7 Best California Wine Clubs To Join in 2024

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Are you looking for the most satisfying wine clubs California has to offer? With the Golden State producing a staggering amount of wines, finding the best varieties and brands is not always easy.

We selected seven clubs offering numerous California wine options at varying price levels to give you the best experience possible.

These California wine clubs focus on discovering and supporting new wines, woman-owned wineries, and up-and-coming artisanal producers.

In each of our mini-reviews, we’ll take a look at these top California wine Clubs offer and pricing. 

This wine club California guide will give you an idea of why you’d want to join a wine subscription. 

Read on for the best and most satisfying experiences for your needs.

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California Wine Clubs Comparison Table

Club NamePrice# BottlesDeliveryBest For
Vinesse Wines$42 6 bottlesVariableValue
The California Wine ClubStarts at $43.45 2 bottlesOnce a MonthOverall
Firstleaf Wine ClubStarts at $44.95 6 bottlesVariableCustomization
Naked WineStarts at $66.996 bottlesVariableIndependent Winemakers
90 Point + Cellars Wine Club$792 bottlesVariableRobert Parker Fans
Gold Medal Wine ClubStarts at $47.90 2 bottlesMonthly to QuarterlyOccasional Drinkers
Gary’s Wine ClubStarts at $150 6 bottlesQuarterly Napa Cab Fans
Disclaimer: Please note prices were accurate at the time of publication.

The 7 Wine Clubs California One Can’t Do Without!

These are some of the best wine clubs featuring the signature tastes from wine regions like Napa Valley, Sonoma, Central Coast, and others.

Typically, these top California wine clubs stand apart by providing higher value for your money. 

1. Vinesse Wines – Best Wine Club Value for the Price

Vinesse Wines Wine Club California by Authentic Food Quest
Vinesse – quality, affordability, diversity

Tip: Don’t be afraid to change your delivery needs with this company.

Vinesse is both a playful pun on finesse and a great wine club. They provide a surprisingly diverse and enjoyable range of wine options. 

And, you can try them out for one of the most reasonable price values we could find. 

When it comes to balancing quality and cost, Vinesse is easily among one of the best California wine clubs.

Vinesse Wines also offers an excellent offer for those signing up for the first time with American Cellars Wine Club, part of Vinesse.

Choose six exclusive red wines, white or mixed wines, and pay just $41.94, plus shipping. These are fine California wines from boutique wineries and up and coming winemakers.

The red wines include diverse wines from Napa Valley, Russian River, and other delicious bold reds from the California wine region. 

White wines are exceptionally fruity California Chardonnay and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc from Monterrey and the surrounding areas.

What People Are Saying: Most reviewers use phrases like “fun” and “easy” when talking about Vinesse. They seem to truly enjoy the wine brands and options provided and how everything is streamlined, affordable, and easy to understand. Most also love the flexible shipping and the clear refund policy for wines not enjoyed.  

2. The California Wine Club – Best Overall 

The California Wine Club by Authentic Food Quest
Uncork artisanal California Wine Club’s excellence

Tip: Expect smooth and easy reds from this wine club.

The California Wine Club has been in operation since 1990 and works directly with artisanal boutique wineries around the state. 

They focus on small-batch wines or limited production wines of the highest quality.

They start by carefully visiting each winery, talking with their managers, and identifying the best wines available for their wine club members.

We love this wine club because of the array of different wine club levels. In addition, the wine club gifts are perfect for events like holidays, birthdays, weddings, and more.

Each of the California wine subscription services comes with at least two wines and food pairing ideas.

A copy of Uncorked magazine is also provided with wine-tasting notes, stories of the up and coming winemakers, and the wines.

If you are not sure what to get, you can connect with one of their personal wine consultants for additional guidance.

This type of service is not always available with other wine clubs. With California wine club, you get to design what you want while minimizing disappointment and usually feel satisfied with what you get.

Find out why California Wine Club is one of the most loved wine clubs. Save 10% across the site when you use code YES10 at checkout. 

