Guide To Wine Tasting in Rome: 7 Best Wine Bars And Tasting Experiences

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Wine tasting in Rome is an exquisite journey where history meets viticulture.

The Lazio region, of which Rome is the capital, is an important wine-producing region in Italy. 

White wines dominate, and red wines from Lazio are beginning to make a name for themselves.

While exploring the local food specialties, we also enjoyed wine tastings in Rome to discover the regional wines.

On your culinary adventures to the Eternal City, savor fine wines at wine bars and ancient cellars across the city.

Enjoy an unforgettable experience at these 7 best Rome wine-tasting bars and tasting experiences.


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Rome Wine Bar and Tasting In Trastevere

Wine Tasting in Trastevere by Authentic Food Quest
The famous Wine Bar in Trastevere

One of the most popular neighborhoods in Rome, Trastevere is the city’s home of funky bars, traditional trattorias, and bohemian vibes. 

The name comes from the Latin “trans Tiberum”, meaning “beyond the Tiber”, clearly suggesting its location. 

This picturesque district is well-known for its narrow cobblestone streets and vibrant nightlife, enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.  

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: Explore Italian wines in Trastevere with a local guide. We took this Trastevere at Sunset  Food and Wine Tour and loved visiting local wine bars while learning about the Italian wine culture. With the wines, we tried a variety of Roman dishes including regional cured meats, cheeses, and more. This is one of the best wine tours in Trastevere and you can see more Trastevere Food Tour: How To Eat Like A Local in Rome Trendy Neighborhood

1. Enoteca La Vite – Cozy Wine Bar in the Heart of Trastevere

Enoteca La Vite Wine Bar in Trastevere by Authentic Food Quest
Get ready for an unforgettable wine tasting in Rome experience

Conveniently located in the heart of the neighborhood, Enoteca La Vite is one of Trastevere’s hidden gems, ideal for wine tastings in Rome, Italy.

The bar is dimly lit and romantic, and the welcoming staff will make you feel right at home.

The exquisite decor with dark red leather sofas, hip wood tables, and music playing in the background sets the tone for an unforgettable wine tasting in Rome experience.

Find a wide array of full-bodied wines, regional white wines, bubbly Italian wines, cocktails, and even craft beers. 

Italians never drink without something to eat. And, as you savor your wines, you’ll have olives, Italian snacks like taralli, and more. 

Tasting Wines At Enoteca La Vite by Authentic Food Quest
Tasting wine at Enoteca La Vite

You can also order charcuterie options, like prosciutto, cheese, or bruschetta. 

If you are not sure what to get, allow the friendly and knowledgeable staff make recommendations based on your preferences.

Enoteca La Vite

Address: Piazza di San Cosimato 70/71, Rome

Hours: Tue- Sat, 5:00 pm – 2:00 am; Sun-Mon, 6:00 pm -12:00 am

Price: Tasting per glass range from €3.50 -€8 (approx. $3.96 to $8.83) 

Pro Tip: Ask to try one of the already-opened bottles of wine and discover a new Italian wine

2. Enoteca Ferrara – Trastevere Exquisite Wine Bar

Enoteca Ferrara Trastevere Exquisite Wine Bar by Authentic Food Quest
Enoteca Ferrara has a selection of 1,600 only Italian labels

Enoteca Ferrara in Trastevere is one of the best wine bars in the Eternal City.

It is not only a wine bar but a family-run restaurant serving delicious food and fine Italian wines since 1988.  

It is also a wine bar called, Mescita, where you can enjoy local wines in a wine cellar that resembles the ancient cellars of Rome.

The wine list includes 1000 different wine labels for you to choose from. And, you’ll find a selection of cured meats and local cheeses to nibble with your wine. 

An expert sommelier will guide your wine tastings and wine pairings if you choose to go deeper with your wine-tasting experience. 

Although no signs mark the entrance, you can easily recognize the enoteca by a small door at no. 41 in Piazza Trilussa.

This was one of our favorite Rome wine tasting while exploring the local specialties in the Eternal City.

Enoteca Ferrara

Address: Piazza Trilussa, 41, 00153 Rome

Hours: Open daily, from 6:00 pm to 2:00 am

Price: Prices range from €8 to €15 per bottle (approx. $8.78 to $16.46)

Pro Tip: Visit Enoteca Ferrara on Mondays and Thursdays for drinks and appetizer specials

3. Vanda – TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice in 2022

Vanda in Trastevere by Authentic Food Quest
A great choice for a tasty meal paired with Italian wines

Vanda is the traditional trattoria to visit for a cured meats and cheese lunch or a copious dinner, paired with a great selection of local wines.

Located close to Piazza Trilussa in the Trastevere neighborhood, this Vanda Italian restaurant is local and cozy.

The two rooms of this trattoria are decorated with wine bottles on the walls, presenting a selection of over 1000 different Italian wines.

