Guide To Ethnic Food in Chicago: Top 12 Restaurants You’ll Want to Try

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The diversity of ethnic food in Chicago can take you to many worlds, one spoonful at a time. Chicago is ranked among the top 10 diverse cities in the country by U.S. News and World Report.

All over the city are different neighborhoods and ethnic communities whose culinary traditions have added to the city’s rich culinary landscape.

As Chicago residents and culinary explorers, we are proud of the diverse palate and flavors in Windy City.

In our guide to the top ethnic food in Chicago, we highlight our favorite cuisines and restaurants.

Eat around the world without leaving the city at any of these best ethnic restaurants in Chicago.

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Map of The Best Ethnic Restaurants in Chicago

Here is where to find the best ethnic restaurants in Chicago with their respective neighborhoods.

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Top Restaurants For Ethnic Food in Chicago

1. Delicious Indian Food on Devon Street

Devon Street Ethnic Food In Chicago by Authentic Food Quest
Some of Chicago’s top Indian restaurants are located here

Devon Street on the north side of Chicago is one of the most intriguing multicultural streets in the city. 

Though mainly Indian, you will also find businesses run by Pakistanis, Iraqis, and Russians, among others.

Demographically speaking, this is one of Chicago’s most diverse areas.

Walking down the street is a nonstop barrage of stores, restaurants, and activities. You’ll find numerous eateries serving mouthwatering ethnic food in Chicago. 

Devon street is also a traveler’s paradise for cheap appliances, luggage, and international adapters. 

You can’t beat the selection on Devon Avenue for a culinary adventure. It’s home to some of the best ethnic restaurants in Chicago, especially for South Asian cuisine.

Best Restaurant For Authentic Indian Food in Chicago

Indian Food Ethnic Restaurants Chicago by Authentic Food Quest
Delightful samosa platter to start our meal

One of our favorite restaurants was Tiffin, which specialized in traditional Indian food from Bombay.

Unfortunately, after 27 years in business, the restaurant closed in mid-2022.

Ali’s Nihari & BBQ is another well-rated restaurant on Devon Avenue. The menu focuses on dishes from Pakistan and India. 

The cuisine is a beautiful blend of Persian and Turkish flavors from the Mughal rule in India in the 16th to 18th centuries.

One of the most indulgent dishes to try is a traditional meat stew known as “Nihari.” It is a slow-cooked beef or veal meat stew made with various spices that go back centuries.

Other delicious dishes to try are meatballs with curry, vegetarian paneer, biryani rice dishes, and much more. Everything is richly spiced and loaded with classic flavors.

For something sweet to end your meal save room for traditional desserts. Go for pistachio ice cream, kheer rice pudding, or the classic Gulab Jaman balls.

Ali’s Nihari & BBQ 

Address: 2548 W Devon Ave, Chicago

Hours: Open every day; 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Price: Prices start at around $14.99 for main dishes

Pro Tip: Generous portion. Plan to share a few different dishes.

2. Best Chinese Food – Chinatown

Chinatown Best Ethnic Restaurants In Chicago by Authentic Food Quest
Chinatown is one of Chicago’s most distinctive areas

This walkable neighborhood is near the Loop (downtown Chicago) and home to a vibrant Chinese community. 

The Chinese community in Chinatown Chicago dates back to the 1860s when the Chinese immigrated from California.

The Chinese community eventually settled in the current Chinatown area starting in the 1960s.

Beyond delicious Chinese restaurants, there are also monuments, museums, parks, bakeries, and grocery stores.

Within the core of Chinatown is a bi-level mall designed to look like the back alleyways in Beijing known as Hutongs. 

You’ll find various Chinese restaurants featuring cuisines from different regions of China.

There is also a great local store featuring Chinese herbs, remedies, teas, and dry goods worth visiting.

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Best Restaurant For Chinese Food in Chicago

Chinese Restaurants Best Ethnic Restaurants In Chicago by Authentic Food Quest
Try dim sum and other Chinese specialties

First opened in 1996, Triple Crown restaurant is one of the best ethnic restaurants in Chicago for dim sum.

This lively restaurant specializes in Cantonese cuisine in a welcoming environment.

The dim sum, which has its own separate menu, is what you want to get. This is a selection of light dishes served alongside Chinese tea.

These little bites are served in a small steamer basket or small plate.

The siu mai pork & shrimp dumplings, fried chicken dumplings, and bbq pork buns are crowd-pleasers.

A very popular restaurant in Chinatown, be prepared to wait, as it can get crowded. 

