9 Best Wine Suitcases For Easy and Safe Travels 2022

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If you’re a wine enthusiast or wine collector, you may be planning a trip to another wine destination.  

Chances are you’ll carry a few bottles to savor at home or share with family and friends. 

The easiest part is buying the wines but the difficult part is bringing them home in one piece. 

You may share our similar struggle of packing when you discover excellent wines from native grapes. The kind of wines you want to enjoy again, but you know are hard to find in the US.

That’s when wine suitcases and totes come in handy to bring the treasured drinks home. 

With so many options, picking the right one can get confusing. 

Our guide on best suitcases for wine helps you choose the perfect luggage you need for your next wine trip.

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Best Sturdy 12-Bottle Wine Suitcase – Case Pro

9 Best Wine Suitcases For Easy and Safe Travels 2022 3

Case Pro is a sturdy wine-only suitcase that is designed to accommodate wine bottles of all shapes and sizes. It is the best choice for wine professionals and offers insulated protection.

Best Compact Wine Suitcase – Vino-Voyage 2.0

Vino Voyage 6 Wine Suitcases by Authentic Food Quest

The light weight Vino-Voyage allows you to carry wines in style. The compact suitcase makes it easy to carry both wines and personal belongings on long distance travel.

Comparison Table For The Best Wine Suitcases

Suitcase /
Clothing OptionFull WeightWarrantyBest For
VinGardeValise Grande$34912YesLess Than 55 lbs10-year Limited WarrantyWine Collectors
Vino Voyage 2.0 – 12 bottle$29912YesLess Than 55 lbsLimitedCapacity
Case Pro$39912No60 to 70 lbsLifetime Case WarrantyWine Professionals
$2998YesLess Than 33 lbs10-year Limited WarrantyStyle
Karriage-Mate$2798Yes30 lbs5-year Limited WarrantyVersatile
TZ Case

$1727NoLess Than 30 lbs12-month Case WarrantyBudget Conscious
Vino Voyage 2.0 – 6 bottle$1996YesLess Than 25 lbsLimitedCompact
Nowable Wine 
Travel Bag
$29.992NoLess Than 6 lbsNoneSlide-in Insulated Bag
Wine Wings 
Leak Protector Sleeves

$19.751 to 4No3 lbs to 11 lbsNoneLuggage Accessory

1 – Best All-Around Wine SuitcaseVinGardeValise Grande 12 Bottles

9 Best Wine Suitcases For Easy and Safe Travels 2022 4

VinGardeValise is a popular brand and an undisputed leader when it comes to luggage for wine.

Their 12-bottle wine suitcase is a best seller and comes with a 10-year limited warranty. The Grande has a sleek design and is armed with 360 spinner wheels that make it easy to maneuver your luggage.

You cannot always trust baggage handlers with your precious wine. That’s the reason this wine suitcase for travel comes with a TSA approved lock to ensure your wine remains safe. 

The VinGuardValise Grande offers a HomingPin lost luggage locator to keep track of your wine. This value-added service is essential for wine collectors who carry expensive wines.

The best part about this wine luggage? It is an all purpose suitcase for packing wine and clothes together. Simply remove some inserts and add your personal belongings. 

However, if you are just transporting wine, the inserts can be customized to hold wine bottles of various sizes. Note that when full, this suitcase will weigh over the 50lbs limits which might trigger additional baggage charges. 

With all the positive rave reviews, this is one of the best 12 bottle wine suitcases for wine lovers. 


  • Trusted brand
  • Pack clothes and wines in one luggage
  • Inserts removable to accommodate more clothing
  • Lost luggage locator


  • Can weigh over 50lbs when full

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: Luggage scales are helpful for traveling and even more so when you carry wine. Unlike a piece of clothing which you can remove and wear, you can’t do that with wine. Having a luggage scale protects you from unexpected baggage fees. Packing a luggage scale is a must for travelers, especially on flights with strict weight restrictions.

