9 Best Travel Wine Bags For Safe Road Trips in 2022

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Wine lovers know that the best way to protect their precious wine is by carrying it in a sturdy bag or tote.

Regardless of whether you are going to the beach, dinner party or taking a road trip, you want the best wine carrier for your needs.

Wine bags for travel come in a variety of styles. Some wine totes are designed for beach and picnic settings, while others are hand crafted in leather with impeccable quality.

Whether you are carrying a single bottle or up to six bottles of wine, you want your wines to arrive safely intact.

Based on our own personal challenges transporting wine discovered on our culinary travels, we’ve compiled this list to ease your wine travels.

Here’s our complete guide to the nine best travel wine bags for a weekend gateways, outdoor events, dinner parties or safe road trips.

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Comparison Table For The Best Wine Travel Bags

Wine BagPriceBottle
Extra StorageFull
Best For
Vinarmour Carrier Tote Bag$298.951No2lbDurability
One Savvy Girl Wine Tote Bag$492No5.5-9.5lbLightweight
6-Bottle Leather BYO Weekender Wine Bag$2996Yes5.74lbWine Connoisseur
PortoVino 2- Bottle$43.992 (53 floz)Yes1.34lbBottle-free wine dispenser
ALLCAMP Wine Tote Bag Picnic Set$26.991No5.45lbCompact
Tirrinia 4- Bottle Wine Carrier$25.99-35.994No17.17lbCapacity and Style
Picnic at Ascot – Wine Carrier Deluxe$542Yes10.6lbMultipurpose
Tirrinia Insulated Wine Carrier Tote$22.992Yes9.6lbBudget Conscious
Nowable Single Bottle Wine Tote$26.891No4.48lbCasual use

Best Wine Travel Bag For Wine Lovers Gift

1.  Best Luxury Leather Wine Bag – Vinarmour Single Bottle Carrier

Vinarmour Single Bottle Carrier Luxury Leather Wine Bag by Authentic Food Quest
Vinarmour travel wine bags fit different bottle sizes

Engineered to withstand heavy weight and built to last a lifetime, Vinarmour wine bags are gorgeous leather luxury bags.

With the unmatched protection of a hard case, this wine travel bag protects against punctures and spills.

Made in the USA with a lifetime guarantee, it has a patent design against impact and leaking.

Compact, it folds down fully and small enough to fit into a purse or shoulder bag. 

It’s designed to accommodate different sizes of wine bottles and maintains wine temperature better than neoprene.

If you want to carry more bottles, you can get the Vinarmour Carrier Tote Bag. This luxury tote is designed to carry two bottles in their wine carriers or three bottles separated by a foldable leather insert. 

You also have the option of adding an accessory leather strap at an extra cost.

One of the most unique features of the Vinarmour wine bags is their durability.

The puncture-proof protection and gorgeous design makes it worthy of carrying your expensive and vintage wine bottles.

One convenient element of the Vinarmour tote bag is its versatility. The interior separator is removable, converting it into a gorgeous leather multi-purpose bag.

This is one of the best wine bags for design and durability.


  • High Durability 
  • Multipurpose use
  • The only high-end puncture-proof wine travel bag
  • Limited Lifetime guarantee
  • Handmade USA Product


  • Accessory shoulder strap and Double Carrier Tote sold separately
  • Costly for a single bottle carrier

2. Best Wine Travel Bag With Glasses – 2 Bottle Carrier

9 Best Travel Wine Bags For Safe Road Trips in 2022 19 Best Travel Wine Bags For Safe Road Trips in 2022 2

Searching for an insulated wine bag that is easy on the pocket and looks cute? 

One Savvy Girl has just the product for wine lovers. 

Their lightweight 2-bottle wine tote is meant for lugging that bottle of Rosé wine to the beach or park. What the bag lacks in capacity, it makes up with accessories and temperature control.

Sip cool wine from one of the two insulated stainless-steel cups as you bask in the sun. Well rated, the wine and the tumblers are said to retain the chillness for up to 5 hours.

One thing we love is that this bag is designed by women, for women looking for gorgeous bags for their adventures.

This cute wine tote bag is lightweight and surprisingly sturdy. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and folds down nicely when not in use.

Available in two colors, it comes with a side pocket for carrying bottle openers or other small accessories.

Created by women for women looking to enjoy fabulous outdoor adventures, this is the best chic, wine tote carrier.


