – Wine Suitcases

TSA Approved Lock by Authentic Food Quest
TSA approved locks are a nice add-on for wine suitcases

Is it Safe to Pack Wine in a Suitcase?

Airport handlers treat luggage roughly, and this applies to wine luggage. For transit, we recommend packing your wines in wine carriers. These types of suitcases are considerably sturdier and have protective foam inside to keep your bottles safe.

How Do You Store Wine in a Suitcase?

If you’re packing bottles in between your clothes, make sure your bottles are protected with wine bottle protectors. Make sure to place the wine bottles in the middle of the suitcase. Transporting wines requires planning. Wine suitcases and wine bags make it easier to carry your precious wine without breakage.

Will Wine Break in Luggage?

Yes, wine can break in luggage if it is not stored properly. This is why it is recommended to invest in wine carriers. At the very least, use wine protector sleeve bags to protect your clothing from any leaks.

Can you Bring Bottles of Wine on an Airplane?

Alcohol, including wine, can be put in checked bags on an airplane. According to the TSA, there is no limit to how many bottles of wine you can pack for personal use (if less than 24% alcohol) If you purchase wine at a duty-free shop you can bring into the US, one liter of alcohol per person.

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Do you use wine suitcases in your travels?  Do you have a favorite wine luggage? Please let us know in the comments below.

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