Doofood Review: Is It The Best Meal Kit For Authentic Korean Food?

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Korean food is one of our favorite cuisines. While we enjoy the experience at Korean restaurants, we had never thought of making it at home until we heard about Doofood.

Doofood offers authentic Korean meal prep services, prepped by mom, made for you.

Curious about the ability to easily make Korean food at home, we tried a few of their Korean meal kits.

In this Doofood review, we share our experience receiving and cooking Korean dishes with their meal kits.

We outline the pros and cons and answer the ultimate question, is Doodfood worth it?

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What Is Doofood?

Doofood review Korean Meal Prep by Authentic Food Quest
Try out new Korean recipes

Doofood is a Korean meal kit company that delivers authentic Korean meals to your doorstep.

Founded in New York by DooJin in 2017, this food company aims to make healthy Korean food accessible to everyone. 

What started in the northeast part of the United States gradually expanded to offering food delivery services across the nation. Doofood delivers to the continental USA, and Alaska but not Hawaii. 

Unlike other meal kit companies, Doofood does not require a subscription. This makes it easy to try making delicious Korean meals at home.

What Are The Korean Meals From DooFood?

Korean Food Doofood review by Authentic Food Quest
Healthy and tasty Korean dishes at your doorstep

Doofood offers a variety of Korean dishes on its menu each week. There are about eight main dishes that rotate every week. 

And another six to ten best sellers that are on the weekly menu. In addition to the main meals, you’ll also find side dishes and rice to go with the meals. 

With a focus on healthy food, Doofood meal kits contain GMO-free foods sourced within the country. The condiments and sauces are MSG-free and only clean meats that are free of hormone or antibiotic use are used. 

Each Korean meal kit also has a healthy amount of vegetables so you enjoy healthy and colorful food brimming with nutrients. 

When you get your Doofood Korean meal kit, all ingredients are prewashed and prepped. The company claims “no knives needed” and from our own Doofood review experience, we agree. Do have a pair of kitchen scissors handy, though.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: Some of the most popular items loved by Doofood customers are their Cold Noodles and Sweet and Sour Chicken kits. These dishes cooked from their meal kits provide a delicious food and cooking experience. All the menu items from Doofood are 100% MSG and GMO-free. Find out more here.

What Is The Cost of Doofood

Rice Doofood by Authentic Food Quest
You can order side dishes in addition to the main course

As mentioned earlier, Doofood doesn’t require a subscription. You only pay for the meals you want to be delivered. 

Most main dishes are priced between $14.95 to $18.95. Meals with beef and brisket are priced on the higher end. This is for a one-person meal. 

Cooked rice and kimchi are two of the most popular sides. You can expect to add $2.95 for cooked rice and $6.95 for kimchi.

If you want 1 pound of Korean BBQ meat that will set you back about $32.95.

So, the cost of Doofood really depends on the number of main meals and side dishes ordered. 

Doofood Promo Code

Korea Meal Kit Doofood by Authentic Food Quest
Make sure to enter your discount code

If you are looking to add international tasty meals to your weekly menu, give Doofood a try.

Doofood is offering a special discount for Authentic Food Quest readers and subscribers.

Save an extra 30% OFF when you enter the code “authentic30” at checkout.

How Do You Buy Doofood Meal Kit

Food Doofood review by Authentic Food Quest
Choose your Korean meal kit and track your order

Ordering a Korean meal kit from Doofood is extremely simple. Head to the Doofood website and enter your zip code.

Choose from the weekly menu that offers 27 different meal kits with 8 rotating mains, 6 regular dishes, 3 rice dishes, 1 Korean BBQ, 1 seaweed soup, 1 Korean Fried rice, and 7 sides. 

DooFood delivers twice a week – on Wednesday and Saturday.  Once you choose your delivery date, you’ll get email delivery updates so you can track your order.

Your Doofood package arrives in a special insulated box that keeps the raw ingredients fresh.

With your recipes in hand, you’ll be all set to try your hand at cooking authentic Korean food.

Doofood Review – Our Honest Opinion About The Korean Meal Kit

Doofood Review: Is It The Best Meal Kit For Authentic Korean Food? 1
The ingredients are good quality and the instructions are clear

Never having made Korean food at home, we were very impressed by the quality of the ingredients we received and the final Korean dishes we made.

Our Doofood package arrived on time with everything packed safely in insulated and protective packaging. 

