15 Must-Try International Snack Boxes To Taste The World (2023)

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If you want to experience delicious snacks from around the world, then an international snacks box is for you.

After traveling the world for food, we tested and selected our favorite snack boxes from around the world to transport your taste buds.

These curated boxes with snacks from all over Europe, Asia and more take you on snacking adventures from the comfort of home.

Whether your sweet tooth needs something chocolate or cake-like or perhaps salty, peppery, or chewy, there’s something for you.

All you have to do is just have fun while you sit back and snack.

Treat your tastebuds with something new from these 15 best international snack boxes.

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International Snacks Box Comparison Table

BoxPrice per boxSubscription (Y/N)Available US / WorldwideShipping (US)Box OptionBest For
Best International Snacks Boxes
Universal YumsStarts at $15YesWorldwideFreeThree sizesOverall
Try the WorldStarts at $23YesWorldwideFreeThree sizesNatural Snacks
TreatsStarts at $16.50YesWorldwideFreeTwo sizesInternational Candies
Sweets Snacks ClubStarts at $29.90YesWorldwideFreeOne Size Party Size
Best Country Snacks Box To Tour The World
Tokyo TreatStarts at $32.50YesWorldwide$12.50One SizeJapanese Snacks
SeoulBox SignatureStarts at $35.50YesWorldwide$12.50One SizeKorean Snacks
Gusto Di RomaStarts at $91.58YesWorldwide$9.99One SizeItalian Fans
Turkish MunchiesStarts at $14.95BothWorldwide$5.95Two SizesTurkish Snacks
Celebrate U.S. StatesStarts at $42BothWorldwide$10One SizeAmerican Snacks
MexiCrateStarts at $7.99BothUS$7Three SizesMexican Snacks
IndiFixStarts at $32Both USFreeTwo SizesIndian Snacks
Best International Snacks Boxes Amazon
European Snack Box$32.95NoUSAmazon rates applyOne sizeBakery Snacks
Best International Snacks Boxes No Subscription
British Snacks$12.88NoWorldwide$12.94One Size British Snacks
French Snacks$49.12NoWorldwide$33.44One Size French Snacks
Asian Snacks $29.99NoWorldwideFreeOne Size Asian Sampler
We provide prices and shipping fees at the time of writing. Prices and availability may vary slightly when you buy your international snacks boxes.

Top International Snacks Box

1.  Universal Yums – Best Overall International Snacks Box 

Universal Yums International Snacks Box by Authentic Food Quest
One of the best international snack boxes

Each month Universal Yums lets you experience a new country through a blend of sweet and salty snacks. 

Just choose the number of snacks you want to have delivered every month. There are three sizes available for your monthly snack subscription boxes for small to large households:

  • Yum Box: five to seven snacks
  • Yum Yum Box: ten to 12 snacks
  • Super Yum Box: 18 to 20 snacks

In addition to traveling to a new country through delicious snacks, you also get a booklet filled with cultural facts, trivia, and recipes.  

While your subscription renews each month, there is also a one-step cancellation process to easily stop your subscription at any time.

Alternatively, if you want to gift international snacks to a loved one, you can get just one surprise snack box.

For lovers of food and travel, Universal Yums offers one of the best international snack boxes.

This around-the-world snack box is a delicious way to go on a global adventure with snacks and candies.


  • Three different size boxes to choose from
  • Free shipping to the contiguous US
  • Choose the country of your first snack box


  • Currently unable to customize boxes for allergies or dietary restrictions

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2.  Try The World – Best Gourmet Snacks From Around The World 

Best International Snacks by Authentic Food Quest
Find both sweet and savory snacks natural and healthy

For snacks from around the world, Try the World brings you a delicious collection of global gourmet snacks.

Each snack box is filled with six healthy snacks from six countries every month.  All the snacks are made by artisans from around the world. 

These international snacks are both sweet and savory snacks and all-natural and healthy.

There are three different sizes of snack boxes available.

