7 Bangkok Food Markets That Will Make You Salivate

Visiting markets is one of the best way to find authentic foods on your travels. This cannot be more true for Bangkok markets!

While in Thailand capital, you will find a market for everyone’s taste. From antiques, flowers, clothes and bazaar markets, there is no lack of choice.

In many of Bangkok markets, food is an integral part of the market experience. So which markets are best to visit for local produce and delicious foods?

With such an overwhelming choice of markets, we selected the top 7 Bangkok markets to visit for food that will make you salivate.

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1- Khlong Toei: One Of The Largest Bangkok Markets

One of the largest Bangkok market is Khlong Toei (also spelled Khlong Toey) and is a must visit for every food and market fan.

Located near a sea port and in one of the biggest slum areas, this market is animated and always crowded.

Beyond the immense size, what makes this market so attractive are the low prices. Chefs, cooks and locals frequent this market for the fresh products and low prices on the raw meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits and more.

Khlong Toei Vendor fresh products Bangkok Food Markets Authentic Food QuestFruits and vegetables vendor

It is safe to say that many of the meals you will eat in Bangkok have their origins at this famous Bangkok market.

This market is huge and you can easily spend a whole morning walking through the aisles. This market is also very raw…and authentic. This means that there are some corners of the market that are bloody and filled with different cuts of raw meats. One particularly disturbing section was seeing the live turtles for sale for food.

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Khlong Toei Fish Stand Bangkok Markets Authentic Food QuestFish stand at Khlong Toei market

Fresh products are the main attraction. There are a couple of food stalls, where you should sample Thai dumplings, grilled meats, Thai sweets and more.

Khlong Toei food Vendor Bangkok Markets Authentic Food QuestFood vendor at Khlong Toei market

One of the unique particularities of this market are the “porters.” You will notice men walking around with big baskets and dollies ready to carry all the fresh produce, meats and seafood that have been bought in bulk. We were surprised to see the phonemomn while exploring the local markets in Mexico City.

Khlong Toei market Bangkok Food Markets Authentic Food QuestA porter at Khlong Toei market

Not heavily frequented by tourists, this market is worth the trip for food lovers or visitors looking to get off the regular tourist path.


This market never sleeps. Merchants and restaurateurs usually come around 1 am in the morning to buy goods for their shops, but the market stays open all day for people who want to get their daily cooking supply.  

How To Get There

It is located on Rama IV Road. The closest MRT station is Khlong Toei which is about 10 mins walk from the market.  

Take the exit marked Khlong Toei market. Then walk east on Rama IV Road for ten minutes until you reach the large intersection of Rama IV and Narong Road. The market will be on your right-hand side.

Alternatively, you can take a bus going east along Rama IV road across the street from the MRT station (numbers 45, 46, 72, 102, or 107).

Authentic Food Quest Tips

Go early in the morning since the main action starts at 6:00 am and lasts until 12:00 pm.

Authentic Food Quest Tip: While exciting, sometimes visiting the local markets in Bangkok can be overwhelming. Consider taking a tour of Bangkok with a local guide. See our article 6 of the Best Bangkok Food Tours You Want to Take and choose the perfect Bangkok food tour for you.

2- A Local Foodies Paradise – Wang Lang Market

Across the Chao Phraya River from the Grand Palace, is one of Bangkok’s best markets for food. Taking the river boat to get there is part of the experience you don’t want to miss.

Boat to go to Want Lang food market Bangkok Markets Authentic Food QuestBoat to go to Wang Lang market

Wang Lang Market is a sensory overload. Down long and tight alleys, you will find street foods and restaurants taking up every available open space.

Wang Lang Restaurant Alley Bangkok Markets Authentic Food QuestRestaurant alley at Wang Lang market

Take in the different smells and whiffs of new flavors. Be tempted by the colorful foods that will grab your attention. Don’t be afraid to take a sample or buy little snacks. Taste the full experience of Wang Lang market.

