12 Of The Best Argentine Grills For Sale – Review

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Argentinians are famous worldwide for their meats and grilling techniques. The juicy meat is cooked slowly over embers with specifically designed Argentine bbq grills.

If you are looking to enjoy the best of Argentina grilling at home, this guide to the best Argentine grills for sale is for you.

While compact gas and electric grills are easy to use, cooking meat on an open fire is an immersive experience. 

In this Argentina grills review, we highlight several options at different price points. From fully built and handcrafted Argentinian grills, to accessories and tools to help you improve your grilling, there’s something for everyone.

With the Argentine grills for sale featured in this in-depth guide, you too can enjoy the best gaucho style barbecuing at home.

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Argentine Grill – Full Sized

To experience the best Argentinian grilling experience, give yourself the gift of a one of a kind masterpiece.

Here are the best options for full sized grills at various price points to give you a range to choose from.

Comparison Table For The Best Argentine BBQ Grills –  Full Sized

Grill NamePriceBest ForShipping Included (US)Grill Type
Nuke Delta Grill$1799ValueYesFull Size
Tagwood BBQ$2250Multiple cooking styleNoFull Size
NorthForkIronWorks 48” Parrilla$4199Passionate GrillmasterLong Island onlyFull Size
The Ash by Heritage Backyard$4522Family BBQYesFull Size

1 – Argentinian-Style Nuke Delta Grill – Best Value Argentine Grill Full Sized

Nuke Delta Argentina Grill by Authentic Food Quest
Photo credit: NukeBBQ on Facebook

The alloy steel black beauty from NukeBBQ promises you an authentic home-cooked Argentinian barbecue.

Handcrafted by Argentinian blacksmiths and delivered free of cost, the Nuke Delta combines the traditional parrilla with a modern backyard grill. 

This full-sized grill comes with a brazier basket for burning firewood or coal. The hot coals fall through the grate and cook your meat. 

What is unique about the 40-inch Delta grill?

The large grill holds up to 25 burgers and is lined with refractory bricks that maximize heat retention. 

The grill height can be adjusted with a lever to sear your meat and vegetables at the desired heat level.

The grill has a drawer to keep your grilling tools. The accessories include a shovel, a griddle, a fire poker, 2 swivel casters, and a vinyl grill cover.

On the flips side, the grill can only be cleaned with a damp cloth. 

If you are ready to invest in a high-end grill, consider the Nuke Puma, an extremely durable and attractive centerpiece for any outdoor kitchen.

Watch out for the occasional promotion where you can snag the Delta at a discounted price. 

Currently, Nuke offers complimentary gifts like a leather apron and a cutlery set.

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2 – Tagwood BBQ – Best Argentine Grill For Multiple Cooking Style

Another heavy duty grill in black, the Tagwood BBQ grill is an exclusive piece with 4 grilling options. 

You get main grates, secondary grates, 4 S-shaped, stainless steel meat hooks and a griddle.

All the options allow you to cook different meats, vegetables and fruits at the same time. Useful when planning an entire menu on the grill.

This free-standing Santa Maria style grill has a firebox for fuel and a side table for extra cooking space. The grill gates are adjustable and you have 4 swivel casters for better mobility while cooking. 

Unlike the Nuke Delta, this model has holes to hang your tools rather than a separate drawer. But it has a front door to provide safety from the fire and heat.

The only negatives in our opinion were the freight charges and a limited warranty of 3 years.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: Don’t forget to protect your newly acquired Argentina grill. Use a heavy-duty grill cover to ensure maximum durability.

3 – NorthForkIronWorks 48” Parrilla – Best Argentina Grill For Passionate GrillMaster

North Fork Iron Works 48 Parilla by Authentic Food Quest
Photo credit: NorthForkIronWorks on Etsy

Another handmade and stainless steel grill that is manufactured in the USA. The wood fired parrilla from NorthForkIronWorks has a larger cooking area (48” long and 30” wide) compared to the Nuke Delta.

Brendan, the artisan, credits world renowned Live Fire chef Francis Mallmann for inspiring him to design and create these majestic Argentine BBQ grills.

Interestingly, it was also our meeting with Francis Mallmann in Argentina that fueled our love for and deep understanding of the Argentina bbq culture.

What sets this apart from the other grills? The distinct crank wheel from the 1920s made from cast iron has been repurposed and painted a striking blue.

