5 Authentic Bulgarian Restaurants in Plovdiv Not To Miss

Plovdiv, the 2019 European Capital of Culture, is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Europe. 

Located in the fruitful Thracian Valley, the city sits between seven hills and is known for its ancient sites and Bulgarian wines.

The food in Plovdiv, and like in most of the country, is rich in traditions. Several Plovdiv restaurants focus on traditional Bulgarian cuisine and wines.

On a trip to Plovdiv, to celebrate its status as the European Capital of Culture, we explored Bulgarian cuisine at several Plovdiv restaurants.

Each of the Plovdiv restaurants we visited offered their own unique twist to Bulgarian cuisine.

In this ancient city with a modern attitude, here is a guide to 5 authentic Plovdiv restaurants to explore Bulgarian gastronomy.

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#1 – Central – One of The Best Plovdiv Restaurants for Traditional Bulgarian Food

The pedestrianized area in the heart of the city is one of the main areas to visit.

Right off this main street is Central, a Plovdiv restaurant that focuses on traditional Bulgarian cuisine. 

Built on the foot of Danov Hill, one of the seven hills of the city, the restaurant has two impressive terrasses overlooking the stairs and the Maritsa River.

While the imposing and grandiose entrance may appear intimidating, the food served at the restaurant is simple and very accessible.

The space is open and airy and the service friendly and efficient.

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Central one of the best Plovdiv Restaurants by AuthenticFoodQuestThe two terrasses at Central restaurant off the main pedestrian street in Plovdiv

Traditional Bulgarian Appetizers and Meats

On our visit, our meal started out with a  traditional Bulgarian Shopska salad served with tomatoes, cucumber and topped with grated Bulgarian sirene white cheese.

Following, we had a platter of four traditional Bulgarian dips.

A fresh yogurt and cucumber dip with walnuts. A roasted eggplant and pepper dip, a spicy dip with paprika roasted peppers and tomatoes, and a soft cheese dip.

All the dips were fresh and full of flavor. The spicy dip with paprika roasted peppers was one of our favorites.

Overall, the spectrum of flavors in the dips was quite extensive and they are not to be missed at Central.

Bulgariandips_CentralPlovdiv_AuthenticFoodQuestDelightful traditional Bulgarian dips

From the appetizers, we moved to a plate of grilled meats, which are typical in Bulgarian cooking. 

First, we had lamb kebapche, an elongated grilled minced meat made with lamb, pork and spices. 

Then we had kyufte, which are traditional Bulgarian meatballs made of minced pork meat, seasoned with spices and shaped in a flattened ball.

On the plate was a coiled shaped sausage on a stick called karnache. And lastly, Bulgarian pork sausages and pork steak.

Accompanying the meat was a plate of freshly grilled vegetables, drizzled with olive oil.

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BulgarianGrilledMeats_CentralPlovdiv_AuthenticFoodQuestA platter of Traditional Bulgarian grilled meat

Bulgarian Desserts With Turkish Influence

With barely any room left for dessert, we still managed to squeeze in a tasting two traditional Bulgarian desserts.

The first was a homemade soft cheese cake topped with blueberries. And the second was a traditional sweet banitsa pie. 

This particular sweet banitsa pie had nuts, honey and lokum or Turkish Delight, stuffed between thin layers of phyllo dough.

We enjoyed both desserts and in particular the fresh blueberries on the cheese cake.

Where to Eat in Plovdiv for Traditional Bulgarian Food

Central Restaurant

Address: Naiden Gerov 5, Plovdiv

Hours: Open everyday from 12:00 pm to 12:00 am

Price: Main dishes range from 10 BGN – 20 BGN (approx. $6 to $12 USD)

Central one of the best Plovdiv restaurants by AuthenticFoodQuest

#2 – Restaurant Odeon – Bulgarian Cuisine with a Mediterranean Flair 

Just steps away from the Roman Theatre is where you’ll find Restaurant Odeon.

