10 of The Best International Meal Kits for an Authentic Experience

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International meal kits make it easy to bring flavors from around the world to your table.

With no shopping required and ingredients precisely measured to reduce food waste, you can savor restaurant-quality meals at home.

Meal kit services take the chore out of daily cooking. You save time while going on global culinary adventures.

At this time, there are no meal kits solely dedicated to cuisine from around the world. 

However, in this article, we researched how the most popular meal kits stack up on their international offering.

Get to know the international meal kits and prepared meal services. Find out the pros and cons as well as the pricing information before getting started. 

Discover new tastes and recipes and add diverse and international flavors to your weekly menus.

Taste the world and bring fun and adventure back into your kitchen with international meal kits.

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Our Top Picks for the Best International Meal Kits

1. Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon – Best Overall

German Knack Wurst Martha Stewart and Marley Spoon by Authentic Food Quest
German knack wurst – Photo credit: Marley on Facebook

Explore new cuisines and authentic flavors from the best recipes by Martha Steward. 

This Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon meal kit makes chef-quality cooking simple with recipes created and curated by Martha Stewart.

The recipes are made with high-quality ingredients including Martha’s favorite spice blends. 

Weekly menus are divided into five simple categories. Choose either, healthy & diet, vegetarian/vegan recipes, 30-minute meals, family-friendly meals, or meat & fish.

There are over 40 recipes a week making it easy for food lovers to explore new international flavors.

Authentic and fusion flavors with the weekly recipes take you around the globe. For instance, you can go to Japan with a top-rated ramen noodle dish. 

Brazil comes to you with a delicious tomato and coconut shrimp stew. And, vegetarians will adore the Mushroom Bourguignon, a twist on a French classic.

All recipes can be made in just 6-steps. You follow the simple instructions using the pre-measured making cooking a breeze.

Choose from one of two boxes. There is a two-person plan, which is perfect for couples. Or a four-person plan that is family-friendly or for a delicious dinner with friends.

The international flavors in this meal kit make it one of our favorites. The food boxes contain locally sourced ingredients including some organic products.

If you’re looking to explore new flavors, Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon will make the process fun and easy, even for beginners. 


  • Large variety of international dishes and flavors
  • Eco-friendly packaging 
  • High-quality ingredients 


  • Some recipes can be complex for beginner home cooks
  • Healthy menu but not specific for those with allergen concerns or special dietary needs
  • Ship to contiguous US only

A Few International Offerings Include: 

2. Blue Apron – Best For Fusion International Meals

Spanish Style Potatoes Blue Apron by Authentic Food Quest
Spanish style potatoes – Photo credit: Blue Apron on Facebook

If you want to add some spice to your weekly menus and try new flavors, consider meal kits from Blue Apron. 

While you will not find an abundance of authentic dishes, they feature interesting fusion foods and dishes that use international flavors. 

All the recipes are chef-designed and made with high-quality sustainable ingredients. 

There are four different menus available and they all come with easy step-by-step cooking instructions. 

With the “Signature” plan you can choose your protein from fish, grass-fed beef to even diabetes-friendly options. 

The “Vegetarian” plan offers tasty meatless dishes made with seasonal ingredients that you’ll love.

 For the carb conscious or those looking for weight loss recipes, the “Wellness” menu is worth considering.  The larger “Four person plan” is perfect for the whole family or for get-togethers.

Blue Apron is one of the best in the meal kit market. Along with their amazing delivered meals, they also offer additional products for your meals.  

You can order wine which they can pair with your weekly meal choices.  They have kitchen equipment like pots, pans, knives, and other tools. 

And, if you like particular spices, you can pick up boxed ingredients and gourmet blends to incorporate into future dishes. 

Blue Apron is a great option for those who love fresh food, new flavors, and meals they can make in a snap. 


  • Diverse menu offerings 
  • Availability of additional offerings like wine, kitchen tools, spices, etc.
  • Fresh, organic ingredients 
  • Chef-designed recipes


  • Plastic packaging with deliveries 
  • Ship to contiguous US only

A Few International Meal Kit Offerings Include: 

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3. Home Chef – Best For Families

Home Chef International Meal Kits by Authentic Food Quest
Home Chef has many meal options to choose from

Created in Chicago in 2013, Home Chef makes home cooking quick and easy. They offer both meal kits you can prepare yourself, and prepared meals that can be heated and served, no cooking needed.

For those short on time and looking for a healthy and nutritious dinner fast, Home Chef offers something new and exciting each time.

All their recipes and dishes are chef-tested, using fresh organic ingredients and flavors from across the globe. 