When it comes to the actual grill, it has all the usual components.  V-shaped grates in stainless steel, a side Brasero for burning the wood, front door and basic grilling tools. 

The full boxed cart comes with big wheels for easy movement across the backyard. The grill is equipped with a locally sourced Denier 600 Marine-grade cover.

You get free shipping if you’re based anywhere in Long Island or live within 50 miles from Brooklyn. If you arrange for self-pick, a 15% discount awaits you.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: If you want to learn more Argentine cooking with Francis Mallmann, you can take an online class. In this Yes Chef master class, you’ll learn directly from Francis the secrets of cooking with fire and flavor, and other traditional Argentina recipes. Find out more about immersive Argentina grilling experiences.

4 – The Ash HeritageBackyard Argentine Grill – Best For Family BBQ

The Ash Argentinian Grill Heritage Backyard by Authentic Food Quet
Photo credit: HeritageBackyard on Etsy

Another exceptional USA made grill, this black beauty ticks all the boxes when it comes to Argentine grills. 

Well, almost all the boxes, except for price. The Ash BBQ isn’t the most budget-friendly one in the market, but free shipping is offered anywhere within continental USA.  

You can adjust the height with the grill gate. And, the very characteristic V-Gate Grill drains the grease away from the fire.  

This design eliminates the risk of fire flare while cooking, making it so much better than a regular grill.

This is also an outdoor grills with a 4-caster cart for ease of use. To extend the life of the firebox, they recommend lining it up with firebricks, sourced locally.

As this grill builds some serious heat, our suggestion is to consider wearing a leather apron while barbecuing.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: As a grill master or asado, you want to stay protected with a leather grill apron. This leather grill apron, made in Argentina, is made of cowhide and comes with adjustable leather straps. Authentically designed to accompany your grilling.

Drop-in Argentinian Grills

Looking to upgrade your bbq area? Consider a drop-in grill. 

Drop-in grill fits neatly into a countertop space made specifically for barbecuing. These grills can be placed in the backyard or in a large open kitchen with enough ventilation. 

They can be more affordable than the full sized options while giving you the full Argentinian grilling experience.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: If you are looking for exceptional meat to cook on your Argentine bbq, consider American wagyu beef from Snake River Farm. Read our review about Snake River Farms and their all-natural American wagyu beef and succulent Kurobuta pork.

Comparison Table For The Best Drop-In Argentinian Grills

Drop-In Grill NamePriceBest ForShipping Included (US)Grill Type
JD Fabrications Countertop$1990BudgetNoDrop In
Tagwood BBQ Drop In$2295Grilling VersatilityNoDrop In
The Persimmon by Heritage Backyard$3061Countertop Grill KitYesDrop In

5 – JD Fabrications Countertop Drop In Frame – Best Budget Argentine Grill

JD Fabrications Drop In Argentina Grill by Authentic Food Quest
This is the drop in with firebox model – Photo credit: JD Fabrications on Etsy

Don’t have space for one of a large barbeque grill? These handmade countertop drop in grills may be just what you’re looking for. 

Made with heavy duty iron, each outer frame is customized to fit into the allotted countertop area.  

While there is no special installation or welding required, these are best suited to brick-based islands. 

These need to meet the frame parameters of 36.5 inches x 24.5 inches and a firebox that is at least 13 inches deep.

The 36-inch stainless steel grill comes with the usual bells and whistles. In this case, cable wires are attached to grills to adjust height and the V grates with a drip pan can withstand heavy meat loads.

This model is a great budget option. If you are looking for a similar offer with the drop in box, consider JD Fabrications Single Crank Countertop Drop In.

For an additional $300, you get the Argentinian countertop drop in with the fire box included.

This is one of the few products that come with a 5-year warranty (not covering natural rusting and heat warping). Although it comes with a destination-based freight charge.

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6 –  Tagwood BBQ Drop In Grill – Best Argentina Grill For Versatility

This spacious and versatile drop into countertop grill from Tagwood is made with the same elegance of the larger model. However, it does not have the large serving area and moveable cart.

While most full size and drop in Argentine grills for sale are available in solid black frame, this one is painted an arresting silver color

This versatile grill made with high-quality stainless steel feels spacious for a countertop piece. You have three separate spaces to smoke, sear, grill or slow cook your favorite meats.

This also comes with a gaucho style brasero and interchangeable griddles and basic grilling equipment.

