5 of The Best Korean Meal Kits Options To Spice Up Your Dinner

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Korean meal kits go way beyond kimchi offering Korean food lovers bold and innovative flavors to easily make at home.

With no shopping required or searching for hard to find ingredients, meal kits make Korean cooking a fun and exciting culinary adventure.

Even though there are not many dedicated Korean meal kit delivery services, existing providers offer Korean regularly.

You receive your Korean meal box along with chef prepared recipes. And, all you do is follow the instructions and bring the tastes of Korea to your dinner table.

If you are looking for convenience and delicious Korean food, see our guide to the best Korean meal kit options.

With either of these meal kit delivery services, you can add exciting Korean dishes to your weekly menu.

As they say in Korea, bab masbogi or bon appetite!

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Comparison Table Best Korean Meal Kits

Meal KitsPrice $ StartsMeal Kits / Ready to EatBest ForContiguous USShipping Fees (US)
Doofood$9.95Meal KitsAuthentic FlavorsYesFree over $60
CookUnity$7.76Ready to EatChef MealsPartly$9.99
Blue Apron$7.99Meal KitsValueYes$9.99
GoldBelly$27Ready to EatSpecial OccasionYesFree

Our Top Picks for the Best Korean Meal Kits

1. Doofood – Best Authentic Korean Meal Kits

Doofood Korean Meal Kits by Authentic Food Quest
Make authentic Korean bibimbap with bulgogi

Launched in 2017, Doofood is the only dedicated Korean meal kit company in the United States. 

Doofood is driven by the mission of putting authentic food on every dinner table in America. As such, they offer an extensive selection of authentic Korean meals to choose from. 

And, importantly, there is no subscription necessary to get started. Doofood offers more than 90 authentic Korean dishes, including soups and stews.

Prepped ingredients with instructions are delivered right to your front door.  And, in less than 20 minutes, you’ll be proud to easily pull together a traditional Korean meal.

We tried several dishes like bibimbap, bulgogi BBQ, Korean braised short ribs and Shabu Shabu.

The excellent ingredients, high-quality, meat, and easy instructions made cooking fun and easy.

The menu changes on Doo Food each week with over 32 new dishes available.

This way, you don’t need to wonder what to cook, while also being sure your family eats fresh and tasty food. 

With Doofood, you have the flexibility to choose your delivery date and your meal size with no subscription necessary.


  • Fresh and clean ingredients
  • Easy-to follow preparation instructions
  • Weekly menu changes and upgrades
  • Ability to customize by spice levels and type of protein


  • Meal Kits not tailored for those with allergen concerns
  • Minimum of $60 per order

Some of The Korean Meal Kit Offerings Include: 

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2. CookUnity – Best For Chefs Made Meals

Korean Meal Box Japchae Noodles by Authentic Food Quest
Enjoy fresh restaurant quality meals ready in minutes

Imagine creating delicious Korean food at home prepared by top chefs from around the country. That’s what you get with CookUnity

A new kind of platform, CookUnity brings you restaurant quality meals, fresh not frozen, that you can heat and enjoy in no time.

Celebrity chef, Esther Choi, owner of Mokbar, a Korean restaurant in New York, offers a variety of traditional Korean dishes.

From CookUnity, you can order her signature Korean dishes like bulgogi ramen, wild mushroom bibimbap and many others.

What’s great about CookUnity is that the meals are pre cooked by expert chefs. All you do is follow the cooking instructions provided and sit down to a restaurant quality dinner.

The Cook Unity platform is flexible allowing you to skip reschedule or pause your subscription at any time.

For those who want to enjoy Korean food at home with minimal fuss, CookUnity is the best option.

You’ll enjoy delicious, high quality Korean prepared meals while tasting the flavors and culture of the country.


  • Wide range of authentic Korean dishes
  • Delicious chef prepared meals
  • Ease of preparation with fresh ready to eat meals


  • Menus not specific for those with allergen concerns

A Few Korean Meal Kit Offerings Include: 

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3. Blue Apron – Best For Fusion Flavors

Korean dukbokki Blue Apron Meal Kit by Authentic Food Quest
Try the popular Korean dukbokki from Blue Apron – Photo credit: BlueApron on Facebook

Blue Apron, the most well known meal kit delivery service offers a range of Korean dishes and international cuisines. 

While they do offer many Korean dishes, some tend to lean towards Korean fusion-style rather than authentic Korean cuisine. 

However, if you are looking to introduce more Korean flavors and ingredients into your weekly menu, Blue Apron is still a delicious choice. 

Blue Apron is a great service for home cooks of all skill levels. You can try chef-curated and tested recipes or their Korean prepared meals.

