Chifa Peru: 5 Authentic Chinese Peruvian Foods To Crave For

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Chifa Peru food is a wonderful fusion of Peruvian and Chinese cuisines. This regional food celebrates Chinese and Peruvian culinary traditions and unites them in Chifa cuisine.

The dominant influence of Chinese Peruvians surprised us the most when we first got to Lima on our authentic food quest. Chifa restaurants in Lima are plentiful and found literally at almost every corner.

To better understand this phenomenon, we talked with locals and learned about Peruvian Chifa and the Chinese influence on Peruvian cuisine.

To help guide your culinary explorations, we highlight 5 of the most popular Chifa dishes to explore.

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What is Chifa Peru?

Chifa restaurant by Authentic Food Quest
A chifa restaurant in Lima’s Chinatown

Chifa in Peru refers to the style of food that Chinese immigrants created when they first came to Peru. 

The Chinese people brought with them their own beloved culinary traditions and incorporated them into their new setting. 

They experimented with making meals by using traditional Chinese ingredients combined with Peruvian ingredients.

In Lima today, there are thousands of Chifa restaurants across the city. Some estimate there to be more than 6,000 opened Chifa restaurants.

This staggering number of Chinese-Peruvian restaurants reflects the enduring popularity of this fusion food in Peru.

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Chifa History in Peru 

Peruvian Chinese Food by Authentic Food Quest
“Chi” means to eat, “fan” means rice

To understand how Peru’s Chinese food came to be, one must delve into the nation’s history. 

The Chinese were the first Asian immigrants to arrive in Peru between 1848 and 1874.

These early immigrants came as laborers. Many stayed in Peru and established small businesses and restaurants. 

The Chinese introduced new ingredients to the local Peruvians. These ingredients included ginger, soy sauce, and scallions. 

The Chinese immigrants also continued utilizing their traditional cooking methods.

They used local sweet and sour ingredients like pineapples and bananas from the Amazon and potatoes from the Andes Highlands to create a new cuisine called Chifa.

In the Cantonese language, “chi” means to eat, and “fan” means rice. 

Barrio Chino in Lima

Barrio Chino in Lima by Authentic Food Quest
The entrance to Barrio Chino in Lima

Chinatown in Lima or Barrio Chino is one of the Western Hemisphere’s earliest Chinatowns.

This is where early Chinese immigrants lived and where many Chifa dishes were created. 

Today, the area is still one of the best neighborhoods in Lima where you can find exceptional cuisine at the many Chifa restaurants in the area.

Although the neighborhood only encompasses two blocks, you’ll find plenty of Peruvian Chinese food at all hours of the day.

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5 Must-Try Chifa Dishes

1. Arroz Chaufa – Peruvian Chaufa Rice

Chifa dishes Arroz Chaufa by Authentic Food Quest
Arroz Chaufa a popular Peruvian Chinese food

Arroz Chaufa, also known simply as “chaufa,” is the most emblematic Chinese Peruvian food. 

The word “chaufa” comes from the Cantonese language, and it means “fried rice.”

Arroz Chaufa is prepared with a mix of fried rice, vegetables, Chinese onions, garlic, ginger, eggs, and chicken. 

Together, these ingredients are cooked in a wok with soy sauce. 

Chaufa can also be prepared with other meats besides chicken, such as pork or steak.

One fun fact about this dish is that it has brought about the term “chaufero,” a cook who specializes in the art of making chaufa.

Don’t order this dish and expect to get a complex, fancy meal. Arroz chaufa is intentionally simple.

Arroz Chaufa is a great meal when you want something quick and easy, yet filling and satisfying.

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2. Chaufa de Mariscos – Seafood Chaufa Rice Dish

Chifa dishes chaufa de marisco by Authentic Food Quest
Chaufa de Marisco, one of favorite Chifa food

Chaufa de Mariscos is another one of the most popular Chifa dishes. It is a variation of the traditional chaufa dish, but this time cooked with seafood.

This Chinese Peruvian fusion food is very much a part of the Peruvian food culture, and you’ll find it at many types of restaurants, not just Chinese restaurants.

Chaufa de Mariscos is typically prepared with ají amarillo or Peruvian yellow chili pepper which is a staple of Peruvian traditional dishes.

Added to the fried rice are shrimp, squid, and scallops, though some Peruvian restaurants may also include octopus and mussels.

Rosemary at Chifa restaurant by Authentic Food Quest
Rosemary enjoying Chifa food at the market in Lima

This dish is typically cooked in a wok with Chinese ingredients like soy sauce, Chinese chives, ginger, bean sprouts and others.

While cooking, the dish takes on a beautiful yellow color from traditional Peruvian ají Amarillo sauce.

The unique blend of Chinese Peruvian flavors made this one of our favorite Chifa dishes.

We recommend skipping the standard Arroz Chaufa and choosing Chaufa de Marisco when you see it on any Chifa menu. 

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3. Tallarin con Pollo (Stir-Fried Noodles with Chicken)

Chifa Dishes Tallarin and Chaufa mix by Authentic Food Quest
Tallarin and Chaufa Mix

Tallarin along with Chaufa is one of the most popular Chifa dishes that is on every Chifa menu.

Tallarin by itself is yellow noodles made with eggs. 

Tallarin con pollo is a dish that pairs these noodles with chicken or pollo.  As with chaufa, tallarin is stir-fried in a wok with vegetables like Chinese onions, chicken, soy sauce, and ginger. 

There are several variations of Tallarin using different vegetables and meats to create multiple flavors. 