Wang Lang Crab sampling Bangkok Markets Authentic Food QuestFood sampling
Wang Lang Thai Crepes Vendor Bangkok Markets Authentic Food QuestFood vendor selling colorful crepes at Wang Lang market

Competing for your attention will be vendors from the clothing stalls selling the latest Thai fashions, trinkets and accessories. Keep meandering your way through the alleys as you digest all the delicious foods. When you are ready for a “pick-me-up” drink,  treat yourself to a Thai iced coffee or tea.

Wang Lang Iced Coffee Bangkok Markets Authentic Food QuestRosemary getting iced coffee


Wang Lang market is a daytime market, open from about 8:00 am to 6:00 pm daily.

How To Get There

Take the boat that crosses the Chao Phraya river at Tha Chang the pier directly across the Grand Palace.  Get off at Wang Lang pier. You will land right in the middle of the market.

Authentic Food Quest Tip

Go with an open stomach and adventurous mindset and snack your way through the market.

3- Floating Markets: A spotlight on Taling Chan Floating market

Like most of Floating Markets in Bangkok, Taling Chan market is located on the periphery of the city while still accessible from downtown Bangkok.

If you haven’t tried the bus system in Bangkok, going to Taling Chan will provide you an opportunity to ride the rustic buses. If the bus isn’t your thing, take a Grab Car for a good half hour ride to the market from downtown Bangkok.

Taling Chan market is a lovely small market with many food vendors selling fruits, juices, desserts, and meals. The section of the market that is a floating market is at the end of the main street. There you will find a long patio on the water overlooking a few boats preparing food for breakfast and lunch.

We found the food section away from the water to be more interesting than the floating market part. This is really more like a few boats cooking and selling food on water.

Taling Chan market Boat Bangkok Markets Authentic Food QuestFood Vendor on boat at Taling Chan floating market

After asking locals and doing research online, it seems that floating markets around Bangkok are more of tourist events and there are in fact no “traditional” floating markets around Bangkok and more.

Traditional floating markets means that Thai locals would come to sell their products directly from boat to boat.

Taling Chan Boats Bangkok Markets Authentic Food QuestTaling Chan floating market

We liked Taling Chan because of the variety and quality of the food presented. In addition, the market also has a fair share of locals shopping and eating at the market. Unlike other floating markets around Bangkok, this one caters to the local market.

Taling Chan Thai crispy Pancakes Bangkok Markets Authentic Food QuestThai crispy pancakes
Taling Chan Fruit Stall Bangkok Markets Authentic Food QuestFruit stall at Taling Chan market


Taling Chan market is a weekend market, open Saturday and Sunday only from about 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

How To Get There

From the Siam BTS Station, take the bus 79 going west that will drop you off on Chak Phra Road, a few meters or steps away from the Taling Chan market entrance on your left. On the way back, wait in front of the 7-Eleven store on Chak Phra road to be picked up by the same bus.

Authentic Food Quest Tips

Go to the market at the end of the morning and to enjoy a leisurely lunch near the water.

If you would like to visit a floating market and explore the local way of life along the canals we recommend taking a floating market tour. Visit Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, one of Thailand’s most colorful markets with numerous boat vendors. 

4- Bangkok Chinatown Market

No exploration of Bangkok markets is complete without a trip to Chinatown (referred to among locals as Yaowarat). Bangkok’s Chinatown has a history older than the city itself and is today a renowned street food destination and the local favorite dining district.

Chinatown Entrance Bangkok Food Markets Authentic Food QuestEntrance of Chinatown Bangkok bustling with tuk-tuks

During the day is the best time to explore the Chinatown. Make your way through the long winding alleys and discover secrets of Yaowarat market.

Chinatown Market Alley Bangkok Markets Authentic Food QuestChinatown or Yaowarat market alley

You will see a lot of Chinese products and vendors selling dry foods, mushrooms, tea leaves and more. Make sure to sample local Chinese tea and check out the surprising products for sale. 

In addition, you will find century old temples in Chinatown you don’t want to miss. Wat Traimit temple at the start of Yaowarat Road is worth exploring.  If you are new to Bangkok  here are 7 incredible things to do in Bangkok you don’t want to miss.

Vendor Chinatown Bangkok Markets Authentic Food QuestChinatown food vendor with ducks hanging upside down like prized trophies!

Chinatown is packed at night and that is when the street food vendors make their appearance. The energy level multiplies and the streets are bustling with locals and visitors having dinner on small street side tables and chairs.

