Best Danang Food Tour To Take For An Authentic Experience

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The cuisine in Central Vietnam has a lot to offer. A food tour in Da Nang was the perfect opportunity to feed our curiosity and learn about the local specialties.

Guiding us were two Danang locals who knew the ins and out of Danang street food and the places where locals go.

This Danang food tour focused on local Vietnamese street food with a visit at the largest city’s food market: Con Market.

It’s one of the best places to experience the local life and sample many central Vietnamese food specialties.

Join us on this insightful and authentic danang food tour with locals.

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Danang Food Tour Meeting Point at Con Market

Market Cho Con Danang Authentic Food Quest
Cho Market, the largest food market in Danang

Con Market or Chợ Cồn đà nẵng in Vietnamese is the largest wholesale and retail market in the central region of Vietnam.

It is a traditional local market that offers fascinating glimpse into local life in Da Nang. Our Vietnamese tour guides, both students at Danang University, met us  to begin our Danang food tour.

Con market, our guides explained, is known for offering a wide range of local Vietnamese food specialties. It is one of the best places to sample the local cuisine from Danang and the central Vietnamese region.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: For a comprehensive introduction to the food in Da Nang with locals, consider taking this Danang Food Tour.  On a walking tour with a local, get introduced to foods you might not find if you explored on your own. You’ll visit several food venues, from restaurants to shops to a local living room, to sample delicious samples of Danang street food. 

Exploring Cho Con or Con Market

Market Vendor Outside Cho Con Market Danang by Authentic Food Quest
A variety of dried goods at the local market

Built in the 1940s, the market began as a place for farmers and locals to sell their produce. Since it has evolved into a large market with fresh produce, handicrafts, apparel, dried goods, Vietnamese coffee and more.

The outer parts of the bustling market are divided up into different sections. On one side are several local vendors selling fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and more. This market is popular with locals who shop there regularly for their daily needs.

Clothes Resale at Cho Con Market Danang by Authentic Food Quest
Intense apparel shopping at Con Market

One of the most fascinating sections of the market that opened later in the afternoon, was the apparel section.

 In the blink of an eye, local vendors suddenly filled the aisle of one of the entrances and unpacked bags of clothes and shoes for sale. 

Watching intense negotiations in Vietnamese between vendors and shoppers was truly mesmerizing.  

Inside Cho Con Market the Market Vendors by Authentic Food Quest
The food hall inside Con Market after the lunch rush

In the main interior part of the market is a large hall filled with vendors selling all kinds of Vietnamese dishes. From banh mi Vietnamese sandwiches, mi quang noodles, banh xeo or sizzling pancakes, Vietnamese desserts, local snacks and drinks and much more.

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Our Danang Food Tour Experience

One of the most enjoyable aspects of this food tour in Danang was the ability to sample many unique regional specialties. 

Local Hue Specialties at Banh Cuon Nong

First stop on our Danang Food Tour Market Vendor Selling Banh Beo Uot Thap Cam by Authentic Food Quest
Variety of Hue specialties including Banh Beo Uot Thap Cam

Our first stop on the Danang tour was to sample food from the Imperial City of Hue. Hue located about 100 kilometers from Danang was the former Royal Capital and is home to several distinctive Vietnamese dishes.

Pulling up to the food stall, we were impressed at the selection of steamed and fried flour-based meals with savory fillings. 

We tried, Banh Beo Uot Thap Cam, a local specialty which was quite flavorful. Sitting in fish sauce, were little cakes with a tapioca-like consistency, served with fermented Vietnamese pork and garnished with Vietnamese herbs. 

While the flavors were surprising, we were not huge fans of the pork sausage. 

Slurping on Mi Quang Noodles

Mi Quang Our second stop on our Danang FoodTour by Authentic Food Quest
Mi Quang, a local Da Nang favorite dish

Located across from the first vendor, we made our way to the Be Van food stall to sample two local favorites. 

We were glad we had not eaten much before this Da Nang food tour as it was already promising to be a lot of food.

We started out with Danang’s famous Mi Quang noodle dish.

The name refers to where the noodles come from, which is the Quang Nam Province, of which Da Nang was a part of. 

Our bowl of noodles was accompanied with pork, shrimp, quail eggs, peanuts, tumeric in a light broth. 

Prior to this culinary adventure, we had enjoyed mi quang at several local eateries. And like the previous mi quang dishes, the version at Con market was tasty.

Sampling Banh Xeo

Banh Xeo at Con Market in Danang by Authentic Food Quest
Banh Xeo at on this Danang food tour

Bánh xèo, or Vietnamese sizzling pancakes, is one of our  favorite Vietnamese snacks. We were excited to have it at Con market and learn more about it from our guides. 

This crispy pancake was stuffed with shrimp, pork and bean sprouts and eaten with an intensely flavorful fish sauce. 

