Top 12 International Wine Clubs To Try – A Full Review

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Why spend time searching for the best international wines when you can have them shipped directly to your home on a predictable schedule? 

International wine clubs are your ticket to trying new wines and revisiting favorites from top wine producers in the world. 

The right international wine club will deliver a sense of adventure as you eagerly anticipate the wines in the next box. 

It’s like enjoying a relaxing wine tour from the comfort of your own home. Why not sip on the world and discover new wines to savor with loved ones?

To help you find the right international wine subscription box, we put together detailed reviews of our favorites. 

Fill your glass and enjoy! Cheers.

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International Wine Clubs Comparison Table

Club Name PriceBest ForShipment FrequencyShipping CostBottles Per Shipment
Vinesse$20.25–$23.00 per bottleWorld Travelers2, 3, or 6 times per year$121.50 – $1383, 6, or 12
Naked Wines$40 per monthAll-aroundMonthly, Bimonthly, or Quarterly$9.99 or Free for orders $100 and up6
Unrooted Wines$109 per monthInternational Natural WinesMonthlyFree Shipping4 minimum
SomMailier$99 – $372 per shipmentFrench Wine LoversEvery 3 monthsVaries by Location3, 6, or 12
WSJ Wine$169.99 per caseBonus Wine PerksEvery 3 months$19.9912
Plonk Wines$110-$285 per monthSustainably Grown WinesMonthly, Bimonthly, or QuarterlyFree4, 6, or 12
Wine on Sale$129.95 one-timeBig Savings Per BottleN/A$16.95 and up20
Vero Vino Craft Wines$99 per monthItalian Wine LoversMonthlyFree3
WineExpress$79.95 per monthRare WinesMonthly$12.95 or free on orders $149 and up3
Wired for Wines – 90+ Wine Club$188.86 one-time or 
$169.97 with subscription
ConnoisseursEvery 3 monthsFree ground shipping12
Gold Medal Wine Club$79 per shipmentGourmet Food PairingsQuarterlyVaries by Location3
Laithwaites$159.99 per shipmentWine Rewards & UpgradesEvery 3 months$19.9912

1. Vinesse Wines — The World of Wine Club

Vinesse Wines World of Wines by Authentic Food Quest
The World of Wine Club is a great way to taste your way around the world

Tip: Best for World Travelers

Do you want to taste your way around the world at least twice a year? You can do exactly that with a subscription to the World of Wine Club from Vinesse Wines. 

Each subscription box includes up to 12 bottles from wine regions like Chile, Australia, France, Italy, and many others. 

You’ll receive expert tasting notes plus recipe suggestions, wine touring tips, and detailed information regarding each wine. 

You customize your membership options by selecting the following: 

  • 3, 6 or 12 bottles of wine per shipment
  • Reds, whites, or mixed
  • 2, 3 or 6 wine shipments per year 

The international series of wines are from award-winning boutique wineries from different wine regions. Most of the wines are small production wines not commonly available. 

For wine lovers with a taste of adventure, the selection of handcrafted wines is one of the best.

The downside of this club is the shipping adds an additional cost per bottle. If you want free shipping, skip to the next wine club.

2. Naked Wines

Naked Wines Expert Wine Kits by Authentic Food Quest
Naked Wines also sells cool wine glasses – Photo credit: Naked Wines Facebook page

Tip: Best All-Around and for Supporting Independent Winemakers

Naked Wines is one of the more unique international wine clubs because it cuts out the middleman. 

They accept funds from angel investors and then fund independent winemakers upfront. That allows the winemakers to focus on creating amazing wine rather than worrying about raising funds. 

In turn, members receive exceptional fine wines directly from those independent winemakers. As a member, you will pay less for your wine because you aren’t paying larger wine distributors for fancy packaging and other unnecessary expenses. 

Once you become an angel through the wine club, you will receive up to 60% off each shipment plus other perks. 

The wines you buy from Naked Wines aren’t available in supermarkets, This is your chance to try new international wines from smaller winemakers.

The subscription starts at $40 per month. You can choose monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly shipments or use your credits to buy wine whenever you choose. 

For wines funded directly by customers and produced by winemakers all around the world, Naked Wines offers one of the most innovative wine club memberships.

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3. Unrooted Wines

Unrooted Wines International Wine Clubs by Authentic Food Quest
A mix of red and white hand-crafted natural wines

Tip: Best Natural Wine Club with International Varieties

A subscription to Unrooted Wines gives you access to natural wines from winemakers worldwide.

Started in California, this small wine club curates the best-handcrafted wines from small winemakers around the globe.

The wines are 100% Natural, with only two ingredients – grapes and yeast.

