6 of the Best Bangkok Food Tours You Want To Try – [Updated 2022]

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Taking Bangkok food tours is a great way to discover the local specialties in one of the best cities in the world for food.

Whether it’s your first trip to Bangkok or you’ve been there multiple times, the local delicacies and street foods are captivating.

Taking a Bangkok food tour with a local Thai guide, helps you know the local culture as you eat your way through the city.

While in Bangkok, or the “City of Angels,” here are six Bangkok food tours to choose from to make your travels tasty.

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Comparison Table of The Best Food Tours in Bangkok

Food Tours in BangkokPrice 
($ USD)
Private Start Time Duration (hours) Location Best For
A Chef’s Bangkok Street Food Tour$59.00Small group tour4:30 pm4 hBangkok ChinatownOverall
Bangkok Food Tour in a Tuk Tuk$66.23Small group tour6:30 pm4 hBangkokTuk Tuk Experience
Bangkok Chinatown Food Tour$46.56Small group tour2:00 pm 4 hBangkok ChinatownChinatown Culture
Bangkok Floating Market Tours$23.18Small group tour7:30 am6 hDamnoen Saduak Floating MarketFloating Market
Bangkok Food Tour Bang Rak$46.47Small group tour9:30 am 4 hBang Rak District in BangkokMulticultural Experience
Bangkok to Ayutthaya Day Tour$166Private 8:00 am9 to 10 hAyutthayaHistory and Temples

The prices of these food tours in Bangkok are in Thai Baht (THB). We provide USD conversion at the time of writing. Prices and food tours availability may vary when you book your tour.

The Best Bangkok Food Tours To Choose From

1.  A Chef’s Bangkok Street Food Tour – Best Overall

Bangkok Chinatown Food Trails Authentic Food Quest
Bangkok, Chinatown (photo credit: Ludo Raedts)

Imagine diving head first into a Bangkok street food tour designed by a chef. 

A Chef’s Tour is a new type of food tour company that creates tours good enough for chefs. 

Their tours don’t pander to Western palates. Instead you get to really understand the regional foods, history and ingredients in the heart of the area’s cuisine.

We took a Chiang Mai food tour with A Chef’s Tour to explore northern Thai food and loved it. 

On the Bangkok BackStreets Food Tour, your local Thai chef will be your English speaking tour guide. 

You’ll explore the city’s alleys and hidden eats, the places most visitors to Thailand would never find.

The tour takes place in Chinatown gate where for over 4-hours you will discover the hidden Chinatown gems and the best places to eat. 

One word of caution, eat light before your tour as you will sample more than 15 local delicacies.

As you walk around, your local chef guide will answer all your questions about Thai culture and history. 

When it comes to the food, you’ll understand the dishes and ingredients and how they connect back to Thai culture.

If you want a chef’s perspective on the local Bangkok street food in Chinatown, consider taking a Bangkok Backstreets Food Tour.

Cost of the Tour: $59 USD per person

Length of Tour:  Approximately 4 hours. Tour start at  4:30 pm 

Size: Small group tours (max 8) with a chef and foodie English speaking guide.

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2. Best Tuk Tuk Bangkok Food Tour – Evening Tour

Rosemary and Claire TukTuk Bangkok at night by Authentic Food Quest
Rosemary and Claire on a tuk-tuk food tour Bangkok

Tuk-Tuks are one of the most iconic modes of transportation in Bangkok. 

The way these three-wheeled vehicles whizz in and out of traffic is an experience to be had by first time and repeat visitors to Bangkok.

If you are curious about taking a Tuk Tuk, why not combine that with an evening food and tuk tuk adventure.

At night the streets of Bangkok come to life in a unique way. Your senses are heightened as the smells and sounds of street vendors greet you at every corner. 

On one of our visits to Bangkok, we took the opportunity to hop into a tuk tuk and take a Bangkok evening food tour.

That was one of the most fun and insightful tours we’ve taken. 

