Candy From Around The World: 10 Best International Box To Sweeten Your Palate

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Tasting different candy from around the world is one of life’s sweet pleasures. The flavors are diverse and the textures new and unusual.

On our authentic food quest travels around the world, we love discovering the sweet tastes of foreign candies.  

If you’ve looking to explore the world of candies and international treats, we’ve got you covered.

We share 10 of the best candy from around the world to whet your appetite for everything sweet and sugary.  

These international candy boxes offer you a delectable range of candies, chocolates, snacks and other sweet treats.

Dig in and explore the world of sweet treats from around the world. 

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Comparison Table Best Candy From Around The World

Candy BoxPrice $ (USD)# Candy per boxBest ForUS/WorldwideShipping Fees (US)
Universal YumsStarts at $155-18OverallWorldwideFree
Japan Candy BoxStarts at $24.9010Unique FlavorsWorldwideFree
British Candy Box$14.558Runner UpUS and Worldwide$11.59
American Classic Candy Box$24.8925Retro CandiesUS and Worldwide$9.42
SeoulBox Korean Candy$37.5018VarietyUS and Worldwide$9.99
French Z ChocolatesStarts at $42.4915Chocolate LoversUS and Worldwide$17.79
Canada Snack Box$31.6710Sweet and SavoryUS, Canada and Australia$9.99
Licorice CandyStarts at $49Three tubes, 1lb eachLicorice LoversUS and Worldwide$9.95
Old Time CandyStarts at $27.992 lbs to 4lb decade boxesChildhood CandiesContinental US$9.95
Asian Candy Box$24.1312ValueUS and Worldwide$6.19

Top Candy From Around The World Box

1. Universal Yums – Best International Candy Box Overall

Universal Yums Scandinavia Box by Authentic Food Quest
Universal Yums box from Scandinavia

Universal Yums offers one of the best boxes for candy from around the world. 

Every month you’ll receive unforgettable flavors from diverse countries, Germany, South Korea, Spain, Turkey, India and everything in between.

Sometimes, you’ll receive candy from a continent, like South America. And, during the holiday season, the Universal Yum holiday box is filled with delicious candy from around the world.

There are three box sizes available. A small Yum Box contains 5 -7 snacks. A medium size Yum Yum Box has 10 – 12 treats. While the larger Super Yum Box contains 18 – 20 snacks.

This is one of our personal favorite snack boxes filled with the best candy from around the world. 

We love the unusual candy flavors, chocolates from the different countries as well as savory surprises in each box.

One of the best parts of the box is an enclosed booklet with descriptions of the foreign candies, trivia, cultural facts and recipes.

Anyone who loves foreign candy will love Universal Yums. You can choose to enjoy candy from around the world with no subscription using the month to month option available.

Or, for a reduced subscription price, savor the world’s best candies at home each month.

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2. Japan Candy Box – Best Unique Flavors

Japan Candy Box Japanese Snacks by Authentic Food Quest
Colorful Japanese snacks Photo credit: Japan Candy Box on Facebook

Treat yourself or a loved one to a candy box gift straight from Japan. Featuring fun surprise snacks straight from Tokyo, you’ll find exclusive and seasonaI candies you can’t find elsewhere.

This Japan candy box is one of the best candy boxes from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Each candy box contains 10 treats from Japanese brands loved by locals.

You’ll find Pocky sticks, Kit Kat, and savory Japanese traditional snacks. Included in each box is also a range of different kinds of colorful dagashi and DIY candy kits.

The packing is adorable with cute Japanese style designs which take you straight to Japan. We love the variety of Japanese candy from all over the country.

This Japanese candy box is available on a monthly basis. And, each month the Japanese sweets are different.

For a road trip through Japan, without taking a flight, this is one of the best international candy boxes to get.

3. British Candy Box – Best Runner Up

Personalized British Classics Snack Box by Authentic Food Quest
Get personalized British classics snacks Photo credit: TreatsByPersnickety – Etsy

This candy from around the world UK box is filled with classic British, candies, chocolates and sweet delights.

Inside each box is a selection of eight different kinds of full size British candies. This beautifully packaged candy box makes a great gift.

You can add a personal message to your British candy box and each box also comes with tissue making it a perfect gift.

This carefully curated foreign candy box includes sweets like Double Decker, Crunchie, Twirl Toffee Crisps and much more. 

And, the variety of delicious candy changes in each box making it a surprise, everytime you open the box.

This candy box ships directly from England and most of the bars are not available in the US or elsewhere.

One nice benefit of this candy box is that you can check for allergens by asking for the ingredient list for each box.

For UK and British candy lovers, this is one of the best foreign candy boxes.