Triple Crown Restaurant

Address: 2217 S Wentworth Ave

Hours: Open Sun – Thu 9:00 am – 12:00 am, Fri – Sat 9:00 am – 2:00 am

Price: Prices of main dishes start at $9.95, Dim sum pieces start at $3.40

Pro Tip: Dim sum is served all day long

3. Best Authentic Mexican Food – Pilsen Neighborhood

Pilsen Neighborhood Ethnic Food In Chicago by Authentic Food Quest
There are many colorful murals in Pilsen

Pilsen was historically a working-class neighborhood on the lower west side of Chicago. The original residents were of German, Italian, Norwegian, and Czech origin in the late1800s. 

Today, the Latino community is the largest in the neighborhood and has been the majority since the 1970s. 

A thriving community, you’ll find delicious Mexican food, murals, street art, live music, offbeat boutiques, and more.

Pilsen is also home to the National Museum of Mexican Art, a stop worth making while eating in the area. 

Best Mexican Tacos in Chicago

Carnitas Ethnic Food Chicago by Authentic Food Quest
A healthy serving of carnitas with warm tortillas and fresh home made salsa

Carnitas Uruapan has been rated one of the best Mexican taquerias in Chicago.

The style of cuisine is from Michoacan, Mexico, and the carnitas are made using an authentic family recipe. 

This tiny Pilsen eatery has been in the neighborhood for more than 40 years. 

As soon as you walk in, you’ll notice the ordering process is more like a street stall at the counter rather than seated in place.

The restaurant is dedicated to authentic pork carnitas. The pork is slow-cooked for more than two hours and perfectly spiced.

You want to order the carnitas by the pound and choose your particular cut from shoulder and legs to belly. 

Along with the carnitas, get a side of warm tacos and a side of fresh salsa.

The portion sizes are generous, so be prepared to share. Have a Mexican soft drink or juice to complete your meal and savor some of the best Mexican ethnic food in Chicago.

Carnitas Uruapan

Address: 1725 W 18th St, Chicago

Hours: Open Mon-Thu 10:00 am – 4:00 pm; Friday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm Weekends: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Price: $15.99 for 1 pound of pork carnitas

Pro Tip: Of the pork carnitas options available, choose the cut with less fat

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4. Delicious Ukrainian Food – Ukrainian Village

Ukrainian Food Ethnic Food Chicago by Authentic Food Quest
Heartwarming homemade borscht soup

Ukrainian Village in West Town is one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in Chicago with a thriving cultural scene. 

Previously home to German immigrants, today, this area is a hub for all things Ukrainian. 

You’ll find Ukrainian churches, banks, schools, restaurants, and shops in the area.

Even though the area has changed over the years with an influx of non-Ukrainians, it continues to be an enclave for Ukrainian Americans.

Ukrainian Village, also called “Ukie Village,” is a great place to visit and support Ukrananian-owned businesses.

Best Restaurant For Traditional Ukrainian Food in Chicago

Claire Rosemary Best Ethnic Restaurants In Chicago by Authentic Food Quest
Enjoying the intimate atmosphere of Old Lviv restaurant

Old Lviv restaurant has been serving authentic Ukrainian cuisine for over 20 years. It is a charming family-owned restaurant with only a handful of tables. 

The interior is warm and cozy, and the staff is friendly. The buffet with a wide variety of authentic Ukrainian dishes is the biggest draw.

The menu also features freshly made pierogis, homemade soups, stuffed cabbage, and even Ukrainian beer.

Eating at Old Lviv was our first time having Ukrainian food. We found it similar to Polish cuisine, though with its own unique twist.

We recommend getting the buffet for the widest variety of authentic Ukrainian flavors.

Old Lviv

Address: 2228 W Chicago Ave, Chicago

Hours: Open Tue – Sat 11:00 am – 8:00 pm. Closed on Monday.

Price: Prices start at $5, buffet at $17

Pro Tip: The creamy blintzes are to die for. Save room for a couple.

5. Delectable African Food From The Mountains of Ethiopia – Edgewater and Uptown

African Food Ethnic Restaurants In Chicago by Authentic Food Quest
Taste the best Ethiopian food in Chicago

While most may be familiar with Egyptian and Ethiopian foods, Africa is home to numerous regional cuisines waiting to be explored. 

West African cuisine has formed a niche in the city’s north side, particularly in Edgewater and Uptown neighborhoods.

You’ll find many Nigerian, Moroccan, Ethiopian, and some restaurants serving a mash of African dishes. 

