Trastevere Food Tour: How To Eat Like A Local in Rome Trendy Neighborhood

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Trastevere district in Rome is famous for traditional Roman food. Taking a Trastevere food tour with a local will introduce you to the best local eats in off-the-beaten-path places.

Seeking to explore the traditional specialties of Rome, we teamed up with Devour Tours for a Trastevere food and wine tour at sunset.

If you are looking to cross the Tiber river and explore a formerly working-class district with a burgeoning food scene, here’s what to expect on a Rome food tour Trastevere.

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Trastevere Food Tour – Rome Food and Wine Culinary Journey at Sunset

Trastevere Trastevere Food Tour by Authentic Food Quest
Discover the picturesque Trastevere neighborhood and enjoy its food and wine

Trastevere, on the west bank of the Tiber River, is one of the most vibrant districts in Rome.

The name Trastevere, derived from Latin, trans-Tevere, translates to “beyond the Tiber”.

An area with a storied past, it was once a home for immigrants, slaves and Jews in ancient times. In the middle ages, it was a worker’s district. And, in the 1970s and 1980s years, the area was the scene of social unrest.

Today, the narrow cobblestone streets are filled with restaurants, bars hidden between historic buildings and piazzas. 

Guiding us on our Trastevere food and wine tour, was Andreas, a local born and raised in Rome.

For about 3-hours in a small intimate group, we enjoyed food and wine tastings in the twilight hours in Trastevere. 

Charismatic and entertaining, Andreas regaled us with stories about the district and the culinary specialties. Here are some of our favorite highlights from our Trastevere food and wine tour.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: The Devour Tours mission, like Authentic Food Quest, is to share culture through food. You get authentic experiences from seasoned professional guides. To discover the Trastevere Rome neighborhood and the local food and wine culture, we recommend this Trastevere at Sunset food and wine tour.

Sunset in Trastevere For a Food and Wine Tour

Standing in a central Trastevere piazza, with the golden light of twilight, Andreas, our guide outlined our agenda.

Our Rome food and wine tour in Trastevere was to be comprised of two main parts. The first part was diving into the culture of Italian aperitivo. And, the second, a traditional Roman dinner. 

In total, we made about 5 food stops while discovering this beguiling and ancient district.

The Art of Aperitivo

Aperitivo Trastevere Food Tour by Authentic Food Quest
” Cin-cin” or “Cheers”in Italian

An “aperitivo is an important part of Italian culture”, Andreas told us as we visited two Trastevere Enoteca’s or wine bars.

The idea, he further explained is “to open the stomach and whet the appetite before dinner or the main meal.”

And, in Italy, Andreas further emphasized, “you never drink wine without food.” 

Sparkling Wine and Crostini

Sparkling Wine_ Trastevere Food Tour by Authentic Food Quest
Sparkling wine was a great start of a delicious meal

Seated around a large table, we started with a bubbly and minerally light Rosé wine from Sicily. 

Along with the wine was a mix of cheeses, vegetables, and meats from Italy’s Calabria and Piedmont regions.

As we cheered “cin cin”, the aperitivo was off to a great start. 

Rome Wines and Bruschetta

Bruschetta Trastevere Food Tour by Authentic Food Quest
Traditional Italian bruschetta with cheese, tomatoes and greens

Diving further into the wine culture in Rome, a stop at a second Enoteca was another favorite on the food tour.

This stop was for an accentuated focus on Roman wines and bruschetta.

We enjoyed two wines from the Lazio Region, of which Rome is the capital. A delightful aromatic Frascati white wine and a glass of red wine from the native Cesanese grape variety.

The accompanying bruschetta, a traditional Italian antipasto had cheese, tomatoes, greens and anchovy.

What was really enjoyable about the experience was sipping on fine wine in a beautiful enoteca amongst what felt like a group of friends.

Spritz – Aperol and Campari Before Dinner

Spritz Rome Food Tour Trastevere by Authentic Food Quest
Have you tried Campari Spritz?

Nightfall brings bustling energy to Trastevere. Before the dinner part of the Trastevere food tour, we made a stop at one of the locals favorite hangout spots.

This bar, a landmark of the Trastevere neighborhood is frequented by both old and young. 

Continuing on the Italian aperitivo theme, this stop was for Spritz, another classic Italian evening drink.

About half the group picked an Aperol Spritz and the other Campari. Claire and I chose one of each to try them both.

While they are both bittersweet, the Aperol is sweeter and less alcohol than the crimson-colored Campari.

The Campari Spritz was a first for most in our small group and another good reason for taking food and wine tours.

Bite Into Rome’s Most Famous Street Food – Supplì

Suppli Rome Food Tour Trastevere by Authentic Food Quest
Rosemary enjoying supplì on Trastevere food tour

Supplì is an iconic street food in Rome and one that surprised us the most. We had previously spent several months in Sicily and had fallen in love with a similar street food known as arancini.

The Roman supplì is a fried rice ball, and it is undoubtedly Rome’s favorite street food.

We savored the traditional supplì with rice and stringy mozzarella cheese hidden inside.

As supplì is a street food, we had it on the streets of Trastevere, from, as Andreas told us, “the best place in Trastevere.”

As fans of Sicilian arancini, we also enjoyed Rome’s supplì. The two rice balls are different in size and are made with different ingredients and fillings.

