20 Best Palermo Restaurants For Authentic Sicilian Pizza, Pasta, Sweets and More

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The Palermo restaurant scene is particularly vibrant and a delight for the taste buds.

The best restaurants in Palermo offer menus that celebrate the flavors and cultural diversity of the island.

You’ll find traditional Sicilian recipes rich in history and flavors and an amazing local street food scene.

While in Palermo exploring the local food specialties, we ate our way through the best pizza, pasta and everything in between.

While not exhaustive, we share this guide to Palermo restaurants to help you savor the the best local Sicilian flavors.

From cozy trattorias serving up classic dishes to modern eateries and street foods with twists on traditional recipes, there’s something here for everyone. 

With a few additional tips to guide your Palermo restaurant experiences, get ready for your culinary adventure in Sicily’s capital.

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What To Know About Eating at Palermo Restaurants

Osteria Restaurant in Palermo by Authentic Food Quest
Don’t forget to book in advance for the best Palermo restaurant

Planning for your Palermo restaurant experiences in Sicily’s capital, can feel daunting.

It doesn’t have to be. To make it easier for you, see our helpful tips below.

  • Avoid tourist traps: Palermo, Sicily’s capital, is one of the most visited cities on the island. Compared to Catania, the second largest city, we found the restaurants scene to be more touristy. Take your time and choose your restaurants wisely to avoid the tourist spots.
  • Book in advance: Regardless of the day of the week, you want to book and make restaurant reservations ahead of time. For the specific restaurants you want to visit, be sure to make reservations also for lunch.
  • Expect to pay a coperto: Restaurants typically add a small cover charge to your bill. It ranges from € 2 to € 4 per person and it is not a tip. The coperto covers the table setting fee. Don’t hesitate to ask for bread or breadsticks when you pay the coperto.
  • Sip On Local wines: You’ll find an extensive selection of Sicilian good wine on restaurant menus. Pair your meal with local wine for the ultimate Sicily tasting experience.
  • Palermo street food: Palermo is renown for its street food. Beyond the restaurants, enjoy the kitchen in the street and don’t miss out on this popular Palermo food.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: Consider taking a food tour with a local guide to sample the local specialties. We took and recommend this Palermo street food tour. It provides a great opportunity to discover Palermo’s and Sicily’s unique dishes while learning about the rich history and culture of the area.

Best Palermo Restaurants For Sicilian Pizza

Pizza making in Sicily is a long tradition using a wide variety of regional flour varieties.

In Palermo, the specialty pizza is the sfincione, a popular street food. The sfincione has a fluffy and thick crust, similar to focaccia. 

The traditional toppings include combinations of either, tomato sauce, onions, anchovies, oregano and caciocavallo cheese.

At the restaurants in Palermo, you a variety of pizzas to choose from. Some menus may also include sfincione.

Our recommendation is to enjoy pizza at the best Palermo restaurants below and sfincione from street food vendors.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: To sample several local specialties, including the local Sicilian pizza, we took a Palermo food tour . Read our review: Palermo Food Tours: Best Way to Eat Street Food Like a Local in Sicily

1. Procopio Pizzeria

Pizza at Procopio Pizzeria Best Restaurants in PalermoSicily by Authentic Food Quest
For delicious pizza, don’t miss out Procopio Pizzeria

When it comes to the sheer quality and taste, Procopio Pizzeria, was hands down our favorite pizzeria in Palermo. 

Located in the city center in the historic Piazza Francesco Procopio Cutò 6 building, this is one culinary stop worth making.

What makes the pizza stand out is the excellent dough and ingredients. The typical dough used is a stone ground flour with a mix of ancient grains. 

You also have the option of choosing whole grain or gluten free dough.

All the toppings are Slow Food Presidia ingredients, meaning artisanal and made following traditional practices.

The tomatoes, tomato sauce and other local produce are DOP certified, a sign of the highest quality. Just like the cured meats and Italian cheeses used.

The Magione pizza is one that we still dream about. On a perfectly cooked pizza dough with the right balance of texture was a cornucopia of the freshest Sicilian ingredients.

A layer of Sicilian fior di latte mozzarella, basil pesto, beef carpaccio arranged like flower petals with a creamy burrata center. 

An unforgettable combination of flavors, you could taste the excellence and passion in the pizza. 

The decor is modern and contemporary and there is both indoor and outdoor seating available. 

Book in advance and plan to enjoy amazing pizza that you’ll savor long afterwards. 