  • Small box: seven to eight snacks
  • Medium box: 10 – 14 snacks
  • Large box: 16 – 20 snacks

Alongside your monthly snacks, Try the World also includes a “Discovery” booklet. In it, you’ll find information about the producers, ingredients, and techniques used to make the snacks.

All their full-sized snacks support local producers helping them grow and keep their culinary traditions alive.

This is the best snacking experience for people who prefer healthy and gourmet snacks from around the world. 

From healthy cookies, cakes, dried fruits, chips, and more, these are guilt-free snacks you can enjoy each month.

For Authentic Food Quest readers, use the code AFQ10 at checkout for an additional 10% off with international snacks from Try the World.


  • Different healthy snacks every month
  • Three box sizes to choose from
  • Free shipping to the contiguous US
  • Multiple billing options. Choose from monthly or every three, six, or 12 months. 


  • Unable to customize boxes for dietary restrictions

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: To save an additional 10% with Try the World snack box from around the world, use code AFQ10 at checkout.

3. Treats – Best For International Candies 

Treats Snack International Box by Authentic Food Quest
Foreign snacks and candies to explore all corners of the globe

Make snacking a cultural experience with a monthly subscription from Treats. Each month 

foreign snacks and candies allow you to explore all corners of the globe.

Two box sizes are available. A Standard Box with five to seven snacks. And a Premium Box with 10+ international snacks.

Treats ship your first box within three business days of your order, and then every package after that comes somewhere in the middle of the month.

Every month each box comes from a surprise featured country. This is fun for families where you get to explore new flavors and learn about new cultures through snacks.

A Treats Box is a perfect gift for families looking to explore the world through tasty delights. Treats offers some of the best selection of international candies.

In addition to the snacks an included postcard makes a great learning tool for kids and parents alike.

Make it a fun activity with the kids and check out what they have sent in the past; there’s a “past boxes from Treats” section with pictures of the snacks and countries they sent before.


  • Two affordable price points for 5 and 10 snacks a month
  • Free shipping in the USA
  • Cancel anytime


  • No way to know the featured country ahead of time

4. Sweet Snacks Club – Best For Party and Office Treats

Sweet Snacks Club International by Authentic Food Quest
Get a mega snacks box bundle

If you have a sweet tooth that prefers sweet snacks over savory, the Sweet Snacks Club is the best snack box for you.

It includes the most popular snacks in a single mega snacks bundle. You’ll find chocolate bars like Snickers, M&M’s, Oreos, cookies, nuts, and much more. 

It’s the ideal mix of sweet snacks that’s perfect for parties, holiday gatherings, or simply moments to spread joy.

Each box contains a mix of snacks valued are more than $70 for the low cost of $29.90 for a 12-month subscription.

The selection of sweet snacks found in this mega package of sweets will energize and thrill your taste buds. 

If you’re going on a road trip, having poker night, or a movie marathon, a monthly box of delicious sweet snacks you want to have around. 


  • Great value for the price
  • Wide range of sweet snacks to choose from
  • Elegant and affordable package


  • Some snacks contain potential allergens like milk and nuts

Best Country Snacks Box To Tour The World

5. Tokyo Treat –  Best For Japanese Snacks 

Tokyo Treat Japanese Snacks Online by Authentic Food Quest
Taste Japan with this surprising snacks box Photo credit: TokyoTreat on Facebook

Bite into Japan with a monthly snack subscription box from Tokyo Treat. Each month enjoy delicious Japanese snacks along with a slice of daily local life.

Fifteen to twenty full-size Japanese snacks you cannot find outside Japan are included in each box. The sweet and savory snacks will take your taste buds to new and exciting heights.

The snacks are carefully curated. Find a mix of rare Kit Kat chocolate bars, savory snacks, Japanese baked goods, instant ramen, and even a Japanese drink.

This premium Japanese snack box weighs a hefty 2.7 lbs or 1.2 kg. Also included is a snack and culture guide of the treats for easy reference.