Selection of Wines at Vanda Restaurant in Trastevere by Authentic Food Quest
Extremely inviting with an extensive array of wine options

The menu features many types of traditional pasta, tasty aperitifs, cold cuts, and cheeses, perfectly matching the Italian wine tasting. 

Also, a friendly sommelier will help you by giving all the details about the available wines and suggesting the proper food pairing.

Besides tasting local wines, you can try out other Italian beverages, like the famous Spritz, or even local craft beers, like IPA.


Address: Via del Moro, 53, 00153 Roma

Hours: Open daily, Monday to Friday from 101:00 am – 2:00 am, Saturday and Sunday 

from 10:00 am to 2:00 am

Price: Prices range from €6 to €9 (approx. $6.59 to $9.88). 

Pro Tip: Grab a table outside and soak in the atmosphere with a glass of wine

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Roman Wine Bars In Monti

Roman Wine Bars In Monti by Authentic Food Quest
Welcome to Monti, the bohemian neighborhood

Monti neighborhood is one of the oldest in Rome and it is located near the Colosseum and Roman Forum. 

It is where ancient history intersects with the new. Antique stores, local artisans, and funky bars are some of the things that define this bohemian neighborhood.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: For a wine tasting experience in Monti with an expert sommelier, consider this exquisite experience. This guided Italian wine tasting experience takes you on a unique journey all over Italy with a tasting of 6 different Italian wines. Your sommelier will introduce you to a range of styles from natural, low intervention, small family-run wineries, and more. You will leave much more confident about Italian wines after this wine tasting in Rome.

4. La Barrique – Sophisticated Outdoor Dining in Monti

La Barrique Rome Lazio in Monti by Authentic Food Quest
Sophisticated vibe at La Barrique Photo credit: La Barrique Facebook page

La Barrique is a traditional Roman trattoria with a sophisticated air. As you enter the wine bar, you will find yourself surrounded by a wide selection of wines displayed on the walls.

During the hot summer evenings, dining outside is available, on a very cozy terrace with small candle-lit patio tables.

In addition to the lovely atmosphere, La Barrique is also the place to enjoy the best wine tastings and the best food in Monti, Rome.

What we liked about La Barrique is that it was mostly full of locals who appreciate quality Roman cooking.

You’ll find a large Italian wine list and a large number of organic and natural wines

Feel free to ask for recommendations from the staff who will be more than happy to guide you.

La Barrique is the kind of wine bar where you can also enjoy a wonderful traditional Roman meal.

La Barrique

Address: Via del Boschetto 41 B, Rome

Hours: Open daily, Mon-Sat 12:45 pm- 2:30 pm and 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm 

Price: Prices range from €6 to €16 per glass (approx. $6.59 to $17.56). 

Pro Tip: Advance reservations are recommended to avoid a wait

5. Ai Tre Scalini – Ancient Roman Winery

Ai Tre Scalini  Ancient Roman Winery by Authentic Food Quest
Their motto: “It’s ok to die, but not of thirst” Photo credit: Ai Tre Scalini Facebook page

Ai Tre Scalini is one of the ancient historic wineries in the Eternal City, founded in the year 800. At the time, Monti was known as Suburra in ancient Rome. 

The Ai Tre Scalini winery was officially founded in 1895 and is found in the heart of Monti, overlooking the famous Colosseum. 

This wine bar is very proud of its motto, “It’s ok to die, but not of thirst”. For this reason, their wine list is a generous one, with more than 300 varieties available. 

The Italian wines found on the menu are carefully selected by the sommelier and vintner, Mino Valletta.

Paul, Adriano, and Barbara are the other three expert sommeliers who will gladly help you discover the best wines for your palate.

Besides wine, you can also taste local liquors, spirits, and craft beers, coming from the best Italian microbreweries.

The vibe is rustic making you feel at home. This feeling is emphasized by the delicious and simple Roman dishes on the menu. 

To accompany your wine, you can choose a cheese-tasting plate. Or, if prefer, pair your wine with homemade cannelloni, lasagna, beef meatballs, and more.

Ai Tre Scalini

Address: Via Panisperna, 251, Roma

Hours: Open daily, from 12:30 pm – 1:00 am

Price: Prices range from  €18 to €150 per bottle (approx. $19.70 to $164.13). 

Pro Tip: This wine bar in Rome does not accept reservations. If you are with a large group of 6 or more, it may be difficult to be accommodated.

Rome Wine Bar and Tasting in Centocelle

Literally translating to “one hundred cells”, Centocelle is Rome’s colorful and vibrant neighborhood with wine bars and local restaurants. 

We stayed in this neighborhood and only later learned realized that locals consider Centocelle the haven for “La Cucina Italiana”, and it is a popular gastronomic destination within the city.

