Food Itineraries


Authentic Food Quest Food Trails are self-guided food itineraries that take you off the beaten path 

Each trail allows you to experience a city through local food experiences.

In the food trail, you’ll find an overview of the local and authentic dishes, desserts and drinks not to miss on your travels. 

You’ll also find a downloadable map with the exact location addresses and hours of operations to make planning easier.

Featuring carefully crafted stops, including must visit local restaurants, street stalls, food vendors and farmers markets. You will know exactly what to eat and where to have it.

Great photography in each food trail adds visual appeal and makes it easy to identify the local foods and drinks to savor.

How are The Food Trails Different From The Books?

While the Food Trails and Books share local food experiences, they each address different needs of food travelers.

The Food Trails shine a spotlight on the local dishes not to miss in a particular city.

On the other hand, the Books, go much deeper into the local food and culture of a particular country.

Think of it as the difference between a movie trailer and actually watching the full movie for over 2 hours. 

Like a movie trailer, the Food Trails give you a quick introduction of the local food and drink specialties not to miss in a city. These are perfect if you are only visiting the city for 2-5 days.

Authentic Food Quest books, like the actual movie, tell the broader story of the food. You’ll find stories about the people behind the amazing traditional specialties. 

Interviews with experts including chefs, home cooks, journalists and local food lovers add context to the cultural significance of the local dishes.

In short, Food Trails offer a quick snapshot of the top local dishes, desserts and drinks not to miss in a city. 

And, Books are detailed with stories, brief histories of the local specialties and excerpts from the people behind the local food.

How to Access Authentic Food Quest Food Trails

The Food Trails are available for direct download below.

Click the Download Now to purchase the Authentic Food Trail of your choice. 

Available as digital PDF guides, store them on your phone, computer or tablet and easily access them on the go.

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