The 10 Best Day Trips from Lisbon for Food and Wine Lovers

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Visitors to Lisbon have much to explore, whether they are staying for a few days, weeks or longer. 

However, getting out of the city for one of these day trips from Lisbon offers another slice of Portuguese life. 

If you’re staying in Portugal’s capital for more than a day, consider taking a Lisbon day trip. Most are easily accessible by bus, train or by car.

From our experience visiting Lisbon and Portugal, we’ve selected 10 day trips from Lisbon that food and wine seekers will love.

Whatever you choose to do, you will gain deeper insights into local Portuguese culture.

From exploring the nearby wine regions to discovering the Portuguese breadbasket, there is something for every palate.

Use this Lisbon day trip guide to sample Portuguese regional cuisine, discover unique and amazing wines, explore medieval towns and more.

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The Perfect Base For Your Day Trips From Lisbon

Lisbon is an amazing city to base yourself for local sightseeing and day trips. But finding the best place to stay in Lisbon can be quite daunting in Portugal’s capital and largest city. 

To make the most of your visit and go on one of the Lisbon day trips, we recommend the following accommodations.

Budget Friendly Places to Stay in Lisbon

Bairro Alto Bronze of Art Apartments in Bairro Alto

WC by The Beautique Hotels in Graca

Mid Range Places to Stay in Lisbon

Be Poet Baixa Hotel in Lisbon city center

Casa das Janelas com Vista in Bairro Alto

Luxury Places to Stay in Lisbon

Hotel do Chiado in Lisbon city center

Memmo Príncipe Real in Principe Real

To check reviews and see more options, read our full article with the 5 best areas where to stay in Lisbon to help you find the perfect base for your food exploration in Lisbon.

Lisbon Best Day Trips To Consider

1. Cheleiros and Bucelas Wine Region

Bucelas_PhotobyPaulo JuntasWikimedia
The vineyards in Bucelas region – (photo credit by Paulo Juntas on Wikimedia)

Just north of Portugal’s capital city is one of the best day trips oenophiles can appreciate. You will not have to go too far to discover distinctive Portuguese wine varieties and local grapes.

A full day tour of two historic wineries is one of the day trips Lisbon visitors can savor. At ManzWines cellars, you’ll discover and taste wines that were long thought to be extinct.

While at Quinta da Murta in Bucelas, you will discover the “Prince of Portuguese Wines.” 

Along the way, you’ll sample local breads and olive oils, while marveling at the picturesque villages and vineyards north of Lisbon.

The significance of the wines will become apparent through entertaining stories of Vasco de Gama. The wines from Bucelas were part of the celebration upon the discovery of the trade routes to India.

For this 7-hour day trip from Lisbon, we recommend leaving the driving to someone else. Rather, take the time to immerse yourself fully and appreciate the wines.

2. Wine and Cheese Tasting in Azeitão

Queijos_de_Azeitão Portugal_byAdriao_Wikimedia
The regional cheese not to miss queijos de Azeitão – (photo credit: Adriao on Wikimedia)

We could not miss talking about this Lisbon day trip dedicated to tasting regional wines and cheeses.

Azeitão is an area well known for its Periquita wines and DOP cheese. Schedule a day trip from Lisbon to sample the regional products situated only about 40 kilometers south of Lisbon, in the Setubal region. 

Located at the foot of the Arrábida Natural Park, you will admire the views of this mountain range.

You will find several farms in Azeitao dedicated to wine production, cheese, and the famous Torta de Azeitão or Azeitão pies. These sweet cakes made with eggs will leave you wanting more.

Amongst the Setubal region’s top wine cellars, visit José Maria da Fonseca, the oldest table wine company in Portugal.

The DOP cheese produced in the region is a creamy sheep cheese prized as one of the best in the country. 

Made of unpasteurized sheep’s cheese, it may be an acquired taste, but pair some cheese with local bread and wine, and you’re sure to appreciate it.

The best way to get to Azeitão and the Setubal region is by renting a car, though we highly recommend booking a private guided tour to avoid driving and drinking.

3. Evora Portugal’s Bread Basket

Claire and Rosemary by Evora sign in Portugal Authentic Food Quest
Claire and Rosemary by the Evora sign in the center of town

Evora is the capital of the Alentejo region and Portugal’s bread basket. It’s the agricultural heartland with rolling hills of farms, olive groves and cork forest.

