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Are you looking for food and travel content creators to tell the stories about the culinary gems in your area?

We can collaborate in many ways

As culinary explorers and digital nomads, we travel the world to help curious food lovers connect to local culture through food.

Former corporate explorers, we understand the value of building a strong online presence for destinations and brands.

Work with Authentic Food Quest

Let us tell the food stories of your destination, brand, or product. We’ll put a spotlight on the stories and cultural significance of the food.

We’ll share the unique local products, ingredients and cooking techniques. And, highlight local eateries that showcase the culinary specialties and the people behind the food.

By creating awareness about the local and regional specialties we aim to help you inspire travelers and home cooks to connect to the local culture through food.

Taste the Terroir Gastronomy Pilgrimage In Costa Brava Catalan Food Ebook by AuthenticFoodQuest

Collaboration Example with Costa Brava Tourism

Digital ebook produced in partnership Costa Brava Tourism to highlight the local food experiences for visitors to the area

Rosemary and Claire created Authentic Food Quest in 2015, with the goal of connecting people to local culture through food on their travels or at home.

Their website features local food guides with the authentic dishes, drinks, and food experiences not to miss. Readers will also find recipes of emblematic national dishes. The best local restaurants, cooking classes, food and wine tours, and more. All this is aimed at connecting curious food lovers to culture through food.

We welcome partnerships with tourism destinations, brands and food companies, and that offer enriching culinary experiences.

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How to Partner with Authentic Food Quest

A partnership with Authentic Food Quest is a fun and effective way to promote your brand or destination and the amazing local specialties, restaurants, and more in your area.

We can produce high-quality content centered around the culinary gems and local food experiences to a highly engaged audience of food lovers.

Beyond written articles, social media promotions, and videos, we can also produce custom e-books highlighting the local food experiences in your area.

Since 2015 we’ve been traveling slow through local food in South America, Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America. Slow travel while living like the locals helps us understand and bring to bear the cultural context of the local food specialties.

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Press Trips & Destination Campaigns

We partner with brands, destinations, and companies to promote local culinary specialties through engaging stories and social media campaigns.

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Sponsored Recipe Posts

Looking to promote unique local products used in traditional recipes? Let us help bring your products to life in cultural recipes.

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Cooking Classes & Food and Wine Tours

We can provide reviews about your local culinary experiences to curious food lovers with a cultural connection angle.

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Brand Ambassadorship

We seek long-term partnerships with brands and businesses whose values align with ours about celebrating local culture through food.

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Product Reviews

We offer reviews of food travel, kitchen and beverage-related products and services that are focused on authentic food experiences.

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Speaking Engagements

Hosting an event and looking for speakers? We can talk about a variety of subjects including food on our travels and working and living on the road as digital nomads.

A Sample of Brands We’ve Worked With

Authentic Food Quest Work With Us

Recent Testimonials

Work With Us / Media 9

“It isn’t often that you find an equal combination of professionalism, unique perspective, and engaged audience, but that’s what you discover with Authentic Food Quest and the collaborative team of Rosemary and Claire. From our initial planning calls to execution, I found their ideas and enthusiasm contagious and inspiring. On every campaign, they created polished, SEO-rich content on multiple platforms; generated quality conversations about the topic; and wrapped it all up with detailed reports. In these collaborations, they introduced us to curious travelers looking to experience more and showcase how we could assist in their travels. I highly recommend partnering with them if you’re looking to raise your social content quality and connect with a unique and inspiring audience base.”

– Sarah Fouts, Allianz Partners

Work With Us / Media 9

“Working with Rosemary and Claire at Authentic Food Quest is always a pleasure. Their flexible and efficient approach in finding solutions to building food-oriented audiences, whether it’s through sponsored content or online video, has been key in helping us to grow our food tour company. They have a passion for food which shows in their posts and social media. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and look forward to working with Authentic Food Quest more in the future.” 

Luke Charny, A Chef’s Tour

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Awards and Recognitions

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Named #5 Among Top 35 Food & Travel Websites 2021 – Feedspot

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Speaking Engagements

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• An Act of Faith & Courage – Claire & Rosemary Interview – In Yo Mouth Podcast

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