Packages are shipped in recyclable boxes including recipes and easy to follow step by step cooking instructions.

All the ingredients are prepped and pre measured allowing you to reduce waste and focus on creating amazing Korean food.

If you want to pair your dish with wine, you can add it to your order and have it delivered to your doorstep. 

Blue Apron makes it easy for those with allergies or dietary restrictions to use their food delivery services. 

All you do is note your preferences on your online profile account and only dishes with ingredients you can eat will be suggested for you.

If you are looking to learn new Korean recipes and try new cooking skills, Blue Apron is a great place to start. The service is flexible where you can skip weeks or cancel easily.  

See where your Korean cooking skills can take you with Blue Apron.


  • Diverse menu with many Korean and international dishes
  • Has unique offerings including, wine, kitchen equipment, spice blends


  • No plans available for more than 4 people
  • Ships only to the contiguous United States.

A Few Korean Meal Kit Offerings Include: 

4. Home Chef – Best For Flexibility

Korean Fish Cakes Home Chef Meal Kit by Authentic Food Quest
Tantalizing Korean fish cakes – Photo credit: Home Chef on Facebook

Korean food lovers, how does an oven ready Korean pork rice bowl that cooks for 30 – 40 minutes sound to you?

With all the ingredients pre packaged and only easy prep required, Home Chef brings exciting Korean dishes to your doorstep each week.

With Home Chef, you can choose either a Home Chef meal kit or a Fresh and Easy plan with low or no prep required. In either case, you can customize it for calorie or carb conscious plans.  

You’ll find Korean options in both the meal kits and fresh and easy prepared meals. The diversity ranges from Korean-inspired fusion dishes to more authentic recipes. 

One of the things we like about Home Chef is the ability to build your own box.  You can upgrade, double up or swap the proteins in your box. 

Therefore, if you like a particular Korean dish and want to make a larger portion the next time, or try it with a different protein, you have full flexibility.

Home Chef makes dinner time a breeze with a wide variety of options for Korean food lovers. 


  • Large sizes available for 2, 4 or 6 people
  • Wide variety of Korean options on weekly menu and archives
  • Add ons like dessert, extra protein and salad are included


  • Meals not super accommodating to specific dietary needs 
  • Ships to contiguous US only

A Few Korean Meal Kit Offerings Include: 

5. GoldBelly – Best Korean Meal Kits For Special Occasion

Korean Soup Sampler Gold Belly Meal Kit by Authentic Food Quest
This soup sampler is one of the Korean meal kits available – Photo credit: GoldBelly on Facebook

Gold Belly is one of the most unique platforms on this list. It features food favorites, from top chefs and award winning restaurants from all around the United States.

If you want the best Korean food in the country regardless of where the restaurant is located, you can easily get some with Gold Belly.

From Chicago, New York or Los Angeles, you can enjoy Korean prepared meals from the comfort of home.

Imagine savoring Korean fried chicken from Parachute restaurant, in Chicago. Or, a juicy BBQ kit from celebrity chef, Chris Oh. 

With Gold Belly, you are not limited by geographical location. You can enjoy colorful and intensely flavored Korean food wherever you are.

While GoldBelly is not the cheapest Korean prepared meals delivery service, it is the very best. Working exclusively with top chefs and restaurants, each bite is guaranteed to be explosive and big on taste.

If you are looking for the best Korean prepared meals without a subscription, consider Gold Belly. It’s the perfect treat for yourself or a gift for a Korean food lover.


  • Authentic Korean food from America’s top restaurants and chefs
  • Large sizes available for up to 6 to 8 people for some Korean dishes
  • No subscription necessary


  • High prices, though overnight shipping is often included in the price
  • Nutritional information provided for the food but cannot be customized for allergies or specific diets

A Few Korean Meal Kit Delivery Options Include: 

Best Korean Meal Kits by Authentic Food Quest

What Kind of Korean Food Can You Expect?

Typical Korean dishes are largely made up of rice, vegetables, seafood, meats, and soups or stews. With increased popularity,  Korean food can now be found across the globe. 

Popular Korean dishes include foods like kimchi, tteokbokki, bibimbap, bulgogi, jajangmyeon, and Korean fried chicken. These are all tasty meals you can expect to find in your Korean meal kits.

What Happens if There Is an Issue With My Korean Meal Kit Order?

The answer to this will depend on your meal kit provider. All meal kit services have customer service contact information where you can bring up any issues with your order or subscription. Please note that some meal kit providers have certain dates by which you can contact them to adjust or change an upcoming order. 

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Do you like Korean food? Which one of these Korean meal kits would you like to try? Let us know in the comments below.

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