18 of the Best Culinary Destinations In The World for Scrumptious Adventures

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Food is invariably the best part of traveling. You get to know the culture and food history by sampling authentic local dishes you may not find back home.

This list of the best culinary destinations in the world is designed to enthrall travelers and food lovers alike.

We’ve visited some of these foodie destinations on our quest for authentic food. While for others, we can’t wait to discover their rich culinary history and tantalizing flavors.

As you consider your food travels, challenge your palette and take an exciting culinary adventure.

Immerse yourself into a fun and colorful world of new flavors. 

So, go ahead and dig into these best countries for food and find your dream foodie vacation.

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1. Izmir Turkey

Izmir Turkey Best Food Vacations by AuthenticFoodQuest
Izmir offers many seafood dishes fresh off the boat

As a popular tourist destination, Turkey has a lot to offer in terms of history, culture and places. 

Whether you’re exploring Istanbul, Cappadocia or Izmir, great food beckons you everywhere.

 While each place has variations of universal favorites like doner kebab, baklava or meze platters, they serve special dishes as well. 

Stunning Izmir with its mix of traditions and modernity makes a memorable vacation spot for foodie travelers. 

Izmir, considered the capital of Aegean cuisine, offers unique tastes with Ottoman, Greek, Jewish, Italian and French influences.

Healthy eating with fresh salads, vegetables, and seafood dominate. The local diet also lends itself well to vegetarians.

Meat lovers will enjoy kofte, meat or lamb patties, manti meat dumplings, local döner kebabs and more. 

Street food delicacies like simit, boyoz, kumru, söğüş, and others will soon become favorites.

Of course, no culinary adventure is complete without sampling the local sweet specialties. Indulge in lokma, torpil, shambali cake, subye sherbet and much more.

Take an Izmir city gourmet tour for an authentic taste of the local dishes. With a local guide, you’ll discover new tastes and faces of the city you’d never discover on your own.

As one of the best food vacations, sun-kissed Izmir offers a rich history and cuisine shaped over the millennia by several cultures.

Other culinary tours you may enjoy 

Ancient Ephesus tour and visit to old village Sirince with wine tasting

6 Day Turkish Cooking Tour

2. Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany Italy for best food vacations by Authentic Food Quest
Tuscany not only offers scenic countryside but also a delicious local cuisine

If you love Italian food then a trip to Italy is necessary to taste the classic and authentic dishes firsthand. 

Italy, consistently ranked as one of the best countries for foodies, is home to different regional cuisines including Tuscan foods.

Tuscany is not just stunning coastline, scenic countryside, fascinating history or fine wines. It is all this and more. 

On our visits to Tuscany, we were spoilt for choice. From simple meals, home cooking with grandma or gourmet dishes, the flavors are endless.

What is the best way to indulge in Tuscan cuisine based on fresh, local produce, hearty meats and delightful wines? 

Visit local food markets with a local guide, join a food or wine tour, or sign up for a cooking class.

Tuscan specialties like bistecca alla Fiorentina, pappa al pomodoro ribollita, coccoli or cantucci for dessert are to be savored bite-by-bite.

When the conversation turns to Tuscany wines, Chianti, Montepulciano and other vibrant reds come to mind. But, don’t forget the tasty whites like Vernaccia di San Gimignano.

With Itay ranked as one of the best countries for food, the simple and rustic flavors of Tuscan cooking are a must for foodies.

Other culinary tours you may enjoy

Cooking Class and Lunch at a Tuscan Farmhouse with Local Market Tour from Florence

Florence: Chianti Wineries Tour with Food and Wine Tasting

Tuscany in One Day Sightseeing Tour from Florence

7 Days of Local living in Tuscany

More Food Vacations in Italy

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3. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Japan Chef cooking street food by Authentic Food Quest
Tokyo is one of the best culinary destinations in the world we can’t wait to go back to

Do you love sushi, ramen, tempura, and gyoza? And would you have it every day given the choice?

Ethnic restaurants outside Japan barely scratch the surface when it comes to the cuisine. 