Inside the box are clear instructions on what needs to be refrigerated and what does not.

All the individual meal kit items are clearly marked with the portion sizes. And, the cooking instructions are also printed on the package.

One additional element we really appreciated from Doofood was a QR code of the menu also printed on the package. 

This made accessing the recipes easy on the mobile phone in case the package got wet or ripped up.

What Do You Get in Doofood Korean Meal Kit

Food Items Korean Meal Prep by Authentic Food Quest
Each Korean meal kit comes with all the ingredients including the sauces

For our first experience with Doofood Korean meal kits, we chose a mix of familiar and favorite dishes.

We tried Bibimbap, Bulgogi BBQ, Korean Braised Short Ribs, and Shabu Shabu.To go along with the main dishes, we also ordered cooked rice and Kimchi.

Doofood also provided the necessary sauces for each Korean dish.

As Doofood offers a rotating menu, you have more than 27 different meals to choose from each week. 

You can choose to make your favorite Korean dishes or try new and exciting recipes.


Korean Meal Kits Doofood by Authentic Food Quest
Prepared and cut ingredients make meal preparation easy and fast

We were impressed by the high quality and fresh ingredients we received in our package. 

Doofood focuses on healthy Korean meals and that was reflected in the especially fresh vegetables. 

We appreciated having the hard-to-find ingredients for the recipes already provided. This eliminated having to hunt down ingredients like jujube, a Chinese date at the grocery store.

One of the challenges of making international cuisines at home is the difficulty of finding specific ingredients.

With meal kits from Doofood, all the ingredients you need are provided to make delicious Korean food, stress-free. 

Make sure to place items in the fridge as soon as they arrive to maintain their freshness. The meat and seafood need to be stored in the freezer, while the veggies can go in the refrigerator.

With the pre-cut, pre-washed, and prepped ingredients, your Korean food can be ready in less than 15 minutes.

Cooking Instructions

Cooking Doofood by Authentic Food Quest
Cooking is easy even for beginners

The Korean meals are easy to make and don’t require much time. The recipe instructions are clear and straightforward.

You can access the cooking instructions in three different ways. First, as you choose your meal on the Doofood website, the cooking instructions are also provided.

Secondly, the meal kits come with cooking instructions printed on them. And, finally, there is a scannable QR code that you can use to access the recipes on your mobile phone.

Regardless of your cooking skills and level, you will have no difficulty making Korean food with Doofood. 

The easy-to-follow instructions are clear for even novice home cooks. We found it fun and surprisingly simple to cook authentic Korean food at home for the first time.

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Doofood Pros

Korean Meal Kit DooFood by Authentic Food Quest
We enjoyed delicious bibimbap

There are many reasons why we love the Doofood Korean prep kits.

  • High-quality ingredients– We were impressed by the quality of the meat and fresh ingredients in the box. The meat portion was generous and more than enough for a healthy serving. The vegetables were fresh even after staying in the fridge for a couple of days.
  • Easy Instructions that made cooking fun – Having never made Korean food at home before we thought the recipes would be complicated. We were incredibly pleased with the simple step-by-step instructions and the prepped ingredients made cooking easy.
  • Amazingly delicious food – We could not have been more proud of the tasty authentic Korean meals we made. The Korean braised short ribs in particular surprised us with both the simplicity and generous amounts of tender beef. The bibimbap, another one of our favorites was as good as eating it in a Korean restaurant. If you are looking to spice up your weekly menu, it doesn’t get easier than Doofood.
  • No subscription needed – Unlike other meal kit companies, Doofood does not require a subscription. You simply order when you want and how much you want making it easy to incorporate into your menu planning.

Doofood Cons

Korean Dish Doo Food by Authentic Food Quest
A couple of extras with the meal kit would be perfect

While we had a positive experience with Doofood meal kits, here are a few points to consider.

  • No booklet with recipes – While already delivered digitally, it would be nice to have a booklet of the Korean recipes for those who enjoy having paper recipes to access later.
  • Lacking ingredient information – Unless you are already familiar with traditional Korean ingredients, knowing the story behind the ingredients would be helpful. For example, we were curious about jujube or Chinese dates and needed to look them up online. Having information about some of the unique ingredients would be helpful.
  • Minimum order required – Due to shipping and packaging costs, Doofood requires a minimum order of $60. While you get high-quality, fresh, and prepped ingredients, the price point may be high for those on a budget.