Be sure to stick around after 6pm and catch the action as well as a delicious meal.

Chinatown Street Food Vendor Bangkok Markets Authentic Food QuestStreet food vendor in Chinatown


Visit the market during the day before 6:00 pm and experience street food at it’s best after nightfall.

How To Get There

Take the bus (number 4) to Chinatown or the MRT to the last station Hua Lamphong, and then walk about 10 mins west to Chinatown or hire a tuk-tuk to drop you off in Chinatown.

Authentic Food Quest Tips

Avoid visiting the market on Mondays because street vendors are not allowed to operate. If you want a guided experience around Chinatown, consider taking a tuk-tuk food adventure of Bangkok at night with Expique

5- A Hidden Gem: Local Bangkok Market in Sathorn District

Close to where we were staying in Bangkok was a local market that we frequented called “Marine Market.” This market is an example of a typical market you may find in many of the local neighborhoods.

These markets are great for getting fresh fruits and vegetables at affordable prices. It is good to keep these types of markets in mind because the grocery stores often have a limited selection of fruits and vegetables and they are oftentimes significantly more expensive.

Sathorn Market Fruit Lady Bangkok Markets Authentic food questFruit vendor at Marine market
Sathorn Market Vegetable Stall Bangkok Markets Authentic food questColorful vegetables at Marine market

The vendors at these markets also sell hot foods. With the markets opening in the late afternoon, they are a great place to pick up dinner to go, or even eat at the market. If you want to eat Bangkok food like a local, eat at the market closest to where you’re staying.

Sathorn Market Thai Curry Vendor Bangkok Markets Authentic Food QuestFood vendor selling Thai curries at Sathorn market, Bangkok

Just like the fruits, the food is also very fresh. For example at the Marine market, you can buy fresh fish and have it prepared on the grill, while you wait.

Sathorn Market Fish Stall Bangkok Markets Authentic food questFish stall at Marine market


Open on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays from about 3 pm to 8 pm.

How To Get There

Located across the supermarket Tops Market On Yen Akat Road in Sathorn, this market isn’t easily accessible by public transportation. The bus (number 22) will drop you off near Thanon Chan & Nang Linchi Road a couple minutes away walking from the market. The closest MRT station is Lumphini and the closest BTS station is Chong Nonsi both about ½ hour walk away. Best will be to hire a taxi or tuk-tuk from there.

Authentic Food Quest Tips

Find the local market in the neighborhood where you are staying and enjoy fresh fruits, produce and food at very affordable prices.

6- Bang Rak Food Market in Silom Foodie Neighborhood

Bang Rak neighborhood also known as Silom District, has many interesting places to eat and is a must visit for any food lovers.

Bang Rak market is one stop to make on your food trail in Bangkok. Although Bang Rak market is not a famous food market, it is a very local market in a historical part of Bangkok.

Located near the BTS station, you will find grilled pork and sticky rice vendor waiting for you at the bottom of the BTS stairs.

Bang Rak Market MRT Station Bangkok Markets Authentic food questEating sticky rice and pork skewers at Saphan Taksin BTS station

At this market you will find fruits, vegetables, seafood and meat vendors. There we tried some of the best crab cakes in Bangkok.

Bang Rak Market eating Crab cakes Bangkok Markets Authentic food questCrab cakes at Bang Rak market
Bang Rak Market Crab bucket Bangkok Markets Authentic food questFresh crabs at Bang Rak market

It is a nice market to shop for products. Inside you have the wet market while outside you find food vendors and restaurants.

It is best to be there in the morning as the stall close early for lunch.

Bang Rak Market Inside Bangkok Markets_Authentic food questInside Bang Rak market


Open from about 6:00 am to 12:00pm daily.

How To Get There

The market is located behind the Shangri-La in Bang Rak. It is within walking distance from the BTS station Saphan Taksin. Take the stairs down exit #3 and turn left heading north into Charoen Krung Road. You will find the entrance of the market on your left after about 10 mins walk.

Authentic Food Quest Tips

Charoen Krung Road is a foodie haven. Take the time to stroll the street, stop by the Chinese inspired medicine shops and sip some local energetic juices.

