10 of The Best Cookbook Holders To Equip Your Kitchen – Review

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Having a cookbook holder when cooking makes things so much easier. Even the best chefs in the world need a strong cookbook filled with their favorite recipes and secret ingredients. 

If you ever use a cookbook, tablet or smartphone for cooking or baking, you know having the right cookbook holder helps.

You don’t need several different cookbook holders, just one recipe stand that fits your style and kitchen.

We used some of the cookbook holders in this guide and added a few more we think might be useful.  

Whether you use regular cookbooks or your tablet or smartphone in the kitchen, you’re bound to love one of the cookbook holders here.

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Our Top Picks For Cookbook Stands

Best Overall Cookbook Stand – Adjustable Bamboo Cookbook Holder

10 of The Best Cookbook Holders To Equip Your Kitchen - Review 1

Our top pick is a cookbook stand that works for all types of cookbooks as well as electronic devices. Sturdy, portable and versatile, the Adjustable Bamboo Cookbook Holder makes a great fit for most cooks and kitchens.

Best No-Nonsense Holder – Norpro Acrylic Cookbook Holder

10 of The Best Cookbook Holders To Equip Your Kitchen - Review 2

This is our go to cookbook holder for a no frill, simple design and space saver stand. Norpro cookbook stand packs a lot of value for a tiny budget.

Best Sturdy Cookbook Holder – My Gift Modern Countertop Cookbook Stand

10 of The Best Cookbook Holders To Equip Your Kitchen - Review 3

When it comes to holding large and heavy cookbooks, this modern countertop stand has it best. Its sleek design makes it easy to use in the kitchen and store away after cooking.

Comparison Table For The Best Cookbook Holders

Cookbook Stands NamePrice ($)Best ForMaterialFoldableShield
Adjustable Bamboo$16.96OverallBambooYesNo
Norpro Acrylic$16.43No-NonsenseAcrylicNoYes
Deluxe$59.95Shield ProtectionWoodYesYes
My Gift Modern Countertop$22.99SturdyMetalYesNo
Boston Warehouse$37Everyday CookPlywoodYesNo
Vintage Cast Iron$38.49Long-lastingCast-ironNoNo
Solight$29.99Limited StorageWoodYesNo
Personalized$34Custom MadeWoodNoNo

The 10 Best Cookbook Holder Options For Your Kitchen

Passionate home cooks can never have too many cookbooks or holders. Depending on what you’re looking to do with it, or if it’s just something decorative, there are various options available.

Sturdy metal holders will last through years worth of cooking adventures, while acrylic ones will add convenience without risk.

If you are looking for a new way to view your recipes, see the recipe holders options listed below.

1 – Adjustable Bamboo Cookbook Holder – Best Overall Cookbook Stand

10 of The Best Cookbook Holders To Equip Your Kitchen - Review 1

This eco-friendly and durable bamboo cookbook holder makes the top of our list for a few reasons. 

Its sturdy front tray makes it useful for many types of books, including magazines and printed pages. 

This cookbook holder has five different viewing angles making it easy to see your recipes.

And, the sturdy base easily holds larger cookbooks.

Reviewers appreciate the sustainable material and the fact that this cookbook can be folded and stored away easily.  Some find the page clips a little tight though it seems to depend on the cookbook size.

For a solid and bamboo sustainable cookbook stand option, this is our recommended one.


  • Surprisingly affordable price
  • Eco-friendly durable holder
  • Variable adjustment options
  • Handsome overall appearance


  • Holding clips are a bit too strong

2 – Lamicall Tablet Stand – Best Cookbook Stand for iPads

10 of The Best Cookbook Holders To Equip Your Kitchen - Review 5

If you’re one of the many people using an iPhone or iPad for cooking, this tablet stand is right for you.

No need to print out your favorite recipes or make paper copies, simply view your recipe directly on the screen.

This sleek and stylish tablet stand holds a variety of iPhone models and tablets. It adjusts easily allowing for either vertical or horizontal viewing.

What we love most about the compact design is that it fits snugly on small counters, cutting back on space issues. Besides being convenient for viewing recipes, you can use the holder for reading, typing and other activities.

This sturdy stand comes in a variety of colors. You can match it with your kitchen decor choosing from black, silver, gray, and rose gold colors.


  • Simple and elegant design
  • Very easy to set up
  • Adaptable with most iPhone, iPads and tablets 


  • The stand cannot be folded flat and remains in an “L” shape

3 – Norpro Acrylic Cookbook Holder – Best No-Nonsense Holder

10 of The Best Cookbook Holders To Equip Your Kitchen - Review 2

We love this acrylic cookbook holder because of its adaptability, simplicity, and transparent design. 

Adaptable with books and electronic devices, it helps home cooks who want equal access to both. 

Those who frequently make recipes from cookbooks and are looking for something functional, will appreciate the acrylic shield. 

The splatter shield will keep your cookbook pristine as you get your hands dirty while cooking or baking.

While it’s not the prettiest cookbook holder, it’s sturdy, easy to clean, light weight and useful in small spaces.


