The 10 Best Greek Cookbooks For A Worldly Kitchen

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Greek cookbooks are layered with simple and hearty traditional dishes with a focus on quality ingredients.

Greek food emphasizes fresh seasonal ingredients, olive oil, greens, beans, grains, cheese, fish, poultry and more. 

It is considered one of the healthiest cuisines in the world and often associated with the Mediterranean Diet.

When a trip to Greece is not possible, creating a homemade feast is the next best way to bring the healthy flavors of Greece home.

To help you do that, we’ve put together our favorite Greek cooking books.

From famous chefs to best-selling authors, these Greek culinary experts from different horizons, will take you on exciting culinary adventures.

Each of them approach Greek cuisine with their own unique style making it accessible in their recipes and stories.

If you are looking to add more Greek and Mediterranean flavors into your diet, these are some of the best Greek cookbooks you can choose from.

Savor healthy and tasty Greek food as you explore the delicious and simple recipes in the Greek cooking books selection below.

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Our Top Picks For The Best Greek Cooking Books

Best Greek Cookbook For Simple Everyday Cooking

Diane Kochilas – My Greek Table – Authentic Flavors & Modern Home Cooking

The 10 Best Greek Cookbooks For A Worldly Kitchen 1

Best Comprehensive Greek Cookbook

Vefa Alexiadou – Greece – The Cookbook

The 10 Best Greek Cookbooks For A Worldly Kitchen 2

Best Greek Cooking Book For Diversity of Mediterranean Recipes

America’s Test Kitchen – The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook

The 10 Best Greek Cookbooks For A Worldly Kitchen 3

1- My Greek Table – Authentic Flavors & Modern Home Cooking

The 10 Best Greek Cookbooks For A Worldly Kitchen 1

If you’re looking for comprehensive Greek cookbooks, then you should look no further than Diane Kochilas. 

For more than 25 years, she’s been at the head of trying to bring Americans healthy and delicious Greek and Mediterranean recipes. 

With fresh takes on her older recipes and riffs off of traditional Greek cuisine, My Greek Table is Diane Kochilas love letter to her family.

Each recipe is tied to a story that will warm your heart. The book is neatly organized into different sections, making it easy to hop from bread recipes to salads to meat dishes and more. 

This book of Greek cooking explores the versatility of Mediterranean cuisine. An award winning author and host of a Public Television Cooking Show, you’ll love the variety in her recipes.

Even more so, her loving sing-song-esque writing style will take you to Greece in just one meal.  

The recipes are easy to understand and most Greek ingredients have alternative ingredients provided. There are also storing tips and notes from the authors for extra help.

This book is a wonderful way to travel to Greece without leaving your hometown.

+ Who is It For? Those who are looking to explore the Greek cuisine with both a traditional and modern twist. This cookbook is perfect for people who travel with their taste buds.

– Not For? Someone looking for the old and classic Greek recipes. 

2- Ikaria: Lessons on Food, Life, and Longevity from the Island Where People Forget to Die

The 10 Best Greek Cookbooks For A Worldly Kitchen 5

This is far more than a Greek cooking book, perhaps it’s more fitting to call this book a novel that provides recipes. 

Diane Kochilas delectable chapter titles combined with the gorgeous photos will take your breath away. Her beautiful writing will make you want to visit Ikaria or at least try out a few recipes.

As you read about Greek food in Ikaria, you will see every dish described and every person featured. The recipes speak of Ikarian culture in a really lovely way.

With this part cookbook and part travelogue, you’ll get a sense of the true spirit of the island and the healthy way of life.

The recipes are varied with some simple ones to make and others a little more complex with hard to find ingredients.

The author does a fantastic job of bringing you the secrets of longevity in Ikaria that you can incorporate into your own life.

+ Who Is It For? Those interested in healthy living and sustainable cooking with lessons from the culinary and cultural world of Ikaria island.

– Not For? Not for those more interested in mainland cuisine as well as people who like quick-cooking recipes.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: Having a good cookbook holder makes a difference when following recipes in your kitchen. See our review of The 10 Best Cookbook Holders To Have in Your Kitchen

3 – It’s All Greek To Me – Transform Your Life The Mediterranean Way With My Family Century Old Recipes

The 10 Best Greek Cookbooks For A Worldly Kitchen 6

This cookbook by Debbie Matenopoulos, weaves together gorgeous story-telling, with familial stories. It is filled with easy-to-understand recipes with authentic ingredients. 