Unlike other international meal kits, you can choose your recipes based on your cooking preference style. 

If you like to grill, simply choose the “grill ready” option and everything will be delivered ready to throw on the grill for a fast and flavorful meal. 

The same applies if you select the “oven-ready” or “15-minute meal kits.”

If you have a special occasion coming up, you can select premium gourmet meals from the “culinary collection” that will be sure to impress.

Every week, on Monday, you’ll receive via email 20+ meal options to choose from. The selection includes a number of internationally-inspired dishes adding a sense of adventure to your meals.

Within the options, you can choose from vegetarian, calorie, or carb-conscious dishes. Each box contains a recipe card with nutritional information, prep and cook time, difficulty, and spice levels.

One of the best things about Home Chef is that it is beginner-friendly and diverse enough for more experienced home cooks. 

Besides saving time from grocery shopping, you’ll learn to make new dishes outside your normal routine.


  • Fresh high-quality ingredients from local farmers who practice sustainable farming
  • Diverse selection of recipes for those looking to branch out
  • Option to add extras like desserts, breakfast, salad, and more


  • No specific meal kits for diets like Keto or Paleo 
  • Ship to contiguous US only

A Few International Meal Kit Offerings Include: 

4. CookUnity – Best For Diversity

Greek Meat Balls Cook Unity by Authentic Food Quest
Greek meat balls – Photo credit: CookUnity on Facebook

From a collective of talented chefs, CookUnity brings you restaurant-quality meals from award-winning chefs.

What makes CookUnity unique, is that it is the first chef-to-customer platform. Innovative celebrity and up-and-coming chefs offer fully cooked, neatly packaged meals you can enjoy.

While celebrity chefs like Esther Choi, JJ Johnson, or Marc Forgione cook on the platform, we love the diversity of up-and-coming chefs.

CookUnity delivers only pre-cooked, heat-and-serve meals. The meals are delivered fresh, not frozen, and are generally recommended to be cooked in the oven.

The recipes vary based and you can choose international dishes from Korea, Japan, Turkey, Italy, and much more.

All meals are delicious, high quality, and authentic. 

You can pick your plan from as few as four meals a week up to sixteen meals. Then, tailor your options based on preferences or goals. Choosing for example, weight-loss goals or a preference for shellfish or meat dishes.

Chef instructions for heating up the meals are provided including expiration date and nutritional information. 

Like other international meal kits, you can pause, reschedule or skip a delivery at any time.

For those looking to try something new but don’t want to do the cooking themselves, CookUnity makes eating well easy.

With recipes curated and made by talented, award-winning chefs, you know you’re getting something amazing. 

Check out examples of the international recipes you’ll find.


  • Chef curated, delicious meals
  • Meals are ready to heat and serve
  • Wide, diverse menu options


  • Only heating and assembling food, not cooking from scratch 

A Few International Offerings Include: 

5. RealEats – Best For Farm Fresh Ready Meals

Tacos Real Eats by Authentic Food Quest
Tasty tacos – Photo credit: RealEats on Facebook

Real food, made simple is the promise from RealEats with their chef-prepared meals that you can easily heat and serve. 

This service is great for those who want to make dinner a breeze with farm fresh healthy meals.

What makes RealEats different is their commitment to meal quality. They pride themselves on supporting local farmers and using readily available produce based on location. 

All meals and products arrive sous vide to lock in flavor and make reheating a breeze.

Along with their prepared meal kits, RealEats also offers delicious proteins, with appropriate portion sizes and worldly flavors. 

You can try green curry whitefish, Greek chicken, Southern BBQ steak, Korean BBQ tofu, and more.

Healthy sides include Spanish rice, creamy mushrooms, southwest veggies, chana masala, creamy risotto, and more.

Add-ons like wellness drinks, snack bars, cheese, and cured meats, salads, soups, and more can be added to your box.

This makes it easy to stock your kitchen with delicious foods to eat throughout the week alongside your prepared meals. 

Choosing your meals is easy. Choose from 4 meals per week up to 12 meals per week. You can adjust the number of meals you receive at any time.

Each meal or one kit is one serving per person, and all you do is just heat up your dish and enjoy.

The menu features a variety of international flavors though not many are truly traditional recipes. 

Regardless, there are many amazing and inspired flavors, if you’re looking to try something new without cooking from scratch.


