10 of The Best Mediterranean Meal Kits Delivery for A Healthy Diet

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The Mediterranean diet, a pillar of healthy living, is easily achievable using Mediterranean meal kits.

These meal plans emphasize the benefits of the diet using fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, lean proteins, and whole grains.

If you are looking to eat healthily, maintain heart health, and even lose weight, incorporating Mediterranean meal kits makes it easy.

Meal kits take the hassle out of meal planning, grocery shopping, and daily cooking. You save time with healthy meals prepared by chefs.

Featured in our comprehensive review of Mediterranean meal kits are a range of options for every type of home cook.

Eating healthy doesn’t need to be difficult or time-consuming. 

Simply pick one of these 10 Mediterranean meal kit delivery services and enjoy the simplicity of a balanced living plan.

Let’s get started!

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Our Top Picks for the Best Mediterranean Meal Prep Kits

1. Martha Stewart  & Marley Spoon – Best Overall

Martha Stewart and Marley Spoon Meal Kit Mediterranean stuffed peppers Israeli couscous by Authentic Food Quest
Delicious Mediterranean stuffed peppers – Photo credit: Marley on Facebook

Martha Stewart, an American icon and food expert, shares her celebrated Mediterranean recipes in the form of meal kits that you can enjoy at home.

Not only do you choose from 40 different recipes each week, you also get access to one-of-a-kind artisanal products.

With Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon, all the recipes use fresh and seasonal products making cooking a true pleasure.

While there is no dedicated Mediterranean meal delivery service, the Health & Diet and Vegetarian & Vegan plans are designed for a healthy lifestyle.

The Mediterranean suitable options include meal kits with a generous amount of fresh vegetables, healthy saturated fats, legumes, whole grains, and more.

The recipes are creative and at the same time easy to make at home. It takes only 6 steps to bring out the culinary expert within you as you put together the meals.

Depending on your preferences and schedule, you can choose a plan with delicious meals ready in under 30 minutes. 

Customize for vegetarian meals, low-carb, or family plans by choosing enough for either two or four people.

Those seeking Mediterranean meal plans with a large variety of creative recipes can fire up their taste buds with Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon.


  • Wide variety of Mediterranean recipes
  • Smart 6-step easy to make recipes 
  • Fresh, creative and convenient meal options


  • Shipping only to the contiguous United States
  • Does not have meal plans for those with severe allergies or food sensitivities
  • Does not offer meal plans for more than 4 people

 A Few Mediterranean Meal Kit Offerings: 

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2. Blue Apron – Best Value Mediterranean Meal Kit

Blue Apron Meal Kit Chicken with Mediterranean Salad by Authentic Food Quest
Chicken with Mediterranean Salad – Photo credit: Blue Apron on Facebook

Blue Apron is another popular option for those who want their meal kit service to cater to a Mediterranean diet. 

While there is no dedicated Mediterranean plan, Blue Apron offers a variety of Mediterranean-inspired meal kits.

Their “Wellness” meal plan is specifically inspired by the Mediterranean diet principles and offers balanced nutritionist-approved meals.

If you are vegetarian, meat-free dishes from Blue Apron made with whole grains, vegetables, and more also fit the Mediterranean meal plan.

The ever-changing weekly menu offers a variety of delicious meals made with whole grains, vegetables, lean proteins, and olive oil. 

Once you make your selection of Mediterranean diet meals, everything is pre-portioned and shipped in recyclable packaging. 

This makes it easy to enjoy the Mediterranean plan while taking care of your health.

Beyond offering Mediterranean meals, Blue Apron also has wine you can purchase to elevate your dinner. 

Studies have shown that consuming one glass of red wine per day adds to the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet.


  • Delicious Mediterranean recipes that offer exciting variety
  • Nutritionally balanced meals for a healthy lifestyle 
  • Easy recipes with seasonal ingredients and fresh foods 
  • Additional offerings like wine, kitchen products, spice blends, and more


  • Shipping only to the contiguous United States

A Few Mediterranean Meal Kit Offerings: 

3. Green Chef – Best For Organic Meals

Green Chef Meal Kit Mediterranean Flat Bread by Authentic Food Quest
Mediterranean flat bread – Photo credit: Green Chef on Facebook

To help you in your pursuit of eating well, Green Chef offers only organic and nutritionally approved plans.

The first certified organic and gluten-free meal kit delivery service in the US, Green Chef also offers Mediterranean diet-approved meals.

Vibrant Mediterranean flavors, hearty grains, sun-ripened vegetables and fruits along with lean proteins, are what you get each week. Your nourishing dinners come together in about 30 minutes.