The entrance to the restaurant is off the pedestrian street and tucked into a little alley, away from the city sounds.

Book ahead or ask for one of the tables underneath the covered terrace overlooking the Roman ruins.

The decor is traditional Bulgarian with a contemporary style.

You’ll find a wide selection of Bulgarian dishes on the menu as well as vegetarian and vegan options. 

We enjoyed a wide array of dishes cooked with seasonal ingredients. The impressive selection of Bulgarian wines is not to be missed.

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Odeon Restaurant Entrance one of the best Plovdiv restaurants Bulgaria_AuthenticFoodQuestEntrance of Odeon restaurant

Bulgarian Cuisine with a Mediterranean Twist

Kicking off the meal, we enjoyed a simple starter made with incredibly fresh produce.

Brilliantly red tomatoes, white Bulgarian Sirene cheese, cucumbers and roasted red peppers completed the delightful salad. 

This was served with Bulgarian pita bread, which tasted very similar to pita bread you would find at Mediterranean restaurants in the U.S.

We were very impressed by the two main dishes we ordered. Rosemary ordered the halibut fish which had been freshly delivered.

 Accompanying the fish sitting in a delightful basil broth with lemon was an array of vegetables. Fresh broccoli, tomatoes and grilled lettuce added texture to the dish.

Light and flavorful is how Rosemary described the dish. It was a hot day and the fresh flavors of the fish and vegetables was the perfect lunch time meal.

HalibutOdeon_PlovdivRestaurantsBulgaria_AuthenticFoodQuestHalibut freshly prepared with broccoli, tomatoes and grilled lettuce

For Bulgarian food with a modern twist, my seared duck magret did not disappoint.

Beautifully plated, thin cut slices of duck with colorful purees of pumpkins, peaches and pears dotted the plate.

I enjoyed the tender duck which was perfectly cooked and well seasoned. The purees added a touch of color and contrast to the rich duck meat. 

While I was not expecting to find duck on a Bulgarian menu, I was glad I ordered it. This was one of my favorite dishes at the restaurant.

OdeonRestaurantDuck_PlovdivBulgaria_AuthenticFoodQuestBeautifully plated and tasty duck magret

Unexpected Bulgarian Flavorful Dessert

Rounding off the experience at Restaurant Odeon was a light creme brulee.

What we liked about this dessert was the addition of lavender which gave it a unique flavor. 

Bulgaria is a major exporter of lavender and having it in the dessert was a great link to the terroir.

Not to mention, the dessert was also lighter than expected.

We enjoyed both desserts and in particular the fresh blueberries on the cheese cake.

Where to Eat in Plovdiv for Bulgarian Mediterranean Cuisine

Restaurant Odeon

Address: 40 Otetz Paisiy Street, Plovdiv

Restaurant Hours: Open Monday – Saturday; 8:00 am to 11:00 pm

Price: Mains range from 20 BGN – 40 BGN (approx.  $11 to $22 USD)

Tables at the entrance of Odeon of of the best Plovdiv Restaurants AuthenticFoodQuestOutdoor terrace at Restaurant Odeon

Good to Know: The restaurant is part of Hotel Odeon, a small family owned hotel. Rooms and apartments are uniquely decorated featuring baroque inspired designs. This is a great central location and all the rooms have air conditioning, free Wi-Fi and private bathrooms. Book your stay at Hotel Restaurant Odeon.

#3- Smokini – One of the Best Plovdiv Restaurants for Contemporary Bulgarian Cuisine 

Smokini Restaurant is conveniently located a block away from the ancient stadium of Philippopolis, in the center of town.

This quaint restaurant has a mix vintage and contemporary decor with exposed brick walls and concrete beams.

The friendly young chef, Kiro, stopped at our table and described his cooking as “Bulgarian cuisine infused with French and Italian influences”.