Procopio Pizzeria

Address: Piazza Francesco Procopio Cutò, 6, Palermo

Hours: Open Wednesday to Sunday, 6:00 PM – 12:00 AM; Closed Tuesday

Price: Pizzas start at €7 (approx. $7.50)

Pro Tip: In the same building get gelato at Le Procope, which is dedicated to the famous ice cream maker who popularized ice cream in France

2. BIGA Genio e Farina

Biga Pizzeria Restaurant Palermo by Authentic Food Quest
At, Biga pizzeria, watch how your pizza is made

Biga is the story of a young Sicilian who returned to his hometown to create what he calls “street pizza of excellence.” 

Not just any pizza that you can get on any street, but quality artisanal pizza which uses exclusively Km0 products and certified authentic products.⁠

The art of pizza making is on full display in the open kitchen style baking area. The large windows overlooking the popular Via Maqueda street gives you a chance to see into the pizza making process.

Seating is outdoors and you can choose pizza slices from a variety of freshly prepared of local pizzas.  

We tried four very good quality traditional pizza slices like their signature Km 0, Rustica, Marinera and pizza with speck.

The outdoor setting in the city center with local beer and wine could not have been more perfect. 

⁠The pizzas were amazing. Everything we tried was full of flavor and creatively layered on a tasty pizza dough crust. We particularly enjoyed the Rustica and the Km 0 pizza slices.

This was some of the best pizza we enjoyed in Palermo and it’s no wonder it has been awarded a street food excellence.

If you are sightseeing and are close to the “Quattro Canti” or Four Corners, Biga is a great spot for a quick bite.

BIGA Genio e Farina

Address: Via Maqueda, 284-286, Palermo 

Hours: Open every day, 11:00 AM – 12:00 AM

Price: Slices range in price from €3 to €4 (approx. $3.2 to $4.3)

Pro Tip: Go outside of the lunch hour so you can grab a table and enjoy the pizza and atmosphere

3. Archestrato Di Gela

Archestrato di Gela Pizzeria Palermo by Authentic Food Quest
Archestrato di Gela uses local ingredients and traditional methods – Photo credit: Archestrato Di Gela on Facebook

Archestrato di Gela is a famous restaurant in Polietama for their top rated and gourmet pizza. While we were not able to eat there, they are known for their various pizza flavors as well as the excellent dough and ingredients.

This Italian upscale eatery has an old-world charm, and its wine bar is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a glass of your favorite wine. Of course, the main attraction here is the pizza – and it doesn’t disappoint.

They serve pizza with a Sicilian durum wheat dough which results in a light and fluffy crust that is delicious and easy to digest. The menu features classic Sicilian tradition such as Settefarine, Borgo Pignatelli, and Roccazzelle.

Archestrato di Gela is a restaurant that prides itself on local ingredients and sustainability. The restaurant is named after the poet Archestrato of Gela, who was a connoisseur of cooking and gastronomy. 

The menu at Archestrato di Gela is dedicated to the districts of Gela, and the restaurant tries to keep the memory of Archestrato alive by carrying on his philosophy. 

The restaurant sources its ingredients from local suppliers and uses slow food procedures. Making pizza is a cultural gesture for the restaurant, and it is committed to using traditional methods and ingredients.

Archestrato Di Gela 

Address: Via Emanuele Notarbartolo, 2/F, Palermo.

Hours: Open every day except Mondays, 7:00 PM – 11:30 PM

Price: Pizza costs start at €8 (approx. $8.6) to €25 (approx. $26.6).

Pro Tip: Check the Giardinelli and Settefarine Pizzas not well-known but very scrumptious. Skip the desserts and instead focus on eating the main attraction: pizza.

4. Pizzeria Arte e Tradizione

Pizzeria Arte e Tradizione Restaurant Palermo by Authentic Food Quest
A wide selection of pizzas at affordable prices

Arte e Tradizione is an iconic and well known pizzeria in Palermo. Located in the Kalsa neighborhood, you’ll find not far from the botanical gardens.

This pizzeria was recommended to us by locals and described as having delicious pizza at very good prices.

The restaurant is unpretentious and is also a noteworthy slow food pizzeria. You’ll find a wide selection of choose from like classic, gourmet and even fried and dessert pizzas.

We enjoyed two very good pizzas from their classic menu. One “Rustica” and an exceptional “San Daniele.”

The San Daniele with tomatoes, fiordilatte, mozzarella, prosciutto, arugula and parmesan flakes was outstanding and highly recommended. 

Learn from our mistake and reserve your table in advance.  Otherwise, you’ll be seated in an awkward section in middle of the restaurant.  If it is warm out, ask for a table outdoors.

A classic Palermo restaurant, go for great pizza at very good prices.

