15 Best Wineries in Sicily To Visit For Tasting Wines of Sicily

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Visiting wineries in Sicily is to sip on expressive wines shaped by the indelible marks left over from conquerors over millennia.

Sicily’s ideal climate with 300 days of sunshine, fertile soils, and strategic position on the Mediterrenean sea made it appealing for more than 6000 years.

From Dionysus, the God of Wine, to the Phoenicians, Romans and several invaders in between, wine making on Sicily is a time-honored tradition.

During our five month stay in Sicily, we visited wineries across the triangular shaped island. Our goal was to visit a handful of representative wineries in each region.

Though not exhaustive, we share some of the best wineries in Sicily to explore Sicilian wines. 

In this land of ancient vines, new generations of winemakers are making high quality wines and some of the best in Italy.

Use this guide to plan your wine travels to Sicily. Here are our favorite top 15 wineries in Sicily to visit.

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What Are Sicilian Wines and the Wineries of Sicily?

15 Best Wineries in Sicily To Visit For Tasting Wines of Sicily 2
Wineries in Sicily are spread over several wine regions

Today, Sicily is Italy’s fourth-largest wine region, representing about 15% of the country’s total vineyard land.

Winemakers are building on their historic legacy and producing wines that are garnering worldwide attention.

There are over 450 wineries in Sicily spread out over 23 DOC and one DOCG recognized wine regions.

Sicily is home to 65 to 100 native varieties. Nero d’Avola is the island’s iconic and most commonly grown red grape. 

This little black grape makes a regal wine with fruity aromas against a backdrop of tannins. One of our favorite easy to drink wines.

Other red wines, you’ll find are Nerello Mascalese, one of the main red grapes from the  Etna DOC wine region. And, Frappato, a light bright red and one of the oldest indigenous grapes.

We were surprised to learn that white wines dominate in Sicily. Catarratto, we learned,  is the most widely planted white grape. 

Grillo, a dry white wine, popular in western Sicily quickly become a favorite. And, around the Etna region, white Carricante wine is gaining in popularity.

Sweet wines like Moscato di Pantelleria and sweet Malvasia wine from the island of Lipari are not to be missed.

And, a visit to Marsala to taste the full expression of Marsala wines is an unmissable experience.

Sicily wines are growing in excellence and reputation. Winemaking on the island is going through a renaissance and the Sicilian wine future is looking bright.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: If you prefer to let someone else drive and take charge of organizing the wine visits, consider taking a private wine tour. Round trip consulting offers customizable tours and takes you to top wineries in Sicily. The itinerary is flexible and is based on your interest and schedule. Regardless, you’ll visit at least two well known Sicilian wineries and enjoy a gastronomic lunch at a local restaurant or winery. Take a day tour and discover the beautiful countryside in Sicily and the regions famous wines like Marsala, Grillo and others.

Wineries in Marsala

Tasting Marsala wine, the Italian fortified wine produced exclusively in the city of Marsala, is an experience to savor. Even though it is one of the most recognized names in wine, it is also one of the least understood.

The journey of Marsala wine is marked by the aging process. There are five different kinds differentiated by color and sugar profiles.

Wine tasting in Marsala is unlike any other wine regions we’ve visited. The wines are served in small portions with very distinctive foods for pairings. 

You may try one Marsala wine with chocolate and another with almonds all aimed at discerning the subtle nuances.

While in Sicily exploring the local food specialties, we visited wineries in Marsala to learn about this famous wine.

If your travels take you to Marsala, in the Trapani Province of Sicily, check out these amazing Sicilian wineries to visit.

1. Cantine Florio – Oldest Sicily Winery 

Cantine Florio Sicily Winery by Authentic Food Quest
Cantine Florio old wine cellars

Cantine Florio, the oldest winery in Italy and Sicily was established in 1833 by Vincenzo Florio. What makes this historic winery so important in Italy is the fact that Florio was the first Italian producer of Marsala wines.

Recommended highly by locals we took a guided tour of the Florio Cellars. The massive cellar with hundreds of barrels of different sizes also houses important relics from Italian leaders.

The winery, which we learned was bombed during WWII, has two of the oldest surving barrels from 1939 and 1941. These barrels, surprisingly still filled with Marsala wines are available for purchase as rare Marsala wines.

Cantine Florio remained family owned until the 1920s when ownership was taken over by the Cinzano company  from Piedmonte. 

Today, while building on its rich heritage, Florio continues to innovate with wine making techniques and premium wines suitable for food pairings.

Florio produces between 1 to 3 million liters of wine per year and exports worldwide. In the United States, you can find Florio Dry Marsala at Total Wines. 

Cantine Florio Marsala Wine Tasting Experience

Cantine Florio Wine Tasting Experience by Authentic Food Quest
Tasting a range of Marsala wines at Cantine Florio

Wine tasting takes place in a tasting room in the back of the cellar surrounded by barrels.

During our visit, we tasted three different Marsala wines each paired with a different local specialty.  

We tried three glasses of dry, semi-sweet, and sweet Marsala wines. As we paired each wine with either a fig treat, almonds or cantuccini, Italian biscotti our guide revealed the secrets of each wine.

Florio offers a variety of different tastings with some options that include a 4-course menu for either lunch or dinner.

Be sure to make your reservations ahead of time as you cannot just walk in for a wine tasting.