The city of Evora is one of the most beautifully preserved medieval towns in Portugal. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, its roots go back to the Roman era. 

In the 15th century, the small medieval town served as the residence for the Kings of Portugal.

The cuisine in Evora and the Alentejo region is unique and made up of delightful specialities you don’t want to miss. 

Be sure to savor dishes like the famous black Portuguese pork, Alentejo bread, amazing wines, olive oils and a variety of local cheeses.

There is a lot to do in Evora and we recommend spending a few days exploring the region. 

However, if you don’t have time to spend several days in Evora, then we highly recommend taking a day trip from Lisbon.

From Lisbon, you’ll visit the main sites in Evora’s historic center. Navigating the narrow streets, your guided tour through the temples and churches sharing stories about the rich history and mix of cultures.

You’ll savor Alentejo regional flavors for lunch and then sample wines at a local winery and visit a nearby village. 

Evora is one of Portugal’s Unesco World Heritage Sites worth visiting on a day trip from Lisbon.

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4. Sintra – A Lisbon Day Trip to Sweet Lovers Wonderland

Palacio Nacional da Pena Sintra Portugal by Authentic Food Quest
Magnificent colors and architecture at Palacio Nacional da Pena

Sintra is one of the most popular day trips from Lisbon for good reasons. There are many cultural sites to visit in this picturesque town in the foothills, just to the west of the Portuguese capital. 

You want to visit the restored Pena Palace as well as the Castelo dos Mouros, ancient ruins perched on the crest of the mountain. 

The town of Sintra offers a lot to do. You’ll want to visit the impressive Gothic palace, the National Palace of Sintra, and explore the cobblestone streets in the old town.

From Lisbon, this small group tour takes you to discover some of the most majestic buildings in Portugal.

Marvel at the magnificent Pena Palace, a former royal residence, Quinta da Regaleira and Monserrate Palace. 

In the town center of Sintra, you’ll wander around with your local guide and learn how it achieved Unesco World Heritage status.

Along the way, stops will be made at local pastry shops to sample some of Sintra’s well-known specialties.

You’ll appreciate the mesmerizing natural beauty of the region as you pass through Sintra natural park.

Your day trip to Sintra will be full, but it’s one you’ll not want to miss.

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5. Belem – Savor The Original Pastéis de Nata

Pasteis de Belem Portuguese Desserts from Belem Lisbon by Authentic Food Quest
The original Portuguese egg tarts, Pasteis de Belem

Belém, just a short trip from Lisbon, is certainly one of the more accessible day trips you can take.

It is home to the original bakery for the national egg custard treat known as Pastéis de Nata.  

Head for Pastéis de Belém pastry shop and savor the original egg custard, called Pastéis de Belém.

The historic bakery has been making them since 1837, and the store is open all day until 11:00 p.m. 

Not-to-miss sights in Belém include Jerónimos Monastery and Belém Tower. Avoid Mondays when the sites are closed.

Belém stretches along the Tagus River in the southern part of Lisbon, and is quickly reached by train, tram or city bus. 

We recommend taking the tram for a more picturesque ride to Belem. 

Alternatively, you can join a walking tour of Belém. This tour has you visit the main Unesco world heritage sites including Belém Tower and Jeronimos Monastery.

You’ll learn about Portugal’s seafaring history and taste the tradition of the famous pastel de Belem.

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6. Cascais – Seafood And Beaches

Cascais One of the best day trips from Lisbon by Authentic Food Quest
The coastline of Cascais

Looking for a beautiful beach day? Cascais, a former fishing town, has enticing beaches and a beautiful marina adjacent to a massive old stone fort building. 

Cascais used to be the summer retreat for the Portuguese royal family.

Nowadays, there are beach bars as well as white-tablecloth restaurants to satisfy your hunger for freshly-caught fish and seafood.

In downtown Cascais, you can visit the historic center with traditional and upscale restaurants and shops.

By the waterfront, you will find the fishing harbour, the marina and the restored fort. Don’t miss lingering on the white sand beaches of Praia da Conceição or Praia da Duquesa.

Using public transport, you can take the suburban train from Lisbon for around 40 minutes at the cost of €2.3.

You’ll arrive at the beautiful seaside depot, and can easily stroll around the city. 

One of the best ways to visit Cascais is to enjoy it from the water on a sunset boat trip. Watch the sun touch the water against the beautiful cliffs.