Arte e Tradizione

Address: Via Santa Teresa, 2, Palermo, Italy

Hours: Open everyday, 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Price: Pizzas range between €8 to €14 (approx. $8.50 to $15) 

Pro Tip: During the warmer months ask for an outdoor table, the interior is not the most cozy

Restaurants For Best Pasta In Palermo

Like the rest of Sicily, it’s hard to have a bad pasta dish in Palermo. Palermo restaurants offer a wide variety of pasta dishes typically prepared with the seasonal produce.

Pasta con le sarde or sometimes called pasta alla palermitana, is a signature Palermo pasta dish worth seeking out. 

It’s pasta with sardines and wild fennel invented by an Arab cook centuries ago. Pine nuts add a little crunchiness and a few raisins add a sweet touch.

This pasta dish is an emblem of Palermo cuisine and it is not to be missed.

5. Osteria Mangia e Bevi

Beef Stew Mangia y Bevi Restaurant in Palermo Sicily by Authentic Food Quest
Traditional grandma-style dishes at Osteria Magia e Bevi

Osteria Mangia e Bevi was the first restaurant we went to in Palermo. It was highly recommended by our Airbnb host and was located around the corner from where we were staying.

A slow food restaurant, Mangia e Bevi offers typical Sicilian dishes, rich in authentic flavors using local products and ingredients.

The restaurant celebrates grandma’s kitchen or simple recipes using the healthiest zero-kilometer ingredients.  

We immediately loved the warm and cozy interior of the restaurant. The staff was friendly and welcoming and the menu options were quite broad.

Tired and hungry after our trip, and chilled from cool temperatures, we ordered two traditional hearty plates.

I had a heartwarming fried pasta dish. While Rosemary had an excellent stew with peas and potatoes. 

Though simple, both dishes were flavorful evoking the tastes of traditional Sicily. In Palermo, Osteria Mangia e Bevi is an unmissable stop. 

Plan to make reservations ahead of time as it gets busy both for lunch and dinner.

Osteria Mangia e Bevi

Address: L.go dei Cavalieri di Malta, 18, Palermo 

Hours: Open Tuesday to Sunday; 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM and 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM; Closed Monday

Price: Main courses start at €7 (approx. $7.50) 

Pro Tip: If you are looking for more than pizza and pasta, the menu offers many Sicily dishes at affordable prices

6. Trattoria AI Cancelletto

Pasta in Palermo Tratoria AI Cancelletto by Authentic Food Quest
Tagliatelle with gamberini and almond slices

If you’re looking for a great family-owned restaurant to enjoy some pasta in Palermo, look no further than Trattoria AI Cancelletto

We had a nice experience there, thanks to the delicious Frappato wine and the traditional Palermitano dish: caciocavallo all’argentiera.

 It’s a caciocavallo cheese melted seasoned with garlic and herbs as a starter. 

We recommend their delicious tagliatelle with gamberini made with almonds with a light, flavorful tomato sauce. The pasta is cooked perfectly al dente, and the gamberini adds a delicious sweetness to the dish.

The restaurant offers a variety of classic pasta dishes, all of which are made with fresh ingredients. And if you’re looking for something sweet to finish off your meal, the castelle is a must-try.

While the charming little restaurant can be fairly touristy, it’s still definitely worth seeking out. 

With its quaint aesthetic and rustic farmhouse feel, it’s the perfect spot to relax and enjoy a leisurely meal. 

The pasta dishes here are mouth-watering, and you can’t go wrong with any of the Sicilian classics. Plan to come hungry and start out with delicious Sicilian appetizers.

Trattoria AI Cancelletto

Address: Via Ottavio D’Aragona, 34, Palermo

Hours: Open Tuesday to Sunday, 12:30 pm – 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Price: Pasta dishes start at €8 (approx. $8.8)

Pro Tip: Even though the menu is entirely in Italian, the staff is more than happy to help you with your options

7. Grano Granis Trattoria Tipica Siciliana

Pasta at Grano Granis Trattoria Typical Sicilian Restaurant by Authentic Food Quest
Grano Granis Trattoria, something for everyone at reasonable prices

If you’re looking for affordable Palermo restaurants, look no further than Grano Granis Trattoria Tipica Siciliana. The dine-in atmosphere may not be big but the service is nice, and the food is even better.

This contemporary-looking restaurant offers simple and typical Sicilian dishes, presented in a small but expertly curated menu. 

The pasta is particularly noteworthy – prepared with aromatic ingredients at reasonable prices. All in all, it’s a great option if you’re looking for a good meal without breaking the bank. 