As we savored the flavors, we got to know our guides a little better. Both are 3rd year university students, one an Economics major and the other a Technology & Sciences major. 

Both have a strong interest in tourism and specifically sharing local and unique experiences with visitors to Central Vietnam. 

In our discussion, we also learned that banh xeo is made from the same rice flour as the mi quang noodles.

Bo Kho Lat at Con Market – Beef Jerky Vietnamese Style

Sampling Beef Jerkey during our Danang Food Tour by Authentic Food Quest
Bins of several kinds of Vietnamese beef jerky

After our first two food stops at Cho market, we walked around the market to digest as well as explore the market.

Walking through the different alleys, we were struck by one particular section, filled with several vendors selling dried meats. 

Sitting in huge bins were various red, orange and brown colored dried meats alongside other dried products.

One of the benefits of exploring a market with a local guide is the ability to ask questions, particularly when you don’t speak the same language as the vendor. 

With our guides help, we sampled the dried or dehydrated beef which we found to be similar to beef jerky. 

The different colors we learned indicate the level of flavor and level of spice. 

We tried several and enjoyed the chili spicy flavors over the sweeter and candied versions. The beef used was high quality and it reflected in the price per kilo.

Da Nang Pork Rolls and “Hit” Cake

Tasting Bahn Trang Thit Heo During Danang Food Tour by Authentic Food Quest
Vietnamese pork rolls with rice paper, mango and cucumber strips and fish sauce

At the Co Hue food stall, we sampled two local specialties. Da Nang pork rolls or Banh Cuon Thit Heo and Banh Trang Dap Dap, referred to as “hit cake.”

These two specialties are from the Quang Nang Province, of which Danang and Hoi An were once part of.

The “hit cake” or  Banh Trang Dap Dap in Vietnamese, is a fun snack to enjoy. It is made of layers of circular rice crackers served with a fish sauce and fried shallots on top. 

What makes this dish unique is how it eaten. Banh Trang means rice cracker and Dap means hit or crush. You crush the rice crackers up with an open palm and then dip the pieces into the sauce to enjoy.

The pork rolls was one of Rosemary’s favorite Vietnamese dishes on the food tour Danang. Though the  special anchovy fish sauce is an acquired taste as the flavors and smell are pungent.  

To eat the dish you roll pork in rice paper, add some vegetables and herbs and then dip it into the fish sauce.

The interactive nature of this dish where you customize the taste of each pork roll as you choose how much vegetables or fish sauce to use, makes it fun meal to have.

Kem – Traditional Vietnamese Ice-cream

Delicious Che on our Danang Food Tour at Cho Con Market by Authentic Food Quest
Delicious avocado and coconut Vietnamese ice cream

We love Vietnamese desserts and have enjoyed their unique flavors throughout the country.  One dessert we had not had before was the traditional Vietnamese ice cream or Kem at our fourth stop.

At this point on the Da Nang tour, we were stuffed, though we eagerly made room for a local sweet treat.

At the stand “Kem 132”, one of the most popular for the best desserts, we had an avocado and coconut ice cream treat.

Made fresh in front of us, the vendor cut whole pieces of avocado and mixed them with coconut ice cream and shaved ice. 

Rich and flavorful, this was a perfect end to the food portion of the Danang food tour. 

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Ending on Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese Coffee Last Stop Danang Food Tour by Authentic Food Quest
Iced Vietnamese milk coffee on the Da Nang food tour

Vietnam is one of the largest producers of coffee. It was fitting that our Da Nang food tour ended with a cup of Vietnamese coffee.

At a local Vietnamese coffee shop just outside Con Market, we sat down to enjoy a glass of iced coffee. 

Known locally as Cà Phê Sữa Đá, this was a glass of iced drip Vietnamese coffee with sweetened condensed milk. 

As Claire is a non-coffee drinker, I got to enjoy the coffee by myself. 

With Vietnamese coffee being particularly strong and dark, the condensed milk offers a great counterbalance to the sharp caffeine taste. On the hot afternoon, the iced coffee was refreshing.  

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Overall Impressions of Danang Food Tour

Claire and Rosemary with our guides for our Danang Tour by Authentic Food Quest
With Julie and MT Hien, our local guides with Backstreet Academy

What We Loved

Our Danang food tour was a fun and insightful experience mostly due to our guides that were very approachable and friendly.

Despite having eaten at many street stalls in Vietnam, we still learned about new foods and especially the cultural nuances of the region.

By far, the best part about this local food tour was the authentic and unfiltered experience. The local foods served were very copious and not catered to tourists but served like the locals would eat it.

The hours flew by with our local guides and in the end, it felt like we were hanging out with two good friends.