2 – Best Wine Suitcase For Packing Wines and Clothes – Vino-Voyage 2.0 12 Bottles

Vino Voyage 12 Wine Suitcases by Authentic Food Quest

Another 12 bottle wine suitcase, the Vino Voyage 2.0 could pass for a regular suitcase with its hip design and aesthetics. 

This wine carrier has a robust hard-shell exterior, corner protectors and foam inserts that keeps your wines safe from sudden falls and tipping. 

What’s different about this luggage for wines? 

You can adjust the foam inserts (the slots are cut multiple times) to accommodate bottles of different sizes and shapes. 

You can also remove the inserts on any side to convert it into a packing bag for your personal items.

What ‘s more; Vino Voyage 2.0 is the only suitcase for wine that features an integrated weight scale. Simply press the button on the LED display and lift the handle, and the suitcase will reveal the weight of the contents.

This wine luggage also comes with a TSA-approved lock mechanism that protects your wine through various security checks.


  • Pleasing design aesthetics
  • Pack clothes and wines together in one piece of luggage
  • Inserts customizable to accommodate various bottle sizes
  • Included weight scale


  • Warranty undisclosed
  • Lack user feedback

3 – Best Wine Suitcase For Wine Professionals – Case Pro 12 Bottles

9 Best Wine Suitcases For Easy and Safe Travels 2022 3

Slightly costlier than the VinGuardValise Grande, Case Pro is aimed at the wine professional who travels regularly.

Frequent air travel, checked luggage and rough handling can lead to wear and tear of your baggage. Case Pro’s wine bottle suitcase is equipped for all that bouncing around during airport journeys. 

The strong heavy duty corner guards and casing can handle hard knocks without any damage to the precious cargo. 

The closed cell foam is thermally insulated and comes with 12 cavities to secure your wine. 

You can pack 12 regular sized, 750ml, wine bottles no matter the shape. And for the wine professional, a handy folder on the inside is provided to carry a wine opener, magazines and other accessories.

This typical wheeled luggage wine carrier has five latches to secure your wine especially for checked luggage. 

With two TSA approved locks you can rest assured that your favorite bottles will travel safe.

The black Case Pro won’t win awards for looks. But if you prefer performance over form, this is the best wine suitcase for wine aficionados and professionals.


  • Heavy duty design
  • Insulated protection
  • Can accommodate various bottle sizes


  • On the pricey side
  • No room for clothing
  • Industrial look

4 – Best Stylish Wine Suitcase – VinGardeValise Petite 8 Bottles

9 Best Wine Suitcases For Easy and Safe Travels 2022 6

Is the wine suitcase of 12 bottles of wine a bit large for you? 

VinGardeValise offers a petite version which holds 8 wine bottles in a stylish compact and sturdy case.  

Many of its features match that of Grande wine carrier. From a sturdy design and rotating wheels to customized foam inserts and HomingPin lost luggage locator.

The VinGardeValise Petite model is perfect for wine enthusiasts or travelers who are purchasing their favorite wines on vineyard tours.

This all purpose wine travel suitcase gives you the flexibility to remove some inserts to make room for clothes. It’s one of the best stylish wine luggage options for air travel.


  • Trusted brand
  • Compact and stylish design
  • Pack clothes and wines in one luggage
  • Inserts removable to accommodate more clothing
  • Lost luggage locator


  • On the pricey end

5 – Best Versatile Wine Suitcase – KarriageMate Multiple Purpose – 8 Bottles

9 Best Wine Suitcases For Easy and Safe Travels 2022 79 Best Wine Suitcases For Easy and Safe Travels 2022 8

This compact Karriage-Mate wine luggage accommodates up to eight bottles of wine in four removable carry-bags. 

It is built with spinner wheels making it easy to move around and also comes with a TSA-approved lock mechanism.

What makes it unique is that each carry-bag can be used separately.

You can add or remove the bags, which each carry one or a set of two bottles. That way the suitcase can be converted into a 2, 4, 6, or 8-bottles luggage to transport wine.  

