Top 10 Korean Snacks Box To Try in 2023

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Korean snack boxes are the perfect way to experience Korea. From traditional and premium tastes, as well as K-pop-themed delights; there’s no better way than through food.

This guide to the best Korean snacks is your gateway to Korean hallyu. This is a taste of all things South Korean like cuisine, music, beauty, and more.

Whether you are planning a trip to South Korea or not, let the flavors come delivered directly to your home.

See our reviews of the 10 best Korean snack boxes to enjoy or surprise a Korean fan with a gift. 

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Korean Snacks Box Comparison Table

Korean Snacks BoxPrice# Snacks Per BoxUS / WorldwideShipping Fees (US)Best For
SeoulBox Signature $35.5018Worldwide$12.50Overall
Seoulbox Vegetarian Box$35.5018Worldwide$12.50Vegetarians
Korean Variety Snacks Box $29.9445WorldwideAmazon ratesOn-The-Go snacking
Gwaja Korean Snack Box$43.1318-20Worldwide$14.38Personalized gifts
Chimasu$41.908Worldwide$25.39Ramen lovers
BTS Army Snacks Box$599-13WorldwideFreeBTS Fans
Buhak Korean Mystery Box$5015-20WorldwideFreeDietary preferences
Dragon Snacks Box$27.8842WorldwideAmazon ratesPremium snacks
Unha’s Snack Box$32.8446WorldwideAmazon ratesValue
K-Munchies Asian Snacks Box$36.9720+WorldwideAmazon ratesAsian variety
Disclaimer: Please note prices were accurate at the time of publication.

Best Korean Snacks Box

1. SeoulBox Signature – Best Overall Korean Snacks Box

SeoulBox Signature Unboxing by Authentic Food Quest
Nice variety of unique Korean snacks

Sent directly from Korea, the SeoulBox Signature box offers a variety of unique Korean snacks and K-pop goodies.

With shipping worldwide, you can taste the best of Korean right from home. This box features 18 authentic Korean snacks

A magazine providing you with in-depth information about Korean culture and snacks is also included.

Unique ramen and drinks flavors as well as K-Beauty products and K-pop merchandise complete your Seoul experience.

There is fun and excitement in every box as the theme and items change each month in this Korean snack box. 

Depending on the time of the year you may get a Halloween-themed box, Korean Spa theme and many others.

This Korean box makes a unique gift for lovers of K-pop, K-drama and all things Korea.

What People Are Saying:

Good selection of snacks, Kpop merch, skincare, and overall quality is great.”

“I really like the different themes for each month and a mix of snacks, K-beauty, and Kpop.”

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2. Seoulbox V Korean Vegetarian & Lifestyle Box – Best for Vegetarians

Seoulbox V Snacks Box by Authentic Food Quest
Korean vegetarian goodies delivered worldwide – Photo credit: Seoulbox on Cratejoy

For a meat-free and vegetarian Korean tasting experience, this Seoulbox V is for you.

The “V” stands for Vegetarian and Victory, making this one of the Korean snack boxes that’s accessible to everyone.

This Korea box contains 10 to 12 meat-free snacks, 1 K-beauty treatment, and K-pop items. 

Additionally, each box comes with unique drinks and vegetarian ramen.

What we particularly like about this monthly box is the in-depth magazine that’s included, featuring culinary and cultural insights. 

Each month, the subscription box changes and is based on different themes showcasing a unique slice of Korea

Regardless of the theme, each box will always contain Korean snacks that are vegetarian and halal. 

With worldwide shipping available, this box is perfect for fans of South Korea seeking meat-free snacks.

What People Are Saying:

“Loved this box. Nice selection of snacks.”

3. Korean Variety Snack Box Pack – Best for On-The-Go Snacking

Top 10 Korean Snacks Box To Try in 2023 1Top 10 Korean Snacks Box To Try in 2023 2

This Korean Variety snacks box features a wide variety of beloved Korean candies, gummies, chips, cookies, and more.

All the snacks are individually sealed to retain their freshness. Allowing you to savor these popular Korean snacks over time.

The flavors in this box are quite intriguing. From classic, rich, and natural flavors to chocolate, caramel, a variety of fruit flavors, and more.

With a selection of 42 different treats, this is one of the most delicious Korean snacks boxes. 

The treats are high quality, popular, and conveniently small-sized packed to easily eat on the go.