We visited Tokyo on a brief layover, and were quickly immersed into the local food scene. 

The exciting foods with no translations left us curious and eager to go deeper into this fascinating culinary destination. 

Tokyo is a gastronomic powerhouse where you find the freshest sushi, the city’s most iconic food.

A top foodie destination, Tokyo has amazing food at every price level and more than 200 restaurants with Michelin stars.

Did you know about the underground secret Tokyo food spots? Luxury department stores have lavish basement halls known as depachika where vendors sell everything food. 

Tokyo is as delicious underground as it is above ground. Taking a walking food tour of one of the most popular food districts in Tokyo takes your right to the regional cuisine.

Not to be forgotten are a traditional tea ceremony, pub crawls, and visits to izakaya or backstreet eateries frequented by locals.

As one of the best food vacations for adventurous eaters, a culinary adventure to Tokyo is an experience of a lifetime.

Other culinary tours you may enjoy

Tokyo: Sushi Making Class

Wagyu Beef and Kaiseki Ryouri Tokyo Cooking Class

Tsukiji Fish Market Food and Culture Walking Tour

12 Days of Japan Real Food Adventure

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4. Crete, Greece

Crete One of our best Culinary destination in the world by Authentic Food Quest
Enjoy the Cretan way of life eating delightful local food by the sea

Not only travelers, but even Greeks admit that the island of Crete offers the best foodie vacations in all of Greece. 

We spent five months on the island and were amazed by the local cuisine, regional wines and best olive oil and honey.

Cretan cuisine is a gastronomic treasure born from centuries old traditions. The food is 100% seasonal incorporating fresh seafood, locally grown vegetables and fruits all doused with plenty of olive oil.

Simple in preparation and one of the healthiest Mediterranean diets, foodies will enjoy the pleasure of good food.

While in Crete, eat like a Cretan and indulge in local dishes. Start out with Cretan dakos or the addictive kalitsounia cheese pies.

Your seafood or lamb stews like tsigariastó are best accompanied with horta or wild greens endemic to the island.

Cretan wedding rice or gamopilafo is an integral part of local culture and one of the most celebrated Cretan dishes. 

It’s eaten at weddings and family festivities and not to be missed on your Cretan foodie vacation.

Meals begin and end with Cretan liquor known as tsikoudia or raki offered as part of Crete or Greek hospitality.

A food vacation on Greece’s largest island is also the perfect opportunity to discover the local Cretan wines

Taste interesting local varieties like red Kostifali or Mandilari Thrapsathiri or the celebrated white Vidiano wine.

If learning how to cook local Cretan specialties is your agenda, this real Cretan cooking experience invites you into a local’s home.

In Chania, most famous for its Venetian Harbor, you can take a wine and food walking tour and learn the history while indulging in local eats.

Greece is one of the top food destinations in the world, the island of Crete is the place to go for food lovers.

Other culinary tours you may enjoy

The Miracle of and Olive Oil – A Day Tour From Chania

Crete: Olive Oil Tasting With Cretan Food Pairing

Wine & Olive Oil Tastings – Semi-Private Safari Tour with Lunch

Culinary Tour and Cultural Exploration in Greece: Athens, Peloponnese, & Crete

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5. Jaipur, India

Jaipur One of the best culinary Destinations in the world by Authentic Food Quest
In Jaipur, food lovers will find delectable food everywhere

Rajasthan takes you back to the time of Kings and Royalty. Jaipur, the Pink City, is no different with its historic forts, palaces, and of course, mouthwatering dishes.

You’ll find an extensive array of north Indian foods, and unique Rajasthani recipes with ingredients that only grow in the desert state. 

From street food, hole-in-the-wall eateries and palaces converted into gourmet hotels, food lovers will find delectable food everywhere.

Only in Jaipur is where you get to taste authentic local dishes like dal baati churma, laal maas, gatte, and more. 

Jaipur’s specialty dessert known as ghewar, is one of the favorite foods and one not to miss while there.