SmokiniInside_PlovdivBulgaria_AuthenticFoodQuestThe contemporary decor inside Smokini

A Creative Twist to Traditional Bulgarian Food 

The dining experience started with a plate of typical Bulgarian cheeses, salads and dips individually laid out on a large platter.

The cheese plate had two traditional Bulgarian cheeses. One Bulgarian white cheese known as sirene and the other, kashkaval, a yellow cheese. 

Also on the plate were slices of blue cheese and baby mozzarella served with seasonal figs and walnuts.

The salad was a variation of a Shopska salad served alongside a quinoa dip with tomato fondue and fennel. 

The two final appetizers were an eggplant dip and a yogurt-cucumber dip.

Overall, the ingredients were fresh and the dips creative and flavorful.

SmokiniAppetizers_PlovdivBulgaria_AuthenticFoodQuestTwo platers of Bulgarian appetizers ideal for sampling

For the main meal, we had a trio of meat which included slowly cooked beef tongue, chicken and pork tenderloin.

The meats were served with a turnip and parsnip puree, broccoli, zucchini and red onions.

Each meat had its own designated sauce. The beef was really tender and soft and the puree tasty and creamy.

An Assortment of Desserts

We finished with a plate of assorted desserts. Although we were stuffed, it was difficult to resist sampling every single dessert proposed.

The dessert platter was comprised of traditional Bulgarian desserts and some chocolate classics.

We particularly enjoyed the homemade nougat with the traditional green figs. 

The chocolate desserts were also outstanding. And in particular, the delightful dark chocolate Dome cake as well as the Lava cake with the melting core. 

If you are looking for a contemporary twist to Bulgarian cuisine, Smokini’s creative menu is not to be missed.

RosemaryandClaireatSmokini_PlovdivRestaurantsBulgaria_AuthenticFoodQuestRosemary and Claire with the dessert platter

Where to Eat in Plovdiv for Creative Contemporary Bulgarian Cuisine


Address:  Otets Paisiy, 12, Tsentar, Plovdiv

Hours: Open everyday from 11:30 am to 11:3 0pm

Price: Mains range from 10 BGN – 32 BGN (approx. $6 to $18 USD)

Entrance Smokini restaurant one of the best Restaurants in Plovdiv Bulgaria by Authentic Food QuestSmokini, one of our favorite Plovdiv restaurants

#4 – Grebeca Restaurant – Traditional Bulgarian Food in Outdoor Venue 

Grebeca restaurant is located near the Rowing Canal also called the Regatta Venue. This is the largest rowing facility in the Balkans, with a channel of 2200 meters (about 1.4 miles) long. 

The restaurant is situated in the largest park in Plovdiv along the Maritsa River. This is the perfect place to enjoy a meal outdoors.

At Grebeca restaurant, part of the sitting area is outdoors in a large and open space. The restaurant is furnished with large white clothes tables and comfy chairs under airy tents. 

GrebecaRestaurantOutdoor2_PlovdivBulgaria_AuthenticFoodQuestThe outdoor seating at Grebeca restaurant

Traditional Bulgarian Dishes

To start our meal, we enjoyed a traditional Bulgarian salad Grebeca style. 

It was served with large pink tomatoes, Bulgarian sirene cheese, roasted peppers and basil with pesto sauce.

The vegetables were tasty and the basil and pesto sauce gave a nice refreshing bite to the salad. 

BulgarianSalad_GrebecaRestaurantPlovdivBulgaria_AuthenticFoodQuestColorful Bulgarian salads

Following the salad, we enjoyed several meat dishes served with mushrooms and potatoes topped with parmesan cheese.

We had five meats cooked in a  traditional Bulgarian style. Chicken, beef tongue, pork filet, pork ribs, and veal kebapche. Accompanying the meats was a yogurt based sauce.

In general, all the meat was tender and well seasoned. Our preference went to the pork filet which was tender and cooked to perfection.