Besides exciting treats, this Korean snack box also includes two facial masks for beauty treatments at home. 

Lovers of Korean food and culture will love these snack boxes. It makes for an elegant gift and a delightful way to have a flavorful Korean experiences.

What People Are Saying:

“Great variety and perfectly fresh! My 14-year-old loved the box.”

“Bought this for a fan of K drama. Great gift and a great assortment of snacks.”

“This box has a good variety of snacks, candies, and — surprisingly! — several charcoal face masks. It would make a great gift to anyone in your life who likes trying foods from other countries.”

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4. Gwaja Korean Snacks Box – The Best Korean Box For Personalized Gifts

Gwaja Korean Snacks Box by Authentic Food Quest
Includes an option for BTS-branded goods

Are you a K-pop or K-drama fan? Or are you looking for a birthday gift for a Korea-obsessed friend?

Why not bring them a taste of the country with candies, snacks, and sweets?

This Gwaja Korean snack box focuses on authentic hand-picked Korean treats. 

The word “Gwaja’” is the Korean word for sweets and snacks, a clear indication of what you’ll be getting.

However, aside from sweets, discover surprising salty and savory Korean snacks to try. Expect to find ramen, unique chips, nuts, and more. 

What’s interesting about this box is the ability to add BTS-branded products

You simply pay a small amount of about $3.00 for unique BTS notebooks, postcards, and more.

If you are giving this Korean snack box as a gift, there is an option to personalize the name. The name of the person receiving the gift will be included in the box written in the Korean language.

This makes for a pretty good gift and a surprising snack box for friends and family. Shipping is free to EU countries and costs $14.38 to deliver to the United States.

So, if you have that special someone who’s also into BTS and Korean culture, this gift will not disappoint.

What People Are Saying:

“Super box. It was complete and offered a great selection of sweet and savory. Some classic, some more original but all perfect for those who want to taste a piece of Korea. Expectations exceeded.”

5. Chimasu Korean Halal Snacks Box – Best for Ramen Lovers

Korean Snacks Chimasu Authentic Food Quest
Ramen noodles with a Korean twist

If you love ramen and want an authentic Korean experience, then this Korean halal ramen noodles snack box by Chimasu is for you. 

Each box has eight instant ramen noodles packets from top Korean brands, Nongshim and Samyang. 

The flavors range from mild to spicy and all the instant noodles are labeled in English.

This box of halal noodles from Chimasu ships worldwide in a beautiful Asian-inspired box. This makes it a lovely gift for halal ramen noodles with a Korean twist.

What People Are Saying:

“Yummy noodles, shame they didn’t last long. Also, delivery was spot on and items well packaged.”

“Amazing little package. The perfect halal gift.”

6. BTS Army Snacks Box – Best For BTS Fans

BTS Army Snacks Box Korean Snack Box by Authentic Food Quest
Delight a BTS fan with this Korean snacks box – Photo credit: BuHakBox on Etsy

Featuring authentic Korean snacks and BTS pop culture, this snack box makes an ideal gift for Korean fans.

Inside this BTS Army Snacks Box are 9 to 13 authentic Korean treats, ranging from candies to unique Korean drinks.

For BTS fans, anywhere from 2 to 3 BTS official merch items like plush toys, photos, and more.

There are seven different Korean snack box options each dedicated to a BTS member. 

Depending on which BTS member you are a fan of, you can choose a dedicated box like a Jimin box, Suga, J-Hope, and others.

Or, if you are not sure what box to get, you can select a “random pick” and enjoy an exciting surprise.

With no subscription necessary, you can order a box anytime you want to delight a BTS fan.

This Korean snack box makes an excellent gift for BTS fans with a taste for delicious Korean goodies.

What People Are Saying:

“10/10 would recommend so many delicious snacks I honestly ate the whole thing in two days.”

“I was very happy with this purchase. My BTS ARMY snack box arrived earlier than expected. Loved all the snacks and BTS items.”

7. Buhak Korean Mystery Box – Best Snacks Personalized for Diet

Korean Mystery Box Korean Snack Box by Authentic Food Quest
Explore Korean snacks your way – Photo credit: BuHakBox on Etsy

The best Korean snack boxes are colorful and filled with exciting snacks that offer a delicious way to explore the country.

There are not many Korean snack boxes that allow you to choose your snacks according to dietary preferences.