Cantine Florio is located within walking distance to Donnafugata, another one of the best wineries in Sicily. 

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP:  If you are staying in Trapani, you can visit Cantine Florio and the salt mines of Marsala on a day trip. This tour starts out at the salt mines and includes a fascinating boat trip to the island of Mothia. After your visit to Cantine Florio, you’ll spend time exploring the ancient city of Marsala before heading back to Trapani.

2. Cantine Pellegrino – A Seven Generation Winery

Cantine Pellegrino Best Wineries in Sicily by Authentic Food Quest
Cantine Pellegrino modern winery entrance

Cantine Pellegrino, not associated with San Pellegrino water, was one of our favorite wineries in Sicily to visit.

Founded in 1880, this winery with a long history is managed by the 7th generation Pellegrino family which happens to be female-led.

Our wonderful guide who was extremely knowledgeable started the tour by introducing us to Marsala wines and the region. 

As we walked through the winery, she talked about wine production, aging, and flavor profiles of the different Marsala wines.

Quite fascinating was learning about the solera method used in making Marsala wines. And,  

we were also surprised to find out that some of the wines have been aging since the winery started.

The visit was well-paced with interesting and engaging stories about every step of the Marsala journey. 

There’s a lot to discover at Pellegrino and this is one unmissable winery in Sicily.

Cantine Pellegrino Marsala Wine Tasting Experience

Cantine Pellegrino Winetasting Experience by Authentic Food Quest
Claire and Rosemary during our tasting experience at Cantine Pellegrino

Equipped with a lanyard holding a wine glass and a small tasting of local specialties, we sampled wines from different barrels in the cellar.

The three wines we tasted were each different in color, grape variety, and sweetness levels. Each also had its own unique associated story. 

BIP Benjamin dedicated to a British merchant linked to the production of Marsala was a delightful gold-colored wine.

The sweeter profile, Anita Garibaldi, amber-colored wine, was dedicated to the wife of Giuseppe Garibaldi who unified Italy.

And, Uncle Joseph, the final wine we tasted from the barrel, was surprisingly made from the red Nero d’Avola grapes. A sweet ruby-colored wine dedicated to the nephew of Benjamin.

What we enjoyed most about this wine tour was learning about Marsala wines from the grapes to the flavor profiles and food pairings.

If you cook with Marsala wines, one tip we learned from our guide is to use dry Marsala wine and not the sweet one.

Wine lovers looking to learn about Marsala wines, Cantine Pellegrino is not to be missed.

Tours are offered year-round from simple tastings to wine tastings with lunch. Advanced reservations are required.

3. Donnafugata Winery – One of Italy’s Finest Wineries

Donnafugata Winery in Sicily Italy by Authentic Food Quest
A helpful map of Donnafugata locations and tastings

Convenient to get to in the center of Marsala is one of the most famous Sicilian wineries. Donnafugata, a family-owned winery is considered one of Italy’s finest wineries.

The winery has four different wine estates across Sicily each producing distinctive wines from indigenous and international grape varieties.

Marsala is home to the family’s historic cellars where aging and bottling take place. A visit to the underground cellar carved into the rocks is an experience you’ll enjoy on your visit.

In Sicily, you’ll not miss Donnafugata’s distinctive and artistic wine labels. The whimsical label of a woman’s head with windblown hair dominates each bottle. 

The name, Donnafugata means “woman in flight”. And, it refers to a story by a Sicilian novelist about a queen who found refuge in the area where the vineyards are located.

With several vineyards across Sicily, the Donnafugata label is associated with an extensive range of wines. 

They are all elegant wines that reflect the uniqueness of Sicily and the climate and grapes in the different regions.

Donnafugata Wine Tasting Experience

Donnafugata Wines of Sicily Italy by Authentic Food Quest
Expressive Donnafugata wine labels

One of the best things about wine tasting at Donnafugata winery, is the opportunity to taste a variety of their Sicilian wines.

If you want to focus only on Marsala wines, you can choose that option, though we recommend going broader.

The wines from Donnafuguata are some of the best wines from Sicily and you don’t want to skip their iconic wines.

Two types of tasting experiences are available. You can pair wines with food or choose only a simple tasting with no food. You’ll not go wrong with whichever option you select.

All wine tasting experiences end with a glass of their exquisite “Ben Ryé” sweet dessert wine.

This naturally sweet wine from their vineyards on the Pantelleria island is made from Zibibbo indigenous grapes.

This wine is considered one of the best Italian dessert wines and is the perfect finish for your Donnafugata winery visit.

Please note all tours and tastings require advanced reservations.

Where to Stay In Marsala for Wine Tours and Sicily Wineries Visits

We stayed at ​​an amazing apartment called WEST trinacria. It is a lovely, beautifully furnished apartment in the heart of Marsala close to all the wineries. Another alternative if you are looking is La Corte del Fante a beautifully renovated boutique hotel in the core of Marsala.

Wineries in Palermo Western Sicily

Located in the Italian countryside outside of Palermo city are a number of important wineries in Sicily.

The wineries are steeped in history, with native grapes nourished by the Sicilian sun, rich soils, and the surrounding sea.

Always welcoming to guests the wineries are eager to share their history and their wines. Here are two of the best wineries near Palermo worth visiting.

