Top 10 International Wine Clubs For Worldly Sips (2024)

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Why spend time searching for the best international wines when you can have them shipped directly to your home? 

International wine clubs are your ticket to trying new wines and revisiting favorites from top wine producers worldwide. 

Having visited more than 45 wine regions around the world on our culinary travels, we appreciate the sense of adventure that comes with international wines.

To help you find the best international wine subscription box, we’ve curated detailed reviews of our favorites. 

Fill your glass and travel the world. Cheers!

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International Wine Clubs Comparison Table

Club Name PriceShipment FrequencyShipping CostBottles Per ShipmentBest For
Gold Medal International Wine Club$89.85 per shipmentQuarterlyStarts at $223Exclusivity
First Leaf Wine ClubStarts at $44.95VariableFree Shipping6Customization
Vinesse Wines$20.25–$23.00 per bottle2, 3, or 6x per yearStarts at $203, 6, or 12World Travelers
Vero Vino Craft Wines$99-$199 per monthMonthly or QuarterlyFree3, 6Italy Lovers
Naked Wines$66.99 per monthMonthly, Bimonthly, or Quarterly$9.99 or Free for orders $100 and up6Supporting Independent Wine Makers
Cellars Wine Club$49Monthly, Bimonthly, or QuarterlyFree2Satisfaction Guarantee
Wine on Sale$149.95 one-time feeVariable$16.95 and up20Big Savings
RAW Wine Cub$115MonthlyFree3Natural Wines
Organic International Wine Sampler$65One Time ShipmentStarts at $193Organic Wine Lovers
SomMailier$110 – $399 per shipmentEvery 3 monthsVaries by Location3, 6, or 12France Lovers
Disclaimer: Please note prices were accurate at the time of publication.

10 Best International Wine Clubs

1. Gold Medal International Wine Club

Gold Medal Wine Club International Wines by Authentic Food Quest
Prestigious international wines

Tip: Best for Exclusive International Wines

The Gold Medal Wine Club is one of the most prestigious wine clubs focusing solely on highly awarded premium wines.

The International Wine Club, part of Gold Medal, offers rare access to exclusive, hard-to-find wines from hidden estates across the globe.

This international wine club is one of our favorites for its diversity and exclusivity. 

Shipments are on a quarterly basis and include 3, 6, or 12 specially selected wines. The focus is on small production estate wines, and each shipment features detailed tasting notes. 

Those who appreciate global adventures will love exploring the world at a new level.

2. First Leaf Wine Club

First Leaf Wine Club Inexpensive Gift idea by Authentic Food Quest
Affordable international wines from top wineries

Tip: Best for Customization

Imagine sipping on a wine that is made based on your tastes, likes, and preferences.

First Leaf Wine Club delivers guaranteed satisfaction with 6 award-winning wines based on your individual Wine Print.

All wines are curated for you when you take a short quiz to discover your tastes and customize your wine box.

Each wine box includes tasting notes, food pairing recommendations, and free consultations with a wine concierge for any additional questions.

The wines are from domestic and international wine producers and are all rated 90 points and above. 

It’s easy to change, cancel, or reschedule your wine deliveries. And the best part; any wines you don’t love are replaced at no cost.

Join the monthly wine club and choose 6 red, white, or mixed wines and savor interesting wines designed exclusively for your flavor profile.

3. Vinesse Wines

Vinesse Wines World of Wines by Authentic Food Quest
Taste your way around the world

Tip: Best for World Travelers

Do you want to taste your way around the world at least twice a year? You can do exactly that with a subscription to the World of Wine, Delivered club from Vinesse Wines. 

Each subscription box includes up to 12 bottles from wine regions like Chile, Australia, France, Italy, and many others. 

You’ll receive expert tasting notes plus recipe suggestions, wine touring tips, and detailed information regarding each wine. 

The international series of wines are from award-winning boutique wineries from different wine regions. Most of the wines are small production wines not commonly available. 

For wine lovers with a taste of adventure, the selection of handcrafted wines is one of the best.

Choose 3, 6, or 12 bottles per shipment and your choice of reds, whites, or mixed international wines.

4. Vero Vino Craft Wines – The VeroClub

Vero Vino Wine Club by Authentic Food Quest
Women-owned and operated wineries – Photo credit: VeroVino

Tip: Best for Italian Wine Lovers

Vero Vino keeps it simple with their international wine club. They’ll send you three bottles of wine every month for a flat price of $99, which includes shipping. 

Each shipment of Vero Vino could include reds, whites, or a mixture, but there’s never a guarantee. 

The selections are made by sommeliers from boutique winemakers around the world. You may not know their names at first glimpse of a bottle, but you will love them after the first taste. 

Vero Vino often emphasizes women-owned and operated wineries. Allowing you to support small winemakers and businesswomen while tasting extraordinary wines from relatively unknown brands. 

While Vero Vino features craft wines and boutique wineries from around the world, they have a keen focus on Italy. 

The founder lives between Italy and the US and has strong relationships with many artisanal Italian winemakers.

If you are keen to try wines from Vero Vino, they recently launched a new quarterly shipment option, where you get 6 bottles for $199.

For a wine club gift that supports female winemakers, Vero Vino is the wine club we recommend.

5. Naked Wines

Naked Wines Expert Wine Kits by Authentic Food Quest
Cool wine glasses from Naked Wines – Photo credit: Naked Wines Facebook page

Tip: Best For Supporting Independent Winemakers

Naked Wines is one of the more unique international wine clubs because it cuts out the middleman. 

They accept funds from angel investors and then fund independent winemakers upfront. That allows the winemakers to focus on making fantastic wine rather than worrying about raising funds. 

In turn, members receive exceptional fine wines directly from those independent winemakers. 