This healthy Greek cookbook transports you to Greece with the author herself.

The traditional Mediterranean recipes offer you a bridge into the culture and a delicious way to integrate vegetables and fresh ingredients into your diet.

Debbie Matenopoulos puts a real personal touch to traditional Greek recipes, pulling you into her family kitchen to cook with. 

Gorgeous photography accompanies this scrumptious cookbook.The over 120 recipes include personal touches from Debbie, bringing each dish to life.

This is a wonderful beginning to a healthier diet involving fresh and healthy flavors in interesting combinations.

+ Who Is It For? Great for those looking for simple Greek recipes and gorgeous pictures. If you’ve visited or plan to visit Greece, this book will help you create or recreate dishes you loved.

– Not For? This is not a good Greek cookbook for those who just want to get the recipes without learning about the culture and lifestyle.

4 – Greece – The Cookbook

The 10 Best Greek Cookbooks For A Worldly Kitchen 2

Written by Vefa Alexiadou, often referred to as the leading authority in Greek cooking, this is an all encompassing Greek cooking book. 

Her writing entices and her recipes are simple, what more is there to it?

With over 600 recipes, Greece The Cookbook is more like an encyclopedia of Greek cooking. Comprehensive and a culinary classic, this one of the best Greek cookbooks out there.

The recipes are divided by food types like salad and vegetables, legumes and pulses and more. Each one full of passion for Greece and written in a way can understand.

This masterpiece breaks down the recipes with accessible ingredients bringing forward the freshness that comes with many Greek and Mediterranean dishes.

+ Who Is It For? If you are looking for a detailed and comprehensive look at Greek cooking and recipes, this book is for you.

– Not For? This book is massive and may be intimidating for beginner home cooks.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: This list of best Greek cookbooks would not be complete without the mention of Nikolaos Tselementes, considered the “father” of modern Greek gastronomy. He combined modern cuisine with Greek tradition and is famously known for being the first to pair béchamel sauce with moussaka. His Greek Cookery cookbook, published in 1956 is a collectible hardcover book with only a few copies available on Amazon. 

5 – The Foods of The Greek Islands – Cooking & Culture at the Crossroads of the Mediterranean

The 10 Best Greek Cookbooks For A Worldly Kitchen 8

Taking the extra steps to collect recipes from Greek farmers, bakers, and fishermen, Aglaia Kremezi provides authentic recipes with fresh seasonal ingredients.

The beauty of these recipes is the versatility of them. Most of them are vegetarian that could have a meat protein added if you wanted or you could leave it as is.

Not only is the Foods of Greek Islands filled with awesome recipes, it’s also filled with contextual information about the regions. 

An award-winning author, journalist, and cooking instructor, Aglaia Kremezi, brings clarity and simplicity to each of the recipes.

It’s no wonder this cookbook was chosen as the year’s best cookbook by the New York Times, the year it was released.

+ Who Is It For? This cookbook has a keen focus on vegetarian dishes and perfect for those looking for fresh and vegetable heavy Greek cuisine. 

– Not For? Lazy home cooks. Some recipes feature hard-to-find ingredients which might require shopping around to find them.

6 – My Big Fat Greek Cookbook

The 10 Best Greek Cookbooks For A Worldly Kitchen 9

A celebration of an incredible woman and her love for her family shown through her flavorful and authentically delicious foods. 

The author, Christos Sourligas, weaves his mother’s story into these incredibly easy-to-understand recipes.

Interestingly, Christos is neither a celebrity chef nor food writer. He is a Greek Canadian filmmaker who wrote this Greek cookbook as a tribute to his mother.

The recipes in my Big Fat Greek Cookbook were documented directly from his ailing mother as a way to preserve her memory.  

Written with a devilish sense of humor, Cristos adds a touch to each recipe by sharing his personal experience with each one.

A best selling cookbook, find wholesome Greek recipes with farm to table freshness you can create in your kitchen.