What Could Be Improved

It was fascinating to visit Con Market and get plunged into the daily life of a city market. That said, we would have liked to visit venues outside the market as well.

Danang has a lot to offer in the city and we wish to have visited other locations and food stalls. We’ve been to Danang a couple of times for several weeks and know well the city. So for us, this setup wasn’t that disappointing.

But, if you are a first timer, you might want to go beyond one food market. Read below for alternative food tours we recommend. 

Additionally, the Con Market food tour by Backstreets is not available at this time. We will update this article when it becomes available again.

Other Danang Food Tours To Consider

Banh Xeo Danang Food Tour Vietnam by Authentic Food Quest
Have fun and enjoy new experiences and tastes – Photo credit: Danang Food Tour on Facebook

A great alternative is to take this evening tour to explore the food scene in Da Nang city.

On this tour, you’ll visit several food venues, from restaurants to shops to a local living room, to sample delicious dishes.

You will learn from your local guide about each dish, how it is made, and how to eat it.

From noodle soups, banh mi sandwich to savory pancakes, you will not go hungry. 

And non-alcoholic drinks as well as beer and alcohol are included in the experience.  This is one of the best food tours in the city.

Wear comfortable shoes, plan to keep an open mind with various dishes, and most of all, have fun!

Cost: About $46.16 per person

Time and Length: Starts at 5:00 pm for 4 hours

Group Style: Small group tour

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: If your travels take you to Hanoi, consider taking a food tour to understand northern Vietnamese cuisine. See our review: The 7 Best Food Tours in Hanoi For Authentic North Vietnamese Culinary Experiences

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In Summary

Taking a food tour in Danang is one of the best ways to discover the regional specialties of Central Vietnam in one setting.

With insights from local guides, you get much more out of this Danang food tour and a deeper understanding of the local food scene.

After five unique food stops and sampling over ten regional specialties, we were delighted. 

The introduction to the culture and the local specialties will help prepare you as you make your food choices on your travels in the region.

The one piece of advice we would offer is to go hungry.  The food is plentiful and with all the food stands close to each other, you want to give your stomach room to taste it all.

Have you been to Da Nang city? Would you take one of the Danang food tours? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Savor the Adventure!

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  1. I hear so much about the food scene in Vietnam that I want to make a visit. Twice we had planned and it got cancelled 🙁 . Maybe we are third time lucky .. Thanks for this lovely article. ..

    • So glad you enjoyed the article, Vasu. And as they say, three times is a charm, so I see Vietnam in your future very soon. And, when you go, do stop at Con Market for a truly authentic experience. Cheers.

  2. You always have the best food recommendations and this is another one. Con Market looks incredible. The Da Nang Noodles Sound yummy but I’m super curious about the Sizzling Pancakes, jerky and ice cream

    • Thank you Sherianne. That means a lot. We strive to share the best local specialties so that visitors to that destination can eat local and at the best spots. So much good food in Vietnam. Hope you make it to Da Nang soon 🙂

  3. Such a good food tour, some unusual food there! Need to do this with a local guide there.
    I have never known of avocado coconut mix ice creams! Drooling over it now.

    • We were quite impressed as well by the avocado ice cream. It was quite fantastic and well worth it. The food was typical from Central Vietnam and a great place to sample most dishes in one setting. Highly recommend visiting Con Market on your next Da Nang trip 🙂

  4. The market reminds me of the Chiang Mai market with its local wares and ingredients. I am sure it must have been quite a cultural experience with all those colors and scents. Good idea to go with a guide as they can really tell you where to stop and what to look out for.

    • Which market in Chiang Mai, Ami. Having visited several of the local markets in Chiang Mai, we found Con Market to be quite unique and different from any Thai markets. And yes, having a local guide makes a huge difference. Thanks for stopping by!!

  5. I love to attend food tours on my trips as it tells you a lot about the local food culture of the place. Da Nang food tour at Con Market surely seems to be a good option to try local Vietnamese food. Loved the vegan ice cream stuff, would surely try.

  6. Now THAT is a market! Wow! I’ve been to Da Nang and we just did the restaurant thing so I definitely missed out on trying and understanding the real local experience and flavors. I have wanted to get back there its been years – Con market will be on the list – first stop Mi Quang Noodles then the Banh Xeo. I really shouldn’t have read this right now, I’m starving!

    • You definitively missed out, Con Market is quite an experience. However, the good news is that you can always make a trip back 🙂 And yes, Mi Quang is a great first stop followed by Bahn Xeo. Thanks, Dorene for stopping by.

  7. I love how clean the market looks. Everything seems to be very fresh and tidy. I also fully agree with you about the benefits of a local guide. It’s so useful to be able to ask them any question that pops into your head without a language barrier. I also love how they have a personal connection to many of the vendors in the market. It’s like you’re shopping with old friends.


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