9 Of The Best Etna Wineries To Visit in Sicily For Amazing Etna Wines

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Etna wineries help make Sicily one of Italy’s most exciting and distinctive wine regions. The wineries nestled on Mount Etna, Europe’s largest and active volcano, yield characteristic volcanic wines.

Based in Catania for our culinary exploration of the Island, we quickly became captivated by the volcano and Etna wines.

To better understand the volcanic wines, we visited several Mount Etna wineries. Our goal was to learn about the wines and the indigenous grape varieties.

Etna wineries are producing exceptional wines that are growing in popularity. Some winemakers have referred to Etna as the new Burgundy or the Burgundy of the Mediterranean.

If visiting Sicily is on your itinerary, visiting Etna wineries should not be missed. Get to know the indigenous Sicilian grapes and the minerality of the wines.

Use this guide to plan your Etna wine travels. The wineries featured can be found on the southern, eastern, and northern slopes of Mount Etna. And all offer wine tastings with breathtaking views.

While not an exhaustive list of the Etna wineries, we’ve selected nine of the best Etna wineries to visit.

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What Are Etna Wines

Etna Winery Cellar by Authentic Food Quest
Etna wines aging in the Benanti wine cellar

Etna wines are from vines growing on the volcanic soils and micro climates around the slopes of Mount Etna. 

The dominant grape variety is Nerello Mascalese, a native red Sicilian wine. The name means “little black” because the wine produced is lighter in color and medium bodied. It is often compared to Pinot Noir.

Nerello Cappuccio, the other Etna native red grape variety, plays a secondary role to Nerello Mascalese. It is often used as a blend in Nerello Mascalese red wines.

Etna is a region of red wines. And, about 70% of Etna wineries are cultivated with the Nerello Mascalese grape variety.

Even so, Etna white wines are growing in popularity. The most important white grape varietal is Carricante and it is used to make Etna Bianco. This is a vibrant and fresh wine with earthy characteristics. 

Generally, Etna wines have a marked minerality and bright acidity. The volcanic soils found on the slopes of Mount Etna give different characteristics to the wines. 

While only getting into the spotlight in the recent decades, wine making on Etna has been taking place for centuries.

This wine growing region was the first in Sicily to receive the Etna DOC designation. This designation of controlled origin was established in 1968 making it one of the oldest in Italy as well.

What’s changed is the high quality of the wines that are now being produced. Leveraging the rich volcanic soils, sun and wind exposures and proximity to the sea, a new generation of wine producers are making excellent wines.

The popular labels you’ll find are Etna Rosso DOC and Riserva for the red wines. Etna Rosato DOC for rosé wines. Etna Bianco DOC and Etna Bianco Superiore for white wines. 

And some Mount Etna wineries are also making excellent Etna Spumante or sparkling wines.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: For an encompassing visit to the region’s wineries, we recommend this Etna wineries guided tour we took. On this tour, you stop at Oro d’Etna on the southern side, and visit two additional wineries on the eastern and northern slopes of Mount Etna. You don’t have to worry about driving and the wine tastings and food pairing are excellent.

Best Wineries On The Southern Slopes of Mount Etna

If you are based in Catania, Sicily’s second largest city, the closest Etna wineries are the ones on the southern slopes.

Most of the wineries are about 30 minutes away from Catania near the towns of Viagrande, Trecastagni, and Zafferana Etnea.

1- Benanti – A Pioneer Etna Winery

Old Palmeto Benanti Winery Mount Etna Sicily by Authentic Food Quest
Learning about ancient winemaking in a refurbished Palmento at Benanti winery

Founded in 1988, Benanti winery is a pioneer winery in the relatively young Etna wine region. A celebrated name in the wine world, Benanti wines have been awarded multiple times.

What attracted us to Benanti is their focus on fine wines made from the indigenous Etna grape varieties. 

Their Etna White Superiore Pietra Marina, made from ancient Carricante white grapes has been referred to as one of the best white wines in Italy. 

The winery, founded by Giuseppe Benanti, is now managed by his sons.  With vineyards on the four slopes of Mount Etna, it is the only producer to offer outstanding wines from the entire Etna DOC region.