+ Who Is It For? For those looking for nostalgic or childhood recipes with traditional and authentic Greek recipes. 

– Not For? Not for people looking for Greek islands coastal recipes. This cookbook features rural mountain recipes from the southern Greek region of Arcadia.   

7 – Greek Cooking For the Gods

The 10 Best Greek Cookbooks For A Worldly Kitchen 10

Through devotion and loving documentation, Eva Zane has compiled a book filled with interesting and refined Greek dishes that just ooze authenticity.

This is one of those Greek cookbooks that becomes an heirloom for families over the years. The over 200 fascinating recipes range from teasing appetizers to mouthwatering desserts. 

Also included is a chapter on Greek wines and Spirit pairings that bring all the Greek flavors to life.  

Greek Cooking For the Gods is a tremendous book that can challenge experienced cooks or gently welcome new cooks to authentic Greek flavors.

The recipes are straightforward and range from traditional to playful. They have been honed by an experienced cook to give readers a Greek dish perfect for any and all occasions.

+ Who Is It For? This book is wonderful for those looking to advance their cooking skills in a fun way while learning about Greek and Mediterranean culture.

– Not For? The unadventurous cooks. This cookbook features recipes with lesser-used parts of animals, which may be uncomfortable for some.

8 – How To Roast A Lamb – New Greek Classic Cooking

The 10 Best Greek Cookbooks For A Worldly Kitchen 11

Believe me when I say that this Greek cooking book is about way more than just roasting a lamb. 

Chef Michael Psilakis, voted as one of the best new chefs by Food & Wine Magazine in 2008, charms and entertains with classic recipes.

The gorgeous cookbook with stunning photography includes personal stories from Michael Psilakis life. 

While all the recipes are wonderful, they tend to favor experienced cooks or those who don’t mind making dishes like smoked octopus. 

Each recipe has a family memory lovingly written with it. How To Roast a Lamb is not only a cookbook but also a memoir of the chef making it much more than just a cookbook.

+ Who Is It For? For experienced cooks looking for beautiful photographs and willing to experiment with creative Greek recipes.

– Not For? Some of the recipes are time-consuming to make and not for a busy cook looking to quickly put food on the table.

9 – The Mediterranean Diet of Crete

The 10 Best Greek Cookbooks For A Worldly Kitchen 12

In this book, you’ll find authentic Cretan recipes that will fill your stomach with fresh seasonal food and make your taste buds dance.

Written by Koula Barydakis, chef and Cretan cooking instructor and dietician, Bill Bradley, think of this as a healthy Greek cookbook.

Chapters are split into meal courses and include traditional recipes, vegan and vegetarian options and seafood recipes. 

Beyond recipes, The Mediterranean Diet of Crete takes you the place. Within the pages, you’ll learn about Crete, their way of eating and preparing food, and life on the island.

Warning: This book may make you want to travel to Crete.

+ Who Is It For?  Those looking for vegan and vegetarian dishes will love the healthy Greek and Mediterrean recipes featured.  

– Not For? Those looking for a physical cookbook. This book is currently only available as a Kindle book.

10 – The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook

The 10 Best Greek Cookbooks For A Worldly Kitchen 3

America’s Test Kitchen has a reputation of being extremely thorough and reliable in their recipe writing. 

With this cookbook, their goal is to give their readers approachable Mediterrenean recipes for a healthy lifestyle.

Each recipe is tested out by expert chefs to make sure it delivers healthy meals that make your taste buds and stomach dance comfortably together.

Not only are the Complete Mediterranean recipes easy they also provide helpful tips and tricks for home cooks. The cookbook is well organized, with detailed instructions on how to make any of the 500 recipes.

This cookbook includes recipes from the entire Mediterranean region  including Europe, Africa and the Middle East. 

For those who love Mediterrennean cuisine, this cookbook should be a kitchen staple. 

+ Who Is It For? This is perfect for home cooks seeking to improve their diets for an overall healthy life. Process oriented, the recipes are appropriate for beginner to intermediate cooks.

– Not For? Some recipes need time to prep and those with busy schedules may not have the time for quick and easy meals.

Do you have any favorite Greek cookbooks? Please let us know in the comments below!

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