11 of The Best Italian Cooking Vacations for Tasting Italy

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Italian cooking is one of the most recognized and celebrated cuisines. It has a reputation of being simple, ingredient-based and fiercely regional. What you eat in one part of the country is nothing like the food of another. 

While some dishes have spread across the country, Italian cooking, especially home cooking, remains largely regional.

Taking Italian cooking vacations help you dive into the distinctive cuisine of a region. Not just the popular dishes of the place but also the home cooked meals that are part of the culinary culture. 

On our culinary travels in Italy exploring the local food specialties, we are constantly in awe of the local dishes and variety in the authentic recipes.

One of the best ways to taste the “heart and soul” of Italy is to take a cooking vacation. 

If you are looking to explore the cuisine in the Bel Paese, this list of Italian cooking vacations is your guide.

These Italian cooking vacations allow you to fully experience the local culture through food. With hands-on cooking classes in Tuscany, Sicily and more, you’ll no doubt find your perfect cooking vacation.

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Best Cooking Vacations Throughout Italy

1. From Roman Countryside to Salento –  Best Overall Italian Cooking Vacation

Lazio Region Italy Cooking Vacation by Authentic Food Quest
Dive into the treasures of the agricultural region of Lazio

Discover the exquisite tastes of Italy on this cooking vacation from the Roman countryside to Lecce and Salento in Puglia.

While Rome, the capital of the Lazio region is the most well-known, you’ll dive into the treasures of the agricultural region of Lazio.

Besides being home to the famous Pecorino Romano cheese, you’ll also explore native artichokes, olives and other artisanal products.

Included are 4 tailor-made cooking classes. Two classes in Pico and two in Lecce, which take place on the large terrace of the chef’s attic. Upon completion, you’ll be awarded a certificate of participation after the course.

Your accommodation will be sanctuaries of peace and tranquility. In Pico, you’ll stay in an antique country house, the Nenà al Borgo with picturesque views of the village and the Aurunci Mountains. 

In Lecce, you’ll be centrally located near the historic center in a charming hotel. 

The package includes four exclusive culinary excursions. Enjoy wine tasting paired with local products like cheese, salami, and olive oil in different locations.  

And, experience Italian hospitality at local restaurants rich in gastronomic traditions.

In addition to cooking, you’ll also visit medieval villages, the town of Cyclops and the Acropolis, the Farnese castle, Otranto beaches, among others. 

This Italian cooking vacation is a well-rounded balance between serenity, tranquility and culinary experiences.

2. Authentic Food & Wine Tour in Italy – Best Italian Cooking Vacation For Gourmet

Parmigiano Reggiano Visit Cheese Producer in Italy by Authentic Food Quest
On this gourmet tour, you get to see and taste some of the best Italian products

Enjoy crisscrossing Umbria, the green heart of Italy. This Italian cooking takes place in the food-loving region with dedicated truffles and prosciutto festivals.

This gourmet tour gives an authentic demonstration of Italian cuisine through two hands-on cooking classes of traditional Umbrian cuisine. 

The classes take place in a spacious kitchen in the Podere le Olle, an old farmstead in the beautiful Umbrian countryside hills. 

It is also here where you’ll spend the first four nights. The organic homemade breakfasts and dinners are served al fresco in the gardens with a countryside view.

You will tour the sources of some of the best Italian products and learn from passionate local artisans. There are wine tastings paired with local cuisines in Umbria and Tuscany. 

A culinary tour will also take you to the house of saffron in the medieval village of Città Della Pieve. And, you’ll also visit a rice farm in Isola Della Scala on your way to Verona. 

The cooking classes, visits to local producers, and unique local Italian products will allow you to experience Italy in a totally different way. 

On each day of your 7-day gourmet food and wine, you’ll discover delicious new tastes of Umbria and the nearby Tuscany.

3. Molise and Puglia Culinary Vacation – Best Immersive Cooking Vacation

Trullo Houses Puglia Italy by Authentic Food Quest
While on this Italy cooking vacation, you can explore the Trullo buildings of Alberobello

This is an 11-day, all-inclusive, Molise and Puglia culinary vacation, excellent for acquiring culinary skills from local chefs. 

This immersive Italian food experience includes cooking classes, wine tours, street food tastings as well as cultural visits.

Don’t leave before sampling renowned pasta dishes; fusilli with lamb ragu and cavatelli with broccoli and chili. 

Your gastronomic experience begins in San Martino in Pensilis with dinner at Hotel Santoanni. This is where you will have your cooking classes and spend four nights as you explore Molise. 

At the nearby Monteroduni town, you’ll take a wine tour culminating at the Valerio winery for a fabulous food and wine lunch.

Cultural tours will take you to visits to local artisans, restaurants as well as participate in exclusive cheese tastings. 

