Turkish Snacks Unwrapped: Is Turkish Munchies Box Worth It?

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Tasting Turkish snacks is a great way to bite into Turkey’s country cuisine and culture without leaving home.

Turkish Munchies snack box offers just that, samples of savory and sweet popular Turkish snacks all in one box.

While eating our way through Türkiye, snacks, sweets, and desserts were some of our favorite discoveries.

Based on our Turkish experience, Turkish Munchies sent us one of their popular boxes directly from Turkey.

In this Turkish Munchies review, we share our experience receiving and tasting the snacks.

We outline the pros and cons and answer the ultimate question,  is it worth getting a Turkish Munchies Box?

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What Is Turkish Munchies?

Turkish Munchies Box Review by Authentic Food Quest
Get Turkish snacks directly from Turkey

Turkish Munchies is a monthly subscription-based snack box of premium Turkish snacks. 

Shipping directly from Turkey every month, Turkish Munchies has over 200 full-size popular Turkish snacks available in 12 different boxes.

These Turkish snacks range from traditional and classic options to limited-edition and seasonal snacks. This includes biscuits, cookies, cakes, crackers, and more. 

You’ll also receive an informative pamphlet and nutrition sheet with your Turkish snack box. 

Founded in 2014, Turkish Munchies delivers internationally and offers free shipping to the US and Canada for purchases over $50.

One of the things that makes Turkish Munchies different from other subscription-based international snack boxes is their “Yummy Battle Game.” 

This “Yummy Battle Game” combines the best Turkish snacks with an entertaining card game for even more fun and treats. 

What Are The Turkish Munchies Snack Box Options?

To get started with Turkish Munchies snacks, you can choose from three different ways to try popular Turkish snacks.

You can try a one-time snack box, save money with a subscription box, or join the fun with a Yummy Battle Game box.

One-Time Turkish Munchies Box – Special Edition Boxes

Turkish Munchies Special Edition Boxes by Authentic Food Quest
Choose your favorite Turkish snacks online

If you want to try Turkish snacks without a subscription, you can choose from 12 different special edition Turkish Munchies snack boxes.

Each box has a different theme like Adventure, Retro, Lovers, Exotic, Space, and more.

The prices for the Turkish snacks range from $14.95 to $29.95

Turkish Munchies Subscription Boxes

Turkish Munchies Subscription Boxes by Authentic Food Quest
Easy to navigate Turkish Munchies website

The Turkish Munchies subscription plan is the flagship program that delivers unique Turkish snacks to your home each month at a reduced price.

With the snacks-only subscription boxes, you have a choice of two different sizes. The Regular box contains 10 full-sized snacks

And the X-Large box has 20 full-size snacks delivering even more fun for the family to enjoy. 

When you subscribe, you’ll benefit from the following pricing and savings:

Regular Snacks Box 

1 month = $19.95

3 month subscription = $53.85 (10% off)

6-month subscription = $95.76 (20% off)

12-month subscription = $167.52 (30% off)

Extra-Large Snacks Box

1 month = $34.95

3 month subscription = $94.35(10% off).

6-month subscription = $167.76 (20% off)

12-month subscription = $293.52 (30% off)

Once you start your Turkish Munchies box subscription your first box will arrive in a few days. 

From there, your Turkish Munchies box will ship monthly from Türkiye before the 15th of each month.

Yummy Battle Game Box

Yummy Battle Game Box by Authentic Food Quest
World’s 1st snacking game ever!

With the Yummy Battle Game subscription snack boxes, you get even more snacks and more fun in each box. 

When you receive your first box, you get a deck of cards, and each subsequent box will come with new cards.

With the Yummy Battle Game Turkish snack box, you’ll benefit from the following prices.

1 game plan = $42.95

3 game plan = $38.95

6 game plan = $36.95

12 game plan = $34.95

Once you activate your Yummy Battle Game subscription, you’ll receive your first box in a few days. The next new boxes ship monthly.

Turkish Munchies Discount

Turkish Munchies offers discounts with their monthly subscription boxes. Some of the boxes also contain a free mystery gift. Click to get the latest discounts for some of the best Turkish snacks online.

How Do You Buy Turkish Munchies Box?

How to buy Turkish Munchies Box by Authentic Food Quest
Start your experience with the Turkish Munchies website

Subscriptions for Turkish Munchies snack boxes are available directly online from the Turkish Munchies website.

Choose which kind of snack box you want and the subscription plan. Costs will then be calculated when you check out.

Turkish Munchies Review – May 2023 Snack Box

Inside of the Turkish Munchies Exotic Box by Authentic Food Quest
Diving into the Turkish Munchies Exotic box

In this Turkish Munchies review, we focus on the Exotic Edition box that we received.

We were excited to dive into the box and compare the snacks to those we had seen while we were in Turkey exploring the local food.

Our box arrived fast, and we appreciated the accurate and consistent tracking information we had received prior.

The Turkish Munchies box was delivered neatly and securely packaged from Turkey.

