5 of The Best Japanese Meal Kit Delivery For Japan-Style Dinner

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If you want to learn how to cook Japanese food, why not try a meal kit? Japanese meal kits are a great way to explore new recipes and new cooking techniques.

Your ingredients and recipes arrive right at your door, with simple instructions to help you create amazing Japanese meals. 

While there aren’t many dedicated Japanese meal kit services, existing meal kit companies often feature Japanese dishes in their offerings. 

In this article, we explore the best Japanese dishes offered by meal kit services today. We look at the meals they provide and highlight the types of Japanese dishes you can expect to receive. 

The pros and cons of each one is included and the pricing information you need to know before you buy. 

If you are ready to enjoy Japanese restaurant quality meals made with your own hands, read on. 

Dig in and discover some of the most tantalizing Japanese meal kit options available.

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Our Top Picks for the Best Japanese Meal Kit Options

1. CookUnity – Best Overall For Japanese Meals

CookUnity Japanese Meal Kit by Authentic Food Quest
Classic Japanese ginger teriyaki chicken – Photo credit: Cookunity on Facebook

Created by chefs and delivered to your home, CookUnity offers a wide variety of ready to eat Japanese meal kits.

You create your plan and choose to have from 4 to 16 meals delivered each week. All the meals are handcrafted by professional chefs and can be tailored to any kind of dietary preference. 

On the menu, you will find several Japanese meals for you to choose from. They include traditional dishes like chicken teriyaki prepared with charred broccolini or tofu and soba noodles. 

While Japanese-inspired dishes like Japan-style loco moco meatloaf or Japan-style curry with beef will tempt your tastebuds with the umami flavors.

Meals from Cookunity are never frozen and are delivered fresh and chilled. All you do is follow the simple instructions and heat your meals in the oven.

There are different size options available. One meal is intended for one person, and if you want more servings, you can choose the “family style” meal plan. 

Experience more wonderful Japanese flavors and culinary adventures with Japanese meal kits prepared by award-winning chefs.


  • Fresh, preservatives-free and ready-to-eat meals
  • Diverse selection of Japanese dishes
  • Menus posted two weeks in advance and customized for any diet


  • Does not currently deliver in Montana, North Dakota, or South Dakota

A Few Japanese Meal Kit Offerings Include: 

2. Blue Apron – Best For Fusion Japanese Food

Blue Apron Japanese Meal Kit with Ramen by Authentic Food Quest
A colorful salad made with Ramen – Photo Credit BlueApron on Facebook

Blue Apron, another large and popular meal kit delivery service, is known for its interesting and diverse meal selections.

You’ll find Japanese food on the weekly menu with chef designed recipes delivered along with responsibly sourced ingredients.

Within the weekly rotation, you’ll find some traditional Japanese dishes, while other times, you’ll find Japanese fusion food.

Either way, you’ll enjoy Japanese flavors on a regular basis. Blue Apron recipes are accessible for cooks of any skill level. Simple and clear instructions accompany the chef designed recipes, making it easy to create the dishes in your kitchen. 

Other delivery kit options include prepared meals which you heat and eat in no time.

For those with dietary concerns, Blue Apron offers four flexible plans to choose from. From holistic and balanced meals to meat free Japanese dishes, you have plenty of choices to choose from.

For home cooks looking for classic and creative Japanese meals, Blue Apron makes it easy to taste Japan in your kitchen.


  • Both authentic Japanese dishes and fusion Japanese dishes on the menu 
  • Accommodates different dietary lifestyles


  • No shipping to Alaska or Hawaii
  • Portion sizes limited to four servings per meal, nothing larger for friends or large gatherings.

A Few Japanese Meal Kit Offerings Include: 

3. Home Chef – Best For Swift Meals

Home Chef Japanese Sirloin Steak by Authentic Food Quest
Try delicious Japanese sirloin steak – Photo credit: Home Chef on Facebook

Home cooking made simpler is what you get with Home Chef meal kit delivery service. To help you simplify dinner, Home Chef gives you the flexibility to upgrade your box, add or swap protein on some meals putting you fully in control.

Meals are divided into two broad categories. Meal kits which you can prepare with simple recipes and fresh pre portioned ingredients. And, ready-made meals that you can simply heat and eat. 

Their weekly rotating menu has a diverse array of dishes including Japanese food. The selection of Japanese dishes are both fusion-style modern Japanese foods and some traditional, authentic recipes. 

Beyond the dishes, you can add “extras” like dessert, breakfast or even salads to your order. 

Home Chef offers meals for those counting calories or watching the carb intake. Based on your profile, you can choose meals that suit you from over 25+ choices each week.