  • Includes two premium insulated wine cups
  • Padded insulation for protection and comfort
  • Made with high quality premium polyester fabric that stands the test of time
  • Stylish and giftable
  • Budget Friendly


  • Bag has few color options
  • Holds only 1 bottle of wine or champagne 
  • Colors of wine cups and bag do not match

3. Best Versatile Leather Wine Travel Bag – 6 Bottle Carrier

9 Best Travel Wine Bags For Safe Road Trips in 2022 39 Best Travel Wine Bags For Safe Road Trips in 2022 4

Wine Enthusiast offers a weekend wine bag that looks nothing like a typical wine carrier. 

This gorgeous leather weekender bag has the capacity for six bottles, perfect for a short getaway.

Wine Enthusiast is known for luxurious and classy products for wine lovers and this one is no different. 

This BYO 6-bottle weekender leather wine bag is handmade with genuine leather and handcrafted with attention to design and construction.

This leather wine bag allows you to carry up to six bottles upright in it. Each bottle is separated by padded dividers which protects them from accidental clanking and banging. 

The wine carrier comes with sturdy straps and a small outer pocket for holding accessories. 

Accessing the bottles of wine is easy. This wine bag comes with a zipped frontal flap making it easy to pull out a few bottles at a time.

Beyond its durability and classic design, this wine travel bag is quite unique.

If you remove the interior divider, this leather wine bag doubles up as a travel bag with space for your clothes.

This is one of the best wine bags for taking on weekend wine tours or getaways.


  • Classy and luxurious design
  • 100% handcrafted
  • Sturdy leather material  and padded dividers
  • Outer pocket for small accessories
  • Doubles as a weekend travel bag


  • Bottle sleeves are designed for standard wine bottles. Does not work with lager magnum sized bottles.

4. Best Discreet Wine Tote Bag – PortoVino 2 Bottle

9 Best Travel Wine Bags For Safe Road Trips in 2022 59 Best Travel Wine Bags For Safe Road Trips in 2022 6

Of all the travel wine bags on this list, this PortoVino tote is the most discreet.

This stylish bag that looks like a fun beach bag, allows you to carry wine very discreetly.

Inside this attractive wine tote is a beverage pouch that holds up to 2 bottles (1.5 liters) of wine.

You simply pour your favorite wine into the pouch, then place it in the zipped secret insulated pocket.

The wine is dispensed from a hidden spout on the side of the bag. The spout is covered with a built in flap that blends with the design.

This two bottle wine tote is perfect for bringing wine to the beach, outdoor theaters, parks, picnics, sports events and more. 

One of the features we love about the tote is the roomy interior. Inside there is plenty of space for your beach towel, blanket, books and other essentials.

The insulated pocket is designed to keep your wine pouch chilled for several hours. While the wine pouch is reusable, it’s better to get different pouches for your white and red wines.  

Fabulous and incognito, this is a great gift for wine lovers. 


  • Cute design with nine different color options to choose from
  • Stylish and discreet wine carrier
  • Insulated pouch that keeps wine chilled
  • Water proof bag


  • Pack your own wine glasses separately
  • Extra wine pouches sold separately

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: Use your PortoVino wine tote with your favorite wines. Get an extra 3 reusable pouches that you can use for your white wines and your favorite red wines. Compatible with the PortoVino bag, enjoy long lasting and fresh wines.

Best Year-Round Wine Travel Bag

5. Best Wine Bag For Picnics – Single Bottle

9 Best Travel Wine Bags For Safe Road Trips in 2022 79 Best Travel Wine Bags For Safe Road Trips in 2022 8

This sturdy and durable wine tote is a convenient travel companion for a picnic or night out.

It’s a good looking wine bag that includes a picnic set of two plastic wine glasses, two napkins, one bottle stopper and opener.

A protective thermal insulated cushion lining, protects your wine from light and fluctuating temperatures. The particular foam technology used can keep wine or cans cool for 5 to 7 hours.

Unlike other travel wine bags, this AllCamp 1-bottle wine tote has a convenient middle zipper.

On one side you can easily fit a standard wine bottle. While the other side holds two plastic wine glasses.

An inner side flap offers space to store napkins, corkscrew and wine stopper. The bag is bundled with these accessories making it a self-contained stylish wine carrier.


