Top 15 Asian Snacks Box To Spice Up Your Cravings

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The best Asian snacks are a culinary treat for lovers of Asian foods. The colors, flavors, and sheer variety are without a doubt, fun and exciting.

Having traveled through Asia several times, we enjoyed discovering and tasting various unusual snacks and flavors.

To get a taste of Asia at home, we scoured the net to find some of the finest Asian snack boxes. 

This guide to the best 15 Asian snack boxes takes you on an exciting snacking trip.  

Filled with different flavors, crunch, and unusual tastes, these exotic snacks are sure to delight.

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Asian Snacks Box Comparison Table

Asian Snacks BoxPrice# Snacks per BoxUS / WorldwideShipping Fees (US)Best for
Tokyo Treat$32.5015-20Worldwide $12.50Full Size Japanese Snacks
Bokksu$39.9520-22Worldwide FreeArtisanal Japanese Snacks
Sakuraco $32.5020Worldwide $12.50Authentic Japanese Snacks
Snack Pot$52.7930-35USFreeTrendy snacks
SeoulBox Signature$39.5016-20Worldwide$12.50Authentic Korean Snacks
Hello Dreamers Asian Snacks Box $41.5035WorldwideFreeFreebies
FunFlavorsBox Asian Snacks $29.9930WorldwideFreeVariety
Kit Kat Box$25.9016WorldwideAmazon ratesKit Kat lovers
Korean Variety Snack Box$29.9445WorldwideAmazon ratesKorean Snacks Lovers
Malaysian Snacks Box$1820WorldwideAmazon ratesMalaysian Snacks Lovers
CrispyRice Ramen Noodle Snackbox $29.9530US$10.84Ramen Lovers
HiGardenia Asian Snack Box$69.4250USFreeSampler
Fruitypeachpop Asian Box$58.6450US$5.00Exotic
Mashi Mystery Box$29.9925WorldwideAmazon ratesSurprises
IndiFix$3220+USFreeIndian Treats
Disclaimer: Please note prices were accurate at the time of publication.

1. Tokyo Treat – Best Full Size Snacks

Tokyo Treat Asian Snack Boxes by Authentic Food Quest
Taste Japan with this surprising snacks box – Photo credit: TokyoTreat on Facebook

Bite into Japan with a myriad of exotic snacks and delicious treats delivered to your home.

This Tokyo Treat Japanese snack box comes with an assortment of exclusive 15 to 20 full-size Japanese snacks.

Offering a taste of modern life in Japan, you’ll find Japanese drinks, candies, chocolate, ramen, chips, cookies, and baked goods in each box.

With each box at about 2.86 pounds in weight, it is the biggest Japanese snacks box available. 

With a Tokyo Treat snack box, you can choose how often you want to receive it. You can subscribe to a monthly, 3-month, or 6-month and save even more on a 12-month plan. 

Each box comes with a  20-page Japanese culture guide, which includes the ingredients and allergen information of each snack.

A Tokyo Treat snack box makes an awesome gift for lovers of Japan or Asian delights. 

Easy to cancel and with shipping worldwide, this is one of the best Asian snack boxes from Japan to get.

What People Are Saying

“Having visited Japan in 2017 each box is a reminder of how awesome it was. It’s like being able to visit Japan all the time.”

I enjoyed everything in my box…. even things I never would have purchased for myself. This Tokot Treat Box was a fun way to try new things, and nothing went to waste.”

2. Bokksu – Best Artisanal Japanese Snack Box

Bokksu Japanese Snacks Box by Authentic Food Quest
The best of Japan in one box – Photo credit: Bokksu on Facebook

Supporting small Japanese business owners, Bokksu delivers premium Japanese snacks through monthly snack boxes shipped from Japan.

Each Bokksu Japanese snack box is curated around a certain theme, holiday, or prefecture offering a unique way to learn and taste Japan from home.

Some of the past boxes have featured Autumn snacks from the Kansai region Moon Festival snacks, February Valentine snacks, and more.

