7 of The Best Las Vegas Food Tours – Review [Updated 2022]

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Taking food tours in Las Vegas is a great way to explore the city. Beyond gambling and the nearby national parks, Las Vegas has some of the best culinary offerings in the country.

From the finest cuisine on the Strip to local hidden downtown gems, there is always something new to discover.

To make your Sin City travels tasty, we’ve highlighted 7 exquisite food tours in Las Vegas to consider. 

These Las Vegas food tours all offer unique experiences. Some are on the Strip, others explore the downtown area, while others use motorized transportation modes. 

Simply pick your experience and enjoy memorable food tours in Las Vegas.

Please note, hours and availability may vary based on local restrictions due to the pandemic.

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Las Vegas Food Tours On The Strip

All along the 4.2 miles (6.8 km) of the Las Vegas Strip are many celebrity chefs and gastronomy restaurants. 

If you want to discover and experience some of the country’s top restaurants, book a food tour on The Strip. 

Any of the following Las Vegas food tours on The Strip will surprise and delight you.

1. Celebrity Eating & Walking Tour

The Strip in Las Vegas by AuthenticFoodQuest
View of the Strip from the Bellagio Hotel

Have you always wanted to eat gourmet food by a celebrity chef but the price put you off? 

Do you fancy dining in England, eating in Jersey, and savoring Italy in one 3-hour block of time?

If so, then this Celebrity Eating and Walking Tour is for you. On a guided food tour, learn about the unique gourmet culture in Las Vegas. 

Enjoy world-class cuisine from celebrity chefs like Gordan Ramsay as you explore the intersection between food, celebrity, and casino.

For over 3 hours you’ll enjoy exceptional food from famous chefs. You’ll explore the world while savoring sweet and savory world-class dishes. If you prefer, you can also choose to make this a private food tour with your own personal local guide. 

Cost: $138 USD per person; Private tours option also available

Time and Length of Tour: Approximately 3 hours. Flexibility for morning and afternoon tours

Group Style: Small intimate group of 8 people maximum or private tour option also with a local Las Vegas guide

2.  Las Vegas Strip Sights & Foodie Tour

Taste Buzz Food Tours in Las Vegas by AuthenticFoodQuest
Lots of delicious bites on the Taste Buzz Food Tour in Vegas

While in Las Vegas exploring the local food specialties, we were fortunate to meet Kathyrn, the founder of this tour. 

A local and native of Las Vegas, Kathyn’s has one key goal with this food tour in Las Vegas.  She wants every visitor to have a “friend” in Las Vegas and experience the city like a local.

And, this Las Vegas Strip sightseeing & foodie tour takes you to some of the best local food gems on the Strip. 

The first stop at the Cosmopolitan Hotel sets the tone. This was the first casino hotel oriented towards culinary experiences and the arts rather than gaming and gambling.

Walking leisurely on the Strip, you eat your way through gourmet restaurants and top street food-style eateries.

This Las Vegas Strip Foodie Tour is a unique combination of food stops and sightseeing of the hidden gems only locals know about.

We particularly enjoyed the variety of savory and sweet bites including fascinating stories about Las Vegas. 

Taking this tour with a local changed the way we thought about Las Vegas and the food.

If you are looking for a tasty food tour in Las Vegas and discovering hidden gems on the Strip, book this tour.

This tour is offered in the morning and also at night. Simply choose the time of the day that works best for your schedule. 

Cost: $124 USD per person; Morning and evening tour options are available

Time and Length of Tour: Approximately 3 hours

Group Style: Small group tour with a local Las Vegas guide

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3. Las Vegas Downtown & Fremont Food Tour

Aria Hotel in Las Vegas by AuthenticFoodQuest
Aria Hotel (photocredit: Aria Facebook Page)

Experience an unforgettable taste of Sin City on this food tour in Las Vegas. This tour takes you down the neon Las Vegas Strip to Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas.

All along the way, you’ll enjoy a mix of drinks and amazing food on a fun-filled day.

On your tour, you’ll peel back the layers of the neon bright lights you discover the rich layered history of Las Vegas.

Along the way, you’ll stop at the site of the very beginning of Las Vegas, going back to 1905. You’ll pass by the Mob Museum, Golden Nugget Casino, and other iconic sites, getting the backstory of each one.

As you tour Fremont Street, you’ll learn about the revitalization efforts that have led to it become the jewel of Las Vegas.

