10 Best Wine Tours in Santiago: A Guide To Chilean Wine Tasting

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Chile is one of the most important wine producers in South America. Taking wine tours in Santiago Chile is one of the best ways to discover the wine regions and the unique wines.

While in Chile exploring the local food specialties, we could not miss the wines as they are an important part of Chilean gastronomy.

To help guide your wine travels to Chile, we’ve put together the best wine tours in Santiago to take.

Discover Chile wines in famous wine regions like Maipo, Casablanca, and Colchagua valleys. 

Visit the wineries and taste exceptional wines from Concha y Toro, Viña Lapostolle, Bodegas RE, Errazuriz Winery, and many more.

Plan for an unforgettable time as you sip on some of the best wines from Chile.


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Comparison Table of The Santiago Wine Tours To Choose From

Santiago Wine ToursPrice ($USD)PrivateStart TimeDuration (hours)Location
Maipo Valley Wine Tour From Santiago $238Group tour9:00 am9 hMaipo Valley
Small-Group Maipo Valley Wineries Tour$105Small group tour9:30 am8 hMaipo Valley
Concha Y Toro Wine Tour$63.90Small group tour9:30 am / 2:30 pm4 hConcha y Toro Winery
Cousiño Macul  Wine Tasting $80Small group tour9:00 am / 1:00 pm5 hCousiño Macul Vineyard 
Casablanca Valley Tour $99Small group tour8:00 am8 hCasablanca Valley
Casablanca Valley Private Tour$125Yes9:00 am6-8 hCasablanca Valley
Valparaíso, Viña del Mar and Casablanca wine Valley
$142.50Yes 9:00 am8 hCasablanca Valley
Casablanca Valley Tour with Lunch $99Small group tour8:00 am9 hCasablanca Valley
Aconcagua Private Wine Tour$249Yes 9:00 am9 h
Aconcagua Valley
Private Colchagua Valley Tour$400Yes 7:30 am8-10 h
Colchagua Valley

The price of these wine tours in Santiago Chile wine tours are shown in Chilean Peso (CLP).  We provide USD conversion at the time of writing. Please note that prices might vary slightly when you book your tour. The availability of some wine tours may differ based on season and time of year.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: The wine tours from Santiago go to the different wine regions in Chile. To get an overview of the Chilean wine regions, check our guide about the Chilean Wine Regions and the Top WineriesTo Visit.

Best Wine Tours From Santiago To Maipo Valley

1. Maipo Valley Wine Tour From Santiago

A Maipo Valley Vineyard during Santiago Wine Tour by AuthenticFoodQuest
Visit the most famous wineries in Maipo Valley

This small group tour takes you to the most renowned wineries in the Maipo Valley.  Traveling comfortably in a small bus, you’ll cover a lot of ground visiting 4 to 5 Chilean wineries.

Your Maipo Valley wine tours starts at Los Mesa family cellar at the  La Espina del Arte art gallery. You’ll enjoy a delicious brunch and sample the best wines from the family cellar.

The tour continues with visits and tastings of premium wines at three famous wineries – De Martino, Santa Ema, and TerraMater winery.

At each winery, you’ll have a guided tour and tastings of premium wines while learning about the Maipo Valley wine region.

You’ll stop for a traditional Chilean lunch at a villa along the Maipo River. With stunning views of the Andes Mountains, you’ll indulge in authentic local specialties and exquisite wines.

This Chilean wine tour from Santiago ends with a surprise visit. Before heading back to Santiago after your full-day tour, you’ll make one last stop for tastings of premium and unique wines at a famous Maipo winery.

If you looking to explore several hand-selected Maipo Valley wineries conveniently from Santiago, this is the tour for you.

Cost: $238

Time and Length of Tour: Approximately 9 hours. From 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Group Style: Small group tour

2. Small-Group Maipo Valley Wineries Tour

Chilean Wine Tasting on a Wine Tour in Santiago by AuthenticFoodQuest
Taste some of the best Chilean red wines

The 8-hour winery tour from Santiago takes you to Maipo Valley’s most famous wineries.

You get to choose two or three out of four vineyards, with cellar visits and three wine tastings at each winery. 

For example, if you add Viña Santa Rita to your list, you will be delighted to discover a winery founded in 1880. In addition to the vineyard and the bodega, you can also visit the Andean Museum with its aboriginal art luxury collection. 

