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Food from the north of Vietnam goes way beyond soup. The city has legendary dishes and is packed with places to eat – at restaurants or on the streets.

Stop wasting hours researching and find the best local dishes, desserts, and drinks to experience in Hanoi.

Find color pictures, personal recommendations and tips on what to eat and drink, and where

Easy to follow with downloadable map featuring links for locations, exact street addresses and hours

Additional tips provided to help you eat like a local in Hanoi

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What Users are Saying About The Hanoi Food Trail

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For any foodie like myself, this Food Trail highlights the best local foods as well as finding the places to go. It’s absolutely useful and save so much time in trying to figure out where to eat. I used it to discover new places like the original Bun Cha restaurant. I love the detailed organization of this Food Trail and I’m happy to try more for my future travels.

– Ramez

“We loved that we had the Authentic Food Quest Hanoi Food Trail when we landed in Vietnam. Hanoi can be quite overwhelming and the food trails made it easier in the beginning to find delicious food and it also gave us an idea how good food stalls look like. We ate at some great local places, thanks to your recommendations.”

– Sarah

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Stay Like a Local

For a truly authentic eating experience, it helps to stay where the locals stay. In the local neighborhoods, you see where the locals eat and shop and you discover the authentic restaurants, markets and local food experiences. Most tourists choose to stay in The Old Quarter (Hoan Kiem). While a convenient and accessible area, you will more likely bump into tourists rather than locals.

We stayed right outside The Old Quarter in a local neighborhood in the historic district of Ba Dinh. Right outside our doorstep was a daily farmer market, local food stores and restaurants all within walking distance.

To taste a slice of local life in Hanoi, consider booking your stay at the new La Santé Hotel & Spa in Ba Dinh. The hotel is close to city’s main attractions such as Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Vietnam Military History Museum, the Old Quarter, and Truc Bach Lake, which is perfect for running. The hotel restaurant also serves authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

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Get the Authentic Food Quest Hanoi Food Trails and download it instantly to your phone, computer or tablet and access it anytime on the road.

This food trail will save you time and help you eat in Hanoi like a local. Don’t miss out on the delicious local dishes, desserts, and drinks on your trip to Hanoi.

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About The Authors

Rosemary and Claire are co-founders of Authentic Food Quest. They aim to transform travelers experiences through the discovery and knowledge of authentic food. They believe that by traveling through food, people have more meaningful connections with the local people, food, and culture.

What they liked about the food in Hanoi: Loads of fresh herbs. Best dishes found on the streets. Unique beer & coffee culture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Authentic Food Quest Food Trail?

The Authentic Food Quest Food Trails provide highlights of the best authentic dishes, drinks, and desserts not to miss on your travels. Think of it as a snapshot of the must eat local foods and drinks and where to have them. Get the most out of your travels with trusted recommendations of what and where to eat the regional specialties.

What is an Authentic Food Quest Food Trail?

– To save you time. No need to waste hours on Google researching what to eat.
– Clear directions. Map to help you find local restaurants and markets.
– Trusted recommendations. From two culinary explorers who have personally experienced all recommendations.

How do you find Authentic Food at the various destinations?

This is a question we get asked frequently. We travel slow and we use a process called “Savor Local.” It’s a 12-Step process to finding all the wonderful local and authentic foods at a destination. In summary, the process breaks down into four main parts.We start by researching the local foods ahead of time before we visit the country. We connect with locals prior to leaving and also while in the country. We visit numerous markets and food stores to see the unique and regional specialties. We interview local experts like chefs, food journalists, food-loving locals, and restaurant owners to understand the local specialties and their local significance. And finally, we eat at local eateries and restaurants that focus on regional and authentic dishes.

What format is the Food Trail available in?

The food trail is available as a digital download PDF, so you can store it on your phone, computer or tablet and easily access it on the go.

Can I contact you?

Email us at any time with questions at [email protected]
Please title the email Bangkok Food Trail, so that we can respond right away.

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