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4. Cantina Alessandro di Camporeale – Refined And Balanced Wines

Alessandro di Camporeale_Wineries in Sicily by Authentic Food Quest
Alessandro di Camporeale wine cellar – Photo credit: Alessandro di Camporeale 

A family winery, Alessandro di Camporeale was born from generations of passionate winemakers since the 1900s.

With each new generation, the always improving wine production approach ensures some of the most refined and balanced Sicily wines. 

Located about 50 minutes away from Palermo, the charming winery overlooks the Mandranova plain.

The vineyards are spread out over 35 hectares and are found between 400 to 600 meters above sea level. 

The grapes benefit from the mild, semi-dry climate, fertile clay, and limestone-based soil. 

Paying respect to the traditional principles of winemaking, all the work in the vineyard is done by hand. 

The winery uses organic farming principles and modern technology in the refinement and maturation of the wines.

The principal grapes are the native Sicilian grape varieties like Nero d’Avola, Catarratto, and Grillo.

International grapes like Syrah and Sauvignon Blanc are grown and adapted for the Camporeale area. 

If you are visiting the Palermo area, learn about the history and tradition of winemaking at Alessandro di Camporeale winery. A visit to this winery in Sicily is an unmissable experience for any wine lover.

Alessandro di Camporeale Wine Tasting

Alessandro di Camporeale Sicily Wine Tasting Experience by Authentic Food Quest
Alessandro di Camporeale white wines – Photo credit: Alessandro di Camporeale Facebook page

A warm welcome from the estate staff awaits visitors and guests. Visits include a guided tour of the vineyards and winery. You’ll learn about the history of the family, the wine production and visit the cellars.

Four wine tasting packages are available each paired with Alessandro di Camporeale’s extra virgin olive oil and some bites.

You’ll taste 5 different wines and can sample some from different vintages depending on the tasting package you select.  

For a more in-depth experience, there is a tasting lunch option, which pairs 5 wines with a seasonal menu.

The reservations must be made in advance and pricing ranges from €12 to € 40 per person. 

Depending on the tasting tour you select, the visit takes anywhere from 1.5 hours to 4.5 hours.

5. Quattrocieli Winery – Modernity and Tradition

Quattrocieli Vineyards Sicilian Wineries by Authentic Food Ques
Quattrocieli Winery follows strict organic principles- Photo credit: Quattrocieli on Facebook

Among the best wineries in Sicily is also Quattrocieli Winery, a young company that prides itself in the perfect balance between modernity and tradition. 

This family affair that started in 2015, is now run by the children of the founder. Passion, tradition, and know-how have been passed on to the next generation who now considers this dream their own. 

With a deep respect for nature, the Quattrocieli winery follows strict organic principles and works towards achieving greater sustainability.

The winery’s 20 hectares are spread out over four different areas with different soil and climate characteristics. 

Working only with native grape varieties, the red and white wines produced evoke the best of Sicily.

Find organic white Insolia and Catarratto wines, and organic reds produced with Nero d’Avola, and Syrah grapes.

This young winery, what they call the “Happy Winery” is committed to making the best wines representative of Sicily.

Cantina Quattrocieli Wine Tasting Experience

Quattrocieli Tasting Wines From Sicily by Authentic Food Quest
Quattrocieli wines overlooking the vineyards – Photo credit: Quattrocieli on Facebook

Cantina Quattrocieli with a focus on hospitality shows the magic hidden in Sicily wineries and wines. 

The team’s passion and energy, along with their beautiful landscape provide the ultimate wine tasting experience in Palermo.

One aspect we love about this winery in Sicily is the opportunity to become a winemaker for a day. 

The “Quattrocieli Experience” and “Make Your Blend” tasting packages allow you to bottle, cap, and label your own wine. 

These tasting packages also include a visit to the winery, and tastings of wines accompanied with cheese and cold cuts.

For a leisurely experience, there is a Picnic option available where you can unwind amongst the vines with wine and local specialties.

Prices range from €25 to €35 and must be booked in advance. For the opportunity to create and bottle your own wine, this is one winery in Sicily not to be missed.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: Enjoy an authentic wine tasting experience at Quattrocieli, an organic winery. This wine tour takes you to Cantina Quattrocieli for a winery visit and tasting of 3 Sicilian wines. Beyond discovering the winery and organic wines, you’ll have the possibility to bottle your own wine and take home a souvenir. Learn Sicilian winemaking on this tour. 

Where to Stay in Palermo for Wine Tours and Sicily Wineries Visits

We stayed for several weeks in Palermo and loved the city vibe. For a centrally located accommodation, check the beautiful Palazzo Planeta guesthouse. And, you get complimentary wine and coffee during your stay. 

Wineries in Catania Eastern Sicily

The Etna wine region was the first DOC, or designation of controlled origin on the island, established in 1968.

Wines from vines growing around Mount Etna are defined by their unique characteristics from volcanic soil and microclimates from the volcano slopes.

Etna is a region of red wines dominated by Nerello Mascalese, a native Sicilian variety likened to a Pinot Noir.

And, in recent years, white wine from the Carricante grape variety is known for producing a vibrant Etna Bianco.

Today, there are more than 160 wine producers around Mount Etna. The wineries we share below are some of our favorite Etna wineries, famous for their exceptional Sicilian wines.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: If your Sicily travels take you to the Mount Etna region, see our detailed guide to 9 of the Best Etna Wineries to Visit in Sicily.