While we have yet to travel to India, we can’t wait to wander the streets and enjoy traditional foods and beverages. 

This is one food tour that we’d love to take and experience the sheer variety of Jaipuri culinary treasures combined with local culture.

Rajasthani mouthwatering cuisine is a paradise for foodies and one of the most renowned foodie destinations within India.

Other culinary tours you may enjoy

3-Hour Morning Bike Tour of Jaipur

Private Market Tour & Vegetarian Cooking Class & Meal in a Local Jaipur Home

3 Days Cooking Holidays in Rajasthan

15 Days India Real Food Adventure

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6. Lyon, France

Typical Meal in Lyon with Quenelle by Authentic Food Quest
Lyon quenelle is an iconic dish in this French gastronomic city

Imagine a trip to a historical city with a rich past, delicious wine tours in Rhone Valley, and gourmet French cuisine. You have a foodie vacation worthy to salivate about. 

A visit to Lyon, a UNESCO world heritage site fulfills all your food and travel aspirations.

The breathtaking scenery, sites steeped in history, vineyards, food markets and culinary adventures make it a top foodie destination.

Referred to as the “Gastronomic Capital of the World ” since 1935, Lyon has over 20 Michelin star restaurants.

Claire studied in Lyon for a few years and knows the local culinary scene well. The cuisine du terroir, as she describes it, is filled with unique dishes not commonly found in other parts of the country.

While the most famous restaurant is Paul Bocuse, there are several traditional eateries to try the local foods.

Known as “Bouchons Lyonnais” you’ll enjoy, as we did, scrumptious regional fare that should be part of your foodie vacation.

If exploring wine from the nearby Rhone Valley is your agenda, definitely make Lyon your base. 

Explore the famous wine routes of Hermitage, Côte-Rôtie, Beaumes-de-Venise nestled within the fields of lavender and olive trees.

What can we say about the food in Lyon? A mouthwatering indulgence.

The best way to explore local flavors is to eat in the old city, Vieux Lyon. On a Lyon Old Town Walking Tour with local specialties, you’ll discover the city’s hidden gems with a local guide.

For a unique experience, take a dinner cruise on the Hermès restaurant boat and feast on local specialties as you admire Lyon by night.

Other culinary tours you may enjoy

Lyon Electric Bike Tour With Food Tastings and Local Guide

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7. Lima, Peru

Ceviche Lima Peru One of the Best Foodie Destinations by Authentic Food Quest
Don’t miss out on eating fresh ceviche in Lima

Lima, the gastronomic capital of South America, has been awarded Best Culinary Destination in The World for several years in a row.

It’s a country we visited and fell in love with the food. So much so, that we wrote a book Authentic Food Quest Peru about the outstanding flavors and culinary gems.

Home to prestigious restaurants and local eateries, the culinary fusion keeps the cuisine in the spotlight and a favorite foodie destination.

What is so special about the food?  The multi-cultural population and regional influences have created vibrant food flavors and unique recipe variations and have left an indelible mark on the cuisine.

No journey to Lima is complete without indulging in fresh ceviche, considered the dish of Lima. 

The cevicherias offer the best mixto or thinly sliced cuts of squid, fish, scallops and octopus, washed down with Peruvian pisco sour.

With internationally renowned chefs interpreting traditional recipes in contemporary ways, Lima’s identity as a top food destination is only getting secured. 

Restaurants like Central, Maido and Astrid y Gastón are just some of the names consistently elevating Peruvian cuisine to new heights.

One of the best ways to taste world-renowned Peruvian food and culture is to take a food tour of the historic center.

With over 13 food stops sampling Peruvian gastronomy classics, you’ll taste what makes Lima one of the top culinary destinations in the world.

Other culinary tours you may enjoy

Peruvian Market Tour, Cooking Class & Exotic Fruit Tasting

Half-Day Fountains Tour with Dinner & Folklore Show

10 Days Real Food Adventure from Lima to Cusco

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8. Girona, Spain

Girona Spain Best Culinary Destination in The World by Authentic Food Quest
Girona is a culinary gem in Spain

A beautiful country and culturally rich, Spain offers diverse cuisine in the different regions of the country.

