Delight in a Braga Food Tour for Your Day Trips from Porto

Within an hour ride from Porto by train, visiting Braga is one of the most fascinating day trips from Porto to take.

Braga is a surprising city in a number of ways. On one hand, it is Portugal’s most important religious center.  And on the other, the city is lively and dynamic with a growing nanotechnology industry.

Above all, the religious influence is strong and impossible to miss.

The history, culture, and diversity of natural landscapes create a festival of flavors that makes Braga’s gastronomy unique.

While in Porto discovering Port wines, we were invited on a Braga food tour to taste the local cuisine.

Join us on a Braga food tour with Christiane our local guide and founder of Eco Trilha. Let’s explore the history, culture, and flavors of Braga.

Article last updated – May 2021
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Porto To Braga by Train – How to Get to Braga

The best way to reach Braga from Porto is by train.

Taking the train is easy and convenient. You will depart from the train station in the center of Porto and arrive close to the center of Braga.

Take the train to Braga at the São Bento or Campanhã train station in Porto.

Tickets cost about 3.20 euros one way for a total of 6.40 euros (approx $3.90 one way/ $7.90 round trip).

Purchase your tickets directly at the train station.

Be sure to take the regular train and not the fast speed train. The fast speed train cost 5 times the price for only a few minutes gained.

Check the dates and times on the Portuguese railway website Comboios de Portugal.  

The trip takes about one hour and you can enjoy the northern Portugal landscape on the way.

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Early morning at Campanha station to go from Porto to Braga by train

Things to Do in Braga

Visit Braga – Portugal’s Oldest and Most Christian City

In this medieval town filled with narrow lanes, plazas and stunning baroque architecture, you’ll find over 35 churches including the country’s oldest cathedral.

After a few hours in Braga, you’ll quickly feel the ecclesiastical power, embodied by all the religious buildings, shrines and sanctuaries.

Start at the Arco Da Porta Nova or Arch of the New Gate

The Arco da Porta Nova or Arch of the New Gate, the oldest door of the city, welcomes visitors.

This door is historically significant for being an invitation for commerce, versus other cities where the door was closed.

In Braga, they say, the door is always open.

Arco da Porta Nova Braga Food Tour Day Trips From Porto Authentic Food QuestArco da Porta Nova

The extremely narrow streets right behind the arch lead into the main plaza. Buildings covered in beautiful tiles and wrought iron railings are everywhere. The architectural styles range from Gothic, Romanesque, Manueline and Baroque.

tiled buildings Braga Food Tour Day Trips From Porto Authentic Food QuestDistinctive tiled buildings with iron railings

Cathedral of Braga or Sé De Braga

One of the most important monuments in the city is the Cathedral of Braga or Sé de Braga.

This is the oldest archdiocese in Portugal, and the current building dates to the 12th century. The exterior Romanesque façade has two impressive Baroque bell towers.

The interior is richly decorated with gold-leafed carvings and the huge organ in the main chapel.

Cathedral of Braga Braga Food Tour Day Trips From Porto Authentic Food QuestCathedral of Braga

Recommended Braga Food Tour For Food Lovers

Consider a day trip from Porto to Braga with a local guide. With Christiane, a local guide and founder of Eco Trilha, you get to visit the main sites in Braga and taste the Braga food delicacies.

The Church Influence and Medieval Vestiges

Braga is a perfect city for exploring on foot.

As we walked around the city, we were delighted by the distinctive architecture and attractive landscaped gardens.

The religious significance of Braga was evident all around. Braga was once considered the religious capital of Portugal.

Even today, people from all over the country come to Braga around Easter time for Holy Week, also known as Semana Santa.

During this time, ceremonies and processions with devotees dressed in hooded black tunic carry torches or effigies to remember the death and rise of Christ.

The Archbishop’s Palace and Jardim de Santa Bárbara

The Archbishop’s Palace in the center of town, once covered one-tenth of the city.

You will be struck by the impressive fortress-like building, which today is home to a library and various faculties of the university.

One of the great things to do, near the Archbishop’s Palace, is the must visit Gardens of Santa Barbara or Jardim de Santa Bárbara in Portuguese.

The Romantic style gardens are beautifully laid out and incorporate medieval arches that were once part of an arcade from the palace.

Jardim de Santa Barbara Braga Food Tour Day Trips From Porto Authentic Food QuestThe palace as a backdrop to the beautiful garden of Santa Barbara and medieval arches

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Braga Food and Gastronomy

Touring The Bustling Braga Market On A Saturday Morning

Often times the best way to explore the local food is by starting at the local farmers market.  

On the tour, we visited Mercado Municipal, the main local Braga market.