6. Cantine Tornatore – Biggest Etna Winery

Tornatore Vineyards Sicily Wineries by Authentic Food Quest
Tornatore vineyards

Tornatore, the biggest winery in the Etna region is found on the northern side of Mount Etna, in Castiglione di Sicilia.

The winery sits at about 450 meters above sea level with views of the sea and the impressive Mount Etna volcano.

Danilo, our guide when we visited the winery, was not only warm and welcoming but deeply knowledgeable about the wines and production.

The visit was fascinating with a tour of the vines and the cellars. It was particularly fascinating learning about the different kinds of volcanic soil types and their influence on the wines.

Tornatore, we learned, produces more than 10 different wine labels made with indigenous Etna grapes.

The nearby Castiglione di Sicilia town, listed as one of Italy’s most beautiful villages is worth visiting on your way to Tornatore. 

Tornatore Wine Tasting Experience

Mount Etna Wineries Tasting Experience by Authentic Food Quest
Delicious and copious wine tasting at Tornatore winery

Tornatore, the biggest winery in the Etna region is found on the northern side of Mount Etna, in Castiglione di Sicilia.

The winery sits at about 450 meters above sea level with views of the sea and the impressive Mount Etna volcano.

Danilo, our guide when we visited the winery, was not only warm and welcoming but deeply knowledgeable about the wines and production.

The visit was fascinating with a tour of the vines and the cellars. It was particularly fascinating learning about the different kinds of volcanic soil types and their influence on the wines.

Tornatore, we learned, produces more than 10 different wine labels made with indigenous Etna grapes.

The nearby Castiglione di Sicilia town, listed as one of Italy’s most beautiful villages is worth visiting on your way to Tornatore. 

7. Benanti Winery – Pioneer Etna Wine Making

Etna Winery Cellar by Authentic Food Quest
Benanti wine cellar

Benanti is one of the most celebrated Sicilian wineries in the Etna wine region. It’s family-owned and committed to absolute excellence in viticulture and winemaking.

Mount Etna has been home to viticulture for thousands of years, and winemaking traditions go back centuries.

Benati winery leans onto those traditions. Working with indigenous grape varieties and modernized wine production techniques, the winery has shaped Sicily wine-making on Etna.

This is the only winery with vineyards on all slopes of Mount Etna. And the grapes growing on each slope are carefully selected and matched to the environment to produce elegant wines.

Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio are two of the winery’s flagship red wines made from indigenous grapes. 

And, Benanti’s white wine made from 100% Carricante grapes is quickly growing in popularity.

During our visit to Benanti Winery, we enjoyed a tour of the vineyard and an exceptional wine tasting experience.

Benanti is one of the pioneering wineries in the Etna region and one of the best wineries in Sicily.

Wine Tasting at Benanti Winery

Etna Wine Tasting at Benanti Winery by Authentic Food Quest
Wine tasting at Benanti winery

Before tasting Benanti’s exceptional wines, the tasting experience begins with a visit to the 19th-century estate in Viagrande.

From there, your guide will accompany you to the vineyards on Mount Serra. Sonia, our guide during our visit, talked about the volcanic soils, the vines, and the impact of Mount Etna on winemaking.

After the fascinating vineyard tour, the tasting takes place in the estate’s renovated historic palmento or ancient wine-making building. 

The stately room with stunning oil-on-canvas paintings representing the history of winemaking in the region is the perfect setting for the tasting.

Benanti offers two wine tasting packages. A “Get to know Etna” package and a “Contrade Selection.”

Both packages are similar, offering a tasting of five Benanti wines and a selection of local food specialties. The main difference is “Contrade Selection” includes exclusive wines from parcels or micro-regions within Etna.

Benanti is one of the popular wineries in Sicily to visit amongst wine lovers and those in wine tourism. 

The experience is exceptional and delicious too. Please note, advanced bookings are required. 

8. Barone Di Villagrande – One of Earliest Sicily Wineries

Etna Sicily Wineries by Authentic Food Quest
Century-old vineyards around Mount Etna

Barone Di Villagrande is another family-owned Etna winery with roots that goes back centuries. 

It is said that the Bishop of Catania in the 18th century gave to the Nicolosi Asmundo Family a task.

They were challenged to turn the harsh fields of Etna from a “horrific and untamed place to a delicious garden”.

And that they did! And they were so successful that the King of Naples bestowed upon Don Carmelo Nicolosi the title of Baron of Villagrande. 

Now, the winery proudly carries the name and preserves the customs and traditions from centuries ago. 

This winery in Etna is as old as current Italy, and it’s among the earliest wineries in Sicily. 

Barone Di Villagrande was among the first to adopt the contemporary winemaking style of separating grapes according to color. 

They have only become better with time, combining the old and new viticulture practices to produce exclusive wine.

Wine Tasting at Barone Di Villagrande

Barone Di Villagrande Sicily Wines by Authentic Food Quest
Barone Di Villagrande wines – Photo credit: Barone Di Villagrande Facebook page

The picturesque Barone Di Villagrande estate offers wine tours and visits and it is also a Wine Resort for longer stays.

You can stop in for a wine tasting or better yet, book a weekend stay or longer.

Several tasting options are available and they all include a winery visit and tour of the vineyards.