7 – The Persimmon by HeritageBackyard – Best For Countertop Grill Kit

The Persimon Countertop Drop In Argentinian Grill by Authentic Food Quest
Photo credit: HeritageBackyard on Etsy

The all-black Persimmon is an outdoor kitchen countertop grill kit that doesn’t have a firebox. 

You get the welded frame with the V-grate grills that can be adjusted for searing, slow cooking and other styles of bbq. 

This gaucho grill is fitted with an enclosed firewood holder and side wheel for cranking up and lowering the grate. 

As the grill is 42 inches long and 24 inches wide, you need a firebox that is built to specifications to make the best use of this grill kit.

Like the Heritage Backyard Ash, this model is one of the higher end options in its category. The vendor however offers free shipping anywhere within continental USA on all their products.  

This grill, in our opinion, is for customers who prefer to shop from local craftsmen and are willing to wait a month or more for delivery.

Portable Argentina Grill Kits

This portable kit offers you the best of two worlds. Argentine style open fire grilling with the advantage of mobility and affordability.

These grill grates are compact and work for smaller group meals or intimate dinners. They are a solid option when you are not ready to invest in a full sized or countertop grill setups.

Comparison Table For The Best Portable Argentina Grill Kits

Grill Kits NamePriceBest ForShipping Included (US)Grill Type
Argentine Grate by JD Fabrications$755Customized Crate$150 Flat feeGrill Kit
$337Combo Grill Kit$105 Flat feeGrill Kit
Argentine Grill Set by GauchoLife$320Brasero OptionFreeGrill Kit
SpitJack$179Camping GrillAmazon ratesGrill Kit
Weber Kit  – Caliente$235Weber UsersAmazon ratesGrill Kit

8 – Stainless Argentine Grate – Best Customized Grate For Argentinian Grills

JD Fabrications Argentine Grate by Authentic Food Quest
Photo credit: JD Fabrications on Etsy

If you’re looking to add a parrilla grill grate to an existing outdoor fireplace, this is a quality purchase. The V-grate is made with stainless steel and welded well to prevent rusting.

For those of you who prefer to sear chicken and fattier meats, this is the right type of Argentinian grill to have in your outdoor kitchen. 

As these types of standalone grills are not height adjustable, the manufacturer has come up with a workaround. 

The grill has two side tabs that allow you to attach cable wires and hang it in a built-in fireplace.  

The advantage of such grates is that you can get it customized to the sizes you want, or order one that fits into your full-size grills.

9 – Argentine Parrilla-Plancha Grill – Best For Combo Grilling

Hand Made Grill Argentine Parrilla Plancha Grill by Authentic Food Quest
Photo credit: HandMadeGrill on Etsy

Handmade Grill has come up with a unique combo grill composed of carbon steel. You can think of it as a no-frills and non-adjustable version of a full-size gaucho grill.

The grill grate is divided into two sections. A classic V-shaped grate for actual fire cooking and the smaller smooth surface for stocking uncooked ingredients. It can also be used to cook “a la plancha”. 

Mount this on an open brick-style oven to enjoy the fresh and open fire style of cooking meats.

The grill comes with useful accessories like a cleaning brush, a grill cover to protect it from the elements, and a kitchen apron.

The vendor offers the same grill in stainless steel but at twice the cost. The best part is that you can start grilling parilla-style within a week of ordering one.

10 – Argentine Grill Set by GauchoLife – Best Argentina Grill Kit With Side Brasero

Gaucho Life Argentine Grill Set by Authentic Food Quest
Photo credit: GauchoLife on Etsy

Looking for a compact and attractive looking Argentine bbq grill you can use outdoors? 

GauchoLife has not just one but three grill options for you. Unlike other products with attached brasero or no fire holder to speak of, these grills come with separate brazier and grill grates.  

Choose from small, medium or large asado parilla depending on your cooking needs and backyard space. 

The grills are made with durable and high-quality iron and have side handles for easy removal and transport. The largest of the grills is 39 inches long while the smallest is around 24 inches.

This product ships in 2-3 days, so go get your meats ready for the barbecue feast.

11 – SpitJack Portable Camping Grill – Best For Camping Grill

This camping grill from SpitJack makes it possible to have an asado style campsite dinner. It is modeled on the Santa Maria style grill but with some of the key features of a conventional camping grill. 

This piece is likely to win your heart with its sheer ingenuity. 