Is Doofood Worth It? Our Overall Impressions

Doofood Review: Is It The Best Meal Kit For Authentic Korean Food? 2
Doofood is a great choice if you like Korean cuisine

After trying different Doofood Korean meals, we were very pleased with the quality and flavors.

The tastes, aromas, and colors, transported us to our favorite Korean restaurants.

We loved how simple and organized everything was to prepare the food. Everything was already pre-measured and prepped and the instructions were clear and simple.

The braised short ribs and the Bulgogi were tender and flavorful. The Bibimbap and Shabu Shabu were delectable and perfectly seasoned. 

And the fragrant and soft cooked rice completed the splendid experience.

If you like Korean flavors and to try some recipes at home, Doofood makes it easy. There is no subscription needed and you choose the meals you want to cook and serve. 

With only a pot, frying pan, olive oil, and a few kitchen tools, you have everything you need to relish authentic Korean food at home.

Go ahead and order a few meal kits and enjoy cooking a new cuisine.

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Around the Web – What Do People Say About Doofood?

Ratings Doofood Authentic Food Quest
Doofood review from the internet

While we liked our Doofood meal prep kits, we searched online to see what other think of Doofood. 

We found mostly positive reviews, and a few negative comments related to the shipping and packing of certain items.

Some of the positive feedback includes:

  • “Fresh ingredients, all prepped. Takes about 10 min to have delicious homemade Korean meal. After trying multiple meal delivery services, this is the only one I use regularly.”
  • “Super easy recipes, right amount of portions, fresh ingredients, all good.”
  • “Just started with Doofood and received my first order. Surprised at how exact the ingredients are and how fast it is to prepare the meals! And a bonus? The food is delicious. Definitely will continue ordering from them since we live in a neighborhood with no Korean food!”

The few negative comments we found seemed to be related to Kimchi packing and missing items.

  • If I had one thing to mention you could improve on, it would be the packaging of the different kimchi. Occasionally they manage to leak a bit, even through the plastic wrap.”
  • “On my regular schedule that I get delivered every week, there was pork missing and something else in my 3rd delivery. I got it later, but had to wait to cook the food.

Doofood FAQs

 What Types of Subscriptions Are Available?

There is no subscription required with Doofood. You pick and choose the dish you want to cook and the delivery dates. The ingredients are delivered home. 

How To Cancel My Doofood Subscription

No subscription – no cancellation. Buy any prep kit at any time you want to eat Korean food.  

Doofood Shipping Cost

While the company ships the ingredients for free, you do have a minimum order requirement of $60 per order. 

Doofood Shipping Time

The company delivers twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Depending on when you place your order, you should receive your Korean meal kit in 3 to 5 days.

Can I Give Doofood as a Gift?

Yes, of course. If you know someone who loves quick meals and Asian recipes, they’ll be delighted try Korean cuisine. 

Doofood gift cards are available in the amounts of $60, $120, $240, or any amount of your choice above $60.  Head to and your recipient will receive an email gift notification with a private message from you.

Does Doofood Accommodate Food Allergies?

At this point in time, Doofood recipes do not accommodate special dietary needs or food allergies. It is something they are working on, but not available at this point. However, the nutritional information for each recipe is provided and there is no MSG.

Alternative To Doofood – CookUnity

Doofood Review: Is It The Best Meal Kit For Authentic Korean Food? 3
CookUnity brings you restaurant quality meals, fresh not frozen

There are not many other meal kits offering Korean Meals like Doofood. CookUnity is an alternative to Doofood that offers international cuisine with a different set up.

With CookUnity, you get chef-crafted meals from more than 70 chefs. Your meals are delivered already prepped and all you do is heat and enjoy.

  • Meal Plans– Doofood focuses on Korean food, while CookUnity offers meals from a wide variety of cuisines.
  • Frequency of Meals– Doofood meals are one-time purchases with a minimum order amount of $60. CookUnity has weekly meal plans with a minimum of 4 to 16 meals per week.
  • Cost – Each meal kit at Doofood is priced differently and ranges from $14 to $33.With CookUnity, the more meals you order, the cheaper the price. Meals range from $7.76. to $15.  
  • Cooking process – Doofood provides fresh ingredients to make Korean meals at home, while you simply heat the food delivered by CookUnity.

If you are looking for international cuisine beyond Korean food, CookUnity is a solid option.

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