Barone Di Villagrande offers seven Sicily wines. Three whites, two reds, a Rosé wine, and a dessert wine.

All the wine tasting packages include a selection of five wines along with regional specialties. Some packages include lunch or dinner. Prices range from €30 to €70 depending on the option you select. 

Similarly, a simple winery visit and wine tasting lasts about 1.5 hours compared to a longer 4-hour duration with a meal.

Advanced recommendations are highly recommended.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: If you are looking to stay at the winery while visiting eastern Sicily, consider Barone Di Villagrande. Equipped with a restaurant and outdoor swimming pool, enjoy a gourmet experience close to the spectacular Etna Regional Park. Combine outdoor hiking with exclusive wines and delicious seasonal cuisine for an unforgettable Sicilian wineries experience.

Wineries in Agrigento Southwest Sicily

Southwestern Sicily and particularly the province of Agrigento is a territory going through a renaissance. 

The best Sicily wineries in the region are focused on indigenous grapes and ancient wine-producing techniques to make better wines.

The best Sicilian wineries like Planeta winery and Di Giovanna Winery are producing some of Italy’s finest wines.

In Agrigento, explore the wide range of wines at Planeta and natural wines at Di Giovanna for a taste of the resurgence.

9. Planeta Winery – Planeta Ulmo Agrigento

Planeta Winery Sicily Italy Grillo Harvest by Authentic Food Quest
Grapes harvesting at Planeta winery – Photo credit: Planeta Facebook page

Rated #17 amongst the “50 World’s most admired Wine Brands 2021”, Planeta is one of the best wineries in Sicily and in Italy overall.

A popular wine, we saw the brand everywhere in Sicily, from wine shops, supermarkets, and on restaurant wine lists.

Planeta has six distinctive wine brands and estates from west to east on Italy’s largest island.

Planeta Ulmo in Menfi, Agrigento was the first winery. Planeta Buonivini located in Noto is best known for Nero d’Avola and Moscato wines.

In Vitottoria, Frappato and Nero d’Avola are the Planeta star wines. And, other Planeta wine territories can be found around Etna and Capo Milazzo in the northeast.

In Menfi, in the Province of Agrigento, you want to visit Planeta Ulmo on the banks of Lake Arancio. 

It is the company’s first winery and the start of the company’s wine revolution. 

The most famous wineries under this brand are Planeta Sciaranuova, Planeta Ulmo, Planeta Buonivini, and Planeta Dispensa. 

Planeta has experimented and revitalized native grape varieties as well as introduced international ones along the coast of Menfi. 

Popular white wines include Grillo and Chardonnay and Nero d’Avola and Merlot for the reds.

In addition to the winery, Planeta also offers accommodations at La Foresteria, a wine resort in the countryside near Menfi.

Planeta Winery Wine Tasting Experience

Planeta Wines Sicily Italy by Authentic Food Quest
Various Planeta wines

At Cantina Planeta Ulmo, where the Planeta journey began, you can choose from several wine tasting packages.

Visits begin with a tour of the vineyards, olive trees, and cellars. This is followed by a guided tasting of 4 to 5 territorial wines.

One famous red wine you don’t want to miss is Planeta Sito dell’Ulmo Merlot Sicilia IGT. This is one of the most famous wines of the Planeta Ulmo winery, made with pure Merlot grapes.

White wines are popular in Sicily and there is an exclusive white wine tasting you can select. The Chardonnay Sicilia Menfi D.O.C. a symbol of the winery is to be savored.

All the wine tasting options offer a selection of food specialties, through the amount of food varies depending on the chosen option. 

Prices range from €25 to €80 and last anywhere from one to three hours. Be sure to book your Planeta Ulmo winery experience in advance.

10. Di Giovanna Winery – Natural and Organic Wines at Old Sicilian Winery

Di Giovanna Vineyards Wineries in Sicily by Authentic Food Quest
Di Giovanna Vineyards – Photo credit: Di Giovanna Facebook page

A 5th generation winery, Di Giovanna is one of the leading wineries putting a new look on old Sicilian wines.

Located in Sambuca di Sicilia, at the foot of Monte Genuardo, it is one of the oldest families of winemakers in Sicily.

The wines are hand-crafted wines to express their unique qualities and organic farming practices are followed.

Di Giovanna’s wines are spread out over five different vineyards at different altitudes. The wines, organic since 1997, are some of the best Sicilian wines.

Both red and white wines are produced by the winery using indigenous varieties and international grapes.

Some of the local wines are Nero d’Avola, Nerello Mascalese reds, and Catarratto, Grillo whites from native grapes.  Wines from international grapes include Chardonnay, Syrah, and Merlot. 

In 2018, Di Giovanna introduced two natural wines. An Orange wine, Camurria, and Rufulia Pet-nat. These wines have no sulfites and are unrefined and unfiltered.

Di Giovanna Wine Tasting Experience

Di Giovanna Sicily Wine Tasting by Authentic Food Quest
Di Giovanna wine tasting – Photo credit: Di Giovanna Facebook page

For a unique organic wine tasting experience, take a journey of the senses at  Di Giovanna Winery.

Two wine tasting experiences are offered. Both include a well organized guided tour of the winery with an indepth look at organic wine making practices.

The difference between the two packages are the number of wines offered. The simple tasting includes three wines. One white, one red and one rosé wine. 