The cast iron has three inbuilt notches which allow you to adjust the height of the stainless-steel grill grate to sear or slow cook as required. 

The grates come with two wooden handles that help you maneuver the grates and control the cooking of meats. An attached drip pan completes the gaucho grilling experience. 

What we loved about this product? It can be folded up and reassembled in minutes. You can use this fireplace grill as a support for skillets and cast iron Dutch ovens, and placed over standard logs.

The product is versatile and can be safely used at home, on campsites or even on your boat.

12 – Weber Argentine Style Grill Kit – Best Argentina Grill Kit For Weber Users

If you already have a standard grill and want to get a taste of Argentina grilling style, check out this clever option. 

Here, you have a truly portable grill grate from Weber designed in Argentine style.

Unlike the square or rectangular grills, we’ve seen so far, this neat model has round and height adjustable charcoal grates. 

Using the weighted handles, you can grill directly over the hot coals or further away from heat. All this while the grate holding your food remains stationary.  

As this enclosed mini grill is made with high superior stainless-steel material, you’re assured of rust free and durable performance.

You’ll need an existing 22.5inch Weber kettle barbecue to use with this parilla kit.

Things To Consider Before Buying Your Argentina Grills

Argentine Grills Authentic Food Quest
Argentinian grills allow you to make great tasting meat

From burgers to medium-rare steaks and charred ribs, Argentinian grills allow you to make great tasting meat on an open fire. 

Depending on the space you have available and the type of Argentine style grill you are looking for, there are several considerations.

As you work your way to becoming an outstanding Argentina asador or grill master, consider the following.

Full Sized Grill vs Drop In vs Grill Kits

Choose a grill depending on your backyard cooking space and your barbecue needs. 

Do you regularly host grilling parties and can’t wait to master Argentinian style grilling ? Then a full size or drop-in grill is more suitable. 

Already have a grilling area and need a new countertop? Choose the drop-in grill that fits your existing cooking area.

If your countertop doesn’t come with a firebox, choose a model with a built-in firebox lined with firebrick. Make sure your parilla grill is customized to fit exactly into the cut out space. 

Are you intrigued by Argentina style grilling but not ready to invest in a full-sized BBQ? Consider a portable kit option to get a taste of Argentinian grilling before you commit to the full-sized option.

Does your property have a built-in outdoor fireplace? A portable grill kit allows maximum use of this open oven.

Your Budget

Full sized handmade Argentinian grills don’t come cheap and most of these are priced above $1500 and can go up to $5000. 

While these are expensive, they are packed with features including large grilling space and height adjustable grill gates. 

What’s more, they are built to last a lifetime and have more benefits to make grilling easier.  

While typically more affordable, drop in options also require a significant investment from $1500 up to $3000.

Portable grill kits start at $180 and are great alternatives to the full sized and drop in offers when looking for value options.

While not providing the full features of a full sized grill, they can provide a taste of Argentine grilling.

Must-Have Features

Given that the full-size and drop-in grill are expensive, the craftsmanship, construction and material used should be worth the price. 

Here are some must-have features to help you choose the best grill for your needs.

Grate And Drip Pan

Argentinian grills have V-shaped grates. This feature allows the fat to slide through slots and accumulate in the drip pan below rather than dripping into the fire. 

As fire is the enemy in Argentinian grilling, you need to choose V grate grills that are durable, super resistant and provide even grilling temperatures. 

If you require a rust free and robust grill, and are willing to pay for it, go for stainless steel grill grates. The material also helps conduct heat efficiently and control roasting temperatures.

If you’re opting for cast-iron or carbon steel grills, they need to be well coated with anti-rust and food safe overlay.

A drip pan to catch the dripping fat is another must have feature in the best Argentina grill. 

Adjustable Grate Height

You should be able to adjust the height of the grate away and near the charcoal heat to use diverse bbq techniques. 

The frame should be sturdy enough to handle heavier meats or a whole animal (full-size grills). 

The cable wires and the crank wheel should be made with durable material and well welded. 

You don’t want the wires snapping and the grate dropping down while you’re trying to slow cook.

Side Brasero

This is a personal choice. A side brasero is handy to load the firewood and coals for heating.  But your asado style grilling will work just fine without one. 

If you select a grill kit, then you have the option of buying a separate brasero for your grill.


For added mobility, choose a full size grill on wheels. For storage and counter space, a rolling cart with shelves works well.

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