Guiding us on our visit was Sonia Cassaniti, the resident sommelier. The tour began with a brief overview of the ancient wine-making tools and techniques. 

As we walked outside to the south vineyard with a clear view of Mt Etna, Sonia shared wine making stories.

The volcanic soils, we learned, along with the different microclimates yield wine with different compositions. 

And, Nerello Capuccio, for example, another red native grape that was almost abandoned, was given a new identity by Benanti.

Benanti only makes superior wines and labels and not a vast collection of wines across price points. About 170,000 bottles are produced each year with exports to the US, Europe and Asia. 

Everything is handled manually, Sonia mentioned, as we walked back to the tasting room. And, Benanti is currently pursuing their organic wines certification for their labels.

Benanti Wine Tasting

Benanti Rovitello Etna Wine by Authentic Food Quest
The Rovittello was our favorite Etna Rosso

Benanti offers several wine tastings, all including a tour of the estate, a selection of 5 wines and a pairing with local food specialties.

Prices vary depending on the wines you want to taste from the classic to the premium line. Appointments are recommended especially off season. 

We tried 5 different red and white wines all made with the local Etna grape varieties. Laid out before us was a beautiful platter of local Sicilian appetizers like cheese, cured meats and bruschetta to go along with the tasting.

The white Etna Bianco DOC wines were particularly refreshing. Made with 100% Carricante grapes, these wines from the southwest slope of Etna were clean and elegant.

The Benanti Nerello Cappuccio, an indigenous red grape variety, was quite fascinating. Also, from the southwest region of the Etna volcano, this grape, usually used for blending stands alone as a signature wine at Benanti. 

Benanti winery, we learned, is one of five wine producers on Etna able to make a 100% Nerello Cappuccio wine. Fresh with floral aromatics, it’s a versatile wine that goes easily with different food pairings.

During the wine tasting, we liked Sonia’s reference to a large map in the room, where she pointed out the different wine regions of Etna. 

As we sipped each wine, we had a visual representation of the slope it was from and the different contrade or micro regions within Etna.

The iconic Etna Rosso DOC, the Rovittello, a red wine from the northern slope, was our favorite. This wine, first produced in 1991 and now a Reserve wine, was earthy, complex and very elegant.

Benanti is one of the best Etna wineries and a visit should not be missed on your travels to Sicily.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: If you are looking to visit wineries on your own, we recommend renting a car and staying in the quaint town of Milo. From there it is easy to reach wineries. When visiting Benanti, we stayed at B&B Dimora dell’Etna with superb views of Mount Etna and the surrounding vineyards.

2- Nicosia Winery – A Historic and Representative Etna Winery

Cantine Nicosia Catania Sicily by Authentic Food Quest
Visit Nicosia cantne for wine tasting

Nicosia Winery also referred to as Cantine Nicosia is a well known Etna winery with wines you’ll find on restaurant menus and supermarkets.

In fact, Nicosia wines were among the first Etna wines we tried when we arrived in Sicily. The red wine, Nero Mascalese, is one that accompanied many of our meals.

Nicosia is the largest winery on the south side of Mount Etna. It is one of Etna’s historic wineries founded in 1898 and now managed by the fifth generation of winemakers.

Beyond Etna, Nicosia has wineries all around Sicily where they produce wines with Sicilian grapes like Nero d’Avola and Frappato. 

Their wines made with international grape varieties like Syrah are also well regarded.

Nicosia has several Etna wines at different price points. You can find highly awarded red wines like the Etna Rosso, Lenza di Munti 720, a blend of Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio. 

And exceptional white Etna Bianco DOC wines from single vineyards with the native Carricante and Catarratto grapes.

With a focus on the environment, biodiversity in all parts of the winemaking is respected. Nicosia also produces organic wines including Etna DOC red and white wines.

Nicosia wines are hard to miss in Italy. If you want to learn more about the wine making process, this is one of the most accessible wineries to visit from Catania.