At Santa Rita Winery, you will taste the best wine from their Reserva collection, like Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, and Real Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva Medal. 

Other wineries available to visit on this tour include Cousiño Macul Winery, Aquitania, and Viña Concha y Toro. The last one, the maker of the famous “The Devil Locker” wine, will also offer you an engraved glass as a gift. 

Regardless of your choice, you will enjoy guided visits to the vineyards and learn about the wines and winemaking process.

If you choose to upgrade your tour, you will enjoy a 4-course lunch at a local restaurant. This includes appetizers, main dishes, and desserts, along with premium Chilean wines.

If you are looking for flexibility on your winery visits from Santiago, this winery tour offers you the freedom to create your own experience.

Cost: $105

Time and Length of Tour: Approximately 8 hours. From 9:30 am – 5:30 pm

Group Style: Small group tour

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3. Concha Y Toro Wine Tour

Concha Y Toro Wine Tour Wine Tours In Chile From Santiago by Authentic Food Quest
Wine tasting at Concha Y Toro

This premium wine-tasting tour is a great opportunity to visit Concha Y Toro, one of the most important producers and exporters of wine in Latin America. 

Founded at the end of the 19th century, the winery became famous due to their Don Melchor and Casillero del Diablo wines, which are available globally.

On this tour, you will enjoy a walk in the park and gardens and see the family’s summer house. You’ll also visit the Pirque Viejo vineyard and the Garden of Varieties which holds 26 different grape varieties. 

Your Concha Y Toro wine tour concludes with two wine tastings. First, you’ll sample vintage unique wines from Concha Y Toro cellars.

And the second tasting includes four super-premium wines from the Marques de Casa Concha vintages, accompanied by a delicious selection of Chilean cheeses

Taking this tour will give you the chance to learn about the history of Concha Y Toro wine, South America’s most important vineyard.

You’ll enjoy learning about the winemaking process and the inside stories of one of the top ten wineries in the world. 

If you are a wine and cheese lover, be sure you don’t miss this winery tour from Santiago de Chile. 

Cost: $63.90

Time and Length of Tour: Approximately 4 hours. Morning tour from 9:30 am – 1:30 pm / Afternoon tour from 2:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Group Style: Small group tour

4. Half Day Trip to Cousiño Macul Vineyard from Santiago

Half Day Trip Wine Tours Santiago Chile by Authentic Food Quest
Taste fine wines at Cousino Macul winery

This 5-hour trip will take you to one of the oldest wineries in Chile. Founded in the 19th century, Cousiño Macul bodega has quite an impressive story. 

The construction was realized using sand and egg white as adhesive for the bricks and limestone. 

Due to the optimal depth of the cellar, the temperature and humidity are well controlled, thus creating a perfect environment for wine maturation. 

During the tour, you will learn many more interesting stories about the winery, including visiting the wine estate, cellar, and small museum. 

Your knowledgeable guide will explain the process of making wine, from harvesting to bottling and labeling.

At the end of your visit, you will enjoy tasting three exquisite Cousiño Macul wines.

You will savor one iconic LOTA wine and two of the Ultra Premium, like Finis Terrae and Jardin de Macul. Also, Cousiño Macul will give you a gift for you to take home as a souvenir. 

The breathtaking landscapes of the vineyards are sure to impress and leave you with a memorable wine-tasting experience.

This tour is a great choice for wine lovers who are passionate about historic wineries and fine wines.

Cost: $150

Time and Length of Tour: Approximately 5 hours. Morning tours from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm, Afternoon tours from 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Group Style: Small group tour

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Best Santiago Wine Tours To Casablanca

5. Casablanca Valley Tour

Casablanca Chilean Winery Tours by Authentic Food Quest
Sauvignon Blanc and Carmenere wines – Photo credit: Stamps Tour on Facebook

This full-day wine tour from Santiago takes you to Chile’s Casablanca Wine Region, famous for white wines.

On this guided tour, you’ll enjoy various wine tastings at organic and award-winning wineries.

You will stop at 3 to 4 of the best wineries in Casablanca Valley, including a mix of family-owned boutiques wineries to larger wineries. 

You will visit Bodegas Re, Viña Villard, Viña Mar and Casas del Bosque. 

At each winery, the winemakers introduce you to their wines and talk about wine production and particular techniques.