While in Lima, we tried Tallarin con Pollo in combination with Chaufa. We enjoyed the stir-fried noodles and the texture of the dish. 

We found Tallarin with chicken to have more complex flavors and was more tasty than a simple Chaufa, fried rice dish. 

This is one Peruvian and Chinese dish you’ll quickly come to love for a quick and tasty meal.

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4. Sopa de Wonton – Wonton Soup 

Sopa de Wonton Wonton Soup by Authentic Food Quest
Peruvian Chifa Sopa de Wonton

Any Chifa restaurant in Lima will almost always have Sopa de Wonton or Wonton Soup.  

Sopa de wonton is the most common soup served at any Chifa restaurant.

Typically served as a starter, this soup is an exquisite chicken broth with steamed wontons, Chinese cabbage, and tender chicken pieces.

The wontons are Chinese dumplings made from flour and eggs and filled with meat.

On a Chifa menu, you’ll also find an upgraded Special Wonton Soup. This version includes Chinese onion, cabbage, Chinese noodles, roast duck or pork, and quail eggs.

While simple, this Chifa food is quite flavorful. It’s a delightful way to stimulate your taste buds before moving on to a typical Chifa dish.

Note that you may also see the name of this dish spelled “sopa wantán.”

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5. Lomo Saltado – Peruvian-Style Beef Stir Fry

Chifa dishes lomo saltado by Authentic Food Quest
Delicious lomo saltado

While many people consider Lomo Saltado a traditional Peruvian dish, it is a Chinese Peruvian fusion food.

This dish combines Peruvian and Chinese ingredients and is traditionally cooked in woks.

Thin-cut strips of beef are stir-fried with potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and Peru’s favorite seasoning, aji Amarillo.

Additional flavorings include soy sauce, garlic, and cilantro.

Lomo Saltado is served Chinese-style with white rice and Peruvian potatoes cooked into french fries.

Lomo Saltado is a Criollo dish, meaning a fusion of two cultures. It is one of Peru’s most famous dishes and a staple of Peruvian cuisine.

While in Peru, we savored Lomo Saltado across the country at Peruvian Chinese restaurants. 

This was one of our favorite dishes. And, after digging into exquisite Chinese Peruvian flavors,  it’s easy to see why this dish has transcended its Chinese origins to become a staple Peruvian food.

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In Summary

The immigrant culture is very strong in Peru, and the Chinese influence has yielded surprising yet excellent fusion food known as Chifa dishes. 

Peru remains the country with the most Chinese restaurants in South America.

What’s interesting is that, unlike the U.S. where Chinese food is considered “ethnic,” Chifa is so deeply integrated with traditional Peruvian culture that the food has become, in itself, authentic Peruvian.

While in Peru, add Chifa restaurants and dishes to your culinary itinerary. Allow your taste buds to be excited by the diversity of remarkable Peruvian Chinese dishes. 

Have you had any Chifa Peru dishes? Please let us know in the comments below, which ones you’ve had or are most tempted by from this Peruvian Chifa food guide.

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  1. As a Peruvian, I’m familiar with chifa. In fact, I’m dining at one right now.
    Just one thing: nobody in Perú says wonton, but wantan (sth like “wahnTAHN” when pronounced).

  2. Great article! Peruvian gastronomy is so unique because it is a mixed of different traditions, like the Spanish and the Chinese. Chifa is one of the most flavorful and delicious food in Peru! You have to try the Arroz Chaufa and Sopa Wantan!

  3. All of these meals look so delicious, particularly the lomo saltado. I wouldn’t have known that it’s a dish that is a fusion of Chinese and Peruvian food. Hopefully I get a chance to try these dishes at some point in the future.

    • Thanks Taylor for your comments. We were also surprised and delighted to discover Chinese-Peruvian cuisine. It’s great that this dish is now a national dish in the country. Visit your local Peruvian restaurant and chances are they’ll have it on the menu. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. So cool. I didn’t realize there was so much Chinese food in Peru! I visited, but didn’t make it to Lima. Of course I’m a huge mexican/latin food fan, so I probably wouldn’t have even noticed, but so interesting to learn this!

    • Thanks Michele, glad you enjoyed reading the post. Would not say Chaufa de Marisco is close to Paella…it’s more like fried rice with delicious seafood…in a Chinese way!! Different spices and flavors from paella. Nevertheless, just as delicious 🙂

  5. I actually find the “fusion” of cultures all over the world to be fascinating, although I don’t know if I ever would have guess Chinese and Peru as one! So, I guess it would make it that much more interesting! Really cool to see the combo of food though and how the two cultures really did combine, at least culinary speaking

    • Completely agree with you….until we got to Peru we would never have put Chinese and Peru together. Once we read up on the history of the culture of the food…it all made sense 🙂 The outcome in the different adaptations of the food is incredible!!

    • If you love Chinese food, you will not be disappointed with the variations of Chifa and Chaufa 🙂 True the Lomo Saltado is simple, yet delicious. Hope you can make it to Peru and experience all this goodness first-hand 🙂

  6. Since centuries immigrants from one part of world have gone too other part of world and in thsi made the whole world look better.
    Wow. CHIFA, is an eyeopener for me. Never knew of such thing. Thanks for introducing this.
    Look forward to the day you would uncover India in your foodquest.

    • Thanks Karla…the food in South America is so fascinating. It’s amazing how much the local specialities differ by region and country. We have written lots about the food in the region and we invite you to stay engaged! Cheers 🙂

  7. I think Chinese and Turkish food is taking over the world it is everywhere seemingly. And i love it love both if their cuisines . Some the dishes you listed look great i love rice based dishes


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