9 Food Truck Parks for You to Feast on Local Austin

It didn’t take us long to find out that in Austin, you’ll never go hungry. The state capital of Texas is a gem for affordable and delicious food that you’ll find at its many food truck parks.

Austin has been a dominant player in the food truck industry in the US since 2006. It is no surprise that it has become the second city with the most food trucks per capita in the country right behind Los Angeles. But Austin takes the lead as the fastest-growing food truck industry in the United States.

Every neighborhood and every corner of town has food trucks. While tacos and barbeque dominate the food scene, you can sample any type of cuisine at one of the food trucks parks. From Nepalese to Venezuelan food, there is a food truck for you in Austin.

As we ate our way through the Texas capital, we discovered, sometimes by chance, several food trucks parks along the way.

Here are 9 popular Austin food truck parks that are worth checking out. While this list is not exhaustive, it provides a comprehensive view of the main food trucks parks in town. You’ll find the parks addresses as well as the food trucks to check out.

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#1- Northside Food Truck Park – 5000 Burnet Road

This is one of the first food trucks parks we stumbled upon. Locals kept telling us to check out Gourdough a food truck known for its “big fat donuts.” Not huge fans of the donuts which we find too sugary, full of additives and chemicals, we were skeptical.

This popular donuts food truck has several locations in Austin. One day, on our way back to our house sit on the north side, we decided to pass by the Burnett Road food trucks location. We were surprised to discover the cluster of adjoining food trucks.

A dozen trailers and food trucks are located on this small and clean parking lot. We were tempted by T-Loc’s Sonora Hot Dogs and surprised to find Big Kahuna Hawaiian cuisine.

Gourdough's Big Fat Donuts Austin Food Truck Parks Northside by Authentic Food QuestGourdough's Big Fat Donuts Food Trailers on the Northside of Austin

In the mid-afternoon, things were still quiet and we decided to skip Gourdough’s this time. Instead, we went to their brick & mortar location Gourdough’s Public House for dinner.

This South Lamar location is the only one where we could also taste their savory donuts burgers. We ordered the Gourdough Big Baller which came with Angus beef, cilantro, red onions, sliced tomato on a donut.

The sweet donut was surprisingly good. We opted for the healthier looking Freebird which came with cheesecake filling, cream cheese icing, and graham crackers crumble topped with fresh strawberries and blackberries.

The handmade dough is the same for both the sweet or savory donuts. They are lightly fried and made to order, with a slightly crisp crust to reveal a dense dough underneath.

The beef and red onions was a nice contrast while the fresh fruits topping on the Freebird was flavorful and not too sweet. A perfect end to a night out.

The Freebird donut at Gourdough one of the best food truck at Austin Food Truck Park on Burnet Road Authentic Food QuestAmazing Freebird donut at Gourdough, worth the trip to one of the best food trucks in Austin

Gourdough has three  locations:

Gourdough’s Public House at 2700 South Lamar Blvd, Austin

Gourdough’s at 1503 S 1st St, Austin

Gourdough’s at 5000 Burnet Road, Austin

#2 – Central Austin – 11th Street and Rosewood

While on our quest to taste the best barbecue in Texas, we could not miss Micklethwait Craft Meats. Located on Rosewood Ave, East of I-35, this barbecue trailer has some of the best meats in town.

They are known for making the best meat plates you can taste in town. So, Rosemary and I decided to share one plate with brisket, pork ribs, and a Tex-Czech sausage. We added coleslaw and beans on the side.

Our favorite was the made-in-house, Tex-Czech sausage. While we enjoyed the brisket, we found it a little bit on the fatty side. The lemon poppy-seed coleslaw was a nice surprise. The refreshing lemony flavor slaw and poppy seeds added crunch to the texture.

Three Meats Plate at Micklethwait Craft Meat the best food truck bbq for Austin BBQ Guide and the best barbecue in Austin by Authentic Food Quest3-meat plate at Micklethwait with beans and poppy seed slaw

The outdoor seating is inviting. With Texas flowers and shrubs, underneath a canopy, this is a  great place to relax and savor your barbecue.

On the street leading to Micklethwait Crafts Meat, we passed by several food trucks including one park located on 1106 East 11th street.

In this artsy park, you will find The Doughminican known for its empanadas, who’s name raises my interest (anything with dough is on my radar). For cajun & creole cuisine there is Wild Magnolia and Thai Kruefha for Thai food among others.