The authenticity is enhanced with a private dinner at a local’s home featuring authentic Bari recipes.

Exploration of historical sites include the sea caves of Polignano a Mare, the Trullo buildings of Alberobello, the ancient Marinelli bell foundry and more. 

This Italy cooking vacation also includes a boat trip to relax on the Tremiti Islands. You’ll have spare time to rejuvenate and enjoy the sun in the middle of the food and wine magical experience.

Along with your fabulous memories, your keepsakes are an apron and a recipe book from the cooking vacation.

Tuscany Cooking Vacations

4. Gastronomy & Cooking Vacation in Tuscany – Best Exclusive Culinary Vacation

Pasta Making Cooking Vacationin Italy by Authentic Food Quest
On this cooking holiday, learn to make fresh homemade pastas

This Italian gastronomy & cooking holiday in Tuscany offers a behind-the-scenes look at Italian cuisine in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma region.

Over 7 days, you’ll eat, cook and discover the authentic cuisine from a relatively undiscovered part of southern Tuscany.

You get personal cooking instructions from experienced chefs and pasta makers in 5 hands-on cooking classes. You’ll learn to make fresh and filled homemade pastas like gnocchi, farfalle, tagliatelle, pasta stuffed with ricotta, spinach, pumpkin and more. 

Learning how to make handmade pizza and Italian desserts is included as part of this cooking vacation in Tuscany.

Your accommodations enhance your Tuscany cooking vacation experience. The Residence il Ciliegio is located down the slope of Roccatederighi’s fortified burg in the heart of Maremma. 

You can enjoy the cuisine and medieval ambiance while enjoying magnificent landscapes in unparalleled beauty. Both private and shared apartments are provided to accommodate different travelers.

Over the 7-day period, you’ll take excursions to learn more about the local produce and main ingredients used in the cuisine.

You’ll visit a buffalo mozzarella farm, where you will learn how buffalo waste is used for renewable energy.

You will also visit an organic Tuscan rice farm to learn how it is grown and stone processed. 

Then, take a fishing boat trip to learn about sustainable fishing while soaking in the picturesque backdrop of the Maremma National Park. 

Also included is a cycling tour of a vineyard in the Tuscan plains to visit Montalcino beekeepers and learn about organic honey making and Brunello wine.

This Tuscany cooking vacation offers one of the most exclusive and immersive experiences in the region. 

It’s no wonder it gets such positive reviews including being described as a “life altering experience.”

Fresh-Pasta Making Cooking Holidays in Tuscany – Best Hands-On Vacation

If you are short on time or on a budget, you can still enjoy an exceptional cooking vacation in Tuscany.

This 4-day pasta making and cooking holiday is a compressed version of the 7-day gastronomy and cooking vacation above.

You are still accommodated at the Residence il Ciliegio, albeit for three nights. Even though you’ll miss the pizza cooking class, you’ll learn to make fresh pasta and risotto.

You will also still tour the buffalo mozzarella and rice farms and match wine with a 4-course dinner at an organic family vineyard.

With this 4-day culinary holiday, you are guaranteed to enjoy a worthwhile cooking vacation in Tuscany.

5. Cooking and Wine Tours in Tuscany – Best Value Italian Cooking Vacation

Piazza dell Anfiteatro Lucca by Authentic Food Quest
In Lucca, you’ll sample local specialties as you tour the historic city

This 8-day all-inclusive food and wine tours in the province of Lucca in Tuscany delivers a combination of flavors and beauty. 

You get four traditional cooking classes with an assortment of recipes including pizza, fish dinners, fresh stuffed pasta and cheese and spinach-filled ravioli.

The cooking courses also include making soups and sauces like salsiccia e porcini or sausage and mushrooms sauce, zuppa di farro (spelt soup) and more.

Italian dessert also takes center stage as you learn to make mouthwatering cakes, tiramisu and other local delicacies.

A visit to a local market is included to help you make these delicious Italian dishes. 

You will be accommodated for seven nights at the Residence La Mezzaluna in Barga, with easy access to all of Lucca.

The famous wines of Tuscany feature prominently in this Italian cooking vacation experience. You’ll visit two local wineries and learn about the wines with food pairings. 

This cooking vacation in Tuscany takes you around the region. You’ll visit beautiful medieval villages like the hill town of Sommocolonia, Barga. In nearby Pisa, you’ll visit the Piazza Miracoli and local markets. 

And, in Lucca, one of the most charming cities in Tuscany, you’ll sample local specialties as you tour the historic city.

All these Tuscany food and wine tours come at a reasonable price in comparison to similar culinary vacations.

6. Tuscany Cooking and Wine Vacations – Best For Singles

Modena Vinegar Producer Italy by Authentic Food Quest
Visit and taste balsamic vinegar in Modena

This immersive cooking vacation in Tuscany dives into the origins of Cucina Italiana, and the essential ingredients that make Italian food so famous.