Alternatively, you can remove each carry bag and transform it into a tote bag. Each carry-bag is insulated keeping your wine cool and safe. It is certified to withstand a 6-feet fall when dropped.

Removing bags allow you to pack clothing and make this wine suitcase the most versatile option to travel with wine.


  • Insulated protection
  • Pack clothes and wines in one luggage
  • Carry-bag removable to accommodate more clothing
  • Versatile carry-bag can be used separately


  • Carry-bags narrow for wider bottles

6 – Best Wine Suitcase For Budget Conscious – TZ Case International 7 Bottles

9 Best Wine Suitcases For Easy and Safe Travels 2022 9

If the 12 and 10 wine bottle inserts are larger than you prefer, TZ Case has just the right wine travel suitcase for you. 

This carrier case is compact with a holding capacity of 7 bottles. The foam inserts encased in rugged and molded plastic make packing wine easy and secure. 

The inserts can also be removed to make space for clothes and other travel accessories.

This wine luggage is much smaller compared to the Case Pro or even the VinGrand Petite but comes with similar features. 

Find spinner wheels, dual locking slots, pull up handle and sturdy exteriors for checked luggage.

This waterproof wine suitcase for travel boasts of a pressure value button which keeps the bottles from uncorking pressure during the flight.

Compared to 8-Bottle Petite and the 6-bottle Voyage 2, this 7-bottle case is an affordable and budget friendly option.


  • Budget friendly
  • Compact
  • Can accommodate some clothing or other accessories


  • Limited room for clothing
  • No TSA approved lock
  • Look brings attention 

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: As you pack wine bottles, you want to protect them further by securing your wine suitcase with a luggage strap. An unexpected drop or bump on a corner could cause your bags to snap open. Give your bottles additional protection with a luggage strap. Bring wine home safely and enjoy it once again like you did on your wine travels.

7 – Best Compact Wine Suitcase – Vino-Voyage 2.0 6-Bottles

Vino Voyage 6 Wine Suitcases by Authentic Food Quest

With the Vino Voyage wine carriers, Wine Enthusiast has designed another compact and aesthetically pleasing wine carrier in Bordeaux Red.

The 6-bottle Vino Voyage 2.0 shares many features with its larger counterpart. This small one packs a punch in terms of quality and design. 

The hard shell exterior, foam inserts and reinforced corner protectors makes it ideal for wine travel.

This model holds up to six bottles of wine and can double up as a check in baggage for personal belongings.

The TSA approved locking system and lightweight nature of this travel bag is another plus. This is the best wine travel bag for wine tours and short visits. 


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Pleasing aesthetic
  • Pack clothes and wines in one luggage
  • Inserts customizable to accommodate various bottle sizes


  • Warranty undisclosed
  • Lack user feedback

8 – ​​ Best Slide-In Wine Travel Bag – Nowable Wine Bottle Travel Bag – 2 Bottles

9 Best Wine Suitcases For Easy and Safe Travels 2022 10

Are you looking for a wine tote for bringing wine or chilled drinks to a picnic or luncheon with friends? 

This wine tote bag from Nowable with insulation is the perfect bag at an exceptional price. 

With a classic design, this wine tote bag has a semi hard shell that protects your wines from damage. 

The sturdy handle and adjustable shoulder strap come in handy when transporting or carrying your wine around.  

The wine compartment is big enough to hold two standard wine bottles or a champagne bottle and flutes.

The insulated wine bag keeps your bottle cool and the internal divider prevents the bottles from clinking. 

This travel wine bag is available in various colors and has front and inner pockets to store accessories. 

The insert can be removed, when not storing wines, to make space for other fragile items. 

The wine tote bag comes with a free bottle opener and makes a wonderful gift for wine lovers.