Micklethwait Craft Meats Trailer the best Food Truck BBQ for Austin BBQ Guide by Authentic Food Quest. In our opinion, the best barbecue sausages we had on our quest for the best barbecue in Austin.The popular Micklethwait Craft Meats barbecue trailer

Micklethwait Craft Meats

Address: 1309 Rosewood Ave, Austin

Kenny Dorham’s Backyard Food Truck Park

Address: 1106 East 11th street, Austin

#3 – East Austin – Cesar Chavez

One of the best food trucks can be found on East Cesar Chavez. Veracruz All Natural offers the best breakfast tacos in town, and arguably in the U.S. The Cesar Chavez location is their flagship location.

Veracruz is particularly known for its migas. Migas are breakfast tacos inspired by the Mexican ingredients from the leftovers also called migas in Mexico.

It is hard to find anything we didn’t like on their menu. We tried the migas, the breakfast tacos,  as well as chips and salsa with a refreshing watermelon aguas frescas while waiting.

Everything tasted fresh, was made to order, and had great flavors. If you had time for only one food truck in Austin, this would probably be it.

Watch video below about Veracruz All Natural Migas and breakfast tacos

Named one of the top 5 tacos places in America by the Food Network, Veracruz All Natural now has four locations in Austin and recently opened a brick and mortar location in Round Rock.

If you come to Veracruz All Natural with meat lovers, they can get their fair share of meat next door at Kerlin BBQ. Kerlin serves some of the best barbecue in town.

Veracruz All Natural for Best Breakfast Tacos Food Truck in Austin by Authentic Food Quest. The line is long at Veracruz All Natural, but the wait is worth it!Expect a line at Veracruz All Natural

Veracruz All Natural & Kerlin BBQ

Address: 1704 E Cesar Chavez, Austin

#4- Downtown – 6th/7th Street & Red River St.

Closed to traffic on Thursday to Sunday evenings, this pedestrian-only street, also known as dirty street comes to life with tourists and locals alike. This is the famous entertainment district in Austin where bar and music venues attract visitors from Congress Avenue to I-35.

This food truck park offers the perfect spot for quick bites and late night snacks to keep the party going.

The location is a bit run down, nestled under a crumbling garage roof. While not as quaint as other Austin food truck parks, it is conveniently located to the party scene.

You’ll find the surprising gourmet grilled cheese crepes at Simply WOW. Next to it is a Middle Eastern shawarma food truck as well as a BBQ trailer. A little further down you’ll find pizzeria offering.

Food Truck Park near 6th Street one of Austin Food Truck Parks Authentic Food QuestSeveral food trucks are parked near 6th street to feed the revelers

Around the corner from Red River and 7th street is the newly installed food truck called DittyDog. This hotdog trailer promises to change your life with a hot dog.

The most inspiring food truck we saw was Simplywow. We regretfully didn’t taste these famous cheese crepes, intimidated by the fatty and calorie-filled sounding name. However, upon reading the positive reviews, later, we definitely missed out.

Don’t miss these crepes. The next time you are on 6th street, be sure to stop by and taste chef Guiselly Cantú’s creative crepes.

Gourmet Grilled Cheese Crepes at Simply Wow Food Truck at the Austin Food Truck Park downtown by Authentic Food QuestSimplyWow food truck ideally located near 6th street

6th/7th Street & Red River St Food Truck Park

Address: 519 E 7th St, Austin TX

#5- Mueller Trailer Eats – 4209 Airport Blvd

Located across the historic Browning Hangar and Mueller’s scenic Lake Park is where you’ll find Mueller Trailer Eats.

The food trucks in this area are diverse and you’ll find small bites or meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Coffee lovers will enjoy Compass Coffee which offers some of the best cold brew in town. Conscious Craving food truck offers modern Vegan cuisine that takes you on an unexpected culinary tour. Offering vegan wraps infused with spices and herbs from around the world, even the most discriminating palates will be delighted.

One of our favorite food trucks that opened just as we were leaving Austin, is Veracruz All Natural. We had a chance to eat their authentic tacos and nationally acclaimed migas at their original location in East Austin on Cesar Chavez.

Veracruz All Natural food truck at Mueller Trailer Eats one of Austin Food Truck Parks Authentic Food QuestVeracruz All Natural just opened at Mueller Trailer Eats

Other popular food trucks in the area include StoneHouse Wood Fire Grill which offers burgers, sandwiches, kebabs and more. If you are looking for flavors from the South or anything saucy made with gravy and biscuits, Gravy ATX food truck will not disappoint.

Grab a bite and eat by the scenic lake. There are also picnic tables and a loop trail where you can enjoy the open space.