Each Bokksu box comes with 20 to 24 Japanese snacks, including a  culture guide magazine to the region with ingredient information.

All Bokksu boxes ship for free, and you can also buy individual Asian snacks at the Bokksu Market store. 

Help keep Japanese traditions alive when you get a one-month, 3, 6 or 12-month subscription with Bokksu.

This Bokksu box is one of the tastiest ways to get to know Japan from home.

What People Are Saying

“The presentation is always great, and it is definitely fun to get the Bokksu every month. The variety is well thought through.”

“Love the variety.” “Beautiful packaging.”

 “I love the portion size and the more refined palate”

3. Sakuraco – Best For Authentic Japanese Snacks

Sakuraco Asian Snack Boxes by Authentic Food Quest
Finest artisanal Japanese snacks – Photo credit: Sakuraco on Facebook

Sakuraco is another one of the best Japanese snack boxes offering authentic Japanese snacks and candies.

Sakuraco, is not the same as Bokksu though they both offer premium Japanese snacks. 

A sister company to Tokyo Treat, Sakuraco, founded in 2015 works exclusively with Japanese family-owned businesses who dedicated their lives to the art of snack making.

A monthly box from Sakuraco offers a slice into a different part of Japan while showcasing the local artisans,

Each Sakuraco box contains about 20 local snacks and home goods, hand picked and shipped directly from Japan.

Find an assortment of snacks, candies, Japanese tea home goods, like chopsticks, furoshiki, and ceramics. 

A detailed 24-page culture guide featuring stories about Japanese makers, snacks, and culture accompany your snacking adventure. 

Explore the ancient traditions of Japan with a Sakuraco Japanese snack box, monthly, 3, 6, or with a 12-month subscription.

What People Are Saying

“Fabulous Japanese treats. It’s a beautiful box with delicious cookies and treats. Very original with a gorgeous little dish. The tea is really good too.”

“This was my first box from Sakuraco and it was amazing and I do not regret it at all. All the different snacks and tea were so cool.”

“It’s so wonderful to get this Sakuraco box. Receiving it reminded me of my time in Japan many years ago. I can’t wait to get my next box.”

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4. Snack Pot – Best Asian Box for Trendy Snacks

Snack Pot by Authentic Food Quest
A popular Asian snacks box – Photo credit: SnackPot on Etsy

Asian snacks lovers will scream for delight with this variety box of Asian snacks. 

Featuring trendy and tasty sweets and savory snacks, Asian snacks lovers hit the jackpot every time with this Snack Pot.

Find Pokemon, Hello Kitty, Super Mario-themed snacks, and more. With a mix of dagashi, chips, jellies, crackers, candies, ramen, and more, you have a feast to discover.

Each Snack Pot snacks box is handcrafted, and you can choose from one of three sizes. A small Taster Box has 10 to 15 amazing snacks. 

The Medium Feast Box features 20 to 25 treats, and the large Premium Box has 30 to 35 snacks.

Some items in this variety pack ship exclusively from Japan, adding even more excitement to the treats. 

While some of the snacks may change by season, you’ll always get awesome treats of the same value and quantity.

What People Are Saying

“So much variety, it’s pretty densely packed in. Got some Pokémon stickers as freebies.”

“The box came super quick and was packed perfectly. The snacks are so fun and delicious.”

“My box was packaged cutely and super delicious. I loved it!.”

5. SeoulBox Signature – Best Authentic Korean Snacks and K-Pop

SeoulBox Signature Unboxing by Authentic Food Quest
Exciting Korean goodies right at your doorstep

The SeoulBox Signature is one of the most authentic Asian snack boxes shipping directly from Korea.

Each box contains the best snacks and K-pop items to feed both your munchies and your cultural curiosity. 

Every month you get around 18 handpicked Korean snacks curated with a particular theme. But that’s not all, K-Pop items and K-beauty skincare products are also present in each month’s box. 

Fun and crazy ramen noodles are also part of the Korean snacks as well as unique local drinks.

This Asian snacks box is all about the Korean thrill. There is a mystery item in each box adding to the excitement each month. 