The Mediterranean diet meal kits include organic ingredients, pre-measured ingredients, and easy instructions that take you right to the Mediterranean sea coast.

The menu options are diverse and change each week. You’ll find Greek, French, Italian or Spanish flavors on the weekly menu. 

The meal kits from Green Chef are available in two sizes. Meal kits for two or larger family-sized kits for four people. 

Working with only organic farmers and sustainable producers, you get delicious Mediterranean dishes free of toxins, pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, and steroids. 

If you are following a strict Mediterranean diet and eating organic ingredients, Green Chef makes the cooking process easy. 

No need to worry about finding the best organic ingredients. Let Green Chef deliver leaving you free to have fun and enjoy the best parts of cooking.


  • USDA-certified organic meal delivery company
  • Dedicated Mediterranean meal plan with a wide variety of dishes to choose from
  • Chef-crafted recipes made with fresh and seasonal ingredients
  • Meal plans available for Keto & Paleo, Gluten-free, Vegetarians, and more


  • Does not deliver to Alaska, Hawaii and parts of Louisiana

A Few Mediterranean Offerings: 

4. Home Chef – Best For Flexibility

HomeChef Mediterranian Mea l Kits by Authentic Food Quest
Customize and enjoy Mediterranean meals with HomeChef

Home Chef is all about making dinner simple with meal kits and pre-made meals, allowing you to enjoy delicious meals in a matter of minutes.

Their recipes, even though not specifically Mediterranean diet meal kits, have options that support healthy eating habits.

Incredibly delicious meals like blackened Mahi Mahi, asparagus and tomato flatbread, or stuffed peppers are available on the weekly menu.

Their menu can be narrowed down even further to filter for carb-friendly, low-calorie, and vegetarian options. 

When it comes to dietary accommodations, Home Chef makes it pretty simple to switch out proteins if you want to avoid certain things. 

This makes it great if you want to avoid red meat and pork, focusing on lean proteins like fish and poultry. 

The ability to customize meals and Mediterranean diet-inspired meal kits makes Home Chef one of our top Mediterranean diet delivery services.  

The additional options to add extras like bread, desserts, and proteins, makes it the perfect plan for balanced living.


  • Menu options support the Mediterranean diet lifestyle
  • Simple recipes for home cooks of all skill levels
  • Fresh, high-quality ingredients, pre-portioned for ease


  • Does not cater to specific diet plans like Keto or Paleo 
  • Delivers to only 98% of the United States

A Few Mediterranean Meal Kit Offerings: 

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5.  Cookunity – Best for Diversity

Cookunity Mediterranean Meal Kit by Authentic Food Quest
Turkey and Pork Sausage Bolognese – Photo credit: Cookunity on Facebook

If you are in search of a diverse menu, then Cookunity is one of your best choices for a well rounded Mediterranean diet.

The Cookunity meal kit services feature ready-to-eat meals made by more than 75 award-winning chefs.

The chefs craft all your meals, using the best and freshest seasonal ingredients available including sustainably sourced meats.

You will find here dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, or Keto options, in over 60 recipes. 

The Mediterranean meal kits are some of the most popular at Cookunity.

Some meal options you’ll find include sweet Italian pork and turkey sausage bolognese or a traditional Greek salad with herbs and grilled chicken with red wine vinaigrette. 

You can also choose something a bit more oriental, like Mediterranean falafel and hummus bowl with Harissa Tahini and, Za’tar Lentil salad. 

The plans are flexible and you can choose from 4 to 16 meals delivered each week. We love the ability to choose healthy Mediterranean meals made by different chefs.

CookUnity meals are never frozen. Everything is delivered chilled and fresh along with simple instructions to heat, serve and eat.


  • Large variety of Mediterranean ready-to-eat food offerings
  • Small batch meals made by more than 75 diverse chefs
  • Offers a wide range of dietary options


  • Currently, CookUnity does not deliver to North Dakota, South Dakota, or Montana

A Few Mediterranean Meal Kit Offerings: 

6. RealEats – Best For Farm Fresh Meals

Real Eats Meal Kit Greek Chicken by Authentic Food Quest
Greek chicken – Photo credit: RealEats on Facebook

Located in New York in the Fingerlakes agricultural region, RealEats provides healthy meals prepared in 6-minutes or less.

Clean, farm fresh ingredients from local farmers are cooked by professional chefs and then vacuum sealed for immediate delivery. 

Using the sous-vide technique, you place your vacuum-sealed meals in boiling water, and in about 6 minutes you have a nutritious meal.

We love the flexibility RealEats offers. Starting with the chef-curated meals, you can customize each plate by swapping proteins, grains, or veggies.