We enjoyed the combination of stops at delicious off the beaten path eateries and learning about what makes Thai cuisine special. 

Furthermore, the convenience of moving around leisurely in a tuk tuk makes for an entertaining experience.

If you are looking to experience Bangkok in a tuk tuk and gain a local’s perspective of night eating in the city, this tour is for you. 

You’ll enjoy diverse food stops, a local market stop and a Bangkok temple tour cultural stop in between the eating.

Cost of the Tour: $66.23 USD per person (minimum 2 people)

Length of Tour:  Approximately 4 hours. Tours start at 6:30 pm 

Size: Small group tour with English speaking Bangkok tour guide

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3. Bangkok Chinatown Food Tour – Best For Cultural Insights

Claire and Rosemary Eating Street Food in Chinatown on a Bangkok Food Tour by Authentic Food Quest
Rosemary and Claire eating street food in Chinatown on a Bangkok food tour

Chinatown Bangkok is the world’s largest and most authentic community of Chinese living outside China. 

It is also one of Bangkok’s busiest and liveliest districts.

Known to locals as “Yaowarat”, Chinatown Bangkok goes way beyond a tourist attraction. 

It is a working Chinatown with two distinct atmospheres. There is a Bangkok market by day and a massive open air food market by night.

Navigating Chinatown and knowing the best vendors not to miss can be very intimidating. 

On our first visit to the capital of Thailand, we took a Chinatown Bangkok food tour to get the most out of the experience. 

Having a guide that spoke both Thai and English was a huge bonus as well. 

On this Chinatown tour with a local guide, you will explore the hustle and bustle of Chinatown while sampling unique regional Thai foods.

You will also explore the temples and churches that are part and parcel of Bangkok’s sprawling Chinatown.

Plunge into this buzzing district and discover the distinctive Bangkok style take on Thai food. 

Discover the great food stalls, have so much fun as you eat delicious food at hidden gems in secret alleyways.

Cost of the Tour: $46.56  USD per person (minimum 2 people)

Length of Tour:  Approximately 4 hours. Tours start 2:00 pm 

Size: Small group size with local guide 

4. Best Bangkok Floating Market Tour

Taling Chan market Boat Bangkok Markets Authentic Food Quest
Food Vendor on boat at Taling Chan floating market

Visiting markets is a great way to explore the local food scene in Bangkok. There are many kinds of Bangkok food markets, and at each one food is an integral part of the experience. 

One of the most unique market experiences is visiting one of the must-see floating markets of Thailand. These floating markets continue to be some of top highlights from Bangkok. 

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is one of Thailand’s most colorful markets with lots of boat vendors. You can sail the canals and try fresh fruits and delicious foods from the different vendors.

On your way to the famous Damnoen Saduak floating market, stop by a local Thai house and see locals making brown coconut sugar. Understand the importance of this ingredient in Thai cooking.

At the floating market, try authentic Thai foods and indulge in local treats and tasty seasonal fruits. 

This floating market Bangkok tour offers an incredible experience and intimate look into the local culture.

It is best for those looking to explore a slice of local life outside the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. 

Cost of the Tour: $23.18 USD per person

Length of Tour: 6 Hours. Tours start at 7:30 am. Hotel pick up available for an additional fee

Size: Small group size with an English speaking guide

5. Bangkok Food and Walking Tour in Bang Rak – Best For Multicultural Experience

Pork Stick Food cart Bangkok food tour Authentic Food Quest
Typical street food cart with pork on a stick grilling in Bang Rak

If you want to immerse yourself in a local neighborhood, there is no better place than Bang Rak. 

Bang Rak is one of Bangkok’s districts known by locals for having some of the best food in a small area. 

Additionally, Bang Rak is also known as the “Village of Love”, and it represents Muslim, Buddhist, and Christian communities living in harmony for over 150 years.

We took a Bang Rak Food Tour and enjoyed wonderful and authentic experiences that we wouldn’t have discovered by ourselves. 