The Tokyo Treat snacks change every month, which makes it exciting and something to look forward to. 

Previous boxes have covered Valentines, Japanese New Year, the tastes of Okinawa Island, and more.

To get started, choose your snack box subscription. You can get a 12-month plan or 3 or 6 months. A monthly box option is also available and perfect for gift-giving.

This Tokyo Treat box takes you around Japan with tasty and surprising full-sized snacks.


  • Unique high-quality full sized Japanese snacks
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Multiple billing options. Choose from monthly or every three, six, or 12 months. 


  • Only one size box is available 

6. SeoulBox Signature – Best Authentic Korean Snacks 

SeoulBox Signature Unboxing by Authentic Food Quest
Exciting Korean goodies right at your doorstep

The popular flagship K-Pop branded SeoulBox Signature has it all: from snacks, sweets, jelly, and drinks – to beauty products. 

It’s an exciting way to treat yourself each month by subscribing to this authentic Korean box. 

A mystery item is included in each box, which makes it even more exciting to receive the month’s SeoulBox Signature. 

Though each month the content of the box changes and you’re guaranteed to get around 18 different authentic Korean snacks. 

The snacks which range from sweet and savory include chips, crackers, candies, and more.

Each of the Seoulbox boxes also includes ramen and a unique local drink.

But what really emphasizes this international snacks box is the stunning SeoulBox Magazine. 

This booklet is filled with Korean cultural information, Kdrama and Kpop updates as well as a tasting guide for all the delicious snacks.

Aside from product information and potential allergen warnings, you’ll discover great things about Korean culture and lifestyle. 

With the authentic Korean snacks in the SeoulBox, every Korean lover can savor the sounds, flavors, and goodies of the country.


  • Ships directly from Korea
  • Immersive booklet with cultural information and recipes 
  •  Drinks, ramen and Kbeauty products included 


  • Does not offer options for gluten-free snacks

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7. Taste Italy Monthly With Gusto Di Roma – Best for Italian Lovers 

Italian Snacks Box_ International Snack Boxes_ by Authentic Food Quest
Premium sweet and savory Italian treats Photo credit: Gusto di Roma on Facebook

If you’re looking for authentic Italian treats, this Italian Snack box is a fantastic one to consider. This snack box will make you feel like you are truly in Italy.

Beautifully packaged, each premium box comes with a variety of Italian snacks.

Find snacks like artisan salami, olives, spreads, coffees, chocolates, and plenty of other Italian delicacies.

One of the best things about this Italian snack box is that you can create a simple charcuterie board within a few minutes with the artisanal items.

Also included in this Italian snack box is an informative booklet with information about the treats. Depending on which box you receive you may also find coasters or a calendar included.

Lovers of Italian food and culture will love this snack box. Whether this box is for you or a gift to a loved one, deliver “amore” with this Italian snack box.

The first box will ship within 48 hours of your order, with each subsequent box being shipped on the 10th of the month.


  •  A mix of savory and sweet snacks
  •  Full sized artisanal Italian delicacies in each box
  • Can easily transform snacks into an Italian charcuterie board


  • Higher costs as items ship directly from Italy

8. Turkish Munchies – Best for Turkish Delicacies 

Turkish Munchies International Snack Boxes by Authentic Food Quest
Explore the flavors of Turkey with Turkish Munchies

It’s no secret that Turkey has delicious snacks, and that’s what you get right with this Turkish Munchies box.

Shipping directly from Turkey, you’ll receive a range of traditional and classic snacks with are both savory and sweet.

For a Turkish Munchies subscription, you can choose from a Regular Snack box with 10 different full-sized snacks. Or an Extra Large box with 20 full-sized snacks.

If you do not want a monthly subscription, you have the option of getting a one-time box also packed with many Turkish popular snacks. 

These one time purchase boxes come in different editions like the Gourmet edition, the Celebration edition, the Traditional edition, Space edition, and more.