Nicosia Wine Tasting

Nicosia Wine Shop Catania Sicily by Authentic Food Quest
Buy Nicosia Etna wines directly from stainless steel tanks in Catania

Nicosia offers a variety of tours and tastings of their Etna wines. You can choose guided tours of the cellars and tastings of three to five wines.

The best option is to choose a wine tasting with food for a full expression of the Nicosia wines.

Visits are available year-round, but only by appointment. If you are in the center of Catania, you can also visit the Nicosia wine store.

Nicosia wines are available for sale directly from the barrels or by purchasing individual wine bottles. We would often buy their barrel wine for less than $4 for 2 liters. 

At the wine shop, you can also book reservations to visit the winery for tastings.

3- ORO d’Etna – Sicilian Wines and Produce

Winery Near Mount Etna by Authentic Food Quest
Active Mount Etna behind the vineyard

On your way to the southern slopes of Etna on the “Etna Wine Road” we recommend a stop in Zafferana.

Zafferana Etnea, is considered the honey capital of Sicily with honey made from Sicilian black bees. 

The area has also been shaped by different lava flows, including one in 1992 that almost destroyed the city.

ORO d’Etna is a great place to stop and feel the volcano while getting exposed to traditional Sicilian products.

The Costa family who runs ORO d’Etna, own a small vineyard, located in Zafferana, east side of Etna. 

They are also known for their beekeeping production, active for more than 30 years and producing 9 types of honey. 

Taste the different types of honey which range from chestnut honey, eucalyptus to wildflower. Our favorites were the orange honey and in particular the lemon honey.

Beyond honey, you’ll also taste delicious extra virgin olive oil from the company’s olive groves. The oils with infusions of aromatic herbs are quite intense and they immediately won us over. 

We picked up a bottle of the extra virgin olive oil infused with natural oregano and could not have been happier.

And, in keeping with the Etna wine heritage, we also sampled wines from the family’s vineyards.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: To explore Mount Etna and hike around its crater, consider this Etna day trip with a local guide. Learn about the volcanic activities, lava flow and enjoy some Sicilian delicacies.

ORO d’Etna Wine Tasting

Etna Wines Oro d'Etna Sicily by Authentic Food Quest
Oro d’Etna makes an Etna Rosato exclusively from Nerello Mascalese grapes

ORO d’Etna offers a wine tasting of 5 different wines and a visit to their vineyard, with the option of adding a light lunch.

You get to try their white Etna DOC Bianco, Rosé wine, or Etna DOC Rosato and their red Etna DOC Rosso.

While we enjoyed the wines, we were most surprised by their Grappa made with the local Nerello Mascalese grape variety. 

The grappa, Italy’s national spirit, was surprisingly smooth and quite tasty. A wonderful digestif or digestivo, with a unique Etna twist.

For an introduction to Etna wines and the unique products from the region, a stop at ORO d’Etna is a great option. Be sure to book your visit in advance.

Best Mount Etna Wineries On The Eastern Slope

The eastern side of Mount Etna is particularly noted for the white wine production. Some of the best wineries make a superior Etna Bianco DOC, one of Italy’s top white wines. 

The wineries are located by the towns of Linguaglossa and Milo, easily accessible from Taormina.

4- Gambino Vini – Best Etna Winery for Wine Tasting With a View

View at Gambino Winery by Authentic Food Quest
Gambino winery with incredible views of the sea and Taormina – Photo credit: Gambino on Facebook

Perched on the eastern slopes of Mount Etna, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, in Linguaglossa is the Vini Gambino winery. 

The winery was rated by National Geographic as one of the top 9 volcanic vineyards for wine tasting with a view.  

The Gambino vineyards which sit 800 meters above sea level is the highest winery on the volcano. 

The picturesque views along with remarkable Etna wines is one of the best places to taste the spirit of the Etna region.

Gambino winery began their operations in 1978 and throughout the 80s and 90s focused on their vineyard and quality of grapes.

After modernization and expansion efforts, a new tasting room was built and new vineyards added.

One of the striking characteristics of the winery is the underground cellar. The must-see cellar is built 10 meters underground, and is dug into volcanic rock for natural temperature control.

