10 Best Japanese Snacks Box To Taste Japan in 2023

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The best Japanese snacks box brings you the sweet, unusual and colorful candies from the land of the rising sun.

Sweets and snacks are a beloved part of Japanese culture. They are famous for their visual and mesmerizing beauty and intriguing flavors linked to the seasons.

Cultural touchstones like Hello Kitty, J-Pop, Manga, Anime, and others are brought to life in fun and colorful ways through snacks.

For tastes of Japan that range from traditional to modern, see the 10 best Japanese snacks boxes below.

Discover the different sides of the country with flavors that transcend your taste buds.

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Comparison Table of The Best Japanese Snacks Boxes

Japanese Snacks BoxPrice $# Snacks per boxUS/WorldwideShipping Fees (US)Best for 
Japan Crate$42.5018-20WorldwideFreePopular Japanese Snacks
Japan Candy Box $24.9010WorldwideFreeCandy Lovers
Tokyo Treat $32.5015-20Worldwide$12.50Exclusive Snacks
Tomoko Sweets Box$89.9511USFreeGourmet
Shogun Japanese Candies$21.9730WorldwideAmazon ratesDagashi candies
Japanese Anime Snack Box $45.0013WorldwideFreeManga Lovers 
Japan Kit Kat Flavors$56.9028Depends on the country shipping availabilityFreeKit Kats Lovers
Large Japanese Candy Box$41.0050WorldwideAmazon ratesSharing
Disclaimer: Please note prices were accurate at the time of publication.

1. Sakuraco –  Best Overall Japan Snacks Box

Open Box Sakuraco Review by Authentic Food Quest
The best of Japan in one box

For locally sourced Japanese treats, including teas and sweets, Sakuraco is one of the best Japanese snack box.

Crafted with love, the snacks, candy, and tea in each box come from Japanese family-owned businesses dedicated to making artisanal products.

Each box contains 20 different authentic Japanese snacks shipped directly from Tokyo. You’ll enjoy delicious Japanese tea, traditional cakes, and sweet and savory snacks.

Also included in each box are unique home goods such as ceramic chopsticks, traditional fabrics, and more.

To dive deeper into the culture and the Japanese artisans, there is a 24-page Snack & Culture Guide that comes in each box. 

As this is a Japanese subscription box, the theme changes each month. This way, you discover new tasty snacks, new artisans, and new regions of the country.

For authentic and traditional Japanese flavors, Sakuraco is one of the best Japanese subscription boxes to get.

What People Are Saying

“It is an amazing way to try some of the regional treats from Japan. I really like the little books that is included to tell us more about the region.”

“We loved getting to explore the region through the different foods. It was such a neat experience to set up our Japanese tea and read about what we were eating. The food was so good too.”

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2. Bokksu – Best Japanese Snacks Box For Diversity

Bokksu Japanese Snacks Box by Authentic Food Quest
Various snacks to choose from – Photo credit: Bokksu on Facebook

For authentic Japanese snacks, Bokksu delivers a monthly box of traditional treats delivered straight from Japan.

The unique treats are sourced from small centuries-old family businesses and delivered in beautiful Japanese gourmet boxes.

Each Bokksu monthly box is themed and highlights a different region in the country or a cultural festival.

Previous Japanese past boxes have been themed around “Kyoto”, “Okinawa”, “Full Moon Rising, “Valentine’s” and others. 

Each Bokksu Japanese snack subscription box includes an assortment of delicious 20 to 24 snacks, candies, and a Japanese tea pairing. 

Also included in a detailed “Culture Guide” magazine that provides more information about the region and the flavors in your snack box.

Several Japanese snack subscription options are available. You can choose a 3, 6, or 12-month option. 

Each premium box ships directly from Japan with free shipping anywhere around the world. 

What People Are Saying

“I look forward every month to the arrival of my next Bokksu. All the snacks and teas are of the best quality. I love the variety of products and the seasonal themed boxes”

“Top notch snacks, top notch packaging, and a brilliant experience every time.”

“There is a good variety of sweet and savory snacks. I like the little booklet that tells you about each item.”

3. Japan Crate – Best Popular Japanese Snacks

10 Best Japanese Snacks Box To Taste Japan in 2023 110 Best Japanese Snacks Box To Taste Japan in 2023 2

Tokyo-based Japan Crate has set itself the task of being the trendiest Japanese snack subscription box on the market. 