The seafood pasta is a must-try – it’s fresh, flavorful, with the perfect amount of sauce. Their antipasto is also a great option so everyone can enjoy it. Plus, the nice outdoor setting is a nice alternative to the low key indoor if the weather permits.

Whether you’re looking for a light starter or a hearty main course, you’re sure to find something wonderful to your liking at Grano Granis. 

And be sure to save room for later for the sweets.  The local specialties are not to be missed.

Grano Granis Trattoria Tipica Siciliana

Address: Via Salvatore Spinuzza, 33, 90139 Palermo PA, Italy

Hours: Open Wednesday to Sunday, 11:30 am to 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Price: Pasta dishes range from €7.50 to €13 (approx. $8.05 to $13.96)

Pro Tip: Have certain allergens? Ask for gluten-free alternatives.

Don’t Miss Couscous in Palermo

Sicilian kus kus or cous cous alla trapanese a speciality food from western Sicily, particularly the Trapani and Marsala areas. 

It’s particularity is that this Sicilian cous cous is made with fish and not meat like in other preparations syles.

If you are not planning on visiting western Sicily, you can try this specialty dish in Palermo.

The Kus-Kus Cousseria restaurant below in Palermo specializes in cous cous from Trapani.  A casual eatery, it’s one of the best restaurants in Palermo for couscous.

8. Kus-Kus Cousseria

KusKus Restaurant in Palermo by Authentic Food quest
Kus-Kus Cousseria offers a mix of Sicilian and Arab cultures

In the Politeama neighborhood, Kus-Kus Cousseria, a simple and quaint restaurant offers Trapani-style cuisine.

The “cous cous alla trapanese” is the signature dish to have. The couscous is made with fish and accompanied with a sauce to pour over.

The servings are quite generous and the mix of seafood flavors and spices are absolutely delicious.

There are two Kus Kus locations in Palermo. The one we visited  most frequently is the location near Piazza Virgilio. Rather than dine in, this is a great location to order couscous for takeaway.

If you want to eat at the restaurant, visit their second location Kus Kus ai Leoni for indoor and outdoor dining options.

Started in 2004 in Palermo, Kus-Kus cousseria brings the authentic flavors of Sicilian and Arab cultures to the capital.

The recipes are authentic, based in tradition and full of flavor. For a taste of Trapani cuisine, this is one of the best Palermo restaurants not to miss.

Kus-Kus Cousseria

Address: Piazza Virgilio, 9, Palermo, Italy

Hours: Open every day, 10:30 AM – 10:30 PM

Price: Price starts at €8 (approx. $8.6) 

Pro Tip: Leave room for the “casatelle Trapanesi” dessert

Best Seafood Restaurants in Palermo

As an island, seafood is prominent throughout the cuisine. In Palermo, you’ll find fish and seafood in a wide range of recipes.

In Palermo, tuna is a specialty fish you’ll find on many restaurant menus, grilled, marinated and cooked in a variety of styles.

Bottarga, sometimes referred to as “Sicilian caviar” is another popular flavor from the sea. It’s made with fish eggs and tuna eggs and prized for it’s deep red color and distinctive flavor.

Sarde a beccafico or stuffed sardines is a popular Palermo dish with an Arab heritage. A typical appetizer, it consists of sardines stuffed with raisins, pine nuts and breadcrumbs baked until golden and crisp.

You’ve got numerous fish and seafood dishes to choose from. Any one of these Sicilian restaurants in Palermo will delight you.

9. Osteria Mercede

Seafood Osteria Mercede_One of The Best restaurants in Palermo Authentic Food Quest
Delightfully fresh seafood platter

Osteria Mercede, one of our favorite restaurants in Palermo can be found in the politeama neighborhood.

Favored by locals as well, Osteria Mercede is known for fresh fish and simple seafood dishes served in large portions.

The rustic restaurant is divided into several small intimate rooms making you feel like you are dining at home.

Chef, Helios Gnoffo, winner of best regional chef in Italy, Cuochi d’Italia, focuses on locally caught fish with love and passion. 

In fact, the name of the restaurant is dedicated to Madonna della Mercede, the patron saint of sailors.

The menu changes regularly based on the availability of fresh fish and seafood. The daily menu is available on large blackboards in the restaurant.

To start, we shared an appetizer platter with the freshest salmon, tuna, grouper, oysters and shrimps.

We followed up with two simple pasta dishes with fish and seafood.  One amazing spaghetti allo scoglio or spaghetti with mixed seafood dish. And, one pasta dish with swordfish and eggplants.

Everything we had was incredibly fresh and outstanding. With a focus on classic Sicilian cuisine from the sea, you can’t go wrong at Osteria Mercede.

Plan to book ahead, even for lunch, as it is one of the best restaurants in Palermo.