This food tour in the historic Bang Rak district is more than just a food tour. It is a cultural tour that offers a deeper understanding and insights into local Thai culture along the journey. 

This Bangkok food tour is best for those looking for an intimate and private experience while delving deep into a specific local neighborhood. 

You will sink your teeth into Thailand’s street food, savor regional recipes, including herbal drinks, sweets and more.

Cost of Tour: $46.47 per person

Length of Tour: Approximately 4 hours. Tours start at 9:30 am 

Size: Small group tour. English speaking local Thai guide

6.  Private Bangkok to Ayutthaya Day Tour – Best For History And Temples

Wat Mahathat Visit to Ayutthaya Day Tour by Authentic Food Quest. An Ayutthaya day trip is a great way to see more of Thailand
One of the many Buddha statue images you will see on your Ayutthaya day tour

If you’ve been to Bangkok before or you simply want to explore outside of Thailand’s busy capital, consider an Ayutthaya day tour from Bangkok. 

While visiting the “Ancient Capital of Thailand” and numerous temples, you’ll get to explore the local cuisine.

Ayutthaya, located about 80 km north of Bangkok is a popular UNESCO World Heritage Site.  

Once the biggest city in the world and the center of trade of Southeast Asia, this former capital of Thailand is worth discovering. 

We took an Ayutthaya tour from Bangkok and loved visiting the ancient temples, an important Thai-Chinese market known for its regional desserts, and feasting on giant shrimp.

This private tour starts out with a pick-up at your Bangkok hotel. With your local and private guide, you will visit several Ayutthaya temples, including the giant Buddha head in the trees. 

Your tour guide will share fascinating historical facts about each temple. After the temple visits, you will feast on amazing giant shrimp or jumbo river prawns

Before your ride back to Bangkok, you will stop a local Thai-Chinese market and taste unique desserts found exclusively in the region.

If you are looking to see a different side of Thailand while diving into the local Thai culture, an Ayutthaya day trip from Bangkok is an experience not to miss.

Cost of the Tour: $166 USD per person, minimum two people

Length of Tour:  Approximately 9 to 10 hours. Tours start at  8:00 am

Size: Private car and tour guide. Free hotel pick up and drop off

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What to Consider When Choosing Bangkok Food Tours?

One of the many temples to visit in Bangkok

While the basics are the same for many food tours in Bangkok, things like length of tour, location and food experiences vary. 

You also want to consider if it is your first visit Bangkok or if you are a repeat visitor looking to explore beyond. 

As you plan for your food tours in Bangkok, here are a few considerations.

How Much Time Do You Have?

Depending on how much time you have in Bangkok, you can opt for a half day or full day Bangkok tour. 

Some tours are offered during the day while others are at night.  With that flexibility, you should find a tour that fits your schedule.

What Kind of Bangkok Food Tour Experience Do You Want

Street food Rama IV with Bangkok Food by Authentic Food Quest
Delicious fish and curries at a street food cart in Sathorn

Having visited Bangkok several times and personally taken most of these tours, we can confidently say that you will have a local and authentic experience.

Beyond that, are there any experiences you particularly want to enjoy. 

Are you curious about going on a Bangkok food tour in a tuk tuk

Do you want to go on a walking food tour and explore a particular Bangkok neighborhood

Do you prefer taking a tour with a group, or is with a private Bangkok tour with a local expert more your style?

If you want a Bangkok floating markets tour or even take a day tour from Bangkok, simply choose the best Bangkok food tour for you.

What Is Your Budget for a Food Tour in Bangkok?

The kind of experience you are looking for will play largely into your budget considerations.

The Bangkok food tours we highlight range from $20 USD to more than $200 USD per person. Depending on the size of your group, you may be able to negotiate discounted rates.

All Bangkok food tours featured continue to adhere to Covid safety guidelines. However, if you prefer, some offer personalized tours that you can enjoy at your own pace.

On a positive note, all these food tours in Bangkok allow free booking cancellation up to 24 to 72 hours before the event.

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Savor the Adventure.

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