On Mount Etna, Gambino grows the indigeneous red grapes nerello mascalese and nerello cappuccio. As well as the white grape varieties, catarratto, and carricante.

Their wines are award-winning and exported around the world. Additionally, Gambino also makes an outstanding extra virgin olive oil that you can sample at the winery.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: For a visit to Gambino winery and two other top wineries on the slopes of Mount Etna, check out this private tour to three Etna wineries. With no need to worry about driving, simply enjoy the experience as you savor several Etna wines paired with local food.

Gambino Winery Wine Tasting

Gambino Etna Wines Tasting by Authentic Food Quest
The best way to taste Gambino wines is to visit their winery – Photo credit: Gambino on Facebook

Gambino winery has two tasting menus available. You can choose from a tasting of four wines with or without a Sicilian food pairing. Booking is recommended.

In Italy, the Gambino name is synonymous with fine Etna wines. At the wine bars or Enoteca we visited in Catania, Gambino wines were revered.

The winery offers unforgettable wine tasting and cellar visit experiences. Try different styles of wines made with the nerello mascalese indigenous grape. And, refreshing white Etna wines.

Pair that with good food and panoramic views for an experience of a lifetime.

5- Emilio Sciacca – Natural and Artisan Wines

Rosemary and Claire at Emilio Sciacca Mount Etna Winery by Authentic Food Quest
Rosemary and Claire learning about pruning at Emilio Sciacca

With natural wines growing in popularity, we were excited about visiting Emilio Sciacca, a natural wine producer in Linguaglossa.

The vineyard is on the northeast side of Mount Etna. And the tasting room is located in a renovated ancient millstone or palmento known as “ La Martinella” .

In Sicily, a palmento is a stone building where wines were traditionally made. They feature old structures for moving wine using the force of gravity and stone troughs for crushing grapes. 

Many Etna wineries refurbish old palmetto’s and use the space in new ways.

Welcoming us for lunch and wine tasting was Emanuele Poli, geologist, and technical director. 

Fluent in English, he led us through the wine tasting and pairing with traditional Sicilian specialties.

We are “natural wine producers and every season, the wines can be different,” he told us. 

With our natural wines, Emanuele added, “we don’t clarify the wine, we don’t chemically stabilize the wine. We want a product that is very alive. As the wine opens up for longer the flavor evolves.”

Emanuele’s commitment to nature and the environment was evident as he talked about their approach to winemaking. 

Responsibility, Human, Nature, and Etna were words he used frequently while talking about natural Etna wines. And, the wine tasting experience brought those words to life.

Emilio Sciacca Wine Tasting

Etna Wine Tasting Emilio Sciacca Natural Wines by Authentic Food Quest
The dwarfs on the labels are said to helpers in the cultivation of the natural wines

Emilio Sciacca wine tours range from a technical wine tasting to a full lunch or cooking class with wine pairing.

Our wine tasting experience was a combination of lunch and a tasting of the three labels produced by Emilio Sciacca. 

One white Etna Bianco DOC wine and two red Etna Rosso DOC wines. To finish and to go along with dessert we were offered a very unusual almond wine.

All the wines are made with local Etna grape varieties. The white wine, Biancopiglio, accompanied the appetizer platter with local cheese, cold cuts, and homemade bread.

The grapes we learned come from vineyards in the south of Etna, an area famous for white wines. 

The vineyards, Emanuele told us, face the sea and the salty sea breeze makes the wines elegant and minerally. 

RossoBrillo and NeroMagno, the two red wines that went along with our lunch, were made with the local grapes, though different in taste.

The RossoBrillo, a fruity and easy-to-drink wine, is one we enjoyed. And, the NeroMagno, a ruby red, elegant and complex wine is a delicious natural wine that can be aged for years.

Emanuele talked about each label as we savored the wine along with a dish or food pairing. As we learned about the terroir and the wine making, we were most impressed by their commitment to making the highest quality Etna natural wines.

To learn more about Etna natural wines, a visit to Emilio Sciacca, should not be missed in Sicily. 

Visits are offered year-round and best enjoyed on a tour, so you can savor the natural wines and not worry about driving.