  • Fairly inexpensive cookbook stand
  • Useful for both real books and electronic devices
  • Compact and elegant design
  • Protects from kitchen splatter


  • Lacks angle adaptability
  • Some large cookbooks do not fit in

4 – Deluxe Cookbook Holder – Best Shielded Cookbook Stand

10 of The Best Cookbook Holders To Equip Your Kitchen - Review 7

If you are looking for design and functionality, this deluxe cookbook stand has a beautiful wood base large enough to accommodate any books or binders. 

The cherry wood base includes four different slots to provide several reading angles as well as fit larger books.

The plexiglass not only protects from scratches it also keeps your recipes clean with the splatter shield. Cleverly built, the metal hinge allows it to flip down making it easy to turn the page even with one hand.

This cookbook holder gets a lot of positive reviews for its space saving style and ability to hold any kind of recipe.  

From recipe cards, to large and heavy cookbooks, to single sheets of paper or electronic devices, it’s quite adaptable.

For a functional, durable and stylish cookbook holder, the blend of wood and acrylic will delight any home cook.


  • Splatter shield keeps book safe from stains
  • Adjustable base for reading angles and easy storage
  • Holds a large number of cookbook sizes
  • Easy to turn pages


  • Rough dry wood that might required to be oiled 

5 – My Gift Modern Countertop Cookbook Stand – Best Sturdy Cookbook Holder

10 of The Best Cookbook Holders To Equip Your Kitchen - Review 3

If you like metal finish with a sleek and modern look for your kitchen, this holder is a great choice. 

This modern metal holder can accommodate multiple cookbooks from 11 inches wide to two inches deep. Each recipe holds well regardless of whether you are at the beginning, middle or end of your cookbook.

The metal design gets rave reviews and is described as “classy”, “modern” and “stunning.”  The storage and how easy it is to fold and out way is consistently appreciated.

This stand stays in place on the kitchen counter while cooking and doesn’t shift as you mix or prepare near it.

If you are looking for an attractive and giftable cookbook holder consider this modern metal cookbook holder.


  • Durable metal design
  • Attractive black metal finish
  • Deep holding tray works for many books


  • Gold tone finish is closer to silver than gold

6 – Oxo Cookbook Holder – Best Compact Cookbook Holders

10 of The Best Cookbook Holders To Equip Your Kitchen - Review 9

You may already be familiar with the Oxo brand with their simple and well designed products. This recipe book stand is made with the same principles in mind. 

This Oxo cookbook holder is designed to be used for books and electronic devices. The splash guard protects your pages and screen while not taking up a lot of room.

The design is slim and compact making it easy to store away with your cookbooks and recipes. Those who don’t have a lot of space in their kitchen love the fact that they can easily fold the holder and store it away with their cookbooks and recipes.

With the convenient storage and splash shield, this Oxo cookbook holder is for those seeking a well designed and functional holder.


  • Perfect for small kitchens
  • Adapts to multiple uses
  • Splatter shield protects your cookbook or devices


  • Not so easy to turn pages easily, better fit for single page recipe

7- Boston Warehouse Stand – Best Cookbook Holder for The Everyday Cook

10 of The Best Cookbook Holders To Equip Your Kitchen - Review 10

Do recipe measurements ever throw you off while cooking or baking? Do you find yourself reaching for your phone for measurement equivalents? 

If so, then this Boston Warehouse stand can help eliminate this problem. Well designed on white wood, this decorative cookbook stand accommodates both electronic devices and traditional cookbooks.

Besides saving kitchen counter space, this sturdy cookbook holder is celebrated as a design piece especially for farmhouse decor.

The measurements on the holder, which include teaspoons to milliliters, ounces to grams and more makes cooking much easier and seamless.

We love the versatility of this cookbook holder that can be beautifully displayed or folded and put away when not in use.


  • Beautiful and unique design
  • Useful measurement guides
  • Easy to store style


  • Price is a little higher than other options

8 – Vintage Cast Iron Cookbook Stand – Best Long-Lasting Cookbook Stand

10 of The Best Cookbook Holders To Equip Your Kitchen - Review 11

Do you want cookbook holders that will last you your lifetime? This vintage cast-iron stand may be the best choice for you. 

Its strong metal weight is solid and rests firmly on your counter. The cast iron is sturdy allowing it to stay in place while flipping through recipe pages. And, small pads on the bottom prevent it from scratching your counter.

Whether you are using a heavy cookbook or an iPad or smartphone, this sturdy cookbook stand will stay in place.

For those seeking a classic and timeless cookbook holder that they can proudly display in their kitchen, this is the one for you.


  • Cast-iron metal will last a lifetime
  • Style is elegant and appealing
  • Works well with books and iPads


  • This cookbook holder does not fold flat making it bulky to put away

9 – Solight Cookbook Stand – Best for Limited Storage Situations

10 of The Best Cookbook Holders To Equip Your Kitchen - Review 12

One of the things that makes this cookbook stand out is its adjustable stands three ways. This elegant cookbook stand shaped like a chopping board has an adjustable kickstand to make viewing recipes easy.