There is nothing added, and all the wines are sustainably farmed. The wines are delicious, fresh, and expressive.

We tried wines from the Mixed Wine Club and loved the diversity from Chile, Spain, and France.

Two international wine club options are available. Choose either the Mixed Wine Club or the Red Only Wine Club.

You get 4-bottles of delicious Natural Wines with free shipping delivered to your doorstep.

Each bottle comes with a hand tag and a QRC code with more information about the wine.

You can easily cancel your subscription or spread your shipment over three months.

If you are looking for Natural wines from around the world, you’ll not go wrong with Unrooted Wines. 

4. SomMailier – French Wine Club

French White Wine by AuthenticFoodQuest
Unboxing our French wines from SomMailier

Tip: Best for French Wine Lovers

If you want to try a new wine international club that is dedicated entirely to French wines, SomMailier is it. 

The French wines are exclusive and direct from France to the United States. From artisan French wine makers, these fine French wines cannot be found at US retailers or liquor stores.

The shipments are quarterly and you can choose to receive 3, 6 or 12 bottles of wine. Within each option you can choose red wine, white wine or a mix of both.

These exclusive wines are available at some of the best prices you’ll find on either side of the pond. 

You get extensive information about each winery and winemaker including sommelier-like tasting notes for the wines.

That includes expert advice on food pairings, so you can maximize enjoyment as each bottle is opened. 

If you plan on visiting France, you can explore international wines in person while VIP touring family wineries. It’s a courtesy offered to all SomMailier club members. 

We’ve tried the wines personally and can highly recommend them. Best for special occasions or a gift, these are wines francophiles can savor.

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5. WSJ Wine — Discovery Club

WSJ Wines Discovery Club by Authentic Food Quest
Photo credit: WSJ Wine Facebook page

Tip: Best for Bonus Wine Perks

If you respect the Wall Street Journal, why not put your wine selection in their hands? 

They have a special wine club known as Discovery Club, and it gives you a discount of at least 20% on all club cases. 

You’ll receive 12 bottles for just $69.99 plus shipping for the first shipment. After which, the cost is $169.99 every three months for 12 exceptional featured wines.

Every wine shipment comes with tasting notes, serving advice, and food pairings for each included high quality wine. You can choose to receive white wines, red wine, or a mix of both. 

The perk to joining this international wine club is the credits and rewards system. Each shipment gets you closer to earning free cases of wine and even wine glasses. 

You also receive two bonus bottles and wine glasses with your first WSJ Discovery Club purchase. 

6. Plonk Wines

Plonk New Wine International by Authentic Food Quest
Photo credit: Plonk Facebook page

Tip: Best for Sustainably Grown Wines

Do you want to sip wine from Croatia one month and Slovenia the next? What about if the international wines are sustainably grown?

Plonk Wines offers wines that are sustainable, organic and biodynamic. These interesting wines are from boutique and artisanal wineries, produced in small batches from all over the world. 

Acting as your personal wine consultant, Plonk wine experts explore the world for the hidden gems. They then pass on those findings and savings on to club members. 

There are three membership wine clubs to choose from. And, you have complete control over your wine club subscription by selecting the following options: 

  • White, red, or rotating wines
  • 4, 6, or 12 months
  • Automatic billing or prepaid in 3-, 6-, or 12-month increments 
  • Monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly shipments

What we like best about Plonk Wines is their prepaid option. This option makes it easy to share the goodness of a wine gift to friends and family. 

This international wines club is the perfect wine gift for wine lovers looking for global and sustainable wines.

7. Wine on Sale

Wine On Sale International Wines by Authentic Food Quest
Wine on Sale is best for those open to new international wine selections

Tip: Great for Big Savings Per Bottle.

Wine on Sale doesn’t offer a traditional wine club, but it is an excellent resource for wine expert wine kits. 

We highly recommend the Ultimate Global Wine Sampler Pack. It comes with 20 bottles of wine selected from Argentina, Chile, Spain, France, Australia, and many other countries. Even the best California wine could be included in your pack. 

You pay less than $6.50 per bottle, which is substantially cheaper than most other wine clubs. 

There’s no set list of what wines you will receive as it fluctuates, depending on what’s available when you order. 

Look for free shipping codes on the site before you order. You can often get free shipping for six or more bottles. 

Wine on Sale is best for wine drinkers who are open to new international wine selections while saving big.

8. Vero Vino Craft Wines — The VeroClub

Vero Vino Wine Club by Authentic Food Quest
Photo credit: VeroVino

Tip: Best for Italian Wine Lovers

Vero Vino keeps it simple with their international wine club. They’ll send you three bottles of wine every month for a flat price of $99, which includes shipping. Each shipment could include reds, whites, or a mixture, but there’s never a guarantee. 