You can choose by spice level, meals free of dairy products, wheat, or soy. And, you can opt for high protein or carb and calorie smart options.

While there is no dedicated Mediterranean diet meal plan, you’ll find Mediterranean-inspired flavors on the weekly menu. 

Additionally, the ingredients are clean, fresh, and locally sourced bringing you farm-fresh flavors each time.

Beyond healthy meals, you can also order breakfast, healthy beverages, and snacks to keep on hand in your kitchen.

One thing to keep in mind is that the RealEat meals are designed for individual servings only. So if you are ordering for more than one don’t forget to double or triple the meals.

Getting started does not require a subscription. You can simply start with a few individually portioned Mediterranean meals. 


  • Delicious farm fresh meals, fully prepared meals
  • Easy to prepare in about 6 minutes
  • Ability to customize meals by dietary preferences or by adding/swapping ingredients
  • Single serving meals convenient for one-person households


  • Not appropriate for those with severe allergies
  • Minimum order to get started is four meals
  • Does not deliver across the entire United States

A Few Mediterranean Offerings: 

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7. Balance by BistroMD – Best For Weight Loss

Balance Bistro MD Meals Greek Grape Leaves by Authentic Food Quest
Stuffed Greek grape leaves – Photo credit: Balance on Facebook

Created in 2005, Bistro MD is the only meal delivery company on this list, started by a physician, to assist people in losing weight.

One of the specialty plans is a specific Mediterranean diet meal plan designed to promote weight loss with nutritionally balanced meals.

The healthy meals focus on fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, fish, and dairy. Eat meals with heart-healthy benefits are crafted with high-quality ingredients.

You’ll find a large variety of meals to choose from including breakfast, desserts, and bars. Everything you need to enjoy a range of delicious Mediterranean diet meals.

Unique from Balance by BistroMD is the ability to order with no contracts or commitments. 

The Mediterranean diet plan features doctor-approved and chef-prepared meals shipped to your home frozen.  

These fully prepared meals are nutritionally complete and all you do is heat them up and enjoy.

No shopping or cooking is necessary and you can feel good about losing weight on a balanced Mediterranean diet plan.

Balance by BistroMD is best for those looking to improve their health in a stress-free manner with a Mediterranean diet meal plan.


  • Doctor-approved Mediterranean meal plans
  • Offers high protein snacks to keep you feeling satisfied
  • No contracts or commitments to get started


  • Portions sizes for one, no family-sized meals available
  • Does not ship to Alaska or Hawaii

A Few Mediterranean Offerings: 

8. Gobble – Best For Simplicity

Gobble Asian Meal Kit by Authentic Food Quest
Some yummy dishes for pasta lovers

Gobble offers meal kits curated by expert chefs featuring gourmet dishes with global flavors.

While not specifically dedicated to Mediterranean meals, Gobble’s “Lean & Clean” meal service is focused on Mediterranean diet-friendly meals.

The Lean & Clean menu features low carb, low-calorie, and nutritionally dense meals, no more than 650 calories per serving.

After selecting your Mediterranean meals, chefs at Gobble prepare all the fresh ingredients, and you get pre-portioned meal kits in a refrigerated box.

Included in the box is a 3-step recipe card with simple instructions to prepare your meal kits in about 15 minutes.

The Gobble subscriptions offer portion sizes for two or four people, with delivery within two to five days.

As you browse through their menu, you will be delighted to find numerous meals for a Mediterranean diet lifestyle. 

With the ease of skipping or canceling your order at any time, don’t hesitate to try Gobble meal delivery services.


  • A multitude of Mediterranean dishes
  • Option for Gobble to create your personalized meals
  • Various dietary options available 


  • Portions sizes no larger than for four people
  • Contiguous US delivery only, except Montana and with limited service in New Mexico, Kansas, and Nebraska.

A Few Mediterranean Meal Kit Offerings:

9. Georgie & Tom’s – Best for Gourmet Mediterranean Meals

Georgie Toms Mediterranean Meal Kit by Authentic Food Quest
Feta & Mediterranean vegetable bake – Photo credit: Georgie & Tom’s on Facebook

Started in 2020, Georgie & Tom’s provides high-quality ready-to-eat with a specific Mediterranean meal plan.

With the slogan “eating well made easy”, Georgie and Tom’s offers more than 70 Mediterranean meals made for two, made fresh.

There is no prep required, as all the chopping and mixing are done for you by expert chefs. 

You receive your prepped ingredients in an insulated box with simple instructions to easily prepare your meals in 5-8 minutes.

The recipes you choose from come from all over the Mediterranean region Whether you’re in the mood for Italian, Greek, Spanish, or French, Georgie & Tom’s will excite your taste buds.