  • Easy ready-to-eat heat and serve meals
  • High-quality, local ingredients 
  • Wide range of healthy options from meal kits to breakfast, soups, snacks, and more


  • Meal kits do not accommodate specific dietary restrictions 
  • Not a ton of authentic international dishes
  • Delivery limited to certain areas in the contiguous US

A Few International Offerings Include: 

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6. Gobble – Best For Simplicity

Gobble International Meal Kits by Authentic Food Quest
Make yummy quiche with vegetables

For gourmet dishes and global flavors, Gobble offers ready-to-eat prepared meals made by chefs.

Getting started is easy. Pick your meals from the diverse international recipes. If you have any dietary concerns you can choose gluten-free, low-carb, dairy-free, or plant-based options.

The chefs at Gobble cut, chop, and prep your recipes using high-quality ingredients. Your boxed ingredients come with a 3-step recipe, allowing you to have dinner ready in only 15 minutes.

The International meals and recipes are quite numerous. You can get Korean Bulgogi Beef, Indian Palak Matar Paneer with basmati rice, Thai coconut curry chicken, and much more.

Gobble also offers soups, sides, desserts, and breakfasts, also from around the world. 

You can end your meal with delicious artisanal Belgian waffles. Or, start your day with French Quiche Lorraine for breakfast.

With the ease of skipping or canceling your order at any time, don’t hesitate to try Gobble meal delivery services.

Choose to have international meal kits shipped from two to five nights times per week. And, you can also get larger portions for four people with Gobble’s specialty kits for four.

Explore the wide array of international meals from Gobble that easily come together in under 15 minutes.


  • Vast menu of International gourmet dishes
  • Wide selection of international-focused desserts, sides, and breakfast options
  • Ability to customize your meals by diet type and quantity


  • Shipping available only in contiguous US, except for Montana, and limited service in Kansas, New Mexico, and Nebraska.

A Few International Meals Offerings Include: 

7. Georgie and Tom’s – Best For Gourmet International Meal Kits

Georgie Toms International Meal Kit by Authentic Food Quest
Italian beef meatballs with marinara sauce – Photo credit: Georgie and Tom’s on Facebook

At Georgie and Tom’s you will find only healthy and fresh meal kits. With the slogan “eating well made easy”, you get already prepared dishes ready to eat in 5 to 8 minutes.

The menu offers about 75 dishes, most of them international recipes from all around the world.

What you get are freshly made prepared meals for all diet types. You can customize your international dishes by low-carb, gluten-free, low-calorie, vegetarian, and more. 

With gourmet international meals delivered ready to eat, you can enjoy Vietnamese pork noodles, on one night, Mexican on another, Italian, American, and so on.

Eating international meal kits with Georgie & Tom’s consists of fresh vegetables, lean proteins, and about 600 calories. 

You can eat delicious food while maintaining your health and fitness goals.

When you subscribe to Georgie and Tom’s you can choose to receive two to five meals every week.  The servings are for two people and you can skip or cancel your subscription at any time.

We love the healthy and gourmet-focused international meal kits from Georgie and Tom’s. 


  • Wide variety of international recipes 
  • Meals can be prepared easy, in five to eight minutes
  • Ability to customize recipes to different diet plans


  • Delivery only in Massachusetts, New York, and Washington DC 
  • No physical recipes, only in digital format

A Few International Meals Offerings Include: 

8.  HelloFresh – Best For Meal Variety

Spaghetti alla Bolognese Hello Fresh by Authentic Food Quest
Spaghetti alla Bolognese – Photo credit: HelloFresh on Facebook

HelloFresh is one of the oldest and most popular meal kit delivery services. They have an expansive menu with amazing dishes from around the world.

Each box contains delicious recipes, made with fresh, organic produce in pre-portioned sizes. 

With each meal kit, are recipes with simple instructions to recreate the dishes in your kitchen.

They have different menu options to make selecting meal kits easy. You can choose a Vegetarian menu, Fit & Wholesome, Pescatarian, Meat and Veggies, Family Friendly, and more. 

With Hello Fresh, you’ll find dishes that are inspired by international flavors and foods and are truly authentic. 

Their pretty impressive catalog of global flavors makes them a great option if you’re expanding your palate. 

For instance, a weekly menu plan can take your taste buds to exciting destinations like Tunisia, Mexico, Italy, or India.

If you love exploring new flavors and creating tasty dishes in your kitchen, you’ll love the diversity of Hello Fresh.