While not all specific dietary concerns are addressed, the nutritional information is provided in all Home Chef menus.

Home cooks seeking ease and convenience to effortlessly create dishes with Japanese and international flavors will love Home Chef.


  • Large diversity of meal types from quick meals with no prep, to premium culinary meals and even grill ready dishes
  • Wide selection of Japanese dishes
  • Includes “extras” like breakfast, sides and desserts


  • Not accommodating to specific dietary needs
  • Delivers only to the contiguous United States

A Few Japanese Meal Kit Offerings Include: 

4. Dinnerly – Best Affordable Meal Kit

Dinnerly Box Japanese Meal Kit Delivery by Authentic Food Quest
Dinnerly menus are simple and easy to make

Dinnerly, the affordable meal kit service and least expensive on this list, allows you to enjoy delicious meals at a low cost.

The affordable price does not mean a drop in quality. You have a choice of 28 easy recipes to choose from each week. 

The recipes use fewer ingredients per dish and are designed for busy people who don’t want to overpay for their meal kits.

While the Dinnerly menus are simple and easy to make, you’ll find at least one Japanese meal on rotation each week.  

However, most of the recipes are simple, Japanese Asian fusion dishes making them beginner-friendly, but perhaps not the most authentic Japanese food.

Each week you’ll receive a box of fresh and seasonal ingredients to make your meals. With minimal chopping required, Dinnerly recipes take under 30 minutes to make.

All you do is follow the clear instructions from your digital downloadable menu.

Like other meal kit delivery companies, you can easily pause, skip a week or cancel your subscription. You can choose either a two person box or a family box enough for 4 people. 

At the moment, you have the option to make your box vegetarian but cannot customize it for specific dietary needs. 

Though a detailed list of ingredients are available for each recipe so you can choose what works best for you.

Dinnerly is a great option for those looking for an affordable solution to weeknight cooking. 


  • Affordable, low price point 
  • Meals are simple and easy to prepare using 6 ingredients or less and prepared in under 30 minutes


  • Only have digital recipes
  • Cannot accommodate different dietary needs 
  • Delivers only to the contiguous United States

A Few Japanese Meal Kit Offerings Include: 

5. HelloFresh – Best For Variety

Hello Fresh Japanese Meal Delivery Kit by Authentic Food Quest
Hello Fresh is widely regarded for its fresh ingredients

HelloFresh is one of the most popular meal kit services on our list. The company is a favorite and widely regarded for its fresh ingredients and a wide variety of meal options. 

Within their weekly menu rotation, we found an impressive number of Japanese meals. You’ll find traditional Japanese classics like Teriyaki pork chops, or salmon with wasabi lime. These are two versatile dishes you can easily add to your weekly rotation.

Other Japanese dishes take a fusion approach with meals like Japanese beef & pepper tacos, or pork and kale soup with Vietnamese pho flavors.

While not exclusively dedicated to Japanese meal kits,  the selection offered is broad enough to taste Japan regularly. See all their Japanese dishes here

As a company, HelloFresh offers over 25 recipes to choose from each week. They offer carb smart meals, calorie smart meals, vegetarian meals, quick and easy meals, and family-friendly options. 

Taking the stress out of meal planning and shopping, you get fresh and affordable meals delivered to your home. 


  • Extensive selection of Japanese food offerings
  • Meals are portioned to reduce food waste
  • Offers family-sized meals, and specialty chef-inspired meals


  • Does not offer gluten-free or nut-free meals
  • Ship to contiguous US only

A Few Japanese Meal Kit Offerings Include: 

Japanese Meal by Authentic Food Quest

What Are Japanese at Home Meal Kits

Japanese home meal kits allow you to easily make Japanese food at home pre portioned ingredients in meal kits. The home meal kits come with instructions, ingredients and recipes to make exceptional Japanese food at home.

Some home meal kits are already chef-prepared and involve no cooking. All you do is just heat and serve.

Is The Packaging Recyclable?

The Japanese meal kits delivered to your home arrive in recyclable and environmentally conscious packaging. 

The box itself and the ice packs and insulation inside are made from compostable material which is easily recyclable. 

Covid-19 Updates

With the lingering impact of Covid-19, food safety, food safety, timely delivery and supplies are top of mind for these Japanese meal kits services.

These meal kit companies work closely with their partners to ensure a regular supply of fresh produce. Additionally, they also work closely with their shipping partners for on-time Japanese meal kit deliveries.

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Do you like Japanese food? Which one of these Japanese meal kits would you like to try? Let us know in the comments below.

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