BulgarianMeats_GrebecaRestaurantPlovdiv_AuthenticFoodQuestThe meat platter at Grebeca

Where to Eat in Plovdiv for Traditional Bulgarian Dishes in an Outdoor Venue

Grebeca Restaurant

Address: Grebna Baza, Rowing Canal, Plovdiv

Hours: Open everyday from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm to 12:00 am

Price: Mains range from 14 BGN – 30 BGN (approx. $8 to $16 USD)

GrebecaRestaurantInside_PlovdivBulgaria_AuthenticFoodQuestIndoor seating at Grebeca restaurant

#5 – The Theatre – a Plovdiv Restaurant in an Unique Setting

Located on the grounds of the Plovdiv Drama Theatre, is the aptly named Theatre Restaurant.

You’ll find the restaurant off the main street, one of the longest pedestrian streets in Europe.

A little tricky to spot at first, simply walk into the Plovdiv Drama Theatre and you’ll see signs pointing towards the restaurant in the back.

 The restaurant features outdoor seating and if it is too hot, as it was at the end of August, there is an air conditioned room with floor to ceiling windows.

If you are looking for a convenient stop in an artistic environment, this is an excellent place for lunch.

TheTheater_PlovdivRestaurants_AuthenticFoodQuestBeautiful patio at The Theater restaurant

Popular Bulgarian Fare 

The special on the lunch menu when we stopped in was Bulgarian moussaka. This is a popular dish in Bulgaria that is widely available. 

Unlike Greek Moussaka which uses eggplants, Bulgarian moussaka is made using potatoes.

This indulgent dish was full of flavor. Very well seasoned with a side of Bulgarian yogurt, we both enjoyed the dish.

Moussaka at The Theater Plovdiv by AuthenticFoodQuestA serving of Bulgarian moussaka and yogurt sauce

Going along with the moussaka, we shared a delightful tomato salad with a huge dollop of  yogurt dip in the center.

The dip, known as snow white salad or snezhanka is a thick Bulgarian yogurt mixed with cucumbers and dill.

The fresh tomatoes dipped into delicious dip made for an outstanding combination. 

When eaten together with the moussaka, the tomatoes added levity to the rich moussaka dish.

TomatoSaladatTheTheaterPovdiv_AuthenticFoodQuestTomato salad with a delicious Bulgarian yogurt dip

Where to Eat in Plovdiv for Bulgarian Fare in a Gorgeous Setting 

The Theatre Restaurant

Address: 38 Knyaz Alexander I Street, Plovdiv

Hours: Open everyday from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm to 12:00 am

Price: Lunch specials range from 6 BGN – 12 BGN  (approx. $3.5 to $7 USD)

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In Summary

The ancient city of Plovdiv not only offers amazing sites to visit, but also a great way to explore regional specialties from the Thracian Valley.

Discover the city and use this Plovdiv restaurants guide to taste the Bulgarian cuisine. 

The five Plovdiv restaurants highlighted draw on the country rich culinary traditions, each with their own interpretation of traditional Bulgarian cuisine.

To go along with the rich culinary history, consider taking a walking tour of Plovdiv to better understand the roots of this ancient city.

On a tour, you will visit some of the most impressive and important sites.

Stops will be made in the Old Town, the Roman theater and Stadium as well as the 14th century Djumaya Mosque.

Where to Stay in Plovdiv

Plovdiv offers many activities, archeological museums and cultural events. 

If your travels take you to Plovdiv, plan on spending several days in the city. 

You get to explore the history and ancient sites, the local gastronomy and visit the nearby wineries like Villa Yustina.


The Stay Hotel

During our visit to celebrate the 2019 European Capital of Culture festivities, we spent four days at The Stay Hotel.

Conveniently located in the heart of the city, the Stay Hotel is at walking distance from the Old town, Kapana district, and the featured Plovdiv restaurants.

The rooms are stylish with a modern and contemporary decor. 

You’ll find all the essential amenities needed for an enjoyable stay. 

One aspect we really appreciated was the USB outlets that were readily accessible for charging our electronics.