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6- Barone di Villagrande Winery – Historic Winery and Wine Resort

Baronedi Villa grande Mount Etna Winery by Authentic Food Quest
Vineyards in Milo have an amazing view of Mount Etna

Located in Milo, a charming village on the eastern slopes of Mount Etna is Barone di Villagrande.

The vineyards on the Etna wine road, overlooks the coast of Taormina and spreads out over 18 hectares.

Also on the property is a manor or wine resort with four noble rooms and an infinity pool overlooking the vineyards.

Grapes growing on the eastern foothills of Mount Etna are renowned for superior white wines or Etna Bianco, made with the indigeneous Carricante grapes.

The family has been in the wine business since 1727 and today the 10th generation of winemakers continue the family tradition of excellence. 

Since 1989, the family has been committed to organic wine farming practices.

Producing over 80,000 bottles of wine and you’ll find bottles at fine restaurants all around the region. 

The wines are representative of the Etna region including Etna Rosso, Etna Bianco Superiore and Etna Rosato DOC. 

The wines are made from the Etna grape varieties of Carricante, Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio.

Etna Superiore Bianco DOC is their flagship wine. A crisp and aromatic white wine that we enjoyed at a restaurant in Catania. 

The Etna Rosso is particularly delicious and pairs well with food. We had it with dinner at 4 Archi Osteria in Milo, a slow food restaurant we highly recommend.

Barone di Villagrande Wine Tasting

Etna Rosso Barone di Villa grande by Authentic Food Quest
Barone di Villagrande Etna Rosso, the perfect accompaniment to Sicilian meals

If you are going to explore Etna wines around Milo or hike up Mt Etna consider a stay at the Wine Resort Villagrande.

That way you can enjoy cellar visits and wine tastings at your own leisure without needing to drive anywhere.

If you simply want a guide tour of the winery that is available with advanced booking. You can choose a winery visit and tasting with up to five wines. 

Or better yet, combine a winery visit with a 5 or 7-course lunch or dinner where every dish matches a wine.

For the historic importance and opportunity to stay at the winery, Barone di Villagrande is one of the best Etna wineries to choose.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: On your visit to Etna, you might want to bring home some of these unique volcanic wines. Etna wines are still considered niche wines and difficult to find outside Italy. To protect your wines with a specially designed wine suitcase, check our guide to the best wine suitcases for easy and safe travels.

Best Etna Wineries On The Northern Slopes

We found the Sicilian countryside landscape on the northern slopes to be much more wild and relaxing than the other sides. There, you’ll find many small wineries amongst charming villages as well as a few larger and famous wineries.

On this side of Mount Etna, wineries are the most accessible from Taormina with a short 50 mins drive. 

Castiglione di Sicilia and Randazzo make for quaint villages to base yourself to explore the local wineries.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: For a tour of the wineries from Taormina to the northern slope of Mount Etna, check out this small group Etna wineries tour. You’ll visit the picturesque town of Castiglione di Sicilia and stop at two wineries for wine tastings with lunch included.

7- Tornatore Winery – Largest Etna Vineyard

Tornatore Winery Largest Etna Vineyard by Authentic Food Quest
Tornatore vineyard with Mount Etna in the backdrop

Tornatore winery is located in Castiglione di Sicilia, on the northern slope of Mount Etna.

While the winery was established in 2014, the family’s wine heritage on Mount Etna traces back to the late 1800s.

Danilo, our guide, started our visit with a tour of the vineyards. Sitting 450 meters above sea level in the Alcantara river valley, Taoramina and the Ionian sea were visible to the east. 

Tornatore is the largest vineyard owner on Etna with vineyards spread out from 300-700 meters above sea level. 

The winery produces 10 different labels from varying altitudes and all made with native Etna grape varieties.

On the tour Danilo showed us samples of volcanic soils and talked about how they impact the wine. 

The red volcanic soil offers iron properties to the vines and grapes, yellow soil adds sulfur characteristics and the gray adds aluminum.

With that fascinating view, we couldn’t wait to taste the wines.