The market was buzzing with vendors standing side by side tending to their mountains of fruits and vegetables.

You hear negotiations in Portuguese broken up by laughter.

A variety of smells, vibrant colors and loud noises engage the senses at this lively Saturday market.

Market Braga Food Tour Day Trips From Porto Authentic Food QuestBuzzing Braga market

Lupin Beans

Sold by ladies at the market, we picked up lupin beans, a local and popular Portuguese snack. These beans are unusual to eat and you want to avoid the thick outer skin.  

Typically, you nip the corner of the skin with your teeth and squeeze the soft, buttery bean from the inside.

Healthier than salted peanuts, lupin beans, are a tasty Portuguese snack worth discovering.

Lupin Beans Vendor Braga Food Tour Day Trips From Porto Authentic Food QuestVendor selling lupin beans and olive oils

Fish Vendors

The Portuguese love fish and the country is one of Europe’s largest consumers of fish.

Unsurprisingly, the fish section of the market was busy with a variety of fresh fish and seafood sourced from the local waters.

The quality and freshness of the fish was simply remarkable.

You’ll see some of the most beautiful fish, shellfish and sardines, that will leave your taste buds hungry for fresh fish.

fish stand Braga Food Tour Day Trips From Porto Authentic Food QuestColorful fish stand

Regional Bread

As we meandered through the market, we made our way to the back alleys and onto the breads, sweets and sausages sections.

Very different from the iconic Alentejo bread we discovered in Evora, Claire fell in love with the region’s delicious cornbread.

Known as Pão de milho or Broa de Milho, this is one of the oldest varieties of bread in Portugal.

The bread is hearty, dense and yellowish in color. It is typically eaten as a starter along with good regional cheeses.

Christiane Braga Food Tour Day Trips From Porto Authentic Food QuestChristiane of Eco Trilha Viagens describing the local bread - Pão de milho

Chouriço – Portugal’s Most Popular Sausage

One of the other iconic Portuguese foods in Braga are the chouriço sausages.

This is probably the most popular Portuguese sausage and is similar to Spanish chorizo.

Seeing the different kinds of chouriço sausages was incredibly fascinating.

These Portuguese sausages are made with pork, garlic, flavored with paprika (and sometimes red wine).

These sausages are very versatile and can be eaten cold (charcuterie style), fried, grilled and boiled.

They are a popular ingredient in soups, including the most famous caldo verde soup.

Chouriço Vendor Braga Food Tour Day Trips From Porto Authentic Food QuestChouriço Vendor

Traditional Restaurant in Braga – Farricoco Restaurante & Petisqueira

For a taste of the traditional Portuguese cuisine from the region, we went to Farricoco Restaurante to eat petiscos.

Petiscos are part of Portugal’s gastronomy and often compared to Spanish tapas.

Petiscos are also small bites, but generally, small versions of large dishes. 

Interestingly, the name Farricoco is in reference to the striking figures dressed in black from the Easter processions.

Farricoco Restaurante Braga Food Tour Day Trips From Porto Authentic Food QuestSee the striking figures in black on the restaurant sign

Traditional Starters

With our taste buds open, we couldn’t wait to try the little bites from the region. The petiscos menu had five dishes, a local bread and Sangria.

After a warm welcome and introduction to the charming restaurant, we were ready to dig in.  We were presented with three generously sized starters.

The bread known as pão recheado, was excellent. Slices of bread stuffed with ham and cheese was a delicious welcome.

Pataniscas de Bacalhau

With bacalhau or codfish being one of Portugal’s most treasured dishes, it was no surprise to see it on the menu.

Codfish is so popular that there are over 365 ways to eat bacalhau in Portugal.

At Farricoco’s restaurant, we had Pataniscas de Bacalhau, which are deep fried cod fritters.

Even though these little bites are deep fried, they were surprisingly not heavy and quite flavorful.

Pataniscas Food In Portugal Braga Food Tour Authentic Food QuestPataniscas or codfish fritters

Caldo Verde

Our favorite starter was Portugal’s most famous soup, Caldo Verde.

This green soup is made with a dark green cabbage that is not widely available beyond Portugal’s borders, potato puree, slices of chouriço sausage and finished off with local Portuguese olive oil.

The wonderful combination of flavors was outstanding. This simple soup, so full of flavor and delicious textures, was just perfect!

Caldo verde soup Braga Food Tour Day Trips From Porto Authentic Food QuestBeautiful mix of flavors and textures in this Caldo Verde soup

Braga Meat Specialties

Braga regional specialties are synonyms with meat specialties. We had the opportunity to taste three different regional meat dishes.


First, the Rojões, a traditional dish from Portugal originally from the Minho region.

Made from pork shoulder, the meat is cut in cubes and seasoned differently depending of the recipe.