The selections are made by sommeliers from boutique winemakers around the world. You may not know their names at first glimpse of a bottle, but you may love them after the first taste. 

Vero often emphasizes woman-owned and operated companies. Allowing you to support small winemakers and businesswomen while tasting extraordinary wines from relatively unknown brands. 

You get the expected tasting notes as well as detailed information about the boutique winemakers featured in each shipment. 

If you find a new favorite, you’ll know exactly where to go for more. You’ll also get a 10% discount at the VeroShop, courtesy of your club membership. 

While Vero features craft wines and boutique wineries from around the world, they have a keen focus on Italy. 

The founder lives between Italy and the US and has strong relationships with many artisanal Italian winemakers.

This is one of the best monthly wine clubs for the wine lover who loves supporting female winemakers.

9. WineExpress — Connoisseur’s Choice Wine Club

Wine Express Connoisseurs Choice Wine Club by Authentic Food Quest
Receive wine tasting notes, wine tips and food pairings along with rare wines

Tip: Best for Rare Wines

If you’re interested in tasting rare wines that aren’t available through retailers, try WineExpress. 

The club delivers three bottles of excellent wines every month.  All selections are tasted and selected by Wine Director Josh Farrell, perfect for wine lovers who don’t want to choose.

Members also receive wine tasting notes, wine tips and food pairings for every wine in the shipment. 

This club operates like a true international wine of the month club. You don’t get to select the wines or even specify white, red, or mixed. 

Members receive whatever is selected by the Wine Director each month, so you never know what you’ll get to taste. 

The membership options are very clear with no hidden fees. You simply select a monthly membership with automatic renewal or prepay for one or more months in advance. 

The prepayment option makes it easy to give the gift of rare wines to someone special.

10. Wired for Wines — 90+ Wine Club

Wired for Wines 90 Wine Club by Authentic Food Quest
The 90+ Wine Club offers wines rated 90+ by critics

Tip: Best for Connoisseurs

If you’re a little picky about your wines and only want to taste the best of the best, the 90+ Wine Club is one of the best international wine clubs to consider. 

The subscription will ensure you receive 12 bottles of wine every three months, and only wines rated 90+ by critics are included. 

You receive two bottles of six different wines each shipment. This could include only red wine, white wine or mixed wines. 

With two bottles of each wine, you can taste one and stock the second for late enjoyment. 

In addition to the wine, you’ll receive tasting notes, food pairing recommendations, and serving suggestions for all wines in the shipment. 

Wired for Wines offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee that allows you to return the wine within 30 days for a refund. 

Note, there are no customization options for this club. Every member receives the same wine. 

11. Gold Medal Wine Club

Gold Medal Wine Club International Wines by Authentic Food Quest
You can get snacks along with your wines with the Gourmet Package

Tip: Best for Gourmet Food Pairings

If you want to try international wine shipping but don’t want to commit to automatic monthly shipments, Gold Medal Wine Club is a great option. 

You can choose the ongoing subscription or just select how many quarterly shipments you want to buy in advance. 

However, the more shipments you commit to at once, the more you can save on the total cost. 

Advance payment also makes it easy to give the gift of delicious wines to someone special. 

Every quarterly shipment features wines from one country, and the focus is on small production estate wines. 

You also can add a Gourmet Adventure Package and get a selection of snacks from the featured country along with your wines. 

That allows you to explore the world on a new level. You don’t have to read the cellar notes and make your own food to go with the wine. 

Just open the box and enjoy! 

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12. Laithwaites

LaithWaites International Wine Club by Authentic Food Quest
Photo credit: Laithwaites Facebook page

Tip: Best for Wine Rewards & Upgrades

Laithwaites is worth exploring if you like earning credits and cashing in bonuses and rewards. 

For over 50 years Laithwaites has been focused on the best handcrafted wines from passionate wine makers.

The wines, most of them in limited production, are fine wines imported directly from winemakers in Italy, France and beyond.

The fun starts with a great introductory price of $49.99 for six bottles of wine plus free shipping.

What’s more, you get the gift of two additional bottles of lusciously rich Italian red wine. And, a set of Dartington Crystal stemless glasses. 

It’s a great value even if you choose to cancel the monthly subscription before receiving another shipment. 

Once enrolled, you will receive 12 estate bottled wines every three months with this wine club. However, you are free to cancel your wine club membership at any time.

 With each shipment you receive, you get closer to earning free cases of wine and other bonuses.

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So, which of these international wine clubs are you excited to try? With such a range of prices, there’s a wine club for just about everyone. Please let us know in the comments below the international wine club you’d like to join.

Savor The Adventure!

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