Turkish Munchies also has a “snacking game” for even more treats and fun. You get a deck card and can play to win more snacks from your friends and family members.

We received a Turkish Munchies box and were impressed by the diversity of snacks. If you are looking to taste Turkey, an international snacks Turkish Munchies box is a delicious way to get started.


  • Wide range of sweet and savory snacks
  • Two different subscription sizes with full-sized treats
  • Special edition one time purchase snack boxes available
  • Snacks game option


  • Most snacks contain nuts not suitable for those with nut allergies

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9. Celebrate U.S. States –  Best for American Snacks

15 Must-Try International Snack Boxes To Taste The World (2023) 1
Unique boxes from every US State – Photo credit: Celebrate States on Facebook

Explore US states through delicious snacks made by local artisans in each particular state.

This Celebrate U.S. States snacks box is one of the most unique snack boxes featured.

Not only will you taste delicious goodies from each state, but you’ll also get local items like coasters, candles, soap, and lotion, that are native to the various states.

Each box contains 6 to 8 items, and it also includes a product card with interesting facts about the state, making each box an educational experience as well.

If you have younger children at home, you can add a “Kids Pack” for free with fun facts about the state.

To get started with the subscription boxes, choose either one from Maryland or one from Mississippi.

After that, you’ll receive your box from a different state each month. For a fun educational and entertaining experience for families and kids, this Celebrate US States pack is a delicious way to learn about the United States.


  • Receive snacks and items from different US states
  • Choose the state for your first box
  •  Kids pack available at no cost


  • Box contains only 6 to 8 items 

10. MexiCrate –  Best for Mexican Treats

MexiCrate International Snack Boxes by Authentic Food Quest
Mexican sweet and savory snacks – Photo credit: MexiCrate on Facebook

Fans of Mexico and Mexican cuisine will love this deliciously sweet and savory MexiCrate snack box.

You’ll find candies and snacks that are sweet, salty, tart, and more. The treats include cookies, gummy candies, chocolates, lollipops, potato chips, corn chips and more.

The variety of treats changes each month with new flavors, textures, and candies to discover. 

To get started you can choose from three different sizes of MexiCrate boxes.

  • Small or Pequeña: 10 – 15 pieces 
  • Medium or Mediana: 15 – 25 pieces
  • Large or Grande: 25 – 35 pieces

For exclusive snacks from Mexico, MexiCrate delivers the largest and most variety of snacks from around the country.

This is one of the best snack boxes to taste the deliciousness of Mexico through snacks.


  • Tons of variety in each snack box
  • Three snack box sizes to choose from


  • Only ships within the United States

11. IndiFix – Best for Indian Snacks

IndiFix International Snack Box by Authentic Food Quest
Delicious Indian snacks to satisfy all your cravings – Photo credit: IndiFix on Facebook

IndiFix is the perfect option for you if you are looking to bring home the taste of India. 

What many appreciate about this snacks box is that everything in it is 100% vegetarian, thus staying true to its Indian roots.

Each box contains a variety of cookies, chips, candy, chocolate, nuts, noodles, sodas, and other unique Indian treats. 

Also included is a hand-selected drink that takes your tasting experience to new heights.

This Indian snacks box comes in two sizes. The Original and Super Fix boxes.

  • Original Fix Box: 12+ premium full-size snacks
  • Super Fix Box: 20 delicious snacks plus one drink

One of our favorite aspects about the IndieFix snack box is that for each box you purchase, a meal gets donated to a hungry Indian child in need. 

You can also choose to get just a single box or subscribe for 3, 6, or 12 months. These are some best snacks to come straight from India.