  • Sturdy neutral design
  • Adjustable strap for comfort and portability
  •  Wine accessories provided


  • Limited color options for the 1-bottle wine tote 

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: If you are looking for an award winning rosé, try the California Summer Water Rosé. This highly rated Grenache-Syrah blend received a 91 point score from Wine Enthusiast. It’s sugar-free, refreshing and an easy to drink rosé we enjoyed, perfect for a picnic. Find out about an eternal summer with Summer Water Rosé.

6. Best Insulated – 4-Bottle Tote

9 Best Travel Wine Bags For Safe Road Trips in 2022 99 Best Travel Wine Bags For Safe Road Trips in 2022 10

For exploring the wine country or wineries near you, this insulated 4 bottle tote is one of the best wine travel bags.

This practical and sleek 4-bottle tote is built to hold four 750ml bottles of wine, upright.

It’s made with a sturdy polyester material, that has a thick foam lining inside, and a stiff bottom to support the bottles.

The divider in between is well padded to maintain the wine temperature and prevent the bottles from banging together.

What we like about the divider, is that it is detachable. This allows you to also store food or picnic items in the unused wine cavity space. That way you can keep your food cool inside the leakproof interior alongside your wines.

The portable design features a sturdy handle and adjustable shoulder strap. You also have the option to carry it by hand.  

This 4 bottle wine carrier offers a lot of flexibility and is a handy bag for picnics, barbecues, outdoor events and more.


  • Multi purpose wine bag that’s also lightweight
  • Great value for price
  • Varied colors and designs


  • Does not have external pockets for wine openers, corkscrews or accessories

7. Best Versatile Picnic Wine Travel Bag

9 Best Travel Wine Bags For Safe Road Trips in 2022 119 Best Travel Wine Bags For Safe Road Trips in 2022 12

For a picnic wine bag or a gift for a wine lover, this wine and cheese bag is worth a second look.

This classy 2-bottle Picnic Ascot bag with thermal insulation for wine bottles and cheese accessories is the ideal bag.

Spacious on the inside, you can fit two wine bottles or one champagne bottle. The front pocket carries a cheese board, made of hardwood, including a cheese knife.

For your picnic or outdoor gathering, this bag also comes with two wine glasses, made of real glass for a sophisticated experience.

Equipped with two napkins, a corkscrew, bottle stopper and the previously mentioned cheese board and knife, this is an all encompassing wine travel bag.

Designed to keep your wine chilled, high density thermal insulation is used to keep your bottles at the perfect temperatures.

A padded interior divider protects your bottles and wine glasses and it can also be removed to make room for more snacks.

The sturdy and adjustable shoulder strap makes it convenient for carrying wine to your picnic or outdoor event, or for bringing wine home.

This picnic Ascot bag makes a great gift and is one of the best travel bags for cheese and wine outdoor experiences. 


  • Sturdy, durable and well built
  • Features a cheese board and knife
  • Includes small real wine glasses
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Wine glasses slightly smaller than standard glasses

8. Best Budget Wine Travel Bag For Female Wine Lovers

9 Best Travel Wine Bags For Safe Road Trips in 2022 139 Best Travel Wine Bags For Safe Road Trips in 2022 14

If you are looking for a stylish wine travel bag and are on a budget, you’ll the functionalities available.

This 2-bottle wine bag holds two wine bottles comfortably in an elegant bag that looks like a regular tote bag.

The tote bag interior is well insulated with thick padding that protects the bottles and keeps them chilled.

Roomy on the inside, you can easily fit two wine bottles or champagne or a bottle of wine and wine glass.

The bag comes wine with a free wine opener or corkscrew and has a padded divider on the inside to protect your bottles.

This stylish bag comes in a variety of colors and designs. There is a zipped front pocket for your keys, phone or other accessories and the adjustable leather strap makes carrying wine convenient.

For summer outings or a gift for your female wine loving friends, this 2-bottle wine bag packs style in an affordable price.


  • Stylish design with different colors and patterns
  • Free corkscrew with convenient side pocket for accessories 
  • Budget-friendly 


  • Can not accommodate tall or large magnum wine bottles

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9. Best Shock Proof Single Wine Bag

9 Best Travel Wine Bags For Safe Road Trips in 2022 159 Best Travel Wine Bags For Safe Road Trips in 2022 16

If you’re looking to transport just one prized bottle of wine, this shockproof and water proof single wine bag is for you.