This dish was prepared with cumin spices.

Although the meat was very tender and tasty, the overall dish was on the dry side.

Rojões Braga Food Tour Day Trips From Porto Authentic Food QuestRojões, traditional dish from Portugal made from pork shoulder

Dobradinha and Tripas

The next dish Dobradinha or Portuguese tripes is sometimes served with Rojões dishes.

This dish is made from the intestines of the cows and is very popular in Porto, Portugal’s second city.

The tripes had a chewy texture with a very distinctive taste.

Enjoying this meal is definitely an acquired taste.

As we had dobradinha as petiscos, we lacked the traditional side dishes of rice and vegetables to help smoothen the taste.

Portuguese tripes Braga Food Tour Day Trips From Porto Authentic Food QuestPortuguese tripes famous historically and originally from Porto

Moela de Frango

The last meat dish was Moela de frango or chicken gizzards.

This dish was our favorite.

Deliciously prepared in a spicy onion, garlic and tomato sauce, the meat pieces were very soft and flavorful.

Moela chicken gizzards Braga Food Tour Day Trips From Porto Authentic Food QuestFlavorful Moela or chicken gizzards

Meat lovers and adventurous eaters will enjoy the local meat specialties from Braga.

Braga Drinks – Portuguese Sangria and Vinho Verde

The following local Portuguese drinks make the perfect companion to the traditional local food.

Portuguese Sangria

Spain isn’t the only place where you can find Sangria. Portuguese Sangria is the only other Sangria recognized under European laws that can be labeled as a Sangria.

Sangria is very popular Summertime drink. Although we visited Braga in January, Christiane offered us a taste of Summer with a fruity white Sangria cocktail.

Braga Food Tour Day Trips From Porto Authentic Food QuestRosemary and Claire with Christiane enjoying Portuguese Sangria

Made with Portuguese white wine, punch, oranges, and apples, the white Sangria was fresh, fruity and sweet. This was an easy drink to accompany our heavy and flavorful petiscos experience.

Portuguese Sangria in Braga Food Tours for Day Trips From Porto by Authentic Food QuestRefreshing Portuguese Sangria

Vinho Verde: Wine from the Minho Region

In Braga, you cannot miss the most famous wine from the Minho region, called Vinho Verde.

Vinho Verde is a light, bubbly, crisp white wine.

Naturally fresh due to its high acidity, Vinho Verde is low in alcohol content.

Depending on the grape variety, Vinho Verde flavors range from floral, fruity to mineral.  

Consumed soon after bottling, Vinho Verde is considered a young wine. This white wine is slightly effervescent due to its low carbonation.

Vinho Verde pairs well with seafood and starters like caldo verde and pataniscas de bacalhau.

Vinho Verde is one of our favorite Portuguese wines.

While in Portugal, we took every opportunity we could to taste it. Our favorite grape was the Loureiro for its floral flavor.

We also enjoyed the fine, mineral and subtly fragrant flavor from the Alvarinho region.

In any case, don’t miss the opportunity to taste Vinho Verde on your visit to Braga and Portugal.

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VinhoVerde_TasteofLisboa_AuthenticFoodQuest.Sparkly Vinho Verde wine

The Conventual Desserts from Braga 

With sweets being so central to Portuguese cuisine, this Braga food tour made no exception and ended with delicious Portuguese desserts.

With a strong history of the Church and religious influences, we were not surprised to find so many conventual desserts in Braga.

Conventual desserts are literally desserts that were traditionally made in convents. They are typically made with a large amount of egg yolks and sugar.

Pastelaria Lusitana: A Famous Pastry Shop and Restaurant in Braga

To discover how locals indulge and satisfy their sweet tooth, we went to Pastelaria Lusitana, a popular and local pastry shop.

It’s the kind of place where family and friends gather for an afternoon lanche or snack.

Conveniently located near the beautiful Jardim de Santa Bárbara, Lusitana is the ideal location to see and be seen in Braga!

Lusitana for Braga Food Tour and Day Trips From Porto by Authentic Food QuestBeautiful patio at Lustiana's

Traditional Pastries Tíbias de Braga

We tried two local specialty desserts from Braga.

The traditional Tíbias de Braga, which are puff pastries filled with a soft sweet creamy paste with powder sugar on top.

The texture was similar to the French Paris-Brest pastry.

While we enjoyed this pastry, we found it a little too creamy for our taste. It’s perfect for sharing or eating in small amounts.

Tibias de Braga Portuguese Puff Pastry during Braga Food Tour for Day Trips From PortoCreamy Tíbias de Braga Portuguese dessert

Traditional Biscuits Fidalguinhos

The second dessert specialty was the fidalguinhos which are traditional biscuits from Braga.