Turkish Munchies Pros

  • Diversity of snacks – Large number of authentic Turkish snacks offering a variety of tastes and textures. 
  • Unique personalization – Each Turkish snack box is themed with a unique design and snack experience. 
  • Flexible subscriptions – Choose between single-box purchases or different subscription plans.
  • Game option – The only snack subscription with a game option.
  • Informative and entertaining booklet –  Booklet contains descriptions of snacks and nutrition and allergen information. 
  • Well packaged – Our Turkish Munchies box arrived quickly with all the snacks intact.

Turkish Munchies Cons

  • Contains allergens and nuts – The snacks are not suitable for vegans and those with nut allergies.
  • More cultural information – While the booklet describes the snacks and ingredients, it could benefit from having additional information about Turkish cultural information and the place of the snacks in the culture.

What Do You Get In The Turkish Munchies Box

Hosbes Turkish Snacks Review by Authentic Food Quest
Hosbes simply melted in the mouth

The first thing that surprised us about our Turkish Munchies box was the weight.

The box was heavy, and it contained 20 full-size snacks and one mystery snack

Inside the Turkish Munchies box was an array of different popular Turkish snacks. There were sweet snacks like chocolate, cookies, and pastries. And, savory treats like crackers, salty sticks, and more.

Also included in the Turkish snacks box was an informational booklet of all the treats, including the nutritional content of each snack.

Turkish Savory Snacks

Turkish Savory Snacks in Turkish Munchies by Authentic Food Quest
The Turkish savory snacks we received

The Turkish savory snacks surprised and delighted us. Many of the traditional snacks were new to us, and we had not seen them while in Türkiye.

Below, we highlight some of our favorites.

Greta – The Greta crackers were olive oil-based and incredibly tasty. These crackers were light and flaky with a delicious Mediterranean flair. 

Nutzz Party – As the name suggests, these snacks were a mix of nuts with cheese flavorings. These were a mix of unpopped corn and crunchy grilled peanuts and my top favorite among the salty snacks.

Nutz Party Turkish Snacks by Authentic Food Quest
Nutzz, one of our favoritesTurkish Snacks

Balik – Having enjoyed Balik Ekmek fish sandwiches in Istanbul, Rosemary was tempted by the Balik crackers. The Balik crackers were fun and fish-shaped and extremely easy to eat. While they didn’t have the spicy notes and onion flavors of the fish sandwich, they are a great snack on the go.

Citir – Citir crackers were another delightful Turkish snack to discover. Onion and cheese flavored, these perfectly crispy little bites hit the spot each time we tried them.

Two of the other salty snacks in our box were snack sticks called Krispi and Baden crackers.

Sweet Snacks from Turkey

Turkish Sweet Snacks in Turkish Munchies by Authentic Food Quest
Get ready for a collection of Turkish sweets

The Turkish Munchies box had a varied selection of sweet snacks. There were cookies, cakes, gummies, candies, and surprising treats. Some of our favorites were:

Biscolata – These are tiny pastries that are caramel macchiato flavored. They are bite-sized and pair very well with either coffee or tea. These little bites were a hit.

Hosbes – Hosbes were another unique and delicious snack. These thin wafers were filled with delicious hazelnut cream, and they simply melted in the mouth.

Harby – Those who love caramel flavors, like Rosemary, will enjoy the unique tastes of this typical treat. This traditional layered chocolate Turkish treat is perfect to dip into hot tea or coffee.

Harby Turkish Snacks by Authentic Food Quest
Harby Turkish delight

Sultan Lokum – If you love Turkish Delights, you’ll love the unique interpretation of this classic sweet. Sultan Lokum is like a Turkish Delight or Lokum with an added biscuit. A unique blend of textures and one of my favorites.

Pofti Puff – We were excited to find this fuzzy treat in our Turkish Munchies box. We had tried this traditional treat for the first time in an Istanbul cooking class and were delighted to have it again. This classic dessert was a marshmallow fluff with coconut sprinkles.

Other surprising sweet Turkish Munchies in our box were Ozmo Tube which was squeezable chocolate in a tube, Incir or freeze-dried figs, Halva, and more.

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Turkish Munchies Mystery Snack

Probis Turkish Sweets by Authentic Food Quest
Probis the mystery snack

Upon opening the Turkish Munchies box, we were quite curious to discover the mystery snack.

Tucked in between the 20+ snacks was Probis in our Exotic Edition Box. 

This was one of Rosemary’s favorite snacks. This mystery snack reminded her of a much-loved childhood snack. 

Probis was a delicious snack made up of two tasty biscuits which are sandwiched together with a chocolate filling.

The mystery snack is different in each box, which keeps the excitement and anticipation high for each new monthly box.

Turkish Munchies Booklet

Turkish Munchies Booklet by Authentic Food Quest
Pretty informative and detailed

The Turkish Munchies booklet that comes in each pack is informative and detailed.

We appreciated the detailed nutritional information as well as the brief description of each snack.

The booklet is easy to read with fun visuals and contains allergen information for those with sensitivities. 