  • Large menu offering with 50+ chef-created menus and market items
  • Easily pause, skip or cancel weekly plan
  • Fresh, high-quality ingredients


  • No ability to filter for allergens in individual meal kits 
  • Ship to contiguous US only

A Few International Meal Kit Offerings Include: 

9. Doofood – Best For Korean Food Lovers

Doofood International Meal Kits by Authentic Food Quest
Try authentic Korean dishes

Doofood is one of the only meal kit companies that focuses exclusively on authentic Korean meal kits.

What makes their offering so unique is that there is no subscription required. You can place an order only for the Korean dishes you want to try as frequently as you choose.

The international Korean meal kits are quite diverse and numerous. There are more than 90 dishes available and more than 25 on a weekly rotating menu.

Choose Toowoomba pasta, Kimchi fried rice, Korean braised short ribs, or a rice cake soup with dumplings and more.

With Doofood, your ingredients are already chopped and prepped with GMO-free ingredients, MSG-free food, and healthy proteins.

The best part of cooking with Doofood is that your meals are ready in 15  minutes or less.

All the hard-to-find ingredients are included making it easy to savor international flavors.

We cooked a number of Doofood Korean dishes and loved the quality ingredients and delicious flavors.

Although Doofood does not offer dietary-specific menus, there are plenty of dishes that fit into the pescatarian or vegetarian categories. 


  • Dedicated exclusively to Korean dishes
  • Easy to cook in 5 to 15 minutes
  • Large number of Korean recipes offered on a weekly basis
  • No subscription required


  • Ships only to the contiguous US, except Hawaii
  • Orders have to be of minimum $60
  • No dietary preferences available
  • Only Korean dishes available, no other international flavors available

A Few Korean Meals Offerings Include: 

10. Quicklly – Best For Indian Food Lovers

Quicklly International Meal Kits by Authentic Food Quest
Chicken biryani – Photo credit: Quicklly on Facebook

Quicklly is a meal kit delivery service dedicated to Indian cuisine. They offer meal kits through their Cumin Club featuring Indian dishes that have been pre-cooked by local chefs.

The authentic dishes are freeze-dried using special technology that allows the meals to retain their flavors. 

Once you receive your dishes, you simply add water and cook them on the stovetop, microwave, or oven. The dishes do not contain preservatives and only high-quality ingredients are used.

What’s great about Quicklly’s Cumin Club is that the Indian flavors are from across the country. 

You can select regional recipes from 6 different areas including Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Punjab, and Gujarat.

Depending on how frequently you want to eat Indian food, you can have your meals delivered,  weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or just once. 

You’ll be excited to try Punjabi Kadhi, Masala Poha, Gujarati Dal, Paneer Butter Masala, and much more.

Add regional desserts to your meals and enjoy amazing Indian food from the comfort of your home.


  • Dedicated only to Indian cuisine
  • Ability to order upto to 20 dishes in a single order, which is perfect for groups
  • Preservative-free and natural chef-made Indian dishes 


  • Customization of the portion sizes and spice levels are not available yet
  • Delivery only to contiguous US

A Few Indian Meals Offerings Include: 

Answers To Popular Questions

International Meal Kits Box by Authentic Food Quest

What Is the Difference Between Meal Kits and Meal Delivery?

In this article, we feature both meal kits and meal delivery services. A meal kit is a kit that has pre-portioned ingredients meant for a specific recipe. Users can easily cook a recipe with all of the prep work for the ingredients already done. All they have to do is unpackage their meal kit, follow recipe instructions, and enjoy. 

In contrast, meal delivery services require no cooking work on the user’s part. They will have a fully prepared meal delivered straight to them. All they have to do is heat up the meal, and it’s ready to eat! No cooking is required. 

Recycling and Environmentally Conscious Packaging

All international meal kits deliver the boxes directly to your home address. While ensuring your meals arrive fresh the packaging used is recyclable.

All the meal kit providers featured use environmentally responsible boxes that are easily recyclable. 

The insulation and ice packs found within each box are made from compostable material which is recyclable. The recipes and menu cards provided are designed to be kept in your kitchen to reuse over again.

How Much Do Meal Kit Services Cost?

The cost of a meal kit service will vary from company to company and will vary based on the amount you are ordering. If you are ordering for one, you may only want to receive 2-3 meals a week. However, when cooking for a family, you may want more weekly meals or weekly meals with larger portions.
Typically, meal kit services will have individual meals that start somewhere in the $4.99 range and up. You will have to pay a price per meal, as well as a weekly shipping fee for delivery. Shipping will vary based on where your home address, but you can expect it to cost at least $8.99 for delivery.

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Have you ever tried meal kit services before? Which ones from these international meal kits would you like to try? Please let us know in the comments below.

Savor the Adventure! 

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