  • Mix of sweet and savory full-sized Indian snacks
  • Only snacks box that is 100% vegetarian
  • Reasonable priced boxes


  • Shipping available only in the US

Best International Snack Boxes Amazon

12. European Snack Box – Best European Favorite Bakery Snacks

15 Must-Try International Snack Boxes To Taste The World (2023) 215 Must-Try International Snack Boxes To Taste The World (2023) 3

With this European Snack Box, you can take a tour through Europe with treats from Poland, Russia, Spain, Greece, Italy, Germany, and various other countries. Don’t forget Romania, Belgium, and more.

Made up of 44 countries Europe has a wide variety of cuisines and snacks ready to be explored by adventurous eaters. 

Each European snack box contains an assortment of biscuits, gummy candies, wafers, cookies, candy, chocolates, and more. 

All the snacks come from a different European country adding to the fun and discovery.

Keep in mind this one-time box purchase European snack box doesn’t require a subscription. 

The foreign snacks in this box are at least eight or more and are guaranteed to give you an authentic tasting experience. 

With many European countries favoring cookies and biscuits with their coffee, this European Snack Box has plenty of baked snacks. 

Discover new baked goodies like cakes, crackers, and more to enjoy with tea or coffee.


  • One time purchase with no recurring charges
  • Can be customized 
  • Wide variety of snacks from different countries


  • No free shipping

Best International Snacks Boxes No Subscription 

13. British Snacks Box –  Best for British Snacks

British Snacks Box Snack Box From Around The World by Authentic Food Quest
Personalize the box for a thoughtful gift Photo credit: The Persnickety Co on Facebook

If you are an Anglophile or have a loved one who loves British culture, treat them to this British Snacks Box.

This box of English treats contains 8 different random treats which is perfect to surprise any Anglophile.

Containing mostly chocolate delights, expect to find treats like Crunchie, Twirl, Double Decker, Toffee Crisps, and more. 

This British Snacks Box ships from the United Kingdom ensuring you’ll get snacks not available in different countries.

One of the things we like best about this British snack box is that it is customizable. 

So, if you are looking to give this box as a gift, a name or message can personalized on the front of the box.


  • Awesome British snacks
  • Ability to personalize box


  • Higher shipping costs due to shipping from the UK

14. French Snacks Box –  Best for French Snacks

French Snacks Box Around The World Snack Box by Authentic Food Quest
Take your taste buds on a journey to France – Photo credit: Thamour on Etsy

Say “oui” to incredible snacks from France with this exclusive French Snacks Box.

Filled with a mix of 10 handpicked sweet and salty snacks, it’s like traveling to France without boarding a flight.

Some of the French snacks in the box include Madeleine, Pains au chocolat, Prince biscuits, Bonne Maman cookies, chocolate spread, potato chips, nuts, and more.

The box is beautifully packaged, and you also have the option of including a personalized note or message.

This box ships from France and contains only full-sized snacks. For the Francophiles in your life, this is the perfect gift from France that they savor.


  • Great assortment of delicious French treats
  • Full-size items
  • Worldwide shipping


  • Higher shipping costs due to shipping from France

15. Asian Snacks – Best for Asian Sampler

Asian Snacks International Snacks Box by Authentic Food Quest
Dive into a world of Asian flavors – Photo credit: FunFlavorsBox on Etsy

This Asian Snacks Box features a range of unique snacks from different Asian countries. You’ll be surprised by the tasty Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Taiwanese, and Korean snacks.

The Asian snack box comes with at least 30 different kinds of candies. Find goodies like ginger coconut candy, lychee candies, chocolate sticks, rice crackers, pineapple cake, fruit guava and peach candies, and much more.

The treats in each snack box change regularly making it fun and exciting each time you open your Asian snack box.

The relatively low price of this one-time purchase Asian snacks box makes it a very good value.

For exotic flavors and unique snacks from different Asian countries, this is one of the best international snack boxes from Asia to get. 


  • Wide selection of 30 different Asian snacks 
  • Mix of sweet and savory snacks from different Asian counties


  • Snack box available in only one size
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Do you like snacks from around the world? Which one of these international snack boxes would you like to try? Please let us know in the comments below.

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