Osteria Mercede 

Address: Via Sammartino, n 1, Palermo, Italy

Hours: Open Wednesday to Sunday; 12:30 PM – 2:30 PM; 7:00 PM – 10:30 PM; Closed Monday; Tuesday 7:00 PM – 10:30 PM

Price: Appetizer fish and seafood platter for two €25 (approx. $26.9); Pasta dishes start at €10 (approx. $10.8).

Pro Tip: Get the fresh fish or catch of the day

10. Corona Trattoria

Pasta Al Sarde Tratoria Corona Best Restaurant in Palermo Authentic Food Quest
Palermo iconic dish, pasta with fresh sardines

This outstanding trattoria offers a short and limited menu with exceptional Sicilian dishes. It was a serendipitous discovery after the restaurant we were originally going to was closing.

Located in the Politeama neighborhood in Palermo, it is a slow food restaurant that opened in 2015.

The menu features traditional Sicilian recipes with a focus on seafood. Quality products, the freshest ingredients, and a respect for tradition guide the menu items.

I enjoyed an outstanding Bucatini pasta with sardines an emblem of Palermo cuisine. Plump and fresh sardines with wild fennel, pine nuts and a few raisins for a delightful combination of flavors.

And, Rosemary’s pasta al nero di seppia, or spaghetti with squid and cuttlefish ink was some of the best we had in Sicily.

The restaurant is very local and nice without being pretentious. The interior decor is simple and sleek and the service is top-notch.

Corona Trattoria

Address: Via Guglielmo Marconi, 9, Palermo

Hours: Open Monday to Sunday 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM and Tuesday to Sunday 12:30 PM – 3:00 PM

Price: Prices for seafood dishes are  €10 – 22  (approx. $10.7-23.6) 

Pro Tip: Depending on what you order, ask for a recommendation for Sicilian local wine. The wines are excellent and can elevate your meal.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST RECIPE: Spaghetti Al Nero Di Seppia Recipe: How To Make Sicilian Black Pasta

11. Anica Restaurant & Pizza Gourmet

Octopus with lentils Anica Restaurant Palermo by Authentic Food Quest
Our octopus starter disappeared quickly and we barely captured it for the photo

A charming gem in the center of Palermo, Anica restaurant offers a wide variety of authentic flavors from Sicily.

What attracted us to this Palermo restaurant was its focus on traditional Sicilian cuisine in an elegant setting.

When we stopped by one Sunday evening, we knew we would be ordering pizza. What we didn’t expect was amazing seafood.

The pulpo or octopus and lentil starter we had was a real standout. Cooked to perfection and served with incredibly flavorful lentils, we were both blow away.

Even though our pizzas were good quality, you want to choose dishes made fish or seafood.

The wait staff is attentive and very polite, and the service is some of the best we had in Palermo.

Pair your seafood dishes with local wines from the extensive Sicilian wine list and enjoy a culinary journey through Sicily. 

Anica Restaurant & Pizza Gourmet

Address: Via Alloro, 135, Palermo PA, Italy

Hours: Open everyday, 12:00 PM – 3:30 PM; 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Price: Dishes start at  €12 (approx. $12.8), and pizza start at €7 (approx. $7.50) 

Pro Tip: Be sure to book ahead and ask for a table outdoors

Best Restaurants in Palermo For Fine Dining

We found the dining restaurants in Palermo not to consistently meet the highest standards for food, service and enviroment.

While they all offer high quality food made with the freshest ingredients, the price or service was a hit or miss.

If you are looking for an luxurious gourmet experience in Palermo, the following restaurants are worth considering.

You will certainly eat well as you savor flavors from all corners of island.

12.  Ristorante Palazzo Branciforte

Palazzo Branciforte Top Palermo Restaurant by Authentic Food Quest
Palazzo Branciforte has unique retro atmosphere – Photo credit: Palazzo Branciforte on Facebook

Ristorante Palazzo Branciforte, a prestigious attraction in the historic city center is housed in a sixteenth century palace.

Closely linked to Palermo, the palace was home to the Count of Raccuja, Nicolò Placido Branciforte Lanza.

Restorations carried out by the world famous visionary architect, Gae Aulenti made the building more modern with a link to the past.

The restaurant located in the inner courtyard, offers a unique juxtaposition of old and new, Lush antiquities and retro designs come together to create an unforgettable atmosphere. 

The cuisine, just like Palazzo Branciforte itself, is worthy of praise with dishes that are both refined and authentic. 

The seasonal menu features classic Italian dishes with a modern twist. Depending on when you visit, you’ll find specialties like capricciosa vista mare, a starter with bread, capers, shrimp, herbs, and buffalo mozzarella.