While food is an important part of the people’s identity, this is nowhere as evident as in Catalonia.

Catalonian food culture is unique even by Spanish standards. Born from a rich history of influences, the flavors capture tastes from the mountains to the sea.

Girona, the culinary gem, is well known among discerning food travelers for its gastronomic delights and Michelin Starred restaurants.   

Beyond fine dining at Michelin restaurants like El Celler de Can Roca or Massana, you’ll find creative Catalan cuisine throughout Girona.   

Indulge in suquet de peix or Catalan fish stew. Order black rice with squid made with locally grown rice from Pals. And, complete the meal with amazing Empordà wines

Enjoy wine tastings of some of the finest local Empordà wines lunch and olive oil tastings.  

A delicious region of Spain and a foodie’s dream destination, Girona has a wealth of amazing food and traditions worth discovering.

Curious about the food in Girona and Costa Brava? Download the free e-book about Catalan food we wrote after visiting the region.

Other culinary tours you may enjoy

Girona Small Group Walking Tour

Tapas Walking Tour – Girona

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9. Hoi An, Vietnam

Claire and Rosemary in Hoi An by Authentic Food Quest and I Travel Because
Claire and Rosemary eating street food in Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An isn’t simply a port town in Southeast Asia whose streets and buildings offer an enticing glimpse of its ancient history. 

A trip to Hoi An is considered one of the best vacations for foodies and we can attest to that.

The authentic cuisine draws tourists from all over the world. And, as culinary explorers, we also visited this ancient port and melting pot of cultures and cuisines.

While Vietnam has many culinary centers, the food in Hoi An is unique with its own local food culture.

For starters, you get to explore Central Vietnamese cuisine. The recipes are created with locally sourced ingredients from the nearby village and use water from the ancient wells.

Iconic dishes like Cao Lau, White Rose Dumplings, Com Ga, Banh Mi, and others are famous worldwide and exquisite in Hoi An.

The market stalls and street foods take you right into the heart of the amazing local food culture. Navigating the bustling markets and narrow alleys can be intimidating but made much easier with a local guide. 

A Hoi An food tour by night offers an immersive food adventure and a treat for the taste buds.

If you’re interested in learning how to make traditional Central Vietnamese dishes, try your hand at a cooking class with a local market tour.

Other culinary tours you may enjoy

From Hoi An: Market Tour, Basket Boat Ride and Cooking Class

Lantern Making Class

Vietnam Foodie’s Paradise in 10 Days

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10. Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech Food Market by Authentic Food Quest
The open-air markets are wonderful places to experience classic Moroccan cuisine

You may already be familiar with Marrakech, the Red City. This historic city is known for its colorful markets, immense gardens, and culinary delights.

What makes Marrakech a foodie destination is the aromatic and intriguing North African cuisine infused with subtle spices. 

The best places to enjoy classic Moroccan dishes are the open-air markets at Djemaa El Fna square.

On a food and market tour experience, you’ll taste Marrakech at its best with an expert guide.  

Dig into juicy kebabs, tanjia marrakchia, briouats, bestilla, hariri soup, and other delectable dishes. 

Wash it all down with a cup of refreshing Moroccan mint tea, with fragrances you’ll remember forever.

Sweet lovers cannot miss chebakia, a sweet pastry coated with syrup and sesame seeds, as well as filo tartlets with dried fruit to savor.

A guided tour of Marrakech’s popular souks, food markets, and street stalls is not to be missed. 

Rich in history and filled with different authentic products, this is one of the best ways to bring home delicious Moroccan foods and souvenirs.

Other culinary tours you may enjoy

Authentic Moroccan Food Tour in Marrakech with Dinner

Marrakech: Tagine Cookery Class With a Local

12 Days Morrocco Real Food Adventure

11. Charleston, USA

Shrimps and Grits at Hominy's Grill the Best Breakfast Restaurant for Southern Foods in Charleston South Carolina by Authentic Food Quest. Find the some of the best food in South Carolina at Hominy Grill, Charleston.
Shrimp & Grits, a Charleston classic

Southern cuisine is the food icon of America, and no place serves it better than Charleston. 