At the Downtown Container Park where you’ll end your tour, you’ll savor delicious snacks along with happy hour drinks.

On this Las Vegas Downtown & Fremont food tour, you’ll cover a lot of ground at a comfortable walking pace. 

Wear comfortable shoes and prepare for an urban adventure in Las Vegas along with tasty bites and drinks.,

Cost: $37.00 USD per person

Time and Length of Tour: Approximately 2 hours.

Group Style: Small group tour with a local Las Vegas guide

Downtown Las Vegas Food Tours

Even though the Las Vegas Strip gets all the attention, the Downtown area is where everything began. 

On Downtown Las Vegas food tours, you’ll learn about the city’s roots and iconic places that have shaped Vegas.

Book a tour and discover the local food scene where Vegas first began.

4. Downtown Las Vegas Foodie Tour

Project BBQ Beef Brisket Meal a place to eat on a budget in Vegas Downtown Las Vegas Food Tour by Authentic Food Quest. This is one of the best places to eat in Las Vegas off the strip. The prices are affordable making it perfect to eat on a budget in Las Vegas off the strip.
Delicious beef brisket served with home made potato chips

This downtown Las Vegas food tour was the first food tour we took in Las Vegas.

The tour kicks off at Container Park, an urban park, part of the downtown revitalization project. 

Here, you’ll sample small bites from the restaurants, bars that are all independently and locally owned.

This 4-hour entertaining Las Vegas food tour takes you to unique stops in downtown with a view of local life in the city.

You’ll appreciate, like we did, hearing the fascinating stories about “Old Las Vegas.” All this comes to life as you stop at 3 to 4 popular restaurants along the way. 

This Las Vegas food tour of downtown is a fun and enlightening experience to explore the “old” and “new” Vegas. 

The food stops were not only tasty but also filled with great insights and stories behind downtown Las Vegas.

More than a food tour, this is a fun cultural experience of the “real Vegas”. Book this tour early in your Las Vegas stay. This tour is available at noon and in the early evening. 

Be sure to make time for this informative tour of downtown Las Vegas.

Cost: $124 USD per person

Time and Length of Tour: Approximately 3 hours. Morning and Evening tour options are available

Group Style: Small group tour with a local Las Vegas guide

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5. Las Vegas Arts District Foodie Tour

18b Art District Las Vegas by Authentic Food Quest
The quirky and artsy Arts District in Las Vegas

If you’re been to Las Vegas before or simply want to explore an off-the beaten path neighborhood, discover the Las Vegas Arts District.

The Las Vegas Arts District, also known as Block 18b is the city’s home to art galleries, funky boutiques, antique shops, and more.

All along the area, are vibrant streetscapes, colorful buildings, chic cafes, and restaurants, filled with charming character.

This brand new tour takes you to this dynamic neighborhood which is between downtown Las Vegas and the Strip.

On this Las Vegas food tour of the Arts District, you will visit 3 to 4 popular restaurants in the area. Along the way, you’ll stop at different studios and galleries as you discover this emerging creative hotbed.

Guided by a Las Vegas local guide, you’ll learn about recent Las Vegas history as you also visit the Healing Gardens. 

Wear comfortable shoes on this 3-hour food and walking tour of the Arts District. And be prepared to savor the food, drinks and history of this emerging neighborhood in downtown Las Vegas.

This Las Vegas foodie tour is best for those looking to discover the artsy side of Sin City. 

Cost: $124USD per person

Time and Length of Tour: Approximately 3 hours. From 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Group Style: Small group size with a local Las Vegas guide. 

Motorized Las Vegas Food Tours

Las Vegas is known as the Entertainment Capital of the World.

For a dose of fun with your food tours, why not go on a motorized  Las Vegas food tour adventure.

Not only will you satisfy your stomach, but you’ll also enjoy the pleasure of riding across town.

6. Car Scooter Las Vegas Strip & Downtown Food Tour

Hog Car Tours in Las Vegas Food Tours by AuthenticFoodQuest
Hog car tours in Las Vegas (photocredit: Hog Car Tours Facebook page)

For a Las Vegas food tour experience unlike any other, consider taking a car scooter tour.

Imagine cruising around the Strip, seeing all the sites with a few hidden gems, while savoring delicious food.

This all-inclusive tour starts when you get picked up at your hotel and ends when you get dropped off.