Their unique shape resembles two-crossed legs. Their shape was to mock the nobles who didn’t have to work or go to great lengths to get what they wanted.

These golden biscuits are sweet and crunchy with a zest of cinnamon. These Portuguese sweets pair perfectly with Portuguese coffee.

fidalguinhos Portuguese Biscuits from Braga during Food Tour for Day Trips From Porto by Authentic Food QuestDelightful fidalguinhos desserts

Other Things to Do in Braga

Visit Bom Jesus do Monte – A Stunning Sanctuary Outside Braga

After the Braga food tour ended, we decided to walk off our filling lunch and afternoon snacks and explore the Portuguese sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte.

Visiting Bom Jesus do Monte is one of the most famous day trips from Porto.

It is easily located about six kilometers east of downtown Braga. Bom Jesus (Good Jesus) is a pilgrimage site with a magnificent Baroque double stairway that climbs 116 meters (381 feet) up to the church.

While there is a funicular you can take, we recommend walking and enjoying the views.

The first chapel on the site was built in 1373. The current sanctuary dates back from 1722.

Bom Jesus do Monte is one of the most important tourist attractions in Braga. During Holy Week, penitents go up the stairway or “Sacred Way” on their hands and knees.

Walking up the monumental staircase is beautiful and at the same time very peaceful.

The sweeping views of the countryside were quite remarkable. Regardless of your religious affiliations, this site, rich in history, is worth a visit.  

If you’re taking a food tour in Braga, walking up and down the stairs at Bom Jesus is the perfect exercise.

You may also consider an overnight stay and indulge in more local specialties in Braga the next day.

Bom Jesus de Monte easy day trip From Porto by Authentic Food QuestRosemary at the bottom of Bom Jesus, one of Portugal’s most extravagant Baroque creations

How to get to Bom Jesus from Braga

Getting to Bom Jesus do Monte from Braga is easy and convenient.

In Braga, head to the main plaza called Praça Conselheiro Torres Almeida. Across the church or Igreja do Pópulo, you will see a popular bus stop.  

Wait at the bus stop ‘Conselheiro Torres Almeida II’.

Take bus number #2 in the direction Bom Jesus do Monte.

The bus will drop you off at the terminus which is located at the bottom of the sanctuary and near the departure of the funicular.

Bus tickets cost $2 euros one way/ 4 euros total (approx $2.50 one way/ $5.00 round trip). Carry small change and pay the driver directly.

The trip takes about 25-30 mins and there are about 2 to 3 buses every hour going to Bom Jesus do Monte.

To go back to Braga, simply take the number #2 bus back from the terminus.

Where to Stay – Hotels in Braga

Braga has a lot to offer visitors. In addition to sights and gastronomy, Braga has a vibrant center with numerous shops and cafes worth exploring.

That said, staying more than one day in Braga is definitely a great way to fully enjoy this lively and historical city.

In Braga, you’ll find hotels for all budgets and tastes. The following hotels are conveniently located to the city’s main sights.

Collector’s Hostel

For the budget conscious, this hostel is conveniently located in the historic center of Braga.

A cross between a B&B and designer hostel, Collector’s Hostel offers a unique feel and an original decor. Breakfast is offered daily.

Prices start at $58 per night for a standard queen room with breakfast included

Amelia’s House

For the budget conscious, Amelia’s house is located near the train station at walking distance from the city center.

With free breakfast, a fitness center, and beautiful gardens with a terrace, it offers great service at a great price.

Prices start at $58 per night for a standard room breakfast included

Tea 4 Nine Guest House and Bistro

For mid-range accommodations, this charming guest house proposes an elegant fully equipped apartment in the center of Braga.

An excellent breakfast with local specialties is provided. The restaurant, Bistro, serves lunch and dinner all week.

Prices start at $100 a night for a standard queen room breakfast included

Vila Gale Collection Braga

For a luxury stay consider, this hotel located in a beautiful historical building.

Featuring an outdoor and indoor pool, a garden, and a bar, this is the ideal setting to rest after a busy sightseeing day.

Prices start at $217 per night for a Palace queen room with breakfast included.

Braga Food Tour

Book your Braga Food Tour with Christiane

Start time: 10:00 am in Braga

Duration: Approximately 3 to 4 hours. Bring comfortable walking shoes.

Customized food tour led by a knowledgeable Braga resident

Cost: 39.00 Euros per person (Approx. $44 USD)

To Book this Braga Food Tour, simply click on the link below

Savor The Adventure!

Special thanks to Eco Trilha Viagens for having us on this Braga tour. All views and opinions expressed are our own. Full bellies and happy taste buds too!

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