The Japan Crate box offers exclusive Japanese candies delivering fun and excitement each month.

Inside each box are 18 – 20 savory and sweet exclusive Japanese candies, including a drink, that you can’t get anywhere else.

The fun diversity in each Japan Crate box is what makes it a fun box to receive or give as a gift.

You’ll discover new snacks with each box you open as well as a unique Japanese collectible item.

Japanophiles or lovers of Japanese culture will love the excitement of exploring Japan through snacks.

This is one of the best Japanese snack boxes that delivers a fun slice of Japan to your doorstep each month. 

What People Are Saying

“​​My family and I were very excited to receive our Japan Crate. We had a lot of fun trying the snacks and appreciated that information about each one was provided.”

“I love the Japan Crate snack boxes because they sell the best candy I’ve ever eaten in my life.”

4. Japan Candy Box  – Best Subscription Boxes For Candy Lovers

Japan Candy Box Japanese Snacks by Authentic Food Quest
Colorful Japanese snacks – Photo credit: Japan Candy Box on Facebook

This is one of the most well-known Japanese snacks box and it is perfect for candy lovers

Japan Candy Box is an inexpensive option that gives you many different popular Japanese snacks to try.

Each Japan box contains at least 10 different Japanese treats.  Find brands like KitKat, HiChew, Pocky sticks, a DIY candy kits, and seasonal treats from all over the country.

The style is fun, with a lot of variety. Previous monthly boxes have had unusual treats like matcha latte egg rolls and beef-flavored chips. 

This box of quirky and fun Japanese candies and snacks also features seasonal and limited edition items.

The Japan candy boxes are available on a monthly subscription basis, or you can choose a 6 month or 12-month. Directly from Tokyo, all boxes ship free worldwide.

What People Are Saying

“Love this box. So cool to taste snacks from Japan with different flavors.”

“I absolutely adored the candy and snacks I received. Such an adorable package and I love the cute designs.”

“Everything we have tried so far has been great. I was impressed by the wide variety of snacks and candies in my box.”

5. Tokyo Treat –  Best Exclusive Japanese Snacks Box

Tokyo Treat Japanese Snacks Online by Authentic Food Quest
Japanese treats for everyone – Photo credit: TokyoTreat on Facebook

Tokyo Treat is a subscription box that delivers the excitement of Japan’s food culture with exclusive treats each month.

Every Tokyo Treat box has anywhere from 12 to 17 full-sized snacks that you wouldn’t find outside of Japan.

Carefully curated, each box contains a mix of chips, chocolate, gummies, diy candy kit, a Japanese drink, and dagashi.

This premium Japanese snacks box weighs a hefty 2.7 lbs (1.2 kg) and comes with a snack guide for easy reference to the treats.

There are several subscription services or plans available. You can get a 12-month plan or 3 or 6 months. A monthly sweet and savory snacks box is also available and perfect for gift-giving.

The Tokyo Treat box is a great option to discover new and fun Japanese snacks at the best price.

What People Are Saying

“The excitement you get from trying something you’ve never had before is amazing. Top quality Japanese snacks.”

The overall box was jam-packed with a large assortment of treats. The soda was unexpectedly tasty along with delicious chocolates and other treats. Overall I’m very impressed.

6. Tomoko Sweets Box – Best For Gourmet

Tomoko Best Japanese Snacks Box by Authentic Food Quest
Exquisite Japanese snacks box – Photo credit: Patisserie Tomoko on Facebook

From the legendary Japanese-American pastry chef Tomoko Kato, you can savor exquisite Japanese pastries with the Tomoko Sweets Box.

Each Tomoko Sweets box features Chef Kato’s signature macarons and highly rated mochi.

Chef Kato, born in Hokkaido, Japan, and has worked as a pastry chef in French and Japanese restaurants. 

Now based in New York and owner of Patisserie Tomoko, she combines European flair with Japanese authenticity to create the best Japanese sweet snacks in the country.

Each Tomoko Sweets box includes an assortment of different flavored mochi, macarons, caramel nut sandwiches, and a Tomoko crunch cookie.

Delivered in an elegant gift box, these delicious treats make an exquisite gift or can add a touch of Japanese elegance to any occasion.

What People Are Saying

“The mochi was wonderful and perfect for my daughter’s birthday. The flavors were delicious.”