A meal has about 600 calories, is low in carbs, and is prepared with fresh vegetables. They also offer about 20% of meals that are animal protein-free, perfect for vegetarians and vegans.

With the provided nutritional information and calorie count, you can enjoy eating healthy and a tasty balanced living plan.


  • Large selection of healthy ready-to-eat meals
  • Can customize meals for the Mediterranean diet, Paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and more
  • Dishes are prepared fast – in as quickly as 5 – 8 minutes


  • Meal plans are designed for only two people 
  • Recipes comes only in digital format
  • Current delivery only in Massachusetts, New York, and Washington DC 

A Few Mediterranean Meal Kit Offerings: 

10. What a Crock Meals – Best for Slow Cooker Meals

What A Crock Meals Mediterranean Meal Kit by Authentic Food Quest
Italian Wedding Soup – Photo credit: What a Crock Meals on Facebook

If you’ve got a slow cooker, then try chef-crafted meals specially designed for your slow cooker from What a Crock Meals.

You already enjoy flavorful and hands-off cooking, but have you ever had chef-crafted meals designed for a healthy diet plan?

What a Crock Meals makes meal kits for your crock pot or slow cooker. From a diverse menu of more than 50 meals, you can choose from low-calorie, low-carb, gluten and dairy-free meals.

Among the seasonal and regional dishes, we were pleased to find many tasty Mediterranean meal options.

Savor healthy traditional cuisine from Italy like sausage scallopini, Italian shrimp gumbo, Spanish rice chicken, soups, and, much more.

A What a Crock Meals subscription offers you the freedom to choose the number of portions and the frequency of delivery. One portion is meant for one person and as for the shipments, you can choose from weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly. 

There is also the option to “Build Your Own Meal” plan. In this case, you select your favorite Mediterranean diet-friendly from 6 to 30 portions with delivery every 7 to 60 days.

What a Crock Meals require no prep and there is no mess to clean up. You get to enjoy healthy chef-crafted meals for your slow cooker.


  • No prep, with meals ready for cooking in the slow cooker
  • Wide range of Mediterranean and healthy meals
  • Meals cater to special diets like gluten-free, low-sodium, low-calorie, and more


  • Only contiguous US shipping, except Alaska and Hawaii
  • Meal kits are designed to use only with a slow cooker

A Few Mediterranean Meal Kit Offerings:

Answer to Popular Questions

Choosing Your Mediterranean Meal Kits by Authentic Food Quest
Tantalizing meat with yogurt sauce on chopsticks

What is the Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean diet has been recognized for decades as a pillar of healthy living.

It is a healthy eating style that involves consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, olive oil, lean proteins, whole grains, nuts and seeds. 

The Mediterranean diet is a way of eating based on the typical diet of people who live in the Mediterranean. 

While mostly associated with Greece, Italy, and Spain, the region is much broader and encompasses 22 countries.

Evidence suggests that people from these regions have better health and longer life spans due to the typical diet. 

The Mediterranean meal kits featured in this article are all nutritionally balanced and inspired by the Mediterranean diet. These meal kits are designed in collaboration with nutritionists and chefs. 

And, with the use of fresh and seasonal ingredients, you enjoy delicious and healthy meals.

What are Mediterranean Meal Kits versus Ready Meals?

In this article, we highlight meal delivery services that offer both Mediterranean meal kits and ready-made meals.

Meal kits are boxes that contain pre-portioned ingredients meant for a specific recipe. All the prep work is typically done and all you do is cook the recipe following simple instructions.  

Ready meals, on the other hand, require no cooking or meal prep work. Like meal kits, the recipes are chef-designed. And, in the case of ready meals, chefs prepare the dishes in their own kitchens using healthy products and ingredients. 

The ready meals are shipped and all you do is follow the heating instructions and serve and enjoy.

What is The Difference Between Frozen Mediterranean Meal Kits vs. Fresh?

Mediterranean meal kits save you time on planning your weekly menus and shopping for fresh, healthy foods.

Depending on how involved you want to get in the kitchen you can choose meal kits with frozen meals or fresh ingredients.

Most Mediterranean meal kits on this list include fresh and seasonal ingredients included in their meal delivery service. Your fresh Mediterranean meal kit includes pre-measured ingredients, fresh produce, and lean meats along with a recipe.

Frozen Mediterranean meal kits include fully prepared meals. There is cooking necessary and all you do is follow the heating instructions and enjoy nutritious healthy eating.

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What’s your favorite Mediterranean dish? Let us know in the comments below, which one of these Mediterranean meal kits you’d like to try.

Savor the Adventure! 

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