  • Convenient lightweight tote bag
  • Insert removable to accommodate other accessories
  • Insulated bag


  • Need to be checked in a luggage for air travel

9 – Best Wine Protector Bags – Wine Wings Leak Proof Protector Sleeves

9 Best Wine Suitcases For Easy and Safe Travels 2022 11

Made a last-minute wine purchase and now need to find a way to bring them home safely?

Try using wine bottle travel protectors, a low cost and efficient way of transporting wine.

These leak proof wine bags seal the bottle inside and secure it with Velcro strips. Pack them in your checked luggage and bring them hassle-free through security. 

These wine bottle travel protectors are not as sturdy as wine carriers or wine travel bags. But they come with wine bubble wrap padding to prevent damage to your wine bottle.

The bags are practical, reasonably priced and reusable. It is worth investing in some for wine lovers who love to pick a bottle or two on business or personal trips. 

All you have to worry about is making space for wine bottles and sticking to permitted baggage weight.


  • Economic solution to pack wine safely
  • Leakproof
  • Reusable


  • Need to be checked in a luggage for air travel

Buying Criteria and Tips For Wine Suitcases

Many of us are merely wine travelers or enthusiasts. You visit wineries or tour a wine destination and find yourself purchasing wine to bring back home.

If you’re picking up a wine or two on travels for yourself or as a gift, then you don’t need special luggage for wine. A wine tote bag or even padded wine sleeves wine are adequate enough. 

But if you often travel to wine destinations with the intention of adding new wines to your collection, then investing in a wine carrier is a good idea.

Wine Luggage Considerations

TSA Approved Lock by Authentic Food Quest
Wine suitcases with TSA approved locks are a nice add-on

Here are a couple of considerations as you weigh your wine luggage options. 

All Purpose Wine Carrying Cases: The type of wine luggage you purchase will depend on whether you want a suitcase for wine only or for both clothes and wine.

For a serious wine collector and wine professionals who transport several bottles at a time, an only-for-wine carrier like the Case Pro is a worthy purchase. 

If you plan to carry fewer bottles, then dual suitcases with space for clothes or detachable inserts would make a perfect choice.   

Wine Suitcase Material: Other considerations especially for wine travel include the case material, insulation, inserts or compartments.

For long trips and air travel, opt for wheeled suitcases with hard shells and TSA approved locks.

Inserts also make a huge difference to whether your wine bottles remain secure or move around. Choose wine sleeves or wine bags with removable inserts. 

This gives you the option to use an all purpose wine travel suitcase as a regular travel bag when you’re not carrying wine. 

Insulation and Temperature Control: If you are a wine professional or carrying several bottles of wine to an event, keeping wine cool is important. Look for wine suitcases with insulation and temperature controls as you don’t want to end up drinking warm wine at your destination.

How to Put Wine in Luggage

Airport handlers may treat your luggage roughly and this applies to wine carrying cases. Ensure the bottles are safely placed within the suitcase padding, especially if you’ve opted for a wine travel bag. 

If you’re packing bottles in between your clothes, make sure your bottles are protected with wine bottle protectors. Make sure to place the wine bottles in the middle of the suitcase. 

Transporting wines requires planning. Wine suitcases and wine bags make it easier to carry your precious wine without breakage.

For your wine travel, choose any of these best wine bags. From wine suitcases to wine tote bags and leak proof sleeves, there’s a solution for every wine lover.

Can You Check Wine As Luggage?

Duty Free Shop buy Wine and Liquor by Authentic Food Quest
Wine from a duty free shop can be allowed as carry-on

Alcohol, including wine, can be put in checked bags. According to the TSA, there is no limit to how many bottles of wine you can pack.

As long as the wine is less than 70 percent alcohol content it can go in checked bags.

If you purchase wine at a duty-free shop you can bring it into the US as long as it is sealed and clears security.

Excess Weight: Last but not the least, make sure the maximum weight of your luggage including wine bottles doesn’t exceed 50 lbs. You may end up with additional baggage charges otherwise.

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Do you bring bottles of wine home from your travels? How do you pack your wines? What are your best wine travel bags? Please let us know in the comments below.

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