The five wine tasting package includes the most iconic wines and is accompanied by a selection of Sicilian food specialties.

Price per adult is either € 28.00 or €42.00 depending on the option selected. Bookings must be made in advance.

Where to Stay In Agrigento for Wine Tours and Sicily Wineries Visits

In Agrigento, you might want to treat yourself to Planeta’s wine resort, one of the best wineries in Sicily with accommodations.

La Foresteria, Planeta’s wine resort, is a boutique resort with 14 rooms built with the highest sustainability standards. 

A gem in the Menfi countryside, it features an infinity pool, a wellness areas, bicycles and close access to the beach. The onsite restaurant with a seasonal menu and wine pairings is a delicious way to enjoy your Planeta experience.

Wineries in Syracuse – South Eastern Sicily

The warm Syracuse in southeastern Sicily is home to a number of excellent vineyards. The climate and soil offer perfect conditions for grapevines to thrive, and the nutrient-dense soil.

Visitors can tour several wineries, learn about wine-making and also taste wines in their natural environment.

From robust reds to delicate whites grown with indigenous grape varieties, Syracuse’s wines are sure to please any palate. 

To help guide your Sicily wine travels, here are two Syracuse top-notch vineyards not to miss for amazing Sicilian wines.

11. Terre di Noto – A Family Tradition of Pure Organic Wines

Terre Di Noto Vineyards Sicily by Authentic Food Quest
Grapes from Terre Di Noto vineyards – Photo credit: Terre di Noto Facebook page

Located in one of the most perfect territories for vine cultivation, this winery in Sicily has been around since 1989.

Created by winemaker, Antonino di Marco, he bought 35 hectares in the area, and with technology, built one of the most famous Sicily wineries.

They produce quality red and white wines and an authentic sparkling Sicilian wine. And, their flagship wines are Nero d’Avola, Moscato, Grillo, and Chardonnay.

Aside from their extraordinary wines, they also make extra virgin olive oil.

At Terre di Noto, history meets the modern world with their implementation of sustainable principles of winemaking. 

The methods used for collecting, storing, and fermentation wines are completely natural. And, in 2018 the company became 100% organic.  

Terre di Noto Wine Tasting Experience

Terredi Noto Sicily Wines by Authentic Food Quest
Terre di Noto Chardonnay wine – Photo credit: Terre di Noto Facebook page

Terre di Noto offers several wine tasting options for their red, whites and sparkling wines.

All tour packages include a guided tour of the vineyards and cellars.

You can choose to taste either three local white wines or four red wines. Our favorite local wines package is the “free choice” where you can choose any 4 wines of your choice. 

If you have time in your schedule, you can also choose the “picnic” option with a bottle of wine and local food specialties. Spend time in the vines and olive trees and soak in the Mediterranean experience.

Wine tasting tours start at €20 per person including appetizers like almonds, Italian bread, and tomatoes.

Tours last about 2 hours and advanced booking is recommended.

12.  Riofavara Winery  – Eco-Friendly Experience of Sicily Wines

Riofavara Winery Sicily by Authentic Food Quest
Riofavara winery – Photo credit: Riofavara Facebook page

Another winery in Sicily located in the Val di Noto region, near the hill town of Ispica is Riofavara Winery

This Sicilian gemstone dates back to the 1920s and is known for its explicitly quality wines made with native Sicilian grapes.

Natural and organic principles are followed in each step of the winemaking process. From hand-picked grapes to aging the wines, eco-sustainability efforts are central.

The wines produced are all native grape varieties, and the star variety is the local Nero d’Avola red grape.  

Alongside, Nero d’Avola,  the local white wines like Moscato Bianco, Grecanico, Grillo, and Inzolia are well rated.

Aside from the vast palette of red, white, rose, spirits, sparkling, and fortified wines, Riofavara Winery also offers accommodations.

There are 3 superb suites to choose from. Each of them offers a beautiful view of the vineyards and the sand-volcanic hills.  

The cost of the rooms also includes a wine tasting experience. Consider a stay a Riofavara Winery while visiting Syracuse.

The Riofavara Wine Tasting Experience

Riofavara Sicily Wine Tasting Room_by Authentic Food Quest
Wine tating at Riofavara Sicily – Photo credit: Riofavara Facebook page

An informative tour offered in English is included in each of the wine tours. Your guide will walk you through the monuments of the centurial winery, explaining the wine-making process. 

Then, it’s up to the cellar and tasting some of their flagship products. 

You’ll taste anywhere from 4 to 6 of their top-notch Sicily wines. Local specialty food bites are always included. For a romantic experience, you can also book in advance, a sunset picnic tour.

Tours last between 1.5 to 2 hours and are offered daily. Advanced booking is highly recommended and the price ranges from €20 to €35 per person.

Where to Stay in Syracuse for Wine Tours and Sicily Wineries Visits

Consider combining your wine tasting experience at Riofavara with a stay at the winery. Relax in their Wine Relais Suites with views of the vineyards while soaking in the Mediterranean beauty. 

With a restaurant on site and proximity to nearby villages and natural parks, this is a great stop on your Sicily wine tour adventures.

Wineries in Messina Northeastern Sicily

The underrated province of Messina hosts some of the most exclusive wineries of the island. 

Long, hot, dry summers, strong temperature ranges and mineral rich soil are characteristic elements of the region.