Whether you are using a cookbook, recipe cards, magazine, or electronic devices this slim holder can accommodate your recipes.

The hanging rope on the top of the chopping board allows you to hang it up or put it on your walls leaving your counter space free.  

This simple and elegant design element earns it rave reviews. The simple metal guard at the bottom of the stand keeps cookbooks and recipes firmly in place.  


  • Easy to store in limited-space kitchens
  • Attractive wood design
  • Simple storing method


  • Lacks a splatter shield guard for stain protection

10 – Personalized Cookbook Holder – Best Custom Made Option

Personalized Cookbook Holder by Authentic Food Quest
Photo credit: HerndonsMercantile on Etsy

Do you want a cookbook stand personalized to your kitchen and your home? Or are you looking for an attractive gift for friends and family who love cooking in their kitchen?

This stylish handmade cookbook with a rustic look is customizable with a name or personal message. This makes a wonderful gift or adds personality to one’s kitchen. 

Sturdy and practical, this personalized holder can easily hold your cookbook, recipe cards, smartphone or tablet.

The elegant design may lack clips to hold your pages, but its wider surface makes flipping through recipes easier.


  • Handmade style is robust and appealing
  • Wood is stained to produce an attractive style
  • Creates a cookbook holder personalized for you


  • Shipping may take longer as each piece is custom made

What to Consider When Choosing a Cookbook Stand

Best Cookbook Stand by Authentic Food Quest
Elegant cookbook stands add a nice design touch to your kitchen

When deciding which cookbook holder to buy, we took many factors into consideration. We compared different stands and narrowed down our options based on these main considerations.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when choosing a cookbook stand.

What do you want your stand for? A recipe book or notepad? Or both?

How much counter space do you have?

Are you looking to splurge on a fancy design or do you prefer a no frills tool?

Consider the following criteria to help you find a recipe book stand that makes sense for your home and kitchen.

Kitchen Space

kitchenspace Authentic Food Quest
A tight kitchen space might require a cookbook holder that you can store away

When buying a cookbook stand, it is essential to ask yourself how much room you have in your kitchen for one. 

For instance, do you have space on your counter where you can put it at all times? Or do you want to put it somewhere when not in use to save on counter space?

Just as importantly, you need to consider the size of each of your cookbooks. Most are around 7 by 11 inches or so, but other handmade options may be bigger. 

Do you want a very large cookbook holder that can handle any book size, or is counter and storage space more important to you?

Keep this fact into consideration before making any purchase. It’s a good idea to measure each of your cookbooks and get an idea of your maximum display needs. 

You’ll then want to pick a holder a little bit bigger than that size or one that’s suited for books just a bit bigger to avoid tipping.

Your Budget

Most cookbook holders are pretty reasonably priced and should fit into most budgets with ease. For example, we found some stands that cost as little as $16.99 and which should last for most of your kitchen’s life. However, we also found some that were closer to $40 or more.

What’s the big difference in this priceline? Well, cheaper models often use lower-quality materials or lack certain design elements, such as angled displays. 

Higher-priced options usually have a more diverse array of these angles but also have a sturdier and higher-quality overall build.

As a result, you need to balance your budget with your kitchen’s needs carefully. By paying attention to this factor, you can avoid spending too much on a cookbook holder that doesn’t work for your needs or paying too much for something that you honestly rarely use.

Cookbook Types

Tablet Stand Kitchen Cookbook by Authentic Food Quest
Some cookbook holders are designed specifically for tablets and smart phones

What type of cookbook do you want your holder to pose for you? If you’re into cooking with a real book with paper, you need a stand designed for that. Most stands on our list can be used for that purpose, though a few are suited more specifically to iPads or electronic devices.

Likewise, if you prefer tablets or smart phones for your cooking needs, specialized holders are available for them. 

If you use both types of cookbooks, you can usually find a stand that adapts easily to both options. 

For example, some book-type recipe stands also include a small clip where you can attach your phone. These options often cost a little more, though, so be prepared for that possibility.

Material Types

Lastly, it is vital to examine the materials used in your cookbook holder’s construction. Wood is often a very sturdy, long-lasting, and attractive material choice. However, it may also be prone to stains or warping due to temperature changes, which could be problematic for some kitchens.

Likewise, acrylic cookbook holders provide a unique middle ground. More sturdy and reliable than wood, they are also longer-lasting. Additionally, they have less weight than a metal stand. That said, they may be easy to scratch and often feel much lighter than other cookbook stands.

Lastly, metal cookbook stand options provide the longest-lasting choice, one that could last your whole life. They also have a good weight to them, which can add to their stability. 

However, that extra weight may annoy users who want a lighter model, and some metal cookbook holders may rust if not well maintained.

In Summary

Cooking is personal and your choice of cookbook holder should reflect your style. We trust you will make good use of this cookbook stand guide as you weigh your options.

Please let us know in the comments below your favorite recipe book stand.

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