If you like to keep active and work out on your travels, note that the Stay hotel does not have a gym. 

Luckily, there is a city park is conveniently located a few blocks away where you can run or take a brisk walk. 

Prices start at $45 a night for a standard queen room

See more prices, read reviews or to find similar hostels check: Booking.com

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  1. Your tempting food pictures have tempted us to try the Bulgarian dishes and the Plovdiv looks like a perfect place for it. All these restaurants serving the dishes with a twist will be really fun to try. The chocolate desserts among everything is going to be our favourite

  2. I’m intrigued by the creme brulee with lavender. I would never have thought of that combination. And honestly, I wouldn’t have thought of Bulgaria as such a foodie destination but all of the meals you had sound delicious!

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    • Thanks, Adonis. What made our Plovdiv experience is that we were guests of the Plovdiv 2019 team. The food is amazing and we look forward to going back and spending more time living like locals. Appreciate you stopping by.

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    • From our experience Renata, one can eat healthy in Bulgaria if they focus on meats and vegetables. The food is quite diverse and the soup we had was very tasty. Perhaps a visit back and trying one of these restaurants will help change your mind. Give it a shot. Cheers 🙂

  5. What a great guide to Bulgarian food! (Especially for someone who knows nothing about Bulgaria). Your photos do a good job of displaying the variety of Bulgarian food available (and enticing me to want to try it, too!). I’d love to try the grilled meat platter, followed by that scrumptious-looking dessert platter! The different dips also look tasty.

  6. Sign me up for either of the meat plates at Central or at Grebeca in Plovidiv. They both look so great plus the outdoor seating at Grebeca would be fun on a beautiful day. I bet any of the dips are amazing too though I would probably prefer the spicy ones like that roasted pepper paprika. Ugh, I may just have to get fat in Plovdiv, Bulgaria cause I love all that type of foods like Bulgarian moussaka or the desserts…Too many great options!

  7. Would love to try those dips in the Central Restaurant. Seems like full of different flavours. Also, I would love to check out the banitsa pie, I’m sure I’d love it. 😛
    When it comes to the interior, The Theater Restaurant looks like the one I’d prefer. Central location, next to the pedestrian street with the actual Theater all around – lovely! Their moussaka sounds delicious.
    Thanks for the suggestion. 🙂

  8. Plovdiv – how I been wanting to go here since I missed out on my trip to Bulgaria back in 2008 and haven’t been back since. So hope to make it to the city one day to see the famous ruins but its good to know there are some great places to eat out there. I could defo give that meat platter at Grebeca a good bashing right now. 🙂

    • Plovdiv is a great city and worth visiting. Maybe a trip back to Bulgaria is in order 🙂 The meat platter and the spacious seating at Grebeca is a great idea. Do you think you will be heading back soon? Cheers, Danik.

  9. This area of Europe has a great culinary tradition, so I’m not surprised to see so many delicious dishes on the menus of these restaurants. I grew up in next-door Romania, but never had a chance to visit Plovdiv. The town’s location – between seven hills– is indeed ideal for the cultivation of grapevines. You made me really curious about visiting Plovdiv and trying these restaurants.

  10. Based on your descriptions and photos of the food, I think it’s time for us to visit Plovdiv! I’d love to try traditional Bulgarian cuisine and, of course, the wine. I’ll admit I hate cucumbers, but I’m willing to overlook that to try the Shopska salad and the dips. And the cheesecake with blueberries sounds so good I want it now! So, Central is definitely on my list. Of course, the Odeon and Smoking sound pretty incredible, too. Oh, who am I kidding, I want to try them all!

    • Lol…that’s great Patricia. They are only 5 restaurants, so you can indeed try them all 🙂 You will not go wrong with either of them. We would certainly recommend trying the shopksa salad with the cucumbers and we bet you’ll like it. So glad you enjoyed the article and hoping you get to experience these restaurants soon. Cheers, Patricia.


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