My gift order of mochi and sweets from Patisserie Tomoko was a big hit for the recipient. Thank You”

7. Shogun Japanese Snacks –  Best For Dagashi Candies

10 Best Japanese Snacks Box To Taste Japan in 2023 310 Best Japanese Snacks Box To Taste Japan in 2023 4

This Shogun candy box is an assortment of the most popular Japanese snacks and candies.

A total of 30 individually wrapped Japanese sweets, cookies, rice crackers, jellies, diy candy kits, and more are included.

Dagashi are traditional Japanese candies that are very affordable for children to buy with pocket money. 

They are not fancy Japanese gourmet sweets, but they are nostalgic candies popular with children and adults alike.

This Shogun box has a variety of Japanese candies and sweet treats that have been thoughtfully selected. The snacks are delivered straight from Japan, but they ship from the US. 

If you’re looking to enjoy Japanese sweets from time to time, this is the perfect option.

Unlike other Japanese subscription boxes, you are not committed to a Japanese subscription box. 

Simply order an exciting variety of Japanese candy for a unique taste of Japan.

What People Are Saying

“We don’t have a lot of exposure to Japanese culture so this was a wonderful learning and bonding experience for my daughter and me.”

“I loved this box of candy. My grandkids got such a kick out of the candy and loved it.”

8. Japanese Anime Snack Box  – Best For Manga Lovers

Japan Anime Online Japanese Snacks by Authentic Food Quest
Perfect for gifting – Photo credit: Japan Anime on Cratejoy

Are you shopping for a Japanese anime or manga lover?

Then this monthly assortment Japan box will make the perfect gift box.

This Japanese snacks box is a themed box focusing on an assortment of candies and anime stickers.

Weighing over 2-pounds, this Japanese anime snack box is best for sharing. In addition to classic Japanese snacks, it also includes a local Japanese drink as well as fun anime stickers.

Each month, the variety of popular snacks is different including a new fun drink and different anime stickers. 

What we love most about this snack box is the combination of unique Japanese foods and culture.

This is a tasty experience for lovers of Japanese animation, comics, and cartoons.

9. Japan Kit Kat Flavors – Best For Japanese Kit Kats

Kitkat Japanese Snacks by Authentic Food Quest
Satisfy your cravings with ever-changing Kit Kats – Photo credit: Japan88si on Etsy

Can’t decide which Japanese Kit Kat to try first? This classic box, a limited edition, is the perfect answer for Kit Kat fans.

Japanese Kit Kat flavors are unlike the ones found in the US. And, in your box, you’ll discover popular flavors like salt lychee, apple pie, cheesecake, sweet potato, and more.

Shipping directly from Japan, this pack of 28 different Kit Kat flavors features limited flavors that change all the time.

That means, each time you order a Japanese Kit Kat snack box there will be new flavors to discover. In fact, each box contains one surprise mystery flavor.

What we love about this Japanese snack box is the diverse range of flavors. From traditional and iconic Japanese flavors to regional delights, each bite is a delicious treat.

Relish unusual Japanese Kit Kat flavors in this tasty Japanese-themed box.

What People Are Saying

“This was such fun discovering new flavors and tasting odd combinations. Who’d have thought sparkling wine-flavored Kit Kat was a thing.”

“So fun to have just a taste of so many Kit Kat flavors. Worth the purchase for the fun experience and future memories.”

10. Large Japanese Candy Box – Best For Sharing

10 Best Japanese Snacks Box To Taste Japan in 2023 510 Best Japanese Snacks Box To Taste Japan in 2023 6

This large Japan candy box comes with 50 individually wrapped savory and sweet snacks. 

Containing some of the most popular Japanese sweets, your curiosity will be piqued by the range of flavors.

The snacks are all different and come in varying sizes. Some are candies, others are cookies, gummies, crackers, chocolates and even drink tablets to dissolve in water.

This is one of the best Japanese snack boxes for the number of snacks offered and the diversity of flavors.

The popular Japanese treats in each box change according to the season offering a unique snack adventure.

As this is not a monthly Japanese subscription box, you’ll discover new tasty treats and salty snacks each time you order a box.

What People Are Saying

“The packaging and the content in this Japan candy box exceeded my expectations. What a fabulous, fun, and creative gift for a taste of Japan.”

“You get so much stuff for the price. It’s mostly individually wrapped, and everything is so different. I got treats I’ve never seen before.”

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Have you had any of these Japanese snacks box? Please let us know your favorite box in the comments below.

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