6. Glu Glu – Best Wine Bar For Natural Wines

Guide To Wine Tasting in Rome: 7 Best Wine Bars And Tasting Experiences 5
The selection of natural wines at Glu Glu is truly extensive

The unpretentious Glu Glu wine bar in Centocelle was one of our favorite Rome wine tasting experiences.

In this modern yet cozy atmosphere we enjoyed getting a real education about natural wines from the friendly sommeliers.

The wines list at Glu Glu wine is quite extensive. It features only Italian natural wines, coming from the picturesque Roman countryside, as well as the rest of the Italian winemaking regions. 

Gluglu Wine glasses by Authentic Food Quest
Dive into natural Italian wines

You can enjoy your wine with a board of Italian cheeses and cold cuts. Or, you can choose from the local specialties like artisanal Roman pinsa which we can personally attest to.

Depending on when you visit, there may be live music for entertainment. And if it is during the warmer weather, you can sip on your wine on the outdoor patio.

If you want to dive into natural Italian wines in Rome, head to Glu Glu for one of the best wine tastings. 

Glu Glu For Natural Wines

Address: Via dei Frassini 42, Roma

Hours: Tues- Sat 5:30 pm – 1:00 am; Sun, 5:30 pm – 11:30 pm. Closed Monday

Price: Prices per bottle range from €18 to €188 (approx. $19.70 to $96.29) 

Pro Tip: The staff speak English and are very willing to help make wine recommendations

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Rome Wine Bar and Tasting Testaccio

Rome Wine Bar and Tasting Testaccio by Authentic Food Quest
The Testaccio Market is one of the best food markets in Rome

The Testaccio neighborhood about a 20 minute walk from the Colesseum is a destination in Rome for food lovers.One of the most important food spots is the Mercato Testaccio or Testaccio market. 

Find seasonal fruits and vegetables, street foods, local specialties in the more than 100 food stalls. Besides this iconic market, you’ll also find traditional restaurants, wine bars, street food stalls and more.

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7. Da Corrado Al Banco 18 – Small Wine Bar in Testaccio Market

Da Corrado Al Banco 18 Small Wine Bar in Testaccio Market by Authentic Food Quest
Visit Da Corrado al Banco 18 to enjoy a glass of organic wine

Da Corrado Al Banco 18 is a small wine and food shop, found within the Testaccio market stalls. 

It is one of the market’s most popular attractions, and a recommended stop for a glass of wine and Italian specialties.

Although the menu is pretty small, Da Corrado’s main focus is on “cucina povera”, or “poor kitchen.”

This means that the ingredients used are quite humble, and unsophisticated, respecting the old traditional recipes from all over the country.

And, as with any respectable Italian wine bar, you can find here a vast selection of natural wines, displayed behind the bar. 

The unadulterated Italian wines can be sipped alongside a plate of local cheeses or charcuterie.

You can also buy local cheeses, goat butter, organic pasta, or extravirgin olive oil to enjoy at home.

Da Corrado Al Banco 18

Address: Via Aldo Manuzio 66/E Market of Testaccio, Roma

Hours: Open Monday to Saturday, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Price: Prices for wine bottles range from €12.60 to €89 (approx. $13.79 to $97.38)

Pro Tip: We recommend trying their hot homemade traditional dishes

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: Savor Italian wines and food on in the center of Rome with a local guide. This Italian food and wine guided tasting experience takes place at a gourmet restaurant with free flowing fine wine and local specialties. You’ll savor aged balsamic vinegar, local cheeses, Italian olive oil, honey, all paired with some of the best Italian wines.

FAQs – Wine Tastings in Rome

Rosemary Claire Wine Tasting Rome by Authentic Food Quest
Cheers from wine tasting tour in Rome!

What is the Best Season for Wine Tasting in Italy?

The best time to visit Italy for wine tasting is after the harvest, between September and October. During this period, there are many wine festivals, and the weather is very pleasant.

Does Rome have Vineyards?

Rome is located in the Lazio region, one of the country’s oldest wine regions. Wines from the Lazio region are primarily white wines and some of the most famous are Frascati, Castelli Romani, and Est! Est!! Est!!!.

Is Wine Good in Rome?

Rome, and the region of Lazio is best known for its white wines produced with indigeneous grapes like Malvasia and Trebbiano. Many of the wines have guaranteed protected DOC, DOCG status ensuring that you can expect high-quality wine while in Rome.

How Do I Plan a Wine Tour in Italy?

To plan an amazing Italian wine tour, first start by deciding on the wine region or part of the country you would like to explore. Alternatively, you can choose a wine tour that takes you to several regions within the country. Our article, 8 of The Best Italian Culinary Tours for Amazing Food and Wine in 2023 is filled with wine tour recommendations and tips to help you plan a wine tour in Italy.

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On your travels to Rome, have you enjoyed wine tasting in Rome? If not, do you have a favorite Italian wine? Please let us know in the comments below.

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