You will also enjoy two to three wine tastings at the end of each visit. 

While not included in the tour, lunch takes place at either Macerado Restaurant at Viña Mar winery or Casas del Bosque’s Tanino Restaurant. 

Either way, you are sure to enjoy the traditional Chilean gastronomy in the country’s white wine capital

This is the best tour for oenophiles looking to explore the best region in Chile for white wines.

Cost: $99

Time and Length of Tour: Approximately 8 hours. From 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Group Style: Small group tour

6. Casablanca Valley Private Tour

10 Best Wine Tours in Santiago: A Guide To Chilean Wine Tasting 1
Enjoy beautiful views and premium wines on this Santiago wine tour – Photo credit: Oh My Tour on Facebook

This Casablanca Valley wine tour is a private full-day tour that offers an exquisite experience in this important Chilean wine region.

With private transportation from Santiago, will venture through the region’s picturesque scenery and visit two world-known wineries. 

One of the perks of taking a private tour is the dedicated attention you will receive from your guide. 

While driving through the Casablanca wine region, you’ll enjoy tales and stories about Chile wines and the white wines from this valley.

The first stop will be at Bodegas RE, an innovative and award-winning winery in the valley. 

Founded in the 1980s, Bodegas RE owns vineyards in both Maule and Casablanca, the latter harvested with newer vines. 

During your visit, you will have tastings of four REvelation unique wines, including Cabergnan, Chardonnay, and Pinotel.

The second stop takes you to Casas del Bosque, founded in 1993 by Juan Cuneo Solari.

At this boutique bodega, you will again have four tastings of their premium wines. They include selections of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, and Syrah. 

The trip ends at Casa Valle Vinamar, for an authentic and delicious lunch, which will complete your Chilean wine-tasting experience.

For an amazing private experience through the wineries of Casablanca Valley, this is surely one of the best tours to take.

Cost: $125

Time and Length of Tour: Approximately 8 hours. From 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Group Style: Private group tour

7. Private Tour Vina del Mar, Valparaiso, and Casablanca Valley Wine Tasting

Private Tour Vina Del Mar Wine Tours In Chile From Santiago by Authentic Food Quest
The Clock of Flowers is a popular attraction at Vina Del Mar – Photo credit: MTO Tour Chile on Facebook

This private tour takes you on a Pacific Coast trip for Chilean wine tastings. You will visit the coastal cities of Valparaíso and Viña del Mar, as well as the Casablanca Valley.

On your way to Casablanca, you’ll start by visiting one of the principal organic wineries of the region. Here you will enjoy wine tastings as well as olives and olive oil tastings.

Your trip continues to Valparaiso’s historical center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll spend a little time with your guide exploring the architecture, elevators, and multi-colored houses. 

You will also visit some of the city’s most iconic sites, like the Valparaiso Lighthouse, Paseo Yugoslavo, Plaza Sotomayor, and others.

Viña del Mar, or the “Garden City,” is the next stop on the itinerary, also known as the best place to live in Chile. 

Here, you will stop for a traditional Chilean seafood lunch and visit the city’s parks and gorgeous beaches spread along the coastline.

 Before leaving, you will also visit the Clock of Flowers, the most important attraction in Viña del Mar.

This winery tour from Santiago combines cultural visits with wine tastings. It’s one of the tours for those looking to discover Valparaiso and Viña del Mar, along with Chilean wines.

Cost: $142.50

Time and Length of Tour: Approximately 8 hours. From 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Group Style: Private group tour

8. Full-day Casablanca Valley Tour with Lunch Stop

Full Day Casablanca Wine Tours In Santiago Chile by Authentic Food Quest
Bodega RE underground cellars – Photo credit: Isto e Chile on Facebook

This full-day tour around the wineries of Casablanca Valley is all you need to get acquainted with the region’s most iconic wines. 

Well-known for the great variety of white wines and Pinot Noir vines, this part of Chile will surprise you with its picturesque rural area. 

You will begin your trip through the Valley of Santiago de Chile, heading to Veramonte, an organic winery known for its Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir varieties. 

Next, you will visit one of the biggest organic vineyards in the world, Emiliana Winery. 

Depending on the wineries’ availability, you will visit 3 to 4 famous bodegas and enjoy tastings at two of them.

For example, at Villard Fine Wines, you’ll visit the wine estate and taste three selections of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and a blend. 