Before heading to the Strip, you’ll learn to maneuver your car-scooter and then take snapshots at the Las Vegas sign.

Feel like a celebrity as people wave at you driving down the Strip. You’ll hit several iconic landmarks as well as a reality TV show, while sampling gourmet treats along the way. 

Next, you will head to Downtown Las Vegas and eat at a local favorite restaurant. While in the area, you’ll visit iconic areas in downtown from Fremont Street to the Art District.

Additional reality TV shows and food stops await before you return to the Strip.

Your final stop on the top floor of the Rio Hotel and Casino promises amazing views of Las Vegas.  

Choose this food tour for a jam-packed, glamourous and entertaining food tour in Vegas.

Cost: $329 USD per scooter for two people. Hotel pick up and drop off included.

Time and Length of Tour: Approximately 4 hours. From 9:00 am – 1:00 pm.

Group Style: Car Scooter tour with 7 maximum. The driver must be over 21 years of age with a driving license. Minimum age is 8 years old for the passenger.

7. Downtown Las Vegas Food Tours on a Segway

Segway Food Tours in Las Vegas by AuthenticFoodQuest
Las Vegas food tour on a Segway (photocredit: Segway Tours Facebook page)

Fancy a Las Vegas food tour on a Segway?

Even if you’ve never ridden a Segway, you’ll get trained before the tour starts.

This Las Vegas downtown food tour focuses on the unique local eateries downtown. You’ll sample different cuisines at restaurants popular with locals that are often off the beaten path. 

What makes this segway food tour unique is its focus on local restaurants. There are no chain restaurants on this Las Vegas food tour. 

You’ll ride around to five stops for food and beverages keeping you satisfied and hydrated. At each one, you’ll learn the stories behind the restaurants in the context of Las Vegas history.

Every few months, the tour itinerary is updated with new restaurants. As a result, you can enjoy this Segway Las Vegas food tour over and over again..

This is an entertaining Segway food tour perfect for food lovers looking for off-the-beaten-path eateries in Vegas.

Cost: $149.00 USD per person

Time and Length of Tour: Approximately 2-3 hours. From 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm. Plan to arrive 30 mins ahead for the segway training.

Group Style: Segway tour with a group of 10 maximum. Beginners welcome, training included.

Comparison Table of The Best Las Vegas Food Tours

Las Vegas Food Tours Price Start Time Duration Location
1. Celebrity Eating & Walking Food Tour$138 2:30 pm3 hoursLas Vegas Strip
2. Las Vegas Strip Sights & Foodie Tour$12411:00 am or 5:30 pm3 hoursLas Vegas Strip
3. Las Vegas Downtown & Fremont Food Tour$3711:00 am or 2:30 pm2 hoursLas Vegas Downtown & Fremont Street
4. Downtown Las Vegas Foodie Tour$12411:00 pm or 5:00 pm3 hoursDowntown Las Vegas
5. Las Vegas Arts District Foodie Tour$1241:30 pm3 hoursLas Vegas Arts District / 18b
6. Car Scooter Las Vegas Strip & Downtown Food Tour$329 per scooter for two people9:00 am3 hoursLas Vegas Strip and Downtown
7. Downtown Las Vegas Food Tours on a Segway$1491:00 pm2 to 3 hoursDowntown Las Vegas

Considerations When Taking a Food Tour in Las Vegas

Rosemary and Claire at The Bellagio Garden in LasVegas by AuthenticFoodQuest
Rosemary and Claire enjoying their Las Vegas food tour on the Strip

Taking a Las Vegas food tour is a mouthwatering way to experience The Strip. Regardless of whichever one of these tours you choose to book, you will have a great time.

As you prepare for your food tour in Las Vegas, here are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Dress for Las Vegas

Depending on when you visit Sin City, you want to make sure you are dressed appropriately. In the winter months temperatures can drop to as low as 32°F (0°C). If you are taking an evening tour, bring a light jacket or something to keep you warm.

In the summer months, temperatures in Las Vegas can soar to as high as 115°F (46°C). Be prepared for the hot temperatures with a hat, sunscreen, and water. Even though you’ll get water on the Las Vegas food tours, we recommend carrying an extra bottle with you.

As you dress for Las Vegas, don’t forget to wear comfortable walking shoes. 

Dietary Considerations

If you have any special dietary concerns, please notify the food tour of your choice. All these Las Vegas food tours will accommodate your needs given advanced notice.

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