One of the best parts about this Korean snack box is a magazine or booklet that comes in each box.

It contains popular cultural information on Korea and the world of K-pop. A list of valuable information on the snack ingredients is also included. 

This is one of the most authentic Korean boxes to get since some of the items are found exclusively in Korea.

What People Are Saying? 

“I love all the different citrus-flavored foods. Especially the halabong chocolate. The only problem is I want more.”

“All the snacks are delicious and the magazine that comes with it is very informative and has taught me more about South Korea and its amazing history and culture.”

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6. Hello Dreamers Asian Snack Box – Best For Extras

Hello Dreamers Asian Snack Box by AuthenticF ood Quest
Each order offers a delightful surprise – Photo credit: HelloDreamers on Etsy

Love candy? 

What about Asian candy? 

Filled with surprises, this Asian snacks box includes free stickers and snacks with each box ordered.

The treats are from all over Asia, with the vast majority from Japan and Korea. 

You’ll find a yummy selection of cookies, chocolate, candies, chips, and unusual surprises that will keep you guessing.

The snacks change all the time making each new box of your order a delicious mystery to be solved.

Choose from three different sizes of snacks boxes. 

Start with a 35-piece snack box, get a larger 50-piece candies box, or the largest 100-piece snacks box.

This Asian candy box does not offer a subscription plan. It is a convenient one-time purchase with gift wrap and allergen information included. 

Enchant family and friends with the surprising flavors and gifts in this Asian variety pack.

What People Are Saying

“This is my second time ordering and as always, it exceeded my expectations. Everything was packaged nicely and I love the taste of everything I received. The stickers were awesome. Thank you.”

“There were a lot of snacks/candies that I liked, and many of them I’ve never had before. There was plenty to share with others. I haven’t finished the box yet, but so far I’m enjoying the box.”

7.  FunFlavorsBox Asian Snacks – Best For Variety 

Fun Flavors Asian Snacks Box by Authentic Food Quest
Taste over 30 different snacks in each box – Photo credit: Fun Flavors Box on Facebook

Expect to travel across Asia with this Fun Flavors Box filled with all sorts of Asian snacks.

This Asian snacks box has exotic snacks from countries like Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, and the Philippines. 

You’ll be excited to discover a range of unique goodies including sweet and savory candies, cakes, rice crackers, jelly, or chocolate-covered biscuits.

Each variety pack is filled with more than 30 different snacks. This makes this Asian snack box perfect for college kids, road trips, or any snack lover.

While the assortment of snacks can change according to the season, the quantities and quality don’t vary.

This is a one-time purchase with a simple shipping process and a money-back guarantee.

Savor a snack adventure through Asia with this variety pack of Asian snacks.

What People Are Saying

“The kids had fun trying all the different types of snacks. They felt like world travelers.”

“This was a perfect birthday gift for my 17-year-old grandson. He loves sweets and snacks endlessly. The box was devoured in just a week, but he generously shared it with a close friend.”

8. Kit Kat Box – Best For Kit Kat Lovers

Top 15 Asian Snacks Box To Spice Up Your Cravings 1Top 15 Asian Snacks Box To Spice Up Your Cravings 2

Kit Kat in Japan is more than chocolate. It’s an obsession and a symbol of good luck.

This Japanese Kit Kat box contains an assortment of 16 Kit Kat bars imported from Japan. 

You will find flavors such as chocolate, Japanese sake, Japanese tea (or Kyoto Hojicha), nuts, fruits, strawberry cheese, or even wasabi.  

Each box, purchased as a one-time Asian snack box delivers a random assortment of Kit Kat flavors

This will allow you to taste different kinds of Kit Kats each time you order a box.

In Japan, the most popular Kit Kats are called Kit Kat Mini. This is the size you’ll receive in your box as they ship directly from Japan.

Kit Kat flavors vary by region and season, and this Kit Kat box makes an awesome gift for lovers of chocolate with a twist.

What People Are Saying

“I loved everything about this. All the flavors are fun to try. And would be a great gift for anyone interested in trying new things 10/10 experience.”