Casa Valle Vinamar also offers visits to the winery for three sparkling tastings of a Rose, a Brut, and an Extra Brut. 

At Bodegas RE you will be surprised to learn that they are experts in wine blends. Here, you will visit the underground cellars and enjoy a Chardonnoir and a Cabergnan paired with breads, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and olives. 

Lunch is provided by Casas del Bosque in their Tanino Restaurant. You will savor authentic Chilean meals prepared with local products and fresh ingredients, surrounded by the splendid vineyard scenery. 

If you want to taste some of the most exquisite Chilean wines, then this is the best Santiago winery tour you can pick. 

Cost: $99

Time and Length of Tour: Approximately 9 hours. From 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Group Style: Small group tour

Best Santiago Wine Tours To Aconcagua

9. Aconcagua Private Wine Tour

Aconcagua Private Wine Tour Wine Tours Chile Santiago by Authentic Food Quest
Beautiful view of the Andes from the vineyard – Photo credit: Chile Dream Tours on Facebook

This Chilean wine tour from Santiago offers a private experience in the beautiful Aconcagua Valley. You and your close ones, alongside your private driver and guide, will journey to two renowned Chilean wineries. 

You’ll start at Viña San Esteban, a famous wine estate located near the Aconcagua River. Opened in 1974, this winery is known for its exceptional Carmenere, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and many others. 

On this visit, you’ll enjoy Chilean wine tasting and learning about the methods of vine planting right on the Andes’ hillside. 

The second stop will be at the Errazuriz Winery. Founded by Don Maximiano Errázuriz in 1870, this winery has reputation for being among the “Best of Chile.”

You’ll enjoy a guided tour of the winery, visit the wine cellars and learn about the history of this important winery. The tour concludes in the new Icon Wine Cellar, where you will savor some of the house’s best reserves. 

On your wine tour, you will stop for lunch at San Felipe, a rustic restaurant that serves delicious authentic Chilean foods. 

This experience is best suited for those looking to experience country life near the mountains paired with exceptional wines.

Cost: $249

Time and Length of Tour: Approximately 9 hours. From 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Group Style: Private group tour

Best Santiago Wine Tours To Colchagua Valley

10. Private Colchagua Valley Tour From Santiago

Private Colchagua Valley Wine Tours Santiago Chile by Authentic Food Quest
Visit award-winning vineyardsPhoto credit: Servitour Chile on Facebook

This wine tour in the Colchagua Valley is one of the exquisite Chile wine tours for red wine lovers.

This Chilean wine region is home to some of the best vineyards and prestigious wineries in the country.

Some have referred to this region as the “Napa Valley of Chile.” It’s famous for Carmenère, Chile’s national red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and other red wines.

The tour’s first stop is at Viña Lapostolle, a winery founded in 1994 by Alexandra Lapostolle and her husband. 

Their main mission is to create a wine famous throughout the world. They succeeded with Clos Apalta, recognized twice as Chile’s best icon wine and the best in the world” in 2008.

You will savor a premium wine tasting in the cellar after you have been introduced to the vineyards and winery.

Viña Montes is the second winery that will complete your wine experience. You will enjoy a guided tour of the gorgeous estate with stunning vineyard views. 

Lunch takes place at this award-winning winery, where you will also sample their fine wines. The restaurant, Fuegos de Apalta, which is a Francis Mallmann restaurant, will delight you with exceptional South American flavors.

If you are looking for a premium wine-tasting experience at award-winning important vineyards, be sure not to miss this tour in Colchagua Valley. 

Cost: $400

Time and Length of Tour: Approximately 10 hours. From 7:30 am – 5:30 pm

Group Style: Private group tour

Where to Stay In Santiago Chile

Santiago Wine Tours In Santiago Chile by Authentic Food Quest
Staying in the city center is the most convenient

To help guide your winery visits from Santiago, you want to stay in the city as most Chilean winery tours leave from the capital. Following are our recommendations for some of the best places to stay in Santiago at different price points.

1. Top Hotel in Santiago – The Singular Santiago

Singular Hotel Wine Tours In Chile From Santiago by Authentic Food Quest
Elegantly decorated room in Singular Hotel – Photo credit: The Singular Hotels on Facebook

The Singular Santiago is a luxurious hotel located in the center of the city.  Aside from gorgeous rooms with city views, you’ll also find an outdoor pool and wellness center with spa facilities.