Tornatore Wine Tasting

Tornatore Etna Wine Tasting by Authentic Food Quest
Tornatore wine tasting with excellent wines and tasty food pairing

Tornatore, we learned from Danilo, makes two sparkling wines, three white wines, one rosé, and four red wines.

We tasted four wines, starting with an excellent sparkling rosé wine, Valdemone Rosato, made with the local Nerello Mascalese grapes.

Two other outstanding wines we enjoyed were the Etna Rosso “Contrada Pietrarizzo”, a red wine also made with Nerello Mascalese grapes. 

And, an Etna Bianco “Pietrarizzo” from the northern slopes of Etna, made with local Carricante and Catarratto grapes.

As we savored the wines, we enjoyed a generous appetizer platter with traditional specialties like caponata, local olives and cured meats.

As the biggest wine producer in the Etna region, Tornatore has ambitious plans to double their production. 

The goal Danilo told us is to grow from the current production of 300,000 bottles per year to about 500,000 bottles. 

And, to help them meet their goal they were in the process of building a new cellar for the increased production.

We enjoyed the Tornatore wines and were most impressed by the Valdemone Rosato sparkling wine.

Passionate about wine, Danillo will regale you with stories about Etna volcano, geology, and the impact of the volcanic soil on the wines.

Tornatore is always open for visits and tastings. Be sure to book ahead on your Etna winery visits.

8- Tenuta delle Terre Nere – Etna Wines Trailblazer

Tenuta delle Terre Nere Etna Winery by Authentic Food Quest
Tenuta delle Terre Nere winery near Mount Etna – Photo credit: Tenuta on Facebook

A trail blazer in the Etna wineries scene, Marc de Grazia, a US-born wine exporter, established one of the early wineries.

Located in Randazzo, on the northern slopes of Etna, Tenuta delle Terre Nere has wines since the early 2000s.

One of the unique characteristics of Tenuta delle Terre Nere vineyards is the age of the vines. It is one of a few wineries with vines between 50 and 100 years from the pre-Phylloxera era.

The vineyards are across different high altitudes, from 600 to 1000 meters above sea level with different characteristics in the volcanic soils.

When phylloxera destroyed a number of vines on Etna in the late 1800s, one hectare was saved by farmer Don Peppino. 

Today, Etna DOC cru wines from this vineyard, made with Nerello Mascalese grapes express centuries of excellence.

When it comes to white wines, this is the only winery that produces single vineyard whites on three slopes of Etna. 

This is a wonderful way to taste the difference of the exposure, soil and altitude differences in a glass.

Sustainability and a deep respect of the environment is a part of the wine growing practices at Tenuta delle Terre Nere. 

Even without the organic label on all their wines, the way the vines are planted and taken care of is reflected in the bottles.

On the northern slopes of Etna, this is one of the best wineries to appreciate the full depth of Etna DOC wines.

Tenuta delle Terre Nere Wine Tasting

Tenuta delle Terre Nere Etna Wines by Authentic Food Quest
Various wine tastings are available at Tenuta delle Terre Nere winery – Photo credit: Tenuta on Instagram

Wine tastings and visits can be organized at Tenuta delle Terre Nere winery only with advanced booking.

Several wine tasting packages are available including vineyard and cellar tours. You can taste wines from different altitudes and also try vintage and grand cru wines.

The estate also makes olive oil from their 1,500 olive trees. The volcanic soils add a lovely bouquet to the oil that you can taste during your winery visit.

Open all year around, be prepared to savor excellent and distinctive wines at what Marc calls, the “Burgundy of the Mediterranean.”

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: If you want to delve deeper into the wines of Etna, The New Wines of Mount Etna: An Insider Guide to The History and Rebirth of the Wine Region is a fabulous resource. This book invites you into the history of Etna and the pioneers that are putting a spotlight on the wines.

9- Feudo Vagliasindi – Etna Winery and Hotel

Feudo Vagliasindi Etna Winery Hotel by Authentic Food Quest
Consider staying at Feudo Vagliasandi when visiting Mount Etna – Photo credit: FeudoVagliasindi on Facebook

Established in 1850 Feudo Vagliasindi is one of the oldest and historic wineries in the Etna region.