“It was really fun to try these different unique flavors. I love the matcha KitKats. It’s a random assortment, so you don’t know what you’ll get.”

I am so excited to try all of these! But they are a gift for my daughter. These are gonna make my daughter so happy. She LOVES anything Japan.”

9. Korean Variety Snack Box- Best Korean Assorted Snacks

Top 15 Asian Snacks Box To Spice Up Your Cravings 3Top 15 Asian Snacks Box To Spice Up Your Cravings 4

This delicious Korean snack box contains 45 individually packaged single-serve high-quality snacks. Inside the box, there’s Korean candy, chips, snacks, gummies, and cookies. 

It’s a value pack that excites the taste buds. You get to sample a variety of flavors. 

From spicy to sweet flavors like caramel and chocolate or fruits like grape, peach, and more.

Beautifully packed, this box of Korean snacks makes an excellent gift or a surprise pack for celebrations like birthdays and more.

This Korean Variety snack box is a one-time purchase and not a subscription box. Simply try the snacks and enjoy them at a leisurely pace.

For adventurous eaters with a fondness for Korean snacks, this 45-piece variety box is the perfect snack box.

What People Are Saying

“This is my first “international” snack box, and I’m really pleased. I actually received 37 items in my box!” 

“I bought these for something different for the kids snacks. They loved them! We were surprised by the great taste of the seaweed crisp crackers snacks.”

10. Malaysian Snack Box – Best Snacks For Malaysian Food Lovers

Top 15 Asian Snacks Box To Spice Up Your Cravings 5Top 15 Asian Snacks Box To Spice Up Your Cravings 6

Malaysia, a top destination for food in Southeast Asia, is one of our favorite countries. Malaysian snacks, just like the food, are mouthwatering and highly diverse.

Whether you’ve been to Malaysia or not, this tasty snack box will take you there. This is not a subscription box but a one-time purchase of Malaysian treats.

This box is filled with 20 different amazing snacks with exciting sweet and savory flavors. 

Everything is individually wrapped making it easy to share the treats or eat them over a period of time.

The assortment includes unique goodies and various flavors and makes for an awesome gift for any gathering.

This Asian snacks box is one of the most affordable boxes on this list. If you’ve ever wanted to taste Malaysia, this is an exciting way to get started.

What People Are Saying

“Everything was fresh and yummy.” “Brings back my childhood.”

“It is fun to try new snacks from other countries. This Malaysian box had a nice assortment.”

11. CrispyRice Snackbox – Best For Ramen Lovers

Crispy Rice Best Asian Snacks Boxes by Authentic Food Quest
Unlock a world of Asian noodle flavors – Photo credit: CrispyRice SnackBox on Facebook

This one-time purchase Ramen mystery snack box offers authentic ramen soups from multiple Asian countries. 

Your taste buds will travel to Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines while savoring each country’s unique ramen noodles.

There are three mystery boxes to choose from, each one with a different number of snacks.

The Sampler box contains 10 different ramen noodles. The Fan-Favorite box has 20 different ramen noodles. 

And the largest First Class box has 30 different ramen noodles to savor.

Each of the handpicked noodles takes you on an Asian adventure. From spicy chicken to pork, shrimp, vegan, or curry, you will discover some of the best flavors of Asia.

This Asian snacks box offers a unique snack adventure for lovers of noodles and ramen.

What People Are Saying

“The variety of items we received was better than expected, we also got 2 free drinks which I’m very eager to try.”

“Really a good assortment of food if you want to try something new go for it.”

“Love the box great variety in the box. Very helpful seller.”

12. HiGardenia Asian Snack Box – Best For Samplers

Hi Gardenia Asian Snack Box Subscription by Authentic Food Quest
A new adventure every time you order – Photo credit: HiGardenia on Etsy

Bring Asia to your table with this large 50-piece Asian snacks box.

This Asian Snack Box is a one-time buy with multiple size options. You can choose your box based on your preferences for the number of snacks, candies, and drinks.