Relish snacks and sip on Portuguese wine as you relax and enjoy stories about Portugal from the captain.

The spectacular former small fishing town of Cascais, flanked by the Atlantic Ocean is one of the most accessible day trips from Lisbon.

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7. Fátima and The Atlantic Coast

The Shrine of Fatima Day Trip from Lisbon by Authentic Food Quest
The Shrine of Fatima, one of the most important Catholic shrines in the world

The kind of day trips Lisbon visitors find most appealing offer a multi-faceted view of the surrounding countryside and primary destination. 

A visit to Fatima offers just that. Known as one of the most important Catholic shrines in the world, the city welcomes every year millions of tourists and pilgrims alike.

On your way to Fátima, pay a visit to the charming medieval town of Obidos with its narrow, cobbled streets. 

Other interesting stops are the fishing villages along the Atlantic Ocean. 

Nazaré and São Martinho do Porto are ideal towns for lunch to enjoy traditional Portuguese seafood.

Getting to Fátima is easier when renting a car from Lisbon especially if you plan to stop along the way to visit Portugal’s countryside.

Alternatively, you can also book a tour to the Shrine of Fátima which typically includes several stops along the way. 

You will visit the charming village of Obidos, as well as the largest Gothic Monastery in the country, Santa Maria d’Alcobaça, one of the Unesco World Heritage Sites. 

In Fátima, you’ll visit the famous Sanctuary of Fátima which celebrates the apparition of the Virgin Mary.

The drive along the Atlantic coast includes a lunch stop in the small fishing town of Nazaré. 

A visit to Batalha Monastery, another UNESCO World Heritage Site for the impressive stained glass art is also included.

This full day trip from Lisbon is also available as a private tour for a more intimate experience.

8. Visit Tomar and Constância on a Knights Templar Tour

The impressive Convento Cristo in Tomar – (photo credit: Alvesgaspar on Wikimedia)

Are you fascinated by the stories of the Knights Templar? Then a Lisbon day trip that piques your curiosity will have to include a visit to Tomar and Constância.

Ruled by the Knights Templar in the 12th century, Tomar is a fascinating Portuguese town with a rich history.

 prominent Tomar Castle was founded in 1160 by the Portuguese Grand Master of the Templars. 

In Tomar, you’ll visit the impressive Tomar Convent, now a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Your guide will regale you with stories about Henry the Navigator and the Grand Masters of the knights.

The Castle of Almourol is another castle that figures in the Knights Templar history.

Reconstructed in 1171 by the Templar, it is one of the best representations of the influence of the Knights Templar in Portugal.

You’ll step back in time on a day trip like this, but you’ll also be charmed by a stop at Constância. 

Located 30 mins from Tomar is the small town of Constância worth visiting on your way to the Castle of Almourol.

 One of the main highlights of Constância is to experience the local sweet treats known as “Queijinhos do céu.” 

They’ve earned a worldwide reputation for this little village that only has 900 residents. 

Our recommendation is to book a guided Knights Templar tour and understand the mystique of these knights and monks.

9. Sesimbra and Arrábida Natural Park

Arratiba Natural Park by Authentic Food Quest
The beautiful coastline of Arrabida Natural Park

Nature lovers won’t want to miss a visit to this natural paradise. With rolling hills, hiking trails, a golden sand beach, and a former monastery to explore, you’ll be awed by stunning beauty. 

Only about 40 kilometers south of the Portuguese capital, you can get much-needed fresh air and exercise. 

With long sand beaches and cliffs, this natural park has been a protected area since 1976. The beautiful beaches of Galapinhos, Portinho da Arrábida and Figueirinha are great places to explore.

The views from the Convent of Our Lady of Arrábida dominating the beaches are not to be missed.

On your way to the park, make a stop in Sesimbra, a charming coastal town where you can enjoy delicious fresh seafood.

The best way to go to Sesimbra and enjoy Arrábida Natural Park is by renting a car from Lisbon.

Alternatively, you can book a private day tour to Arrabida National Park and enjoy a wine tasting as well. 

You’ll savor local Portuguese food and wine in the charming small town of Azeitão before heading back to Lisbon.

10. Porto – The Capital of Port Wine

Taste Port wines in Porto Portugal by Authentic Food Quest
Tasting Port wine in Porto is a must-have experience in Portugal

Porto has much to offer and we highly recommend spending several days in and around Portugal’s second city. 