This single bottle wine travel bag is light and durable. It can be used for air travel or for carrying your single bottle to an outing or event.

Made with an EVA semi- hard shell case this bag is durable and designed to protect your wine from drop and bumps.

The wine tote interior is insulated and padded and can keep your wine chilled for hours. 

Even though this wine tote is designed to carry wine, it works for other beverages too. Depending on the shape, it can also be used to safely carry liquor.

The sleek and compact design of this single wine bag makes it easy to pack in your suitcase or carry around.

It’s a practical bag and great gift for wine lovers.


  • Waterproof and shockproof bag
  • Made with durable and long lasting material


  • Limited capacity to just one bottle
  • Only available in black

How To Choose The Best Travel Wine Bags

Safely transporting wine from one event to another isn’t always so simple. Ideally, you want to avoid accidents and have the wine served at the right temperatures.

Regardless of the distance you are traveling, you want to make sure your wine is secure. Following are a few tips and considerations for choosing your ideal wine travel bag.

Wine Travel Bag Straps and Handles

Wine Bags For Travel Handles by Authentic Food Quest
Bag handles should be comfortable to handle

Travel wine bags are designed to carry heavy wine bottles. When choosing wine bags for travel look for those with sturdy straps and shoulders.

A leather wine bag is a great option as well as those with adjustable shoulder straps. Look for comfort and an adjustable shoulder strap that can bear the weight of 2 to 4 heavy bottles.

Bag Storage Space

 Are you looking for a travel wine bag that can double up as travel bag? Many of the travel wine bags featured have a removable interior which gives you room to carry snacks and more.

Consider how you will use your wine bag. Do you want one that is foldable that can fit in your suitcase for air travel? 

Or do you prefer a waterproof beach wine tote with extra space for your beach towel, sunscreen and more.

The nine wine travel bags featured offer storage space of different capacities. Consider how you will most likely use the bag, and choose your favorite style.

Wine Bottle Capacity

Travel Wine Bag_bottle capacity by Authentic Food Quest
Tote bag might be good for capacity but less so for sturdiness

When choosing your wine carrier, think about how you plan to use it. Is it for infrequent use when carrying a bottle to a dinner gathering or BYOB restaurant? If so, then a single or two bottle tote is more than adequate.

If you going on a road trips and winery visits, then you may need a travel wine bag with more capacity. 

This list features wine bags that can accommodate one to six bottles. Select the size that matches your intended use.

Type of Material For Protection

 While the exterior material needs to be sturdy, internal padding and inserts make a difference in whether your wine bottles remain secure and protected.

Choose travel wine bags with thick and durable material that can handle the weight of full bottles. 

Removable and flexible inserts allow you to pack odd shaped bottles in the limited space. Thickly padded bags are always a plus as they can act as a buffer for bottles against falls.

Insulation and Temperature Control

Vinarmour Insulation Wine Travel Bag by Authentic Food Quest
Vinarmour wine travel bag will keep your bottle chill during transportation

If you are a wine enthusiast or a connoisseur, you don’t to end up drinking warm wine on a road trip or at the beach. Keeping your wine cool becomes important, especially in summer months. 

The perfect temperature is maintained with a combination of themal insulation and foam padding. Look for wine travel bags with insulation to keep your wines chilled. 

For carrying white or rosé wines, especially in warmer temperatures, consider adding an extra ice pack into your tote for guaranteed freshness.

Wine Bag Design

The bag design will depend on the occasion and personal preference. If you want to impress at a fancy event or you want a bag that matches the value of your wine, leather says luxe.

For something discreet or inconspicuous, you’ll find designs that look like an everyday tote bag.

For a day at the beach or park, the emphasis is less on looks and more on capacity and sturdiness.

Can You Use Wine Bags for Air Travel?

Airport Duty Free Shops by Authentic Food Quest
Wine bags make air travel a breeze

As wine bottles go into checked baggage during air travel, wine bags are a handy way to protect them. 

The bags featured are insulated and padded with dividers to secure and separate the bottles. This makes transporting wine easy with bottles packed in middle of your suitcase.

Just make sure your bags fit within the airline’s weight regulations and TSA requirements.

An alternative is to consider a wine suitcase. Check our full review here for the best wine suitcase for easy and safe travels 

How do you carry your wines? Do you have a favorite travel wine bag from this list? Please let us know in the comments below.

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