One extra tip provided in the booklet is a recommendation for the best beverages to go with each of the snacks.  

From Turkish coffee, milk, soda, to cold beverages, there’s a perfect drink for each snack.

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Our Final Verdict – Is Turkish Munchies Worth it?

Biscolata Turkish Munchies by Authentic Food Quest
Caramel macchiato flavor

Overall, we enjoyed our Turkish Munchies box. The snack box contained a wide variety of classic and popular snacks, shipping directly from Türkiye. 

Everything we received in our box was fresh, and the experience took us right back to our culinary travels in Turkey. 

Those who love trying snacks from different countries will appreciate the diversity of full sized snacks in each box.

The mystery snack offers a delicious surprise to look forward to each month. And, the Yummy Battle Game adds even more fun for everyone to enjoy.

Tasting the unique snacks in each Turkish Munchies box is like traveling to the country without leaving home.

Are you ready to try Turkish snacks? Check out Turkish Munchies and get started on your first box. Then be sure to let us know what you think.

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Around the Web – What People Say About Turkish Munchies Snacks Box?

Turkish Munchies Box 2023 by AuthenticFoodQuest
Turkish Munchies ready to be unwrapped

We aren’t alone in enjoying our Turkish Munchies box. We scoured the web, including Amazon, to find the reviews of what others think of Turkish Munchies.

In general, online reviews of Turkish Munchies are pretty positive.

The positive feedback covered two main aspects. The large number of snacks in each box. And, the fact that the snacks are full-size. 

Fans of Turkish Munchies say:

  • “I’ve tried a lot of snacks by Turkish Munchies is by far the best one. All the snacks are delicious and fresh. They also have fast delivery.”
  • “Turkish Munchies snacks are very versatile when it comes to tastes. The number of costs and snacks is much better than other brands.”
  • Turkish Munchies is the perfect gift for the person who already has everything.”

For negative comments, we did not find much online. The main disappointment was around the flavors. Specifically, some comments are:

  • “I thought my Turkish Munchies box had a lot of the same flavors of snacks. Not much variety.”
  • “The Turkish Munchies aren’t bad, but they aren’t that different from snacks that you could buy around Europe.”

Turkish Munchies FAQs

Greta Turkish Snacks by Authentic Food Quest
Crackers with a delicious Mediterranean flair

What Types of Subscriptions are Available?

Choose your Turkish Munchies subscription from a range of options.

With a monthly subscription plan, choose either a regular or extra-large snack box, and a subscription plan ranging from 3 to 12 months. 

For Yummy Battle Game boxes, subscription plans are available from 3 to 12 months. 

Turkish Munchies snack boxes can also be purchased individually.

How To Cancel Turkish Munchies Subscription

You can cancel your subscription to these popular Turkish snack boxes at any time. 

You also have the option of skipping a box instead of canceling. This can be done via your online account.

To cancel and get a refund, you can email Turkish Munchies and have your account credited in 5 – 7 business days. Find out more about their refund policy.

Shipping Cost

For orders over $50, shipping is free to the US and Canada. 

Shipping costs for orders from other countries or for lesser amounts are calculated at checkout.

Shipping Time

Turkish Munchies uses international express shipping to ship from Turkey. Provided there are no delays, your snacks will arrive in a few days. 

You’ll receive an order confirming that your box has shipped, as well as the tracking code.

Can I Give Turkish Munchies as a Gift?

Turkish Munchies snack boxes make great gifts for anyone who loves exploring the world of international snacks. 

Whether you are looking for a game or snack box with a theme, Turkish Munchies has the perfect gift for an adventuresome eater.

Does Turkish Munchies Accommodate Food Allergies?

Turkish Munchies does not accommodate food allergies, and most of their snacks contain some kind of nut. 

All of the snacks are halal but not gluten-free. They’re also not suitable for vegans.

The booklet you’ll receive with your box details all allergens. Please refer to it before consuming the Turkish snacks if you have food sensitivities.

Alternative Snack Box – Universal Yums

Universal Yums Austria by Authentic Food Quest
Universal Yums “Austria” box

If you are looking for international snacks from different countries around the world, we recommend Universal Yums.

Universal Yums delivers authentic snacks from different countries around the world. 

Each month you taste a different country through a variety of sweet and salty tasty snacks.

Additionally, each box contains a fun and detailed information booklet. In it are cultural tips, recipes, trivia, and games as you discover all about the country through snacks.

If you fall in love with particular snacks from a certain country, you can also purchase individual snacks from the Universal Yums shop.

Three Universal Yums snack boxes are available. A smaller “Yum Box” with 5-7 snacks starts at  $15. 

A medium-sized “Yum Box” with 10-12 snacks is $26. And a larger “Super‘Yum” box with 15 -18 snacks starts from $41.

Some of the benefits of Universal Yums are:

  • Authentic snacks from different countries (rather than the same country) each month
  • Ability to shop for your favorite individual snacks from their online shop
  • Choose the country of your first box
  • Learn about different countries and cultures as you eat your treats
  • Free shipping in the US

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