For pasta, the Red prawns Spaghetti “Carbonara”, with local prawns bursts with flavor.

Our recommendation is to go for the Tasting Menu. Two different tasting menus are available featuring 4 or 6 dishes with seasonal produce.

The ambiance is perfect for a night out or a special event in one of Palermo’s best restaurants. 

Ristorante Palazzo Branciforte

Address: Via Bara All’Olivella, 2 – Piano Terra, Palermo

Hours: Open Tuesday to Sunday, 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM; 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Price: Dishes starts from €14 (approx. $15). Tasting menus; 4-course at €70 (approx. $75) and 6-course menu at €80 (approx. $85.7).

Pro Tip:  If you love history and archeology, go before dinner and see the outstanding exhibits. Don’t miss the ancient Sicilian majolica ceramics and the varied collection of Sicilian coins, sculptures and more.

13. Ristorantino Sobremesa

Starter at Sobremesa Palermo Restaurant Sicily by Authentic Food Quest
Starter at Sobremesa restaurant – Photo credit: Sobremesa on Facebook

Located in the Piazza Borsa area, and within walking distance from La Vucciria, is where you’ll find Sobremesa restaurant.

Loyal to Sicilian raw produce, the young chef, Luca Lo Dico, has already made a name for his new Palermo restaurant. 

Exceptional seasonal produce transformed into refined cuisine makes for interesting, modern and dynamic dishes.

Find surprising and tasty interpretations of the famous arancini stuffed with octopus in an  “arancina di mare.” 

Local products from Sicily like the almonds from Avola, cherries of Etna, or Nebrodi black pig on the menu.

The goal is excellence and simplicity. A theme you’ll find in the romantic and simple restaurant with limited seating.

While local Sicilian wines dominate the menu, the cocktails at Sobremesa are noteworthy. Their wizard of a bartender is known to create exclusive cocktails to pair with food.

The service is attentive. And, the scrumptious and creative plates served in a modern earth tone colored interior make you feel right at home.

Plan and book in advance for great food at one of the best restaurants in Palermo.

Ristorantino Sobremesa 

Address: Piazza Cassa di Risparmio, 11, Palermo 

Hours: Monday to Sunday 7:30 PM – 11:00 PM; Closed Tuesday

Price: Dishes start at €18 (approx. $19.3) 

Pro Tip: Whatever you do, make sure to save room for the tiramisu. Its heavenly and simply cannot be missed.

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14. A’ Cuncuma

Acuncuma Best Restaurant in Palermo by Authentic Food Quest
Pasta al sarde was one of the our favorite dish at A’ Cuncuma

To celebrate a special occasion, we went to A’ Cuncuma, a restaurant in the Palermo Michelin guide.

Rated as one of the best restaurants in Palermo, we were intrigued by their focus on traditional recipes with modern techniques.

Opting for a chef designed journey through Sicily, we went with one of the three tasting menus. We chose the “Porta Felice” menu with a focus on the sea and consisting of 6 dishes.  

The other tasting menu includes meat while the third tasting menu is vegetarian focused.

From the moment we stepped inside, we were impressed by the elegant decor and welcoming atmosphere. 

The dishes were all bite-sized and absolutely delicious. The chef is master baker and the homemade bread which accompanied the meal was melting in the mouth.

One of our favorite plates was pasta with sardines, a Palermo specialty food with absolutely amazing flavors.

While the food was excellent. The dessert left us longing for more. The final dish on our tasting menu was a simple fresh fruit sorbet. 

While exquisite, it was very tiny. We ended up getting a cannolo elsewhere for dessert after leaving the restaurant.

Located in the Capo district, A’Cuncuma restaurant offers a wide variety of traditional Sicilian cuisine with creative dishes.

For a special occassion, it is a solid option for a delightful intimate dinner. 

A’ Cuncuma

Address: Via Judica, 21, 90134 Palermo 

Hours: Open Monday to Saturday, 7:30 PM – 11:00 PM

Price: Price ranges from €40 to €60 (approx. $42.9 to $64.3); tasting menu €65 to €80  (approx. $68 to $85) 

Pro Tip: Our recommendation is to go with individual plates rather than the tasting menu for a more filling experience.

Best Places in Palermo for Lunch

Palermo is the mecca of street food in Italy. We recommend going to the smaller eateries and trying the local street food at these traditional spots.