Over an 8-day period, you’ll learn to make over 45 recipes with the renowned Chef Paolo Monti.

In addition to hands-on cooking classes, you’ll hit the fish and vegetable markets to shop for ingredients and fresh fish that go with Italian cuisine.

Culinary tours that take you to the heart of some of Italy’s most famous products are part of the experience. 

You’ll enjoy engaging and fun visits to olive farms, Parmigiano Reggiano for cheese, Modena for traditional balsamic vinegar, and more.

Italian wine is included with recipes and meals paired with local Tuscan wines. Additionally, visits to two wineries in Chianti are included where you’ll sample and learn about wines made from the Sangiovese grape variety.

This food and wine cooking school in Tuscany easily accommodates solo travelers as there are no restrictions on the minimum number of participants.

Your accommodations will be at the Tuscan Sun Apartment in Lucca luxuriously spread out amongst vineyards.

Choose from one of four Tuscan remodeled apartments that include the modern conveniences of WI-FI, TV, air-conditioning, etc. 

The sheer number of recipes makes this one of the most immersive cooking vacations in Tuscany. And, if you are a solo traveler, you’ll be right at home with chef Paolo Monti as you learn to cook and savor Tuscany specialties.

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7. Chianti Wine and Cooking Vacations – Best For Wine Lovers

Chianti Region Italian Cooking Vacations For Wine Lovers by Authentic Food Quest
This culinary vacation has the most comprehensive wine tasting experience

You will spend your nights at the Palazzo Leopoldo in the heart of Radda in Chianti for this 8-day Italian cooking vacation.

You are close to the markets where you will get all your ingredients for the cooking classes. This culinary vacation has the most comprehensive wine tasting experience. 

It involves several wine tastings as well as six different winery visits throughout Chianti, each with their own unique specialties.

This Tuscany cooking vacation has four cooking classes, one of which is a baking class. While the cooking classes are hands on, you can get as involved as you want.

Culinary tours to sample local cheese and extra virgin olive oil take you to local producers in Tuscany, Chianti, and Siena.

For lovers of Tuscan wines and hands-on cooking classes, this is one of the best cooking vacations in Tuscany.

Sicily Cooking Vacations

8. Food and Culture Vacation in Palermo – Best For Unique Destinations

Palermo Food Market Sicily by Authentic Food Quest
A visit to the famers market in Palermo

This 5-day food and culture cooking holidays in Palermo is ideal to explore unique locations in the West of Sicily. 

Over a span of five days and four nights, you will make and learn about Sicilian authentic dishes and also get a cultural immersion into the area.

Based in Palermo, the capital city of Sicily, you’ll cook with one of the city’s top chefs after shopping for the ingredients at the local market. You’ll take a fun tour of Palermo with a local guide and eat traditional dishes.

You will sample Sicilian delicacies as you learn how to replicate the cuisine from seasoned experts.

Culinary tours will also take you to lesser-known towns like Monreale, Trapani, Erice, and Marsala. In Marsala, the city of wine, you’ll learn about the indigeneous grapes in this fortified wine.

A one-of-a-kind Anti-mafia tour is a highlight of this Sicily cooking vacation. Learn how the locals banded together to stop extortion from the mafia.

The rich culture and cuisine on the western side of Sicily is ideal for those seeking to explore the island over a short period of time.

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9. Authentic Etna Gastronomic Tour – Best For Michelin Star Cooking

Ragusa Sicily by Authentic Food Quest
Explore the UNESCO heritage city of Ragusa

This week-long gastronomic adventure takes you to Southern Italy, Ragusa, Etna and Caltagirone.

Your base and accommodations are in an 18th-century Sicilian villa, with all the comfortable modern conveniences you’d expect.

This experience includes cooking classes, culinary tours as well as wine tours at the foot of the famous Mount Etna. 

Your cooking classes will be led by a Michelin-starred Italian chef focused on authentic Sicilian dishes.

Over the week-long culinary vacation,  you’ll sample Sicilian wine at 3 different wineries. And, you’ll also explore the UNESCO  heritage cities of Modica, Ragusa, and Caltagirone. 

You’ll pop into a gelateria and sample the exceptional Sicilian ice cream. In Modica, the capital of chocolate, you’ll visit an artisan producer and sample the finest treats.

And, included in your culinary vacations is lunch at Sicily’s finest Michelin restaurant, Il Duomo by Ciccio Sultano.

For those that love shopping, a full day is dedicated to shopping at the Sicily Outlet Village. Here, you’ll be able to save on Italian fashion designer clothing, household items, accessories, sports goods, and more.

This Sicily cooking vacation experience gives you a wide range of culinary and cultural experiences on the eastern side of the island.