As a member, you will pay less for your wine because you aren’t paying larger wine distributors for fancy packaging and other unnecessary expenses. 

Once you become an angel through the wine club, you will receive up to 60% off each shipment, plus other perks. 

The wines you buy from Naked Wines aren’t available in supermarkets. This is your chance to try new international wines from smaller winemakers.

The subscription starts at $40 per month. You can choose monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly shipments or use your credits to buy wine whenever you choose. 

For wines funded directly by customers and produced by winemakers, Naked Wines has one of the most innovative international wine club memberships.

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6. Cellars Wine Club – Premium Wine Club

Cellars Wine Club by Authentic Food Quest
All wines are hand-selected – Photo Credit: Cellars Wine Club on Facebook

Tip: Best for Guaranteed Satisfaction

For international wines from wine countries diverse as New Zealand or South Africa, consider Cellars Wine Club.

The Premium Wine Club, which is part of Cellar Wines Club, offers two different handcrafted wines from the best wine regions worldwide. 

The wines are hand-selected and accompanied by wine-tasting notes and insights about the wine and wine region.

If you are looking to give the gift of the best wines from around the world, the 2-bottle Premium Wine Club is a great option.

On the other hand, if the wine drinkers you have in mind are passionate about exclusive international series wines, consider their Premium Case Club wine club gift offer. 

This case includes a selection of 12 exclusive bottles priced at $129, offering savings of 52% of the total price. 

Regardless of what wine club option you select, you have access to a personal wine consultant. And, most importantly, a “no bad bottle guarantee.”

This makes it easier to surprise a wine lover with a gift of international wines knowing they will love what they receive.

Choose the delivery frequency and preferred style of wine and save even more with free ground shipping.

Cellars Premium Wine is one of the best wine clubs for gift-giving.

7.  Wine on Sale

Wine On Sale International Wines by Authentic Food Quest
Best for those open to new international wine selections

Tip: Great for Big Savings Per Bottle

Wine on Sale doesn’t offer a traditional wine club, but it is an excellent resource for wine expert wine kits. 

We highly recommend the Ultimate Global Wine Sampler Pack. It comes with 20 bottles of wine selected from Argentina, Chile, Spain, France, Australia, and many other countries. Even the best California wine could be included in your pack. 

There’s no set list of what wines you will receive as it fluctuates, depending on what’s available when you order.  Though a typical pack consists of a mix of both red and white wines.

You pay less than $8.00 per bottle, which is substantially cheaper than most other wine clubs. 

Free shipping for the wines makes the global wine sampler pack even more attractive.

Wine on Sale is best for wine drinkers who are open to new international wine selections while saving big.

8. RAW Wine Club

Raw Wine Club International Wine Clubs by Authentic Food Quest
Highest quality natural wines – Photo credit: RAW WINE on Facebook

Tip: Best Natural Wine Club with International Varieties

A subscription to RAW Wine Club gives you access to natural wines from winemakers around the world.

Created by Isabelle Legeron, France’s first female Master of Wine, you’ll receive the highest quality natural wines.

Isabelle Legeron is the world’s authority on low-intervention organic, biodynamic & natural wines. 

She is also the founder of the Raw wine community which includes growers, makers, and those that enjoy drinking natural wines.

With the Raw Wine Club, you get 3, 6, or 12 bottles of natural wines delivered to your home every month.

With each shipment, you’ll receive Tasting Notes with Isabelle Legeron MW’s notes for each wine.

This includes exclusive interviews of the featured winemakers, with insights into the terroir and winemaking process and food pairing suggestions.

On our culinary food and wine travels, we’ve noticed a growing interest in natural wines. We’ve come to enjoy them, and with Raw Wine Club, you’ll get only the finest natural wines from around the globe.

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9. Organic Wine Exchange International Wine Sampler

Organic Wine Exchange International Wine Clubs by Authentic Food Quest
Organic wines – Photo credit: Organic Wine Exchange on Facebook

Tip: Best for Organic Wines From Around The World

If prioritizing sustainable viticulture without compromising flavor is important, then organic wines offer a harmonious blend of both.

The international sampler from Organic Wine Exchange offers a happiness guarantee with the sampler case.

All wines are free of synthetic additives and are made by farmers and winemakers who have made the conscious decision to treat the earth with respect and create quality wines.

The wines come from organic wine-growing regions around the world, including Europe, South America, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and others.

All wines are low in sulfites and are made using only natural farming methods. The organic wines are from small family farms, and you can choose to receive 3, 6, or 12 bottles.

Unlike the other international wine clubs, there is no subscription required for Organic Wine Exchange

Simply choose the color of your wines and take your taste buds on a trip around the world.

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10. SomMailier French Wine Club 

French White Wine by AuthenticFoodQuest
Unboxing our French wines from SomMailier

Tip: Our readers get an extra 10% OFF with code AFQ10

If you want to try a new wine international club that is dedicated entirely to French wines, SomMailier is it. 

The French wines are from artisanal French winemakers and cannot be found at US retailers or liquor stores.

Being French, we are biased towards French wines. However, after trying SomMailier wines personally, we could not have been more impressed.

With SomMailier, the shipments are quarterly, and you can receive 3, 6, or 12 bottles of exclusive French wines. 

Within each option, you have the choice of red wine, white wine, or a mix of both.

You’ll get extensive information about each winery and winemaker, including tasting notes about each wine and the wine region. Food pairing suggestions are also provided,

If you love French wines or are looking for a wine gift for a Francophile, you’re in luck.

Authentic Food Quest readers can save an extra 10% OFF when you use the discount code AFQ10 at checkout.

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Are you a wine lover? If so, which of these international wine clubs are you most excited to try? Please let us know in the comments.

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