If you want a more formal seat down experience for lunch, then any pasta or pizza restaurants above will satisfy your cravings.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: Taking a food tour with a local guide, is one of the best ways to experience Palermo’s street food culture. This 3-hour walking food tour takes you to the markets and hidden gems to taste the best street food specialties. We took this street food tour in Palermo and loved the insights from our knowledgeable guide. Dive into the street food culture on a Palermo street food tour.

15. Panificio Graziano

Sfincione Pizza Panificio Graziano Palermo by Authentic Food Quest
Great selection of sfincione with various toppings

Panificio Graziano is a popular bakery in Palermo that specializes in pizzette margherita and sfincione. Fresh from the oven, the pizzettes are crusty and full of flavor. 

They make some excellent sfincione – the bread is doughy and the toppings are generous with tomatoes, onions, caciocavallo cheese, and anchovies.

They have a really nice selection of pasta dishes, also very good. Try the pasta al forno made with fresh ingredients and cooked in the oven so it retains the tomato juice with some bite of herbs. The eggplant pasta were also delightful.

All dishes comes with generous portions. The best part is that you can take your food to go, so you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home or hotel room. 

Prices are very reasonable, making Panificio Graziano a great option if you’re looking for a cheap but delightful meal in Palermo.

Panificio Graziano

Address: Via del Granatiere, 11/13, Palermo PA, Italy

Hours: Open Monday to Saturday, 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM; 4:30 PM – 9:45 PM

Price: The price depends on the weight, it can vary from €10 to €13 per kilogram (approx. $10.4 to $13.6). If sold per piece, the price is €1.30 to €1.50 (approx. $1.4 to $1.6)

Pro Tip: This is a very popular bakery for lunch time and Palermitano line up outside to get their share of goodness. A few tables are available on the sidewalk on a first come first serve basis.

16. Dainotti’s Cibo di Strada

Dainottis Cibo di Strada Palermo Sicily by Authentic Food Quest
Dainottis Cibo di Strada is a very popular place, so plan ahead

We discovered this local eatery on our Palermo street food tour. It’s a great place to enjoy authentic Sicilian street food staples like the patate. croquette and frittola. 

Though their star dish is the arancina made with both traditional and modern fillings. 

Made daily in the back of the shop, the arancina comes with light and crispy rice filled with tasty fresh and generous fillings.

The pannelle is also delightful and lightly crispy and have a bit of zing from the lemon juice, making them a perfect option for a quick lunch. The pasta al forno is a good option for those who want something more subtantial.

This street food joint is located in the Mercato il Capo, not far from Teatro Massimo, and it’s very easy to find. 

The prices are also very reasonable, making Dainotti’s a great option for budget-minded travelers. 

However, one downside is that the line can be quite long, so be sure to arrive early if you want to avoid waiting.

Dainotti’s Cibo di Strada

Address: Via Porta Carini, 51, Palermo PA, Italy

Hours: Open everyday, 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM; Extended hours on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, from 8:00 PM – 1:00 AM

Price: Price starts at €1.50 (approx. $1.6)

Pro Tip: Try a plate serving of the traditional street food: arrancina, croquette and panelle as an appetizer.

17. Rosticceria Kadì

Panelle Sandwich Palermo Street Food bx Authentic Food Quest
Panelle sandwich at Rosticceria Kadi

Rosticceria Kadì is a quaint spot around the Mercato il Capo center, and it’s a 6-minute walk from Teatro Massimo, the opera house. 

Rosticceria Kadì is a great place to get doughy pizzeta – savory and cheesy dishes for €2.50. 

The calzones here are yummy and consistent with a crispy crust that’s freshly and lightly fried.

You can also find the typical street food with the arrancina, pannelle and croquette sandwich.

The fillings are generous and flavorful, but not so heavy that you’ll feel weighed down afterward. 

Plus, it’s street food, so it’s relatively cheap – you can get a calzone and a drink for less than €3. 

The owner is very friendly and welcoming. Also try their baked donut, cartoccio and ricotta, and stuffed brioche for €1.50 – it’s light, airy, and sweet! 

The service is friendly and efficient, making this a great place to grab a quick lunch or an espresso. 

Rosticceria Kadì

Address: Via Porta Carini, 10, Palermo 

Hours: Open Monday – Saturday, 7:00 AM – 3:30 PM; Extended hours Friday – Saturday 11:00 PM

Price: Price starts at €1 (approx. $1.1) to €4 (approx. $4.3).

Pro Tip: Grab one of the table outside if you want to take your time to savor your treats. If none available, go to the bench on piazza Beati Paoli and enjoy a drink from the chiosco.

Best Places For Sweets in Palermo

Outside of Palermo restaurants, its worth seeking out traditional Sicilian sweets at specialty stores. 