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Amalfi Coast Cooking Vacations

Limoncello Bottles by Authentic Food Quest

10. Culinary Tour of Naples and The Amalfi Coast – Best For Sightseeing

Travelers looking to combine sightseeing and cooking will love this vacation set between the gulfs of Naples and the Amalfi Coast.

This 4-day culinary vacation takes you to the must see sites of Pompeii, the beautiful resort town of Sorrento. And, the idyllic Amalfi Coast villages of Positano and Ravello.

Along the way, you’ll visit a limoncello maker as you savor la dolce vita. The immersive cooking experience takes place on day three focused on traditional Neapolitan cooking.

You’ll learn to cook the most beloved dishes from Naples and Sorrento including pasta, meat, fish, vegetables and dessert.

Your trip ends with authentic pizza napoletana at a traditional restaurant overlooking the Gulf of Naples.

Your stay at the Villa Green Paradise, a family run B&B, offers a variety of room options with views of the town or orange and lemon groves. Breakfast is provided each morning made from fresh and seasonal products.

This cooking vacation in Italy is perfect for those short on time and looking to explore Naples and the Amalfi Coast.

11. Amalfi Coast Cooking Vacation – Best For Home Cooking Vacation

Pompeii and Vesuvio Italy Almafi Coast by Authentic Food Quest
One of the highlights on this cooking vacation is a cultural tour to Pompeii

These are 8-Day mountain and sea cooking holidays in Agerola town perched above the Amalfi Coast.

This cooking vacation in Italy consists of five culinary classes where Mamma Gabriela, will teach you how to prepare a host of Italian dishes.  

Using fresh produce from the in-house garden and the easily accessible markets, you’ll learn how to make a different dish each day.

You’ll also visit a local winery and mozzarella cheese maker as you explore the rich culinary traditions of the Amalfi Coast.

One of the highlights on this cooking vacation is a cultural tour to Pompeii. You’ll visit the ancient village and archaeological ruins of Pompeii, a UNESCO heritage site.

You will be hosted at a country house in Agerola, surrounded by an attractive garden with breathtaking views of the sea. Single rooms are available for singles or those traveling solo.

In addition to having free time to explore the region, you’ll also visit a local potter with beautiful hand-painted ceramics.

In this family-run cooking vacation, you’ll be immersed in the Italian spirit and leave with new friends on the Amalfi Coast.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: If you are interested in a culinary experience rather than a cooking vacation, see our article 8 of The Best Italian Culinary Tours for Amazing Food and Wine

So, which of these Italian cooking vacations are you most excited about? Please let us know in the comments below which cooking vacations in Italy you’d like to go on.

Savor The Adventure!

How to Choose Your Cooking Vacations in Italy

Italian Cooking Vacations Making Pasta by Authentic Food Quest

How Much Time Do You Have

These Italian cooking vacations offer different packages but the end game is the same – to teach you Italian cooking.  Some squeeze a lot of activities into a short window while others leave full days for exploration or unwinding. Depending on how much time you have and level of activity you want, select the one that best meets your needs.

The Cooking Experience

The cooking classes offered all feature Italian authentic recipes. Some are hands-on cooking classes, while others are less involved. 

Italian food connoisseurs and home chefs will appreciate the cooking vacations with daily classes. Other travelers who want a mix of cooking and culinary tours will find options for them as well. 

Whatever your preference, you’ll find your perfect culinary vacations listed. One thing to keep in mind is that regional Italian wines feature prominently in any of the cooking vacation experiences.

What Cost Covers

Some of the Italian cooking vacations featured are all inclusive, while others offer free days where you are responsible for your meals. All cooking vacations cover food and wine and many can accommodate vegetarian or gluten free requests.

The type of accomodations you choose can greatly impact your costs. Price differences are found between choosing private rooms with views and bathroom versus shared rooms. Also, the number of travelers also impacts the price.

Most of the culinary tours are included in the costs but there are some optional ones that come at a cost. Be sure to check with your host for details.

Outside of transportation to the cooking vacation which is not included, you’ll be responsible for the purchase of any momentos, gifts, wine, etc.

Number of Participants

All these Italian cooking vacations focus on small groups to provide immersive experiences. In this type of setting you get to connect deeper with the locals as you get to know Italy more intimately.

Some of the Italian cooking vacations are available for solo travelers while others require a minimum of two participants.  Private rooms and shared rooms are also available depending on the culinary vacation you select.

This list of 11 Italian cooking vacations has something for everyone.

COVID-19 Restrictions

Due to the lingering impact of COVID-19, flexible booking conditions are available on all these cooking vacations in Italy.

If you are not able to travel as planned, you’ll be able to reschedule your trip, book a different trip or receive credit and book later. All the accommodations featured follow and prescribe to COVID-19 hygiene protocols.

When it comes to the ever changing travel requirements, please stay up to date with the latest   COVID-19 restrictions from official government sources.

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