This Buhak Korean mystery box takes your taste buds on an exciting journey based on your tastes. 

For instance, you can choose a mystery box filled with vegan Korean snacks, pescatarian snacks, and vegetarian or non-spicy snacks.

Otherwise, if you don’t have any special needs, you can simply pick a “normal” box filled with mystery Korean snacks.

Each box contains 15 to 20 Korean goodies, with a range of chips, ramen noodles, candies, and even Korean drinks.

For fun and surprising Korean snacks tailored to your diet, this is one of the best Korean snack boxes to get.

What People Are Saying:

“I love this mystery snack box so much. There’s many cute treats and unique snacks and the ramen inside was so amazing.”

“I bought this for my daughter, and she loves it so much. There are many different Korean snacks that we had never tried before. I appreciated the note inside with an explanation of all the different snacks.

8. Dagaon Snacks Box –  Best Premium Korean Snacks

Top 10 Korean Snacks Box To Try in 2023 3Top 10 Korean Snacks Box To Try in 2023 4

Ideal for gifting or any occasion, a Korean snack box will add excitement to any Korean food and culture fan.

This Dagaon snacks box contains 42 different Korean snacks hand-selected from top Korean brands.

All the snacks are individually wrapped to preserve their freshness and are easy to eat on the go.

Take your taste buds on an exciting Korean food adventure with unique pies, crackers, drinks, ramen noodles, and much more.

Whether you are looking for a holiday, birthday, or a gift for any occasion, this snack box from Korea delivers fun and delicious excitement.

As you do not need to subscribe to get this box, you can explore Korea or delight a Korean fan any time of the year.

What People Are Saying:

“It was my first time ordering a mystery box and I’m so glad I did. Make a small hole at the top of the box. Put your hand in and grab a mystery snack for the day. So cool, a lot of tasty treats, and its exotic to me since I live in Iowa.”

“I was very happy with the quality of this box. It was a gift, and the recipient was glad to have it. I would buy it again.”

9. Unha’s Variety Pack 46 Pieces – Best Value Korean Snacks

Top 10 Korean Snacks Box To Try in 2023 5Top 10 Korean Snacks Box To Try in 2023 6

If you are looking for a considerably hefty pack of Korean treats for sharing or for an event, this is the one for you.

This large Korean snack box features 46 individually wrapped, long-lasting snacks. Find candies, caramels, jellies, chips, ramen, cookies and more. 

 From decadent sweets to hot and spicy flavors, there’s a Korean treat that suits every taste. 

What’s great about the large Korean snack box, aside from being perfect for gifting, is the variety of flavors.  

Priced affordably given the amount of snacks provided, this is one of the most popular Korean snack boxes on this list,

What People Are Saying:

“This was a fun little snack box with many different kinds of treats in it. It was fun to go through & see all of the snacks that I’m not used to seeing in the US.”

“Special treats from Asia are a fun way to spend a weekend afternoon or a great gift. These treats are delicious, not as sweet as American treats but oh so savory and delicious! I also received two free facial beauty masks. Loved them all.”

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10. K-Munchies Asian Snacks Box –  Best For Asian Variety

Top 10 Korean Snacks Box To Try in 2023 7Top 10 Korean Snacks Box To Try in 2023 8

If you are looking for more flavors from Asia along with your Korean snacks, consider the colorful variety in this box.

This K-Munchies Asian snacks box contains a random assortment of top quality Asian snacks from Korea and all over Asia.

You’ll find a mix of about 20 different sweet and savory snacks including chips, candies, ramen noodles, and other exciting snacks. 

Each Asian snacks box also includes a pair of free chopsticks to use with your ramen noodles and other food snacks.

There is no subscription plan necessary, that way, you can enjoy premium Asian snacks anytime you are looking for exotic and delicious goodies.

As all the snacks are randomly selected, you will never know exactly what you will receive, adding excitement to your snacking experience.

If you are looking to discover the flavors of Asia, this is one of the best snack boxes to get.

What People Are Saying:

“I thought this was a great value and I loved recognizing some of my old-time favorite snacks. Upon trying some of the new unrecognizable labels, I can say that I’ve discovered new favorite snacks.” 

“Overall I really enjoyed this item. It was fun to taste and everyone else enjoyed it too. The box it came in was super cool. I would definitely buy it again.”

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Do you like Korean snacks? Which Korean snack box tempts you the most? Please let us know in the comments below.

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