Using age old traditional recipes, these owners of these stores are master artisans in their craft.  Taste the difference at any of these local and remarkable sweet shops in Palermo.

18. l Segreto del Chiostro

Best Cannolo Palermo Italy by Authentic Food Quest
Cannolo, the most popular authentic dessert in Sicily

When it comes to the best treats in Palermo, I Segreti del Chiostro is definitely the place to go. 

Recommended to us by several locals, we were eager to check it out and not surprised to find a long queue waiting.

I Segreti del Chiostro or “The secrets of the cloister” is located in an old convent, converted now to a museum. 

This ancient monastery, from the 13th century was run by nuns in charge of making a variety of sweet local delicacies. 

The recipes, secretly guarded, were shared only orally from the older nuns to the younger ones.

Today, the desserts made follow the ancient recipes handed down by the nuns as a way of preserving the heritage.

The sweets are made by the religious sisters are quite diverse and they are heavenly. You have a wide selection of cookies, cakes, cannoli, all made with the freshest ingredients.

The portion sizes are also quite generous, allowing you to order a couple and share. There is a  little garden with a fountain in the convent where you can enjoy your treats with coffee or tea.

We loved the cannolo and specialty chocolate and pistachio treats we had. The flavors were scrumptious and the garden is a  great place to relax and enjoy your treats.

l Segreto del Chiostro

Address: Piazza Bellini, 33, Palermo (inside Monastero S. Caterina)

Hours: Open Monday to Sunday, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Price: Sicilian sweets range in price starting between  €1.50  to  €3 (approx. $1.6- $3.2)

19. Panificio Pietro Bonaccorso

Panificio Pietro Bonaccorso Bakery La Vucciria Palermo Sicily Authentic Food Quest
At Panificio Pietro Bonaccorso, many options for different tastes

If you’re looking for amazing sweets and traditional biscuits, Panificio Pietro Bonaccorso is the place to go in Palermo. It’s a great little bakery with lots of delicious options. 

They have a variety of ricotta-based desserts, biscuits and specialty desserts. Located near La Vucciria market, and a few blocks away from where we were staying, it quickly became our go-to bakery.

Our favorite was the corneto, a croissant shaped pastry that is rispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. You can ask to have it filled with fresh ricotta or pistachio. A truly sinful sweet.

The canolo expressi is also amazing. This is a freshly made canolo filled on the spot with ricotta or other local flavors.  

If you’re looking for something a little lighter, they also offer some excellent fruit-based desserts.

The bakery also offers a selection of tramezzino sandwiches filled with seasonal vegetables and cheese. The bosco cheese sticks and grissini are perfect for an afternoon snack.

You can pick up savory sfincione and a selection of Sicilian treats and enjoy a quick snack on the go.

Panificio Pietro Bonaccorso

Address: Via Maccherronai, 29, Palermo PA, Italy

Hours: Open Monday to Saturday, 7:00 am to 8:30 pm

Price: Sfincione and other treats start at €1.50 (approx. $1.6) 

20. Pasticceria Costa

Pasticceria Costa Palermo Sicily by Authentic Food Quest
It is not easy to choose just one dessert in Pasticceria Costa

Pasticceria Costa is a three-generation family business that specializes in cakes, pastries, and desserts. 

Recognized in Palermo as a master artisan, the pastry shop is known for innovation and tradition. The shop is located by Masqueda, and it’s a great option for a quick snack. The cakes are moist and flavorful, and the pastries are flaky and delicious

You’ll find an array of delicious options, from classic cassata to mimosa cake and fruit tarts. 

Not only do they have an excellent selection of traditional Italian cookies and cakes, their gelato is outstanding.

Rosemary could not get enough of their pistachio gelato, a traditional Sicilian flavor. Velvety texture, natural flavors and so deliciously good.

The quaint and art nouveau interior at their two locations are great places to relax and enjoy some delicious desserts. 

Pasticceria Costa is definitely a place to check out for traditional Sicily desserts.

Pasticceria Costa

Address: Via Maqueda, 174, Palermo 

Hours: Open everyday:  8:30 AM – 11:00 PM

Price: Single portion pastries start at €2.50 (approx. $2.6) 

Map of The Best Restaurants in Palermo

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In Summary

Palermo is city that is a delight for the eyes but also for the taste buds. 

Local restaurants offer great food, unique experiences and reasonable prices. From mouthwatering pizza and pasta to traditional cuisine this restaurant guide has it all.

Savor the magic of Palermo through the amazing Sicilian cuisine and restaurant offerings.

Have you visited any of these Palermo restaurants before? If not, please let us know in the comments below which ones you’d like to try.

Savor the Adventure!

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