The options range from a small box with five Asian snacks and five candies up to 50 snacks with 25 candies and 2 drinks in a box. 

The treats are handpicked and feature delicacies from Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, and other Asian countries. 

All the snacks are sample-sized and change regularly with each box. This makes it an exciting snack adventure each time you order a variety pack with new and unusual treats.

Find a variety of snacks that include chocolates, chips, candy, cakes, rice crackers, taro, cookies, and much more.

When you order this Asian snacks box, you can eat from several different Asian countries each time you unwrap a snack.

What People Are Saying

“Loved my treats and snacks!!”

“Arrived faster than I expected! It was so much fun trying the snacks with family”

13. Fruitypeachpop Asian Box – Best For Exotic Asian Snacks

Fruity peach pop Asian Food Box by Authentic Food Quest
Savor full-size snacks, candies, and drinks – Photo credit: fruitypeachpop on Facebook

For lovers of Korea and Japan, this mystery surprise box has some of the best snacks from these two countries.

This ultimate Japanese-Korean exotic snack box offers full-size snacks, candies, and drinks exclusively from Asia.

The boxes are full of surprises with the snacks are hand-picked randomly. 

In addition to Korea and Japan, you may also find surprise snacks from Thailand, China, or the Philippines.

You can choose from multiple box sizes. You can get started with a Starter box with 15 pieces all the way up to an Exclusive box with 50 pieces.

Exclusive drinks are included in the boxes starting with 20 snacks, while the exclusive box also contains ramen.

Savor amazing snacks and candies from Japan and Korea in this yummy Asian snack box.

What People Are Saying

“It was such a good box all the snacks were delicious and exactly what I expected.”

“I loved it, I got to try many things from different countries. It was carefully packaged, and everything arrived in perfect condition. I even got some stickers from some of my favorite anime, that was really nice.”

14. Mashi Mystery Box – Best Surprise Asian Snacks Box

Top 15 Asian Snacks Box To Spice Up Your Cravings 7Top 15 Asian Snacks Box To Spice Up Your Cravings 8

From Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and more, this snack box is full of surprising treats.

Tour Asia with your taste buds with the unique flavors in this Mashi mystery box. A Mashi box is a one-time purchase snack box filled with exotic and Asian snacks.

The assortment of snacks changes in this mystery box. 

You never know what snacks from what countries are in the Mashi box.

However, one thing is certain. You’ll always get three full-sized items, 12 to 13 sample-sized snacks, and 9 to 10 candies.

If you love discovering new Asian flavors, then this Mashi box, full of mystery, is ideal.

Discover new tastes and textures, or give this box as a gift. The Mashi box packaging makes it perfect for gift-giving.

What People Are Saying

“For someone who’s open-minded and enjoys exploring a variety of snacks, the Mashi Box Asian Dagashi Snack Surprise Mystery Box was truly fascinating.”

“Sent this as a gift. It was so much fun for them to experience new tastes and look up to see different cultures.”

15. Indian Snack Box – Best Snacks Box For Beloved Indian Treats 

Indi Fix Snacks Box by Authentic Food Quest
The only subscription box for Indian treats Photo credit: IndiFix on Etsy

This IndiFix snack box is the only subscription box that features the most loved treats from India.

Whether you’re craving candies, chocolate, noodles, chips, cookies, or nuts, you get it all in this variety pack.

This India snack box comes in two popular sizes.

The Original Fix has more than 12 handpicked treats. Whereas the Super Fix has more than 20 premium snacks for the ultimate Indian food lover. 

What we love about IndiFix is their commitment to helping local communities. 

When you get a box, an Indian child in need gets a free meal.

Each monthly subscription box is filled with different treats from all over the country. You can be assured you’ll not get the same snacks each month.

Explore Indian culture and enjoy fantastic flavors from India each month with a subscription to IndiFix.

What People Are Saying

“My Super Fix IndiFix box was stuffed completely full of snacks from sweet to savory.”

“This is a great box packed full of Goodies .I was impressed with how much they put into this box, and it’s such a beautiful box too.”

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