Do you like taking cooking classes on your travels? Do you enjoy learning about the local ingredients and how to make the food specialties?

If you are physically traveling, you’re in luck. Listed below are authentic cooking classes we’ve personally taken around the world.

Our go-to platform for finding cooking classes around the world is Cookly. A website that is dedicated to authentic cooking classes that focus on teaching you how to make emblematic national foods. Click to see all Cookly classes around the world.

If you prefer to take virtual cooking classes from the comfort of your home, see the experiences offered by our partner, The Chef & The Dish.

Offering fun and interactive online cooking classes with chefs from around the world, you can transport your kitchen to the country of your choice.

Over skype and with a private chef, you’ll learn how to cook Mediterranean, Vietnamese, Thai, American, South American, and much more. Browse to see all the cuisines offered.

You can also join the monthly Wednesday Supper Club with a chef and community of food lovers for an evening filled with fun.

Check back often as we are continually adding on-site and virtual cooking classes.

Learn to taste the local cultures.

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