Replete with antebellum architecture and home to award-winning restaurants, the city’s layered past has shaped its food culture.

The food in Charleston as described by Nathalie Dupree, a culinary legend and local chef, whom we met, is chiefly about seafood and rice.

Southern classics like shrimp and grits, Carolina Gold Rice, and southern comfort desserts are not to be missed.

The charming French Quarter and historic landmarks are best explored on a small group food tour. As you delve into the years of culinary history, you’ll savor the diverse flavors and rich culture.

And, for those that love their craft beer, Charleston has an exploding brewery scene, easily accessible on this Hops and History tour.

Other culinary tours you may enjoy

Downtown Charleston Culinary Walking Food Tour of French Quarter & City Market

Charleston’s Old South Carriage Historic Horse & Carriage Tour

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12. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Floating Markets by Authentic Food Quest
Floating markets are an experience you want to have in Bangkok

There is a reason Bangkok is considered the street food capital of the world. While Thai food is a universal favorite, nothing screams authentic like the food you’ll sample on a bustling Bangkok street market.

On the streets of Bangkok, the scents of freshly grilled food and quintessential Thai flavors greet you at every corner. Market visits to explore the diverse cuisine and unique ingredients were some of our highlights in Bangkok.

To get the most out of your food experience, we recommend taking a Bangkok food tour with a local guide.

Be sure to indulge in Chinese dumplings or crab noodles and fried oyster omelets in Chinatown Market, Chatuchak weekend market, or Wang Lang Market.

If an immersive food experience and exploring new tastes like mangosteen is what you’re after, nothing beats visiting the floating markets. 

Lest you think Bangkok is all street food, the city boasts Michelin-Star restaurants like R-Haan, providing fine-dine Thai style.

If you are looking to learn about Thai cooking methods, taking a cooking class immerses you even deeper into the local culture. 

This street food cooking class takes you to Khlong Toei, the largest city market and teaches you how to make four Thai traditional dishes.

Other culinary tours you may enjoy

Thailand Real Food Adventure

Spicy Delights Culinary Holiday in Thailand

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13. Oaxaca, México

Molein Oaxaca Mexico One of the best countries for foodies by Authentic Food Quest
Oaxaca offers traditional cuisine with strong indigenous roots

Mexico is considered one of the best countries for food. And even though Mexico City is celebrated for its street food and world-class restaurants, Oaxaca food is renowned.

Oaxaca consistently ranks as a top city for food offering traditional cuisine with strong indigenous roots.

Its gastronomic wealth comes from the microclimates found within the 8 regions of the state. Over a six-month stay in Oaxaca, we explored the colorful and traditional cuisine. 

As the birthplace of corn, chocolate, and Mezcal, the distilled liquor made from the Agave plant, Oaxaca is a culinary destination for foodies.

The food markets and street vendor stalls, and excellent restaurants are wonderful places to sample authentic Oaxacan food. 

Explore the variety of Mole sauces, including some made with more than 30 ingredients. Tlayuda, the Oaxacan tortilla pizza, stone soup or caldo de piedra, among others are some of the delicious foods to try.

Adventurous foodies can opt for the chapulines or grasshoppers, a popular snack food and regional specialty.

We recommend a food tour and a cooking class where you get to make tortillas by hand, Mole and tasty desserts.

If visiting the local markets and learning about street food is more your preference, this Oaxaca food and walking tour is for you.

Food lovers seeking to broaden their knowledge of Mexican cuisine should make Oaxaca one of the food destinations not to miss.

Other culinary tours you may enjoy

Tasting of Organic Mezcales

Oaxaca Traditional Cooking Class with Market Visit Street 

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14. Penang, Malaysia

Laksa Soup in Penang Malaysia by AuthenticFoodQuest
Penang Asam Laksa, one of the best foods in the world

Malay food, like the country, represents the diverse communities that have made Malaysia their home. 