What People Are Saying: In reviews covering the best wine clubs California has to offer, this group is often highlighted as one of the easiest to work with as a company. Their customer service remains high among the best California wine clubs, particularly their incredibly fair $1 shipping costs. That’s right: you pay just $1 for each of your shipments, cutting back on your expenses further.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: If you are looking for a unique wine gift, check out these gift sets from California Wine Club. You can choose a gift set for a dinner party, global wines, or even Napa Reserve wines. Find out more about the California wine club gift sets.

3. First Leaf Wine Club – Best California Wine Club For Customization

Firstleaf California Wine Clubs by Authentic Food Quest
Many wine options for picky palates – Photo credit: Firstleaf on Facebook

Tip: Grab the exclusive and award-winning Isolde’s Rapture, California Red Blend

The wine lovers looking for customized wines based on their specific preferences will love Firstleaf wine club.

The journey to some of the best wines you’ll enjoy begins with a short quiz to understand your taste profile. 

Based on your responses and advanced technology, you’ll get customized suggestions based on your palette.

And, the best part is the guarantee from Firstleaf. If you are not 100% satisfied with the wines you receive, you get a credit to use for another bottle (minus shipping).

The selection of California wines is impressive with amazing wines from Sonoma, Napa Valley, and others within the state.

For first-time buyers, Firstleaf offers an unmissable introductory offer. You get 6 wines based on your results for only $39.95 plus free shipping. And, as stated previously, you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you are looking to stock up on some of the best wines from California, Firstleaf wine club offers you several wines at affordable prices.

The Firstleaf wine club has earned rave reviews across the board. For example, the wine company has partnered with the Los Angeles Times to deliver tailored and exceptional California wines to its readers.

It is particularly noted for the easy-to-use and navigate quiz, fast delivery, and interesting wines. This is one of the top California wine clubs to join.

What People are Saying: Firstleaf members consistently rate the service and range of available wines highly. The concierge team, who consistently make sure your wines are better every time, are noted for their helpful recommendations. And, the guarantee plus flexibility to postpone or cancel at any time make it easy to get started. 

4. Naked Wines – Best for Supporting Independent Winemakers

Naked Wines Wine Clubs California by Authentic Food Quest
Directly from the winemakers to you Photo credit: Naked Wines UK on Facebook

Tip: You will pay only for the wine, having excluded third-party costs

Any wine enthusiast will love the Naked Wines California wine club and its unique concept. 

The first thing you should know about this wine club is that it’s supporting independent winemakers

That means you will have a direct connection with them, paying just for the wine, with no marketing, distributor, or retailer costs.

Compared to any other traditional wine club, Naked Wines doesn’t have a typical subscription plan. 

You become a Naked Wine Angel by putting $40 into your Naked piggy bank monthly, which you can spend however you want. You can get back this money anytime, free of commitment. 

Joining this wine club or community of wine enthusiasts is easy. You take a 4-question survey, based on which they will select the wines best suited for you. 

As a first-time buyer, you will receive a $100 voucher and 12 bottles of wine at just $89.99. 

After you join the community and become a member or an Angel, you benefit from 60% discount on your orders. 

Being an Angel allows you to select, or have selected for you based on your tastes, any wines you like. You also get access to member-only special deals and offers.

With more than 10,000 wines to choose from, you get to explore the best small-batch wines from California.

What People are Saying: Most wine club members are extremely satisfied with the Naked Wines’ customer support and high-quality exclusive wines. The discounted prices and the wine club gift also bring a nice touch to any wine drinker. Many reviewers actually describe it as the “best wine club”.

5. 90 + Point Cellar Wine Club – Best For Robert Parker Fans

Cellars Wine Club Wine Club California Authentic Food Quest
Enjoy the finest handcrafted wines – Photo credit: Cellars Wine Club on Facebook

Tips: Ask about their wine ranking criteria: it’s very thorough.

The 90 plus wine club is the exclusive offer from Cellars Wine Club, one of the most popular wine subscription companies.