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4. American Classic Candy Box – Best Retro Candy 

American Candy Box by Authentic Food Quest
Sweet box full of rare candies – Photo credit: Classic Candy Box on Cratejoy

Feel like a kid again with this delicious nostalgic box of candies. This American Classic Candy box products features treats from yesteryear.

Discover American treats from childhood, or from your parents and grandparents adolescence.

Each candy box is filled with hard-to-find treats like gummy candies, hard candies, chocolate and everything in between.

The vintage candy selection is from the early 1900s to the 1980s. And, an enclosed booklet tells you all about each candy, including the year it was introduced.

Each box contains at least 25 different kinds of candies and is a delicious way to take a trip down memory lane.

You can gift this candy box to someone living away from home. Or, treat yourself to a monthly box of classic candy surprises.

This American classic box offers some of the best candy for sweet bites of nostalgia.

 5. Korean Candy Box – Best for Variety

SeoulBox Signature Unboxing by Authentic Food Quest
Exciting Korean goodies right at your doorstep

Enjoy Koren candy shipped directly from Seoul with the Signature Seoulbox

Filled with 18 different delicious candy, sweet and savory snacks, you’ll enjoy authentic Korean sweet treats.

Each Seoulbox also includes unique ramen noodles and a drink from Korean you can’t find anywhere else.

If you are a lover of Korean culture, you’ll love the Kpop and Kbeauty skincare and makeup included.

We’vee had the Seoulbox Signature box and have been quite impressed. The range and diversity and snacks and candy was surprising and unique.

A helpful and informative booklet helped us dive deeper into Korean culture. The candies were all described and there was a delicious Kimchi fried rice recipe included.

This Korean candy box will take you on a fun cultural and sweet journey to the country. 

It will be like traveling to Korea without leaving home.

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6. French Gourmet Chocolate Box – Best For Chocolate Lovers

French Gourmet Chocolate by Authentic Food Quest
Z Chocolates are made using the finest cacao

For exceptional French chocolate from a World Champion Chocolatier, you want the convenience of Z Chocolate.

Exquisite chocolate, packed with excellence are shipped to your home directly from France.

Made by renowned and award-winning chocolatier, Pascal Caffet, these chocolates are made with the finest high quality ingredients.

The “Z” in Z Chocolat represents the 26 letters of the alphabet. This is their signature numbered collection of 26 different chocolates made with different recipes. 

From dark chocolate to decadent milk, and white chocolate, you’ll find a delightful range of flavors made with cacao from around the world.

You can’t miss the signature Dark Z Chocolate made with 70% Venezuelan and Madagascar cacao.  

The Milky Way, a velvety White Chocolate is an International Chocolate Awards Winner and also not to be missed. 

Whether you choose the numbered chocolate collection or the exquisite chocolate bars, you’ll not go wrong with Z Chocolate.

What’s more, the chocolates are delivered in a beautifully designed mahogany box. And, they are shipped from France within an insulated box to ensure you receive the freshest chocolate always.

Add a photo or personalized message to this international candy box from France and experience the finest French confections.

7. Canada Candy Box – Best for Sweet and Savory

Cratejoy Candy From Around The World by Authentic Food Quest
Sweet and salty Canadian snacks are different each monthPhoto credit: Canadian snacks on Cratejoy

This unique box from Canada contains some of the best candy found in the country.

Inside each box is an assortment of 10 different sweet treats which are mostly full-sized items.

Containing the best candy from around Canada, the treats are different in each monthly box.

A treat for the taste buds, each box contains just the right amount of sweet and savory flavors.

While the treats are mostly sweet, there are a few salty snacks to balance the flavors.

Expect popular Canadian candies like wine gummies, Big Turk turkish delight, maple brown sugar candies, Coffee Crisps, chocolates and much more.

Taste unique flavors from all over the great land of Canada. The chewy, flaky, crispy iconic Canadian candies in each box are some of the best and most popular ones from the country.

For the sweet tooth, this Canada candy box delivers surprising flavors each month. 

From the second largest country in the world, this foreign candy box offers one of the widest ranges of sweet treats.

8. Licorice Candy From Around The World – Best For Licorice Lovers

Licorice Candy International Candy Boxes by Authentic Food Quest
Choose your favorite flavors of licorice – Photo credit: Licorice on Facebook

Licorice lovers, rejoice. This dedicated licorice store is designed for you. Enjoy more than 50  different types of licorice candy from around the world.

Made from the licorice root, this sweet candy found all over the world has those who love it and those who don’t.

You can get multiple flavors of licorice and find the perfect one for your sweet tooth. 

Try red licorice from Australia, salty licorice or even Finnish or Dutch licorice.

If you’re a licorice lover, find your personal favorite from a different country. The Fan Favorite box is the perfect sweet treat. 