The culinary food traditions of the Malay, Chinese and Indians come together to create a wonderful collision of flavors.

The country is one the best food destinations in the world, and Penang is the food capital.

A top foodie destination, we relished our time in Penang exploring the local food specialties.

Penang’s Asam Laksa is an experience to have ranked by CNN as one of the world’s 50 best foods.

Penang’s rich and fascinating history has produced other delectable dishes like our favorite, char kway teow or stir fry flat rice noodles. 

Nasi lemak, a popular dish found throughout the country consisting of fragrant rice, eggs, anchovies and sambal sauce is worth traveling for. 

And sweets like cendol, tambun biscuits and unique juices are all part of the Penang foodie experience.

With the blend of cuisines, celebrated street food vendors and hawker centers and home to world’s first food museum, Penang takes food seriously.

A half day culinary tour of Georgetown, the historic center of Penang, is a great way to visit and taste the local culture. 

In the company of a local guide, you’ll explore food and dining spots you wouldn’t find on your own. 

As a cultural and heritage tour, you’ll visit key tourist attraction spots as you get to know Penang as a local.

Food is the main reason to visit Penang.  A foodie’s dream comes true with diverse mouthwatering foods.

Other culinary tours you may enjoy

3-Hour Heritage on a Plate Dinner Hop in George Town Penang

Penang Harmony Food Trail

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15. Sicily, Italy

Taormina and Etna Sicily Italy by Authentic Food Quest
Taormina, one of the most charming villages in Sicily

Sicily, Italy’s mediterranean gem has a fascinating history and food culture based on the different civilizations that once ruled.

Having spent several months on the island exploring local food specialties, the food and history on this intriguing island is worth knowing.

Sicilian food comes loaded with history including culinary influences from Arab, Spanish and Greek settlers. Some of this region’s iconic dishes are gems you won’t find anywhere else in Italy. 

Your taste buds will relish the island’s iconic dishes like pasta alla norma, caponata, arancini rice balls, and frozen treats like granita.

As you explore the region and its charms, load up on the most famous dessert, cannoli, stuffed with whipped ricotta.

Chocolate from Modica, sfincione, a focaccia like bread with condiments and pane e panelle pancakes are typical of Sicilian gastronomy to be experienced.

To immerse yourself in the local food culture, spend time at the food markets of Palermo. 

Meander the streets with a local guide learning about the history, food traditions and unique architecture.

Explore Mount Etna from Catania and get to know Etna wines over a lunch tour at a traditional winery.

Nothing completes a foodie vacation like learning how to make traditional food specialties. In a local Sicilian family home, take a cooking class and learn the secrets of the best Italian food.

While Italy is one of the best countries for food, the island of Sicily is one of those food destinations that is worthy of spending weeks and months savoring.

Other culinary tours you may enjoy 

Half-Day or Full-Day Wine Tour in Western Sicily

Gastronomic Street Food Tour of Catania

Small Group Tour of Sicily

More Culinary Tours in Sicily

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16. Porto Portugal

Porto Wines Portugal Best Vacations for Foodies by Authentic Food Quest
The diversity of food and wines in Porto blew us away

Another one of the best vacations for foodies, Porto, Portugal’s second city is a vibrant place to explore local food.

A UNESCO Heritage Site and laid-back port city, the culinary scene juxtaposes fine dining with home-style cooking.

Porto food draws on influences from the Trás-os-Montes mountains, and hillsides of Douro Valley. 

A culinary exciting city, we only began to peel away during a one month stay in the country, the diversity of food and wines blew us away.

The Francesinha sandwich is arguably the city’s most famous dish. An adaptation of the French croque monsieur sandwich, you can easily recreate it at home with this Francesinha recipe before visiting Porto.

Porto’s traditional tripe dish, pasteis de chaves or puff pastries and desserts like tarte de amêndoa are to be savored.