It began as a farm focused on growing grapes of the indigenous Nerello Mascalese variety.

Today the renovated farmhouse, an 18th century manor, is now a boutique hotel where you can stay in the area.

Olive oil and wine production are the two main activities at Feudo Vagliasindi. Surrounding the farm house are olive groves for the production of organic DOP extra virgin olive oil. 

And, the rest of the land is dedicated to the cultivation of the native grapes of Etna. You’ll get a good view of the vineyards cultivated using a terrace system, a practice to make grape growing possible on Mount Etna.

There is also a palmetto on site, where you can see the historic millstone and ancient winemaking techniques.

With its close proximity to Etna Volcano and nature reserves of Alcantara and Nebrodi Park, there are several outdoor activities available.

Feudo Vagliasindi Wine Tasting

Etna Wines Feudo Vagliasindi by Authentic Food Quest
We found the Feudo Vagliasindi Nerello Cappucio light and subtle

While we didn’t have the opportunity to visit the winery in person, we had the pleasure of enjoying their wines in Catania.

Deb, our instructor at a cooking class in Catania, told us about the winery and together we tasted a delicious Feudo Vagliasindi Nerello Cappuccio.

Feudo Vagliasindi has a long history in producing exceptional wines from the native grapes of nerello mascalese and nerello cappuccio. 

These red wines, their flagship wines are expressive, fruit-forward and very good. Recently, with the first production in 2020, Feudo Vagliasindi released their first Etna White Wine DOC. 

Like other Etna white wines, it’s made with the local white Carricante grape variety.

Whether you are a guest at the hotel or simply visiting you can enjoy wine tastings and visits to the vineyards.

There is a basic Etna tasting where you can visit the vineyards, the old palmetto and taste two vintage wines. 

The second option is a vertical tasting that combines Sicilian specialties with tastings of three vintage wines. 

Visits to the vineyards and old palmetto are also included. Be sure to book your wine tasting and tour in advance.

How To Best Plan Your Etna Wineries Visit

Mount Etna Wineries Tasting Experience by Authentic Food Quest
Plan for delicious food and generous wine serving during your Etna winery visits

With visits to Etna wineries becoming more popular, it is recommended to make a reservation in advance.

Typically, the wineries are open all year round with seasonal closure outside of the peak tourist season. Visits are available from Monday through Saturday for the most part.

The winery visits and wine tastings hours are not always clearly documented on the winery websites. The best is to inquire in advance about the availability of visits and wine tastings. 

When in contact with the wineries, we found them to be very welcoming and eager to showcase their wines and vineyards.

To get to the wineries, it is preferable to rent a car or request private transportation. This will allow you to visit more than one winery in a day on your own schedule.

We used discovercars.com to book our rentals in Italy which offer full coverage at an unbeatable price. Car rentals are available from Catania airport or the main cities around Mount Etna.

That said, we recommend visiting no more than two to three wineries in a day so that you have enough time to enjoy your tasting and the food that pairs with it.

If you plan on skipping food at most wineries then you could consider three to four wineries in a day.

The visit and experience vary depending on the wineries. Most of them offer several tasting menus. From simple wine tastings with vineyard and cellar visits to full meals with wine pairings. 

On average, the price for a wine tasting and a visit starts at about €22 / $25 per person.

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In Summary

Visiting the different Etna wineries will introduce you to the unique tastes of volcanic wines. 

As an active volcano that erupts often, you’ll feel her spirit as you sip wines at the various Etna wines.

We loved the fascinating conversations we had about the lava flows and the influence on the soils and wines. 

The dynamic winemakers we met were all focused on producing high quality wines with minimal intervention. 

During our visits to the Etna wineries, we found ourselves in a new territory of volcanic wines.  An exciting up-and-coming region and fascinating wines made with indigeneous grape varieties.

With this guide to the Etna wineries, we trust that you can plan your trip with confidence. 

Have you had Etna wines before? In the comments below, please tell us which of these Etna wineries you’d like to visit.

Savor the Adventure!

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