Easily accessible from Messina, you can discover DOC wines, Malvasia delle Lipari, Corinto Nero and more. 

In northeastern Sicily, here are some of our favourite wineries not to miss.

13. Tenuta Rasocolmo – Winery and Art Resort

Tenuta Rasocolmo Winery in Messina Sicily by Authentic Food Quest
Tenuta Rasocolmo winery – Photo credit: Tenuta Rasocolmo Facebook page

Renovated in 2004, Tenuta Rasocolmo turned an abandoned family farm into an exclusive wine estate on the promontory of Capo Rasocolmo.

It’s on the most northerly point of Sicily with spectacular views  of the Tyrrhenian Sea, and the Aeolian Islands.

Tenuta Rasocolmo is proud of its natural farming as well as of the exclusively DOC Faro cultivated vineyard.

This is a red Sicilian wine, a blend of Nerello Mascalese, Nocera, Nerello Cappuccio, Nero d’Avola and Sangiovese. The winery ages this wine exclusively in steel barrels.

While Faro DOC is one of the smallest in Italy, the area has been associated with wine cultivation for centuries.

And, Tenuta Rasocolmo is one of the best Sicilian wineries producing Faro DOC wines. 

Beyond Faro DOC, white wine made from Inzolia indigenous grapes, from vines on the slopes of Mount Etna is also produced.

The ancient stone farmhouse in the vineyards was restored and modernized and now hosts  wine tastings and accommodations.

Two suites, a superior suite and junior suite, are available for wine lovers who desire a longer experience on the estate.

Tenuta Rasocolmo Wine Tasting

Tenuta Rasocolmo Wines from Sicily by Authentic Food Quest
Tenuta Rasocolmo wines from Sicily – Photo credit: Tenuta Rasocolmo Facebook page

Tenuta Rasocolmo offers three kinds of wine tastings. All of them include a visit to the vineyard and family manor.

The winery aperitif and Sicilian tastings include a variety of wine, cheese and cold cuts. A tasting of extra virgin olive oil from olive trees on the estate is also included.

If you are in a group of 6 people and looking for a combination of food and wine, go for the gourmet wine tasting. You’ll have a main course, dessert and a variety of local cheeses, ham, salami and more.

Depending on the wine tasting package you select, the number of wines you can taste vary. 

Some of the wines you can sample are the Doc Faro Rasocolmo and N36 Bianco Mosso, a sparkling white wine from indigenous white grapes.

One surprising fortified wine not to miss is Aqua di Aron. This is one of the oldest drinks in the world, served in ancient Egypt and Magna Graecia.

It is a mead that gets its flavors from the fermentation of eucalyptus honey in water and aged in barrels for at least one year.

Wine tours and tastings range in price from €20 up until €60 and must be booked in advance.

For a great wine-tasting experience and breathtaking views, a visit to Tenuta Rasocolmo should not be missed.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: With Tyrrhenian sea views and only a 6-minute walk from the beach Tenuta Rasocolmo is ideally situated. Choose to stay in any of the two charming suites both offering vineyard views. An Italian breakfast is available each morning and visits to the nearby Eolian Islands can be arranged. While in the Messina, this is the best wineries in Sicily with accommodation.

14. Tenuta di Castellaro – A Taste Of The Aeolian Islands

Tenuta Di Castellaro Best Wineries in Sicily by Authentic Food Quest
Tenuta Di Castellaro winery – Photo credit: Tenuta di Castellaro Facebook page 

Tenuta di Castellaro is located in Lipari, the largest island of the Aeolian archipelago, accessible from Messina via ferry.

The abandoned historic palmento was reclaimed and transformed into what today stands as one of Sicily’s great wineries.

It is situated 350 m above the sea level, in a perfect conjunction of wind, sun and sea breeze. The solar and wind energy is harnessed, creating the only bio-energy winery on the island.

Using indigenous vines from the Aeolian archipelago, the vineyards are cultivated naturally and the wines are organic.

The volcanic soils on the Aeolian Islands are rich in minerals imparting unique characteristics to the wines.

Through red and white wines are produced, the flagship wines are Malvasia delle Lipari and Corinto Nero. 

These are two ancient grape varieties from the Magna Graecia period when Greece colonized southern Italy.

Tenuta di Castellaro also offers accommodation on the vineyard at their Castellaro Wine Resort.

Three fully equipped villas nestled amongst the vineyards are available as a base to explore the winery and island.

Tenuta di Castellaro Wine Tasting

Tenuta di Castellaro Tasting Sicily Wines by Authentic Food Quest
Tenuta di Castellaro wine tasting – Photo credit: Tenuta di Castellaro Facebook page 

Tasting packages at Tenuta di Castellaro include a guided tour of the vineyards and cellar. Four different packages are available.

The other two tastings are picnics, which include a full bottle of wine and local specialties in different parts of the property.

Two tastings, one during the day and the other at sunset, feature a sampling of four iconic wines. A platter of tradtional gastronomic specialties are also provided.

Surrounded by the immensity of the sea and vineyards all around, enjoy wine tasting in pure bliss.

If you are looking for a memorable wine experience, Tenuta di Castellaro promises to exceed your expectations.