At Mercado do Bolhão, you can sample meats and cheeses and traditional desserts. This Porto 3-hour food and wine tasting tour takes you through the quaint roads with food and wine tastings including cultural stops.

The Douro Valley, home to Port wines and exceptional table wines, is a must-visit for food and wine lovers. 

As the first demarcated and regulated wine region in the world, a tour to three wineries on a Portuguese Rabelo boat is an experience of a lifetime.

Porto is one of the best foodie destinations in Portugal. With amazing local foods and wines make Porto your destination on your next trip.

Other culinary tours you may enjoy 

Porto: 3-Hour Port Wine Walking Tour with Tastings

Porto: Calem Cellar Tour, Fado Show And Wine Tasting

Portugal: Walking & Wine

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17. Tbilisi, Georgia

Khachapuri dish from Tbilisi Georgia by AuthenticFoodQuest
We can’t wait to sink our teeth into the famous Georgian Khachapuri

What makes Georgian cuisine so appealing? Traditional Georgian dishes reflect the contrasting features of the ethnic and regional diversity of this region.

Tbilisi is rightly seen as the culinary capital with a dazzling range of foods enriched with spices, herbs, cheese, nuts, and dry fruits. 

The city is home to an eclectic mix of traditional and modern eateries serving khinkali, khachapuri, dishes bathed in walnuts, churchkhela confections and more.

After being introduced to Georgian wines and captivated by khachapuri, we believe Georgia should be on any food lovers list.

With influences from Asia and Europe, the widest expression of Georgian food is best expressed through Supra. 

This is a traditional feast featuring an assortment of dishes accompanied with copious amounts of Georgian wine.

A Tbilisi walking tour through the scenic streets offers you a taste of culture along with Georgian wines steeped in history.

Kakheti, Georgia’s wine-producing area is one of the oldest in the world. Discover Georgian wines at the largest winery and the oldest winery experiences for wine lovers.

As one of the best countries for food in the South Caucasian region, Georgia’s fantastic food and wine are awaiting your discovery.

Other culinary tours you may enjoy

9 Tastings – Private food & wine walk through Historical Tbilisi

12 Days Georgian Gourmet Tour

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18. Mendoza, Argentina

Winery Foodie Vacation in Mendoza Argentina by Authentic Food Quest
Mendoza wineries have some of the most striking landscapes

Along with amazing food and culinary adventures, some of the best perks of travel are the discovery of delicious wines.

Mendoza is the heart of Argentinean wine country and famous for outstanding Malbec wines. 

With proximity to the stunning Andes mountain range, it’s the perfect foodie vacation to combine adventure with outstanding food.

A perfect destination for foodies and wine lovers, Mendoza boasts over 1500 wineries spread out within three Mendoza regions.

Tour prestigious wineries in the wine valleys as you savor Malbec wines and other high altitude wines. Pair your wines with a delicious multi-course gourmet lunch in this all-day luxury wine tasting experience.

When you’re not visiting vineyards, enjoy Argentine local specialties like empanadas, grilled meats, and the iconic dulce le leche alfajor cookies.

During our visit to Mendoza, we enjoyed an amazing stay and culinary adventure at Francis Mallmann’s Vines Resort and Siete Fuegos restaurant.

With views of the Andes and outstanding wines, we highly recommend staying there for authentic Argentine fare and a unique wine experience.

In Mendoza, you’ll find a variety of dining options to sample iconic Argentine dishes. Wash everything down with Malbec and other local grape varieties.

One of the top culinary destinations in South America, a trip to Mendoza needs to be on every food lovers list.

Other culinary tours you may enjoy

Maipú Wine-Tasting Tour from Mendoza Including Trapiche Winery

Mendoza Wine Tour with Lunch

Andes Day Trip From Mendoza including Aconcagua and Puente del Inca

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If unique culinary experiences are what you seek, these best foodie destinations have a lot to offer.  Where will your food travels take you next? 

Please let us know in the comments below, which food vacation destination is on your wishlist.

Savor the Adventure!

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