However, it’s also possible to experience this wonderful city as a day trip from Lisbon if you cannot squeeze out extra days.

While it makes for a long day, it’s a pleasant drive or a relaxing train ride, and is entirely worth it.

Be sure to include time to learn about port wines and a wine tasting at any of the famous fortified wine cellars in Villa de Gaia.

Tour the Ribeira district and enjoy a drink or lunch by the Douro River before heading up to the top of Dom Luis I Bridge. 

Soak up the views of Porto before walking toward Se Cathedral and Sao Bento train station to admire the beautiful azulejo tile work.

For peace of mind, we recommend taking the train from Lisbon to Porto. From Santa Apolonia station, the ride takes about 3 hours to get to Sao Bento, the main station in Porto. 

To make the most of a day trip to Porto, we recommend taking a private tour. This Porto from Lisbon tour includes visits to important landmarks, lunch and port wine tasting at famous port cellars.

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How To Get Around From Lisbon

Renting a Car in Portugal

Rental Cars in Portugal by Authentic Food Quest
Most cars only have manual transmission

Renting a car in Portugal is a good idea if you want to take one of these day trips from Lisbon. Rentals are quite inexpensive and pretty straightforward. 

One thing to be aware of is that the majority of rental cars are manual transmission. If you want a car with automatic transmission, reserve one in advance. 

Bridges and highways charge tolls. At the car rental station, get a transponder and pre-pay the €10 for toll charges.

You can find great car rental rates with savings up to 70% off. Bring the necessary paperwork including your passport and driver’s license.

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Taking The Train From Lisbon

Rossio Train Station Lisbon by Authentic Food Quest
Rossio train station and its particular neo-Manueline style façade

There are three main train stations in Lisbon to depart from for your day trips. Lisbon Oriente station is on the north side of Lisbon and can be reached by local transportation. Rossio station is easily accessible from downtown Lisbon. And finally Santa Apolonia station by the Tagus river in the center of Lisbon. Find below the detailed information to reach your destination by train.

How to Get From Lisbon to Evora

Evora is easily accessible by train from Lisbon’s Oriente station. The distance between Lisbon and Evora is about 135 km (85 miles).

The ride takes about 1.5 hours and ticket prices range from 13.85 € to 18 €. The train will drop you off within walking distance to the medieval town.

For more information about price and schedule, check the Omio website.

How to Get from Lisbon to Sintra

Train for Sintra Lisbon Day Trip by Authentic Food Quest

The easiest way to go from Lisbon to Sintra is to take the train. You can catch a direct train departing from the Rossio train station in Lisbon.

There is a train departing every 10 to 20 minutes during the week or every 30 minutes during the weekends from 6:00 am to 1:00 pm.

You can buy your ticket directly at the train station and it only costs 2.30 € for the 40 minute ride.

You can pay for your ticket using the rechargeable Viva Viagem card which you can get from any metro station. 

Better yet, get a Lisbon card which gives you access to local transportation and Lisbon attractions.

How to Get from Lisbon to Belém

Lisbon Tram by Authentic Food Quest
Trams in Lisbon make for fun and memorable rides

Belém stretches along the Tagus River in the southern part of Lisbon, and is quickly reached by train, tram or city bus. 

We recommend taking the tram for a more picturesque ride to Belém. 

The Tram 15 takes you from Praco do Comércio in Lisbon to Belém in 20 minutes. A one way trip will cost you 1.85 € cash or you can pay using a Viva Viagem card which you can get from any metro station. 

Better yet, or better get a Lisbon card which gives you access to local transportation and Lisbon attractions.

How to Get from Lisbon to Cascais

The frequent train from Lisbon Rossio station takes around an hour and costs 2.3 €. You’ll arrive at the beautiful seaside depot, and can easily stroll around the city.

How to Get from Lisbon to Porto

Santa Apolonia Train Station Lisbon by Authentic Food Quest

From Lisbon’s Santa Apolonia station, the ride takes about 3 hours to get to Sao Bento, the main station in Porto. 

By taking the train, you can maximize your time in Porto without having to worry about driving back and forth.

Tickets start at about 25 € per person. There are frequent trains to Porto every hour or less. You can check the price and schedule on the Omio website.

Have You visited Lisbon, Portugal? Please let us know in the comments below which day trips from Lisbon you’ve taken or would like to take.

Savor the Adventure!

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