How To Gain Local Friends With Eatwith in Mexico City

Connecting with locals is one of the joys of traveling. On our quest to find the best local and authentic food around the world, we always seek to connect with locals.

We typically take food tours, cooking classes, visit the local markets and meet with local food experts.

On a recent visit to Mexico City, we did something entirely different. We had an unforgettable culinary experience with Eatwith Mexico City. 

At Alejandra’s home in the swanky Polanco neighborhood, we shared a wonderful meal with strangers. 

Over traditional Mexican dishes with a modern twist, we enjoyed making new friends while eating at a local’s home. This immersive experience was fueled by food, turned strangers into friends.

Join us for a fascinating view on how you can eat with locals in Mexico City.

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Eatwith Mexico City

We were in Mexico City for the Christmas and New Year holiday season and wanted a holiday experience with locals. 

Earlier, while exploring authentic food in Peru, we had enjoyed a wonderful Andean Christmas in Cusco with a Peruvian family. 

Seeking to do the same and discover local Mexican holiday traditions, we connected with Eatwith for a holiday dining experience in Mexico City.

For those not familiar, Eatwith is the world’s largest community for dining experiences with locals

The platform offers experiences in more than 130 countries where you can enjoy amazing authentic dinners with locals in their private homes.

A few days before New Year’s Eve, we contacted Alejandra, our local Mexican host for dinner on December 30th. 

We were excited, though a little nervous about what to expect and who the other guests would be.

As soon as we received the booking confirmation from the easy to navigate Eatwith website, we were all set for a 7:00 pm dining experience with locals.

Eatwith, the world’s biggest community for authentic dining experiences with locals offers unique experiences around the world. The simple to use platform allows you to select your date, city and easily book your experience. If your travels take you to Mexico, book an Eatwith Mexico City experience at Alejandra’s home. 

Meeting Alejandra and Eatwith Guests

On our way to Alejandra’s home for dinner, we stopped to pick up a bottle of Mexican wine. While bringing a gift is not required, we thought it would be polite and an opportunity to learn more about Mexican wines.

Dinner was in Polanco, one of Mexico City’s most upper-class neighborhoods. Just a few days earlier, we had enjoyed discovering the fascinating neighborhood on a Polanco food tour. 

Alejandra and her mother, Christiana welcomed us warmly. Joining us for dinner that evening was Courtney, from New Zealand and Nick, and Christa, from Ireland.

With chill out relaxing music playing in the background and candles in the fireplace, we comfortably settled in.

AlejandraandGuests experience Eatwith Mexico City by AuthenticFoodQuestGetting to know our host Alejandra and the other guests over Mexican appetizers

Breaking the Ice Over Mexican Mezcal 

While seated in Alejandra’s living room with a contemporary Mexican design, we all got to know each other.

To help break the ice, Alejandra served Mezcal, a Mexican agave based liquor. 

Like Tequila, Mezcal is made from the agave plant. However, the two spirits are different. They are made from different varieties of agave, produced in different regions and distilled differently.

In a shot glass, we each had Mezcal from Oaxaca, Alejandra’s favorite region. We learned the best way to drink it was with a slice of tangerine and salt. 

Traditionally, oranges are used, but in December, Alejandra went with tangerines which were in season.

The best way to drink Mezcal we learned, was to put a little salt on the tangerine and then take a small sip. The tangerine keeps the palate clean allowing the Mezcal flavors to shine.

A world traveler, Alejandra has been a Eatwith Mexico City host for about four years.  A documentary and advertising producer, she has always been passionate about cooking and loves sharing her home with visitors. 

She credits her mother, who is now retired, for teaching her how to cook and fueling her passion.

For Nick and Christa, dinner with Alejandra was their second Eatwith experience. Whereas Courtney, Claire and I were all new to the prospect of dining with locals in their home.

With chill out relaxing music playing in the background and candles in the fireplace, we comfortably settled in.

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Mezcal Artesanal Eatwith Mexico City by AuthenticFoodQuestArtisanal Mezcal with tangerine slices to kick things off

Starting out with Mexican Antojitos or Appetizers

Tostada de Jamaica Con Guacamole

As we shared stories about our backgrounds, travel experiences, holiday traditions and more, Alenjandra brought out Mexican Antojitos to nibble on.

Antojitos in English translate to “little cravings” or “whims”. They are described as similar to Spanish tapas because you can have one as a quick bite, or order several to make up a meal.

 On beautiful serving platters, Alejandra introduced us to four flavorful antojitos. Everything was prepared with seasonal ingredients and based on what was freshest at the market that day.

One of our favorites was the tostada de jamaica con guacamole

Layed on a fried tortilla was guacamole, hibiscus flower (jamaica), topped with cilantro. As guacamole fans, we loved the wonderful fusion of fresh flavors.

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Antijotos with tostadas de Jamaica with guacamole Eat Like a Local Mexico AuthenticFoodQuestFresh and tasty tostada de jamaica con guacamole antijotos

Nopales Tostados Envueltos Con Jamón Serrano

The other small bites were equally tasty and creative. Tostadas topped with a green tomatillo sauce, beans, sliced avocados and cream were delicious. 

A serving of tacos stuffed with potatoes and beans cooked with morita chili was a wonderful fusion of flavors. The morita chili, traditional in Mexican cuisine, was not spicy and had  distinctive smoky flavors.

An unusual twist on a popular asparagus appetizer was nopales tostados envueltos con jamón serrano. This attractive plate consisted of napoles or prickly pear wrapped in serrano ham. 