Enjoy exquisite Chilean food at the Singular restaurant, and don’t miss breakfast pastries and coffee at Cafe 294 in the hotel lobby.

Prices start from $385 per night for a standard double room with breakfast included.

For more prices, reviews, or similar hotels, check Booking.com

2. Best Medium-Range Hotel – Solace Hotel Santiago

Wonderful view from the rooftop pool – Photo credit: Solace Hoteles on Facebook

Solace Hotel is a great choice in the Providencia neighborhood of Santiago. It is centrally located to the main attractions, with dining and shopping at the hotel’s doorstep.

Enjoy Chilean cuisine with Mediterranean influences at the hotel restaurant. Or end your day of exploration with drinks at the rooftop deck with stunning city views. 

Prices start from $169 per night for a superior king room with breakfast included.

For more prices, reviews, or similar hotels, check Booking.com.

3. Best Value – Hotel Plaza San Francisco

Hotel Plaza San Francisco Wine Tours In Santiago Chile Authentic Food Quest
Hotel Plaza San Francisco entrance Photo credit: Plaza San Francisco on Facebook

Situated in downtown Santiago, Hotel Plaza San Francisco offers five-star facilities in the heart of the city.  

You’ll find an indoor pool, sauna, health spa, massage services, and evening live music entertainment.

The hotel offers a restaurant with traditional Chilean dishes as well as an on-site bar. It’s a  popular venue for meetings and a convenient location for wine tours in Santiago, Chile.

Prices start from $157 for a standard king room, with breakfast included

For more prices, reviews, or similar hotels, check Booking.com

4. Best Budget – Hostal Boutique Casa La Barca

Hostal Boutique Casa La Barca Santiago Wine Tour by Authentic Food Quest
Comfortable rooms at a good price – Photo credit: Hostal Boutique Casa La Barca on Facebook

Hostal Boutique Casa La Barca is located in the Providencia district, within walking distance to the city’s main sites. There is an outdoor garden space and a shared lounge where you can unwind after a day of delicious wine tours.

The rooms are cozy, and they feature free Wi-Fi and all the modern amenities you can expect.  Every morning, you can enjoy either a continental or a buffet breakfast

Prices start from $103  for a standard queen room, with breakfast included

For more prices, reviews, or similar hotels, check Booking.com

What To Consider When Choosing a Wine Tour in Santiago?

Colchagua Grape Santiago Wine Tours by Authentic Food Quest
Grapes riping in the sun

Visiting the Chilean wine country from Santiago will expose you to new wines, wineries, and exceptional wine regions. While most wine tours offer some similar experiences, here are a few considerations to help you create unforgettable memories.

What Kind of Santiago Wine Tour Experience Do You Want?

Chile Wines Vina Aquitania wine tours in santiago chile by Authentic Food Quest
Cellars in Maipo Valley

As you plan your wine tours and wine tastings, keep your preferences in mind.

Do you want to take a full-day tour or a half-day wine tour?

Are you set on visiting a specific Chile wine region, or would you like to visit different ones?

Do you prefer an intimate wine tour experience with a private guide, or are open to sharing the experience with others?

Once you decide on the experience you would like, book the wine tour that matches your criteria.

What Is Your Budget for Your Santiago Chile Winery Tours?

Claire Rosemary Wine Tours In Santiago Chile by Authentic Food Quest
Rosemary and Claire visiting Concha y Toro winery

Your budget is an important consideration to take into account when making your decision.

Wine tours in Chile from Santiago range in price from $63.90 to $400 per person.

All tours from Santiago offer transportation to and from your hotel. You can choose small group tours or personalized tours that you can enjoy at your own pace.

On a positive note, these Chilean winery tours allow free cancellation up to 24 to 72 hours before the tour.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best wine region in Chile?

All Chile wine regions have their own specificities. Maipo Valley is known to be the best Chilean wine region. Casablanca Valley is known for its exquisite white wines. And Colchagua Valley is home to some of the most prestigious Chile wineries.

What time of year is best to visit vineyards?

The spring and summer seasons, with their warm and dry climate, are the times for vineyard visits. Being in South America, the best season starts in September to the end of February. 

How many wine tastings should you do in a day?

The number of wine tastings depends subjectively on your preferences and itinerary. However, three to five tastings should be enough to offer you a relaxed experience.

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