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Taste Exquisite Traditional Roman Pasta 

Roman Pasta Food Tour Rome Trastevere by Authentic Food Quest
Amatriciana looks simple but tastes amazing

Already satiated from Aperitivo and street food, we still had more room for dinner. Our stop was for one of the most famous traditional Roman pasta dishes. 

And, the location was a cozy and elegant historic enoteca restaurant in the heart of Trastevere.

For most on the food tour, it was the first time tasting Amatriciana, a classic Rome pasta dish.

A simple and comforting pasta dish it consisted of just a few ingredients. Rich and smokey pig jowl or cheek, known as guanciale tomato sauce, a kick from pepper, and freshly grated pecorino romano cheese.

Simply divine, this was everyone’s favorite dish on the Trastevere food and wine tour. 

To go along with the pasta dish we enjoyed two glasses of Italian wines, and a delicious seasonal artichoke appetizer to kick off the meal.

One of the many reasons for taking a food tour is to learn about the culinary delights and visit amazing restaurants and eateries you wouldn’t find on your own.

On this Trastevere food tour, Andreas’ passion for Italy and Roman cuisine combined with the excellent food stops enhanced our experience.

Artisanal Gelato For A Sweet Finish

Artisanal Gelato Trastevere Food by Authentic Food Quest
Mouthwatering hazelnut and coffee gelato

No food tour in Italy would be complete without a stop for the country’s famous mouthwatering treat.

While at this point, stuffed and about to explode, the word “gelato” suddenly opened up more room in our bellies.

At a local artisanal gelato store and with Andreas’s guidance, we each picked two different scoops of gelato.

I was seduced by the pistachio and zabaione flavors, while Claire succumbed to the temptation of coffee and hazelnut gelato.

As we licked up our delightful treats, we got local tips on how to find the best gelato in Italy.

And, with that advice and additional local Rome tips, our delicious Trastevere food tour came to a delightful end.

Overall Impressions of the Trastevere Food and Wine Tour

What We Loved

Suppli Trastevere Food And Wine Tour by Authentic Food Quest
Explore Rome food and wines while learning about the city’s culinary traditions
  • Amazing Rome food at traditional eateries – You’ll eat plenty of great food, enough for dinner, on this Trastevere food tour. The portion sizes are substantial and generous, allowing you to relish all the delectable Rome flavors. Plus, all the food stops are from eateries that are masters in their crafts.
  • Diversity of wines – Before this food and wine tour we were not familiar with Italian wines from the Lazio wines. We loved discovering these delicious Rome, especially white Malvasia wines from the region’s mineral-rich soils. Wine lovers will appreciate the range of wines on this tour.
  • An open and knowledgeable local guide – Having a great food tour guide enriches the experience. Andreas, a guide with more than 10 years of experience provided insights into Rome’s culinary traditions and Italian food. Engaging and easy to talk to you, you’ll have all your questions answered. And in the end, leave the tour not only satiated but also enlightened about the culture and history of the cuisine.

What Could Be Improved Food Tour Rome Trastevere

Rosemary Claire Trastevere Food And Wine Tour by Authentic Food Quest
Rosemary and Claire tasting Roman wines on this Trastevere food tour

Overall, there was not much that can be improved about this Trastevere food and wine tour at sunset. This perfectly crafted food tour in the charming Trastevere neighborhood delivers on all fronts. That said, there are a few things worth noting.

  • Not for minors, alcohol involved – Generally, many food tours are family-friendly, however, this is not the case for this sunset Trastevere food and wine tour. The Aperitivo experience and wine tastings feature heavily on this tour, get ready to savor Italian wines. 
  • Wine and food-focused – Rome, the “Eternal City,” is replete with history, monuments, and stunning beauty. Even the Trastevere neighborhood has its charm and layered history. Some food tours we’ve taken in the past are able to combine food and culture. On this Trastevere food tour, the focus is on Rome’s rich culinary traditions. If you want cultural experiences, you may enjoy any of these other sightseeing tours around Rome. If you want to dive into Roman food and wine, then this Trastevere food tour is for you.

How To Book Your Trastevere Food Tour

Trastevere Food Tour Rome Trastevere by Authentic Food Quest
Discover the best of Roman and Italian cuisine with knowledgeable tour guide Andreas

A Trastevere at Sunset food and wine tour is one of the tastiest ways to dive into one of Rome’s most charming neighborhoods.

For about 3 hours you’ll explore the cobblestone streets in the beauty of the changing twilight colors while enjoying amazing food and wines.

The tours are conducted in small group size for intimate experiences.

To experience Trastevere Rome like locals, book your sunset food and wine tour.

Alternative Trastevere Food Tours to Consider For Kids And Family

Testaccio Food Twilight Trastevere Rome Food Tour by Authentic Food Quest
Testaccio Food and Market tour can be a great alternative for families

If you are traveling to Rome with children and want to explore the food in Rome, consider this alternative tour from Devour Tours.

This Testaccio Food and Market tour focuses on Rome’s most emblematic dishes at Testaccio food market and around the neighborhood.

This tour starts at 10:30 am and offers enough food for breakfast and lunch. This is a suitable and delicious alternative if traveling with children or families.

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Have you ever taken a Trastevere food tour or any food tour in Rome? Please let us know your experience in the comments below.

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Special thanks to Devour Tours for having us on this tour. All views and opinions expressed are our own. Full bellies and happy taste buds too.

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