Nopales are a common vegetable in Mexican cuisine dating back to the Aztecs and Mayans. This healthy vegetable is prepared in many ways from salads, to filling in tortillas or in soups and chilies.

We loved the wonderful combination of the mild nopales taste and the serrano ham.

Antijotos de Serrano Ham and nopales Eat Like a Loca lMexico by AuthenticFoodQuestCreative appetizer with ham and cactus

The Main Meal On Our Eatwith Mexico City Experience

Mexican Chayote

At this point, everyone was quite talkative and we had all found common bonds. Alejandra invited us to take our places on the beautifully arranged dining table.

The menu was vegetarian and like the appetizers based on market fresh market produce. To start, we had Mexican squash or chayote cooked with Estragon spices topped with a green pepper.

The inviting flavors immediately captured our taste buds. Chayote, we learned is a native Mexican plant eaten raw in salads, or stuffed and baked. 

The exquisite flavors were delightful and a wonderful continuation from the appetizers.

Mexican Chayote Eat Like a Local Mexico by AuthenticFoodQuestBeautiful plate of Mexican Chayote

A Medley of Mexican Flavors

To go along with our meal, we had hibiscus water also known as agua de Jamaica. In addition, we shared the bottle of L.A. Cetto Nebbiolo Mexican wine we brought.

More wonderful Mexican traditional dishes made their way out of Alejandra’s kitchen. 

One of the most intriguing used several local Mexican ingredients. This dish had flor de calabaza or squash flowers. Also, huitlacoche, which is considered to be Mexican truffle. And along with that, sweet corn and a tomato salsa.

The following dish, chili pasilla de queso asadero artesanal was another wonderful combination of flavors centered on Mexican cheeses. 

Baked into a pasilla chili were three different kinds of artisanal cheeses. This paired very well with a serving of wild rice. 

The dish was neither heavy, nor spicy from the chili. A wonderful mix of fresh flavors savored in the company of fun guests and hosts.

Rosemary and Claire at Alejandra experience with Eatwith Mexico City by AuthenticFoodQuestRosemary and Claire enjoying the main meal

Homemade Dessert

Content, relaxed and feeling quite full, we leisurely finished our meal and took our time before dessert.

The conversation was flowing freely. Alejandra and her mom had created a safe and comfortable space where we could all be at ease.

Dessert was a light mousse de mango homemade treat. Made with seasonal ingredients this is a specialty from Alejandra’s mom. 

After dinner, we moved back into the living room for more conversation and Mezcal. Several hours into our dinner, we felt like we were with family. 

We were extremely touched when Alejandra invited us to spend New Year’s Eve with her and her family.

homemade Mango Mousse Eat like a local Mexico by AuthenticFoodQuestA light finish with homemade mousse de mango
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In Summary

Our first Eatwith experience was a great success. We didn’t have any expectations going into it, and were thrilled with how welcomed we felt and the new friends we gained. 

Meeting locals on the road is something we particularly enjoy. The Eatwith community makes it possible to connect with locals in a safe and fun environment.

The Eatwith Mexico City experience with Alejandra was unique and one that is difficult to replicate at restaurants. 

The food Alejandra made was unique and creative. The best part is that the dishes can be adjusted to accommodate dietary restrictions or spice levels.

If you are looking for a different experience in Mexico’s capital, eat with locals in Mexico City.  

The outstanding company, cozy environment and unique Mexican flavors will be a highlight on your trip.

 Book an Eatwith Mexico City experience at Alejandra’s home. 

Rosemary and Claire with Alejandra and her guests for our Eatwith Mexico City experience by AuthenticFoodQuestAlenjandra, Rosemary, Claire and Eatwith Mexico City guests

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Best Hotels in Polanco Mexico City

Finding a hotel in Mexico City, with its sprawling urban landscape, can be quite overwhelming.

Polanco, with its walkability, safety, and accessibility to the main sites, is a great area to base yourself in Mexico City. 

To help you get the most out of your trip, we recommend the following hotels in Polanco Mexico City.

Lincoln Park in Polanco by Authentic Food QuestParque Lincoln or Lincoln Park in the heart of Polanco

Casa ITZAE – Budget Friendly Hotel in Polanco Mexico City

Casa ITZAE is a charming Bed & Breakfast located in the heart of Polanco. 

This cozy and authentic Mexican City accommodation offers a breakfast buffet and provides a fully equipped kitchen.

Double rooms start at about $100.00 per night.

See more prices, read reviews or to find similar hotels check:

Pug Seal Allan Poe Mid Range Hotel in Polanco Mexico City

This old beautiful mansion has been converted into a stylish and elegant boutique hotel offering comfortable rooms surrounded by a garden.

Pug Seal Allan Poe provides complimentary bikes to its guests as well as a delicious breakfast.

Suites with king beds and breakfast starts at about $225.00 per night.

See more prices, read reviews or to find similar hotels check:

Las Alcobas – Luxury Hotel in Polanco Mexico City

With a panoramic view of the city from your bed, Las Alcobas Hotel offers world class treatment in the core of Polanco.

A delicious breakfast and farm to table menu is available including fine Mexican cuisine. 

The spa, using local and natural products, and hydromassage baths are awaiting  you after a long day of sightseeing.

King size rooms with breakfast starts at about $542.00 per night.

See more prices, read reviews or to find similar hotels check:

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Disclosure: Special thanks to Eatwith Mexico City and our host Alejandra for having us on this social dining experience. All views and opinions expressed are our own. Full bellies and happy taste buds too.

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