Mueller Trailer Eats one of Austin Food Truck Parks Authentic Food QuestNice seating area at the Mueller Trailer Eats

Mueller Trailer Eats

Address: 4209 Airport Blvd, Austin

#6- Co-Op Food Court – UT Austin

Located right behind the University of Texas Co-Op, this food court is home to big names in the local food truck scene.

This popular spot with students and visitors is located in a wide open space with benches and tables. On one side is a larger-than-life-size replica of Bevo, the University of Texas at Austin, mascot.

Bevo the Mascot at University Co-Op one of Austin Food Truck Parks Authentic Food QuestBevo, the mascot of University of Texas at Austin

Two food trucks that stood out were Song La and Ice Scrapers.  Song La offers authentic Taiwanese street food including pork belly buns, bubble tea, and other traditional Taiwanese snacks.

For something sweet, Ice Scrapers, which sells rolled ice cream and shaved ice is an experience. You choose the base and mix-ins, the mixture is poured onto a cold surface and then scraped into rolls with your choice of toppings.

Get unique and inexpensive culinary options near the UT campus, with a stop at the Co-Op Food Court. The experience is a well worth it.

Song La Food Truck at one of Austin Food Truck Parks Authentic Food QuestFor authentic taiwanese food visit Song La Food Truck (photo credit: Song La facebook page)

University Co-Op Food Court

Address: 411 West 23rd Street

#7- SoCo – South of Congress Food Trucks

This vibrant neighborhood in downtown Austin is a new hip area just South of Congress Avenue.

The area is a popular hangout for locals and you’ll find retro/ bohemian stores, boutiques, eateries, galleries, and music venues.

Not surprisingly, you’ll find a variety of food trucks in the area. While not a food truck, Amy’s Ice Cream is an institution. Opened in Austin in 1984 and serving super-premium ice cream.

Amy’s now has more than 13 locations in Austin. The location in SoCo is not be missed. This is a great spot to cool off and refuel as you explore SoCo.

Amy's Ice Cream at SoCo Austin by Authentic Food QuestGrab an Ice Cream at Amy's on Soco after your food truck stop, an institution not to miss

On your way to Amy’s Ice Cream, you’ll pass a few food trucks with a few open air table to relax and take a bite. You don’t want to miss Hey Cupcake with a gigantic cupcake on trucks roof. For savory options, swing by PitaLicious and its Mediterranean fares.

As you enjoy the funky vibe in SoCo, don’t hesitate to grab a bite at any one of the food trucks and a cool treat at Amy’s.

Hey Cupcake on Soco one of the Austin Food Truck Parks Authentic Food QuestYou won't miss Hey Cupcake food truck on Soco with its cupcake rooftop (photo credit: Hey Cupcake Facebook page)

South of Congress Food Trucks

Address: 1503 South Congress Avenue, Austin

#8- Rainey Street – Downtown Austin

Just south of downtown Austin is a two-block row of houses, bars and delicious places to eat.  This formerly sleepy neighborhood near the banks of Lady Bird Lake is now a local hotspot.

Recommended highly when we first got to Austin, we went to explore the area on a Sunday afternoon. On that day, there was a University of Texas football game taking place and the energy was high. People were spilling out of the bars and restaurants and that’s when we discovered pockets of food trucks.

As you walk up Rainey Street, away from the river and towards downtown, you’ll run into one set of food trucks. The setting here is a warm and comfortable with picnic tables underneath trees.

Rainey Street food truck area with Big Fat Greek Gyros one of the Austin Food Truck Parks Authentic Food QuestQuiet seating area off Rainey Street

The selection of food trucks includes Big Fat Greek Gyros, for gyros, Masala Dhaba for Indian cuisine, tacos and Monks Momo for Himalayan Nepalese cuisine.

On the other side of Rainey Street, a little further up, is a large parking lot also filled with food trucks. Here you’ll find cuisine as diverse as Venezuela food from Four Brothers, grilled cheese sandwiches at Burro Cheese Kitchen, Asian, Mexican, lobster, donuts and more.

Popular with locals, this tucked away street is well known for the bars, restaurants and food trucks. If you are looking for an alternative to the touristy and popular 6th street, Rainey Street is a great option.

The Four Brothers Venezuelan Food on Rainey Street one of Austin Food Truck Parks Authentic Food QuestTo taste Venezuelan food try the Four Brothers on Rainey Street (photo credit: the Four Brothers Facebook page)

Rainey Street

Address: 75 & 82 Rainey Street, Austin, TX

#9- The Picnic – Barton Springs

Last, but not least is The Picnic at Barton Springs. Considered one of the crown jewels of Austin, Barton Springs are pools fed by underground springs and this is a popular spot to keep cool from the Texas heat.