Read our article for more tips on how to eat like a local in Bangkok

7- Chatuchak Market: One of the Biggest Weekend Markets

One of the best markets for souvenirs, clothes, crafts and more, is the Chatuchak Weekend Market. It is a huge market and it really caters to visitors and tourists. It is not the best market for the food, but since you will probably be visiting the market for gifts, don’t miss out on sampling some of the local delights.

Chatuchak Gift Vendor Bangkok Markets Authentic food questGift store at Chatuchak market

You can easily spend a full day shopping at this market. When you get hungry, let yourself be tempted by the multiple vendors you will see around. Eat grilled squid or octopus and finish your snack with fresh fruits.

Chatuchak Food Vendor Bangkok Markets Authentic food questFood vendor selling quail eggs, grilled octopus and squid
Chatuchak Fruit Vendor Bangkok Markets Authentic food questVendor selling fresh cuts of fruits at Chatuchak market

After all the walking you will at Chatuchak market, you are bound to get thirsty. Before you leave the market, try any of the delicious juices you will see around. One thing to keep in mind is to haggle. The prices at the market are “tourist prices.”  

Don’t be afraid to test your negotiation skills and bargain for better prices.

Chatuchak Fruit juices Bangkok Markets Authentic food questFresh juices at Chatuchak market


Saturday & Sunday, opened from 9:00 am -6:00 pm; Friday, opens at 6:00 pm until about midnight.

How To Get There

Take the BTS to Mo Chit station or the MRT to Chatuchak station.

Authentic Food Quest Tips

While the market is officially opened on Saturday and Sunday, you can shop on Friday evening, avoiding the weekend crowds and daytime heat.

Take a tour of Bangkok Markets in the video below

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In Summary

Bangkok markets offer a wonderful scene to get a taste of Thailand.

With the 7 Bangkok food markets highlighted here, you will have a chance to try the diverse Thai cuisine. It will also give you the opportunity to observe the local Thai food culture.

From floating markets to wet markets, and the Bangkok night markets, you will get a well-rounded experience of the types of markets you will encounter in Bangkok. 

Another way to explore Bangkok markets is to take a food tour with a local guide.

Choose the best tour for you from our article of 6 Bangkok food tours you want to try.

What are your favorite Bangkok market or which one of these 7 markets would you like to visit? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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    • Thanks Christopher for your feedback. That is so interesting that you love the smell of fish at the market. I find that it can get overpowering at times. The Taling Chan market is a fun experience and one that you should check out the next time you are in Bangkok. Cheers 🙂

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    • You are so right Chrysoula, visiting the local markets are so much fun. For those of us not in Asia, the floating markets are quite unique! They are definitively worth visiting. Hope your travels take you to Bangkok soon. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  8. I didn’t realize there were so many markets in Bangkok. A friend is there right now and just posted a picture of the floating market which looks pretty cool. I’d like to try some of the street food you mentioned. The Thai crispy pancakes look tasty.

    • The Taling Chang floating market is quite interesting. From the food to the produce and entire experience of eating on water, it is worth visiting. Hope you can get to Bangkok soon and see the market for yourself. Thanks Dana for your comments.

  9. What an amazing post! I enjoy going to places like these when we go to other countries. You sure see some amazing foods. You are so fortunate to have been able to explore these amazing places! Some day…

    • The floating market is indeed geared towards tourists and this is reflected in the prices. However, if you shop from the vendors that are around the market and not in the floating part, the prices get much more attractive. The floating market is an experience and certainly worth experiencing!! Thanks Edira!!

  10. Sounds like a pretty amazing street food scene among the outdoor markets here in Bangkok – I would love to get to Taling Chan Floating market – even though smaller than the others, that it’s floating is such a foreign and novel concept for me!

    • You are right Meg, the concept of a floating market is novel for those of us living outside of Asia. The Taling Chan market is one that we enjoyed tremendously. It is certainly worth visiting 🙂 Thanks for your comments.

    • You are so welcome Samantha and glad the information is timely. A trip to Bangkok without visiting the markets would be incomplete…build in the time for a few market visits. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions as you prepare for your trip. Cheers!


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