Greek food emphasizes seasonal fresh ingredients, olive oil, greens, beans, cheese, fish and incredible local wines.

The cuisine is considered one of the healthiest in the world and most closely associated with the Mediterranean diet.

The age-old recipes of Greek cuisine have been shaped and influenced by the Ottoman, Italian and Middle Eastern cultures.

At its core, Greek cuisine is simple. Dishes are not smothered in sauces, meat is grilled over embers or stewed slowly. Fish and vegetables are perfectly cooked with copious amounts of olive oil while greens and salads are always seasonal and fresh.

To help you savor Greek flavors, the articles below take you to the best authentic food experiences. Discover thyme honey and Cretan olive oil, two of Greek’s ancient treasures. 

Know the local food specialties in our in-depth food guides. Make iconic Greek foods with our simple recipes and learn about amazing Greek wines from the island of Crete.

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