Tasting range in price from €30 to €40 per person. Advanced booking is highly recommended.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: Lipari the largest island in the Aeolian is a UNESCO heritage site. Why not consider staying at Tenuta di Castellaro for a few days while exploring the island? Discover the island and the organic indigeneous wines. Allow yourself to be swept away and experience paradise on a stay at Tenuta di Castellaro.

Wineries in Vittoria and Ragusa South Sicily

Ragusa, a magical area with landscapes from the sea to the hills is known for the production of red wines. 

Wines produced from the native Nero d’Avola and Frappato grapes can be found everywhere including in the ancient myths and stories.  

One of the most defining wines of the region is Cerasuolo di Vittoria, a once forgotten and now rediscovered red wine.

This wine, a blend of Nero d’Avola and Frappato grapes in certain percentages, has the prestigious DOCG controlled and guaranteed designation.

Some of the larger Sicilian wineries also have vineyards in Vittoria. As you visit wineries in the area, we recommend visiting COS winery. 

It’s one of the most exciting wineries that has shaped wine making in the region.

15. COS Winery – Pioneers In Biodynamic Farming

COS Winery in Sicily Region by AuthenticFoodQuest
COS wines traditional aged in amphorae pots – Photo credit: COS winery Facebook page

Located in the Vittoria region of Sicily, COS is one of the pioneering wineries in the region.

Established in1980 by three friends, the winery name COS, is an acronym derived from their last names.

At the time, they were among the youngest winemakers in Sicily and pioneers in biodynamic farming.

One of the reasons COS winery is famous is for their use of the amphora. Amphoras, or clay pots are an ancient technique where wines were fermented and aged in clay pots. 

COS, a natural wine producer uses amphorae half-buried in the ground to age and ferment some of their red and white wines.

The local wines which they champion are those made with local grapes like Frappato di Vittoria, Nero d’Avola, Grecanico, Zibibbo and others.

Their extreme focus on quality and innovative aging techniques are driving the success of wine-making around the Vittoria region.

Wine Tasting at COS Winery

COS Wine Tasting Sicily by Authentic Food Quest
COS Wine tasting – Photo credit: COS winery Facebook page

A small winery, COS does not have a well-developed wine tourism program. Visits and vineyard tours are available, but reservations must be booked in advance.

The flagship wines you want to experience are Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico and Frappato wines. These are delicious and well-rated organic wines.

Their  COS Maldafrica red wine is a Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blend. It’s a natural wine and one of their most interesting wines.

 The fermentation is spontaneous terracotta amphorae on the skins with indigenous yeasts. With aging taking place in barrels and bottles. This is another complex wine worth seeking out during your visit.

Tips and How To Best Plan Your Sicily Wineries Visit

Sicilian Wineries Vineyards by Authentic Food Quest
Vineyards by the sea in Sicily

Wine lovers should explore Sicilian wines on Italy’s largest island. From rolling hills, active volcanoes, unique soils, the warm sea breeze and diverse grapes varieties, the wines will surprise you. As you visit wineries in Sicily, here are a few tips to make planning easier.

  • Getting to the wineries – Most wineries, except those in Marsala are outside the main cities. It’s not easy to get to the winery unless you take a tour or book private transportation. One other option is to rent a car. However, you want to be wary of the risks of drinking and driving. In this case, plan to have a designated driver.
  • Winery Reservations – Overall, recommendations are highly recommended and in most cases required. Unlike other wine regions where you may be able to just stop in, in Sicily visits and tours are conducted upon request. Call to make your reservation or make your bookings online.
  • Visits, Prices and Tasting Experiences – Typically, all wineries offer a combination of winery tour, cellar visits and wine tasting. Most offer several tasting packages from simple wine tasting of 3 to 5 wines to gourmet tastings accompanied with a 3-course meal. Prices will vary depending on the options selected. Per person, you can expect to pay between €15 to €60+ (approx. $15.70 to $62.80+) for more premium experiences. 
  • Number of Winery To Visits In A Day – From our experience, Sicilian wine tasting experiences are unrushed affairs. The service is unhurried and guides take their time to share their winery and wines. Our recommendation is to take your time and enjoy each unique experience and Sicily wines. Rather than rush through wineries, visit 2 or a maximum of 3 a day to fully appreciate the visit and tasting.
  • Where to Stay – You can stay in each of the wine regions while exploring the wines. Some of the wineries in Sicily offer accommodations which are great options to consider. These wineries with accommodations offer private wine tasting experiences for their guests as well as wine pairings for meals. These are great options to consider when booking your visits.
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In Summary

It’s difficult to generalize about Sicily wines as the vineyards are spread out over varying altitudes, soils, and climate.

What we noticed at each winery visit was a commitment to excellence and passion to create the best possible Sicily wines.

Leveraging traditions of wine making combined with modern technology, Sicily winemakers are making exceptional wines with native grapes.

We loved discovering the wines and in particular the volcanic wines from Etna DOC. The range from dry, semi-sweet to sweet Marsala wines was a surprising discovery. And, wines like Nero d’Avola, Nerello Mascalese, and Frappato quickly became our go-to wines.

As primarily red wine drinkers, we left with a new and heartfelt appreciation for Sicilian white wines.

Visiting wineries in the different wine regions of Sicily is an experience not to be missed. With this guide in hand, plan for an exciting discovery.

Have you had wines from Sicily before? Please let us know your favorite Sicilian wines in the comments below.

Savor the Adventure!

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