The Picnic at Barton Springs is the first trailer park dedicated to locally owned food trucks. While we personally did not visit this trailer park, locals recommended several food trucks.

Three names that came up over and over were Hey Cupcake, Four Brothers, and the famous The Mighty Cone famous for their unique crunchy preparations.

The Picnic is worth visiting if cooling off in the Barton Spring pools.

The Picnic at Barton Springs the first Austin Food Truck Park Authentic Food QuestThe Picnic at Barton Springs is solely dedicated to food trucks (photo credit: The Picnic Austin Facebook page)

The Picnic

Address: 1720 Barton Springs Road, Austin, TX

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In Summary

The local food scene in Austin is dynamic and innovative. Food trucks are an integral part of the city’s culinary identity. Famous places like Veracruz All Natural and Gourdough got their start on wheels before opening a physical location. Following in the same footsteps is Micklethwait Craft Meats, which is opening a brick and mortar in Smithville, TX in November 2018.

Food trucks in Austin can be found almost everywhere. Most are stationary and they do not move around the city. The city’s motto “Keep Austin Weird”, is also expressed in the food. Expect to find familiar foods with unusual combinations, that take you on a delectable journey into unfamiliar territory.

We were never hungry in Austin. We took great delight in exploring Austin food truck parks and the local food scene.

Savor your adventures in Austin and enjoy high quality and local ingredients from affordably priced food trucks.

Which food truck is your favorite in Austin? Which food truck would you like to try?

Let us know in the comments below.

Savor The Adventure!

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  1. Food truck parks are new to me. I can’t believe there are so many in Austin. Mickletwait craft meats look like they might have something for me. And you’re right, I wouldn’t want to miss Hey Cupcake.

  2. You guys are definitely my go to for what to eat when traveling and I’m loving the Austin food trucks! I’ve flown through Austin and vowed to come back because I liked the airport (rare). Now I have the food scene covered and will definitely have mijas and grilled cheese crepes

  3. So many cool food trucks, each with delicious foods to try! I’d love to try tacos from Veracruz All Natural and ice cream at Amy’s! From your list alone, it’s clear to see that you really cannot be hungry in Austin, as you mentioned ?

  4. I loved the Austin food scene when I visited. I think I would pass on Big Fat Donuts. Really it sounds like a premonition of where the calories are going to go (straight to my behind). Those migas tacos are something I could go for. I have been missing good Mexican street food since coming to Orlando. They have taco Tuesday but it really isn’t the same.

    • You are right, the food scene in Austin is quite dynamic. The flavors are uniquely Austin and even in Chicago, where we are based, the tacos just don’t taste the same. With the big fat donuts, moderation is key. Split one and you’ll be all good. Cheers.

  5. I love food trucks but have been saddened to see the truck courts have been closing. You really put the miles in finding all these. The creativity is wonderful as each is unique. It’s such a great option for entry-level chefs and established as well, to try new menu items and get out in the community.

    • You are so right, Elaine. Some cooks do use their food trucks as “testing” grounds for future restaurant concepts. True, the flavors are wonderful and the experience amazing. A must while in Austin. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. I love this concept of food truck, especially more when they start becoming the identity of the town. I would definitely want to try some of the unusual food combinations there.

  7. Oh, this is a tasty post. I love food trucks. We found a place in Memphis that had loads of them. So good. I think that grilled cheese crepe places sounds yummy. Actually, loads of these too. You could really just hop around and get a variety. Did the donut place have a donut burger? I had my first one in Memphis and it was surprisingly good.

  8. I remember the days when food trucks had only basic foods. So great to find the diversity that is now found in food trucks. A breakfast taco at Veracruz would start the day right. I would definitely want to try the Micklethwait bbq plate. And maybe pair it with cold brew from Compass Coffee. Finish it off with home made ice cream at Ice Scrapers and I am a happy girl! The food trucks might be my go-to food choice in Austin!

  9. I love that Austin fosters the whole food-truck philosophy. Having dedicated food truck spaces like The Picnic really show how important food trucks are in Austin culture. I would love to try Migos, and Veracruz All Natural sounds like a great place to try them!

  10. Gosh, so many food trucks – I’m amazed! It’s not really my thing, though if I was picking I’d probably go for the Veracruz All Natural tacos and migas. You’ve provided a really comprehensive guide to anyone wanting to navigate the food trucks of Austin.


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