It contains an assortment of licorice flavors with a flawless firm chew, soft texture and incredibly fresh. 

Diving into this box is like having your own personal tasting party.

You can buy a one-time box, give a licorice gift box or subscribe to a monthly subscription.

These delicious flavors, irresistible textures, and big bites of unforgettable licorice are a treat for the taste buds.

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9. Candy From Around The World No Subscription – Best For Childhood Candies

Old Time Candy Candy From Around The World by Authentic Food Quest
Which decade’s sweets would you like to try? – Photo credit: OldTimeCandy on Facebook

Walk the candy aisle to the candy you ate as a kid. Go back to your favorite childhood sweet and best treats.

Discover a variety of hard and soft candy from before the 1920s all the way to the 1990s. You can also get a gift box for a special celebration or festive holiday.

The best part about this, is that there is no subscription required. Buy as much of a particular candy as you or stock up for the holidays or birthday parties.

The Decade Candy gift box which is filled with candy from a particular decade is one of the most popular.  

Or you can also grab old time favorites like Chuckles, Jawbreakers, Turkish delight taffy, Atomic Fireballs and candy cigarettes and much more.

You can also shop by flavors like, chocolate, peanut butter, cherry, peppermint and others. Or by texture, from chewy sour, to suckers and lollipops.

Whatever your flavor and preference, you’ll be covered. 

These Old Time Candies are a nostalgic experience to savor or share with family and friends.

10. Asian Candy Box – Best Value

Plasso Shop Asian candy Box by Authentic Food Quest
Discover various exotic candies from Asia – Photo credit: Plasso Shop on Etsy

This international candy box from all over Asia, is filled with colorful, flavorful and exciting exotic candy.

Find jellies, gummies, hard and chewy candy from Japan, South Korea, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia and more.

Available in two different sizes, you can choose either a Standard Box or Big Box of foreign candy from all around Asia.

Rather than focusing on one country, this candy box of a mix of sweet, chewy, spicy, melts, sprinkles and hard candies. 

You’ll discover local treats and candies from South Korea, Thailand, China and Japan.

Individually wrapped, these international candies are fun and unusual edible sweets and confections.

Lovers of exotic flavors from all over the world, will enjoy a box of this sweet treat from all over Asia.

This box is a fun trip to Asia that leaves you with a lingering sweet taste.

What to Consider When Choosing Candy From Around The World

Enjoying a box of the best candy from around the world is a fun experience. You get introduced to foreign candies through local and unique sweet tastes.

When it comes to choosing an international candy box, here are a few considerations to keep in mind.

How Much Do Candy Subscription Boxes Cost?

Chocolate Candies Box International Candy Boxes by Authentic Food Quest
A one-time purchase typically costs more than subscription

Foreign candy subscription boxes are not uniform. They contain varied items and in different quantities. 

A single purchase tend to be more costly than an 3, 6 or 12 month subscription. Depending on where you live, shipping charges can also impact the price.

This list of international candy boxes in our list range in price from $11 to $49.

Are Candy Subscription Boxes Worth It?

International candy subscription boxes come in all shapes and sizes. They allow you to travel the world without actually going there.

The range of flavors, textures and  ingredients offered as well as the chance to discover a new country’s treats makes them a fun surprise.

Foreign candy boxes are definitively worth the purchase and the experience.

Can a Candy Box Be Given As a Gift?

Gift Candies Foreign Candy Box by Authentic Food Quest
A candy from around the world box makes for a sweet gift

Most people love candy and gifts in that order. These make great personal and corporate gifts, especially when you’re sending unique and new sweets from different countries.

Many of these candy boxes also offer gift box options. Some even provide customized boxes with messages and names or logo.

How To Cancel A Candy Box Subscription

You can easily cancel a candy box subscription from around the world in an easy one-step process. In most cases, you’ll simply log into your account and cancel your subscription. 

You certainly can also get an international candy box with no subscription. 

How We Chose the Best Candy From Around The World Subscription Boxes

Gummy Candies International Candy Subscription Box by Authentic Food Quest
Which candy entice you the most?

At Authentic Food Quest, we travel the world in search of the best local food experiences to help you connect to a look culture through food.

Along the way, we explore the best local food specialties, including snacks and candies from around the world. 

We’ve traveled to about 50 countries and more than 300 cities and have personally tasted many of these local candies.

While putting this list together of the best foreign candy boxes, we showcase the boxes that have the candies we discovered on our travels.

We also reviewed several subscription boxes that offer the most authentic international candies. 

With that combination, we believe you’ll enjoy the surprising diversity of international candies found in these boxes.

What’s your favorite candy from around the world? Which of these foreign candy boxes excites you the most? Please let us know in the comments below.

Savor the Adventure!

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