As a member of the exclusive 90 Point+ Cellars Wine Club, you get premium wines that rank 90 points or more.

With excellent reviews from ​​Wine Spectator, Robert Parker, and other industry experts, you’ll enjoy the very best handcrafted wines.

The California wines come mostly from Napa Valley or the Sonoma Coast. Each order includes tasting notes, wine tips, and a peak behind the craftsmanship and passion that goes into producing the wine.

And, if you are looking for food pairing suggestions, you have access to a personal wine consultant to guide you for the best California wine experience.

The wines ship for free, and there is a “no bad bottle” guarantee. Whether you are giving the wines as a gift or adding to your personal collection, you’ll relish some of the world’s most exceptional wines.

Discover California excellence in each 90-plus bottle of wine.

What People Are Saying: The top-tier quality wines pleases most people who try out this club. Some connoisseur would prefer to have only their preferred variety, like only Cabernet or Malbec. However, in the end, the vast majority welcome discovering new and superior wines.

6. Gold Medal Wine Club – Best Wine Club for Occasional Drinkers

Gold Medal Wine Club California by Authentic Food Quest
One of the best California wine clubs for occasional drinkers

Tip: Pay attention to your billing options to pick the best membership.

When seeking out the kind of high-quality wine clubs California offers to its residents, you may find yourself a little overwhelmed. 

After all, getting new wine every month may leave you drinking more than expected or with many extra bottles in your storage. 

Thankfully, the best California wine clubs provide a diverse range of membership opportunities for people like you.

For example, the Gold Medal Wine Club is one of the best wine clubs in California for occasional wine drinkers. 

This group is the country’s longest-running same-ownership wine club and offers a diverse array of different membership packages. 

However, their most significant benefit is that they offer monthly, every other month, and quarterly shipping options for members.

The quarterly wine club shipments provide you with a diverse wine selection that allows you to focus on only what wines you enjoy. 

Beyond this option, they offer five other wine club membership choices that make it easier for you to find which makes the most sense for you.

The Gold Wine Club, the most popular wine subscription, features small-production wines from California. The wines from family-owned wineries are hard-to-find amazing wines perfect for wine enthusiasts.

What People are Saying: Most reviewers state that the Pinot Noir ($79) or Gold ($42.95) wine subscription options provide the most value. The second type focuses heavily on red and white wines and provides the most popular opportunity for wine consumers. Finally, those concerned with quality often look to the Platinum ($99) or Diamond ($188) for hard-to-find and rare wine varieties.

7. Gary’s Napa Valley Select Club – Best For Napa Cab Fans

Gary's Wine & Marketplace Wine Clubs California by Authentic Food Quest
Napa’s best in every box – Photo credit: Gary’s Wine & Marketplace on Facebook

Tip: Expect only the best Napa Valley Cabernet Wines

Gary’s wine club is dedicated to any wine lover with some wine knowledge and a curiosity for trying new premium varieties. 

Focused on premium wines from California, Gary’s wine Napa Valley subscription is one of the best Napa wine clubs.

With the Napa Valley Select subscription, you get six prized bottles of wine, mainly Napa Cabernets. 

Also, new upcoming selections of Napa and hard-to-get wines will be included in your box.

This subscription plan, also comes with a personal concierge, to help curate customized recommendations from select Napa Valley vintages. 

Free shipping is included in this membership subscription tier. And, if your travels take you to Napa Valley, you can visit their Helena store and get discounts and complimentary wine tastings.  

If you are looking for other California wine club options, two others are also available.

There is the Sommelier Society offering six bottles of wine and you can choose from reds, whites, or a mix of both.

And, the Connoisseur Club with 12 bottles of wine from around the world either red, white or mixed.

What people are saying: What defines Gary’s wines in reviews are the phrases “Great service” and “Great prices”. Many customers are delighted about the free shipping and the punctuality of the deliveries. Also, many reviewers consider Gary’s one of the best wine clubs thanks to the vast wine selection and wine expertise available here. 

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So, what did you think about our selections? Were they the best wine clubs California wine has to offer? Please let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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