The scent of cumin and other spices mingles with the regulars’ happy chatter, creating an inviting atmosphere. 

Many of these ethnic restaurants have been around for a decade or two. 

At the same time, some are newer spots eager to showcase their version of recipes from their ancestral homes. 

Best Restaurant For Ethiopian Food in Chicago

Ethnic Food in Chicago at Ethiopian Rash Dashen Restaurant by AuthenticFoodQuest
Tasty Ethiopian food served on injera

One of our favorite restaurants was Rash Dashen, known for its exceptional Ethiopian food. Unfortunately, a casualty of Covid-19 and the pandemic, Rash Dashen closed its doors.

A bright gem and replacement in the neighborhood is Axum, serving delectable Ethiopian cuisine. 

The warm ambiance and traditional flavors is perfect for those willing to catch a taste of Ethiopia.

The food is served in small portions on a plate making for a fun and shareable experience.

Vegetarian dishes dominate and you’ll also find a wide selection of vegan and gluten-free options.

Try one of the combo platters served with injera, a spongy pancake-like bread used to scoop up the food. 

The injera comes with various delicious sides, and you use your hands to tear up the injera and enjoy it with the dish. 

Meat eaters want to try Doro Wot, the national dish of Ethiopia. This is a wonderful spicy chicken stew, traditionally made for special occasions. 

Axum Restaurant

Address: 5844 N Broadway, Chicago

Hours: Mon – Thurs, 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm; Fri – Sun, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Price: Prices start at $12

Pro Tip: Enjoy a wide selection of vegan/vegetarian options. And, eat with your hands as Ethiopian food is traditionally eaten.

6. Tasty Thai Food – Western Avenue

Thai Food Chicago Ethnic Food by Authentic Food Quest
Genuine Thai taste in Chicago

Thai cuisine can be found all over Chicago. From casual eateries to upscale restaurants, you’ll find bold and authentic flavors similar to what you see in Thailand.

Western Avenue in Chicago is home to several ethnic restaurants, including our favorite Thai restaurant.

What we like best about Sticky Rice restaurant on Western Avenue is their focus on northern Thai cuisine. 

We fell in love with northern Thai specialties while visiting Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

And the flavors at Sticky Rice are very authentic.

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Best Restaurant For Authentic Thai Food in Chicago

Sticky Rice Restaurant Ethnic Food In Chicago by Authentic Food Quest
Great spot for exploring Thai flavors

Sticky Rice is a warm and welcoming family-owned restaurant offering an extensive menu of northern Thai specialties.

It’s a solid option for those willing to branch out and try authentic flavors from the north of Thailand.

One of our favorite dishes is Khao Soi, one of northern Thailand’s most famous noodle soups.

And, the sai oua pork sausages with Thai spicy herbs should not be missed. 

To sample a wide variety of northern Thai flavors, choose the specials on the chalkboard or the ones on the menu.

Everything is prepared to order, so be patient while waiting for your dishes. This gives you a chance to start with any delicious appetizers like stuffed dumplings or rolls.

Save room for dessert and indulge in Kanom Krok hot coconut cakes. And the popular mango sticky rice.

Sticky Rice

Address: 4018 N Western Ave Ste 3727, Chicago

Hours: Open daily, 11:30 am – 10:00 pm

Price: Thai dishes start at $9.95

Pro Tip: In the warmer weather, grab a table on the outdoor patio

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7. Traditional Eastern European or Slavic Food – Irving Park

Slavic Food Ethnic Restaurants In Chicago by Authentic Food Quest
Popular meat platter at Cafe Beograd

Ethnic restaurants in Irving Park reflect a fantastic synthesis of cuisines from Eastern European countries with Russian and Turkish influences. 

You can enjoy a multicultural culinary experience at one place for Hungarian, Bulgarian, Serbian, and Croatian food.

After spending almost nine months exploring authentic food in the Balkans, we’re thrilled at the offerings in Chicago. 

These Eastern European Chicago area restaurants are family-owned and focus on fresh and local ingredients. 

The dishes are made from scratch and a generous spirit of hospitality welcomes you.

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Best Restaurant For Authentic Slavic Food in Chicago

Guide To Ethnic Food in Chicago: Top 12 Restaurants You’ll Want to Try 1
Enjoy traditional Balkan meals and pastry rolls at Cafe Beograd

Cafe Beograd was the first Chicago restaurant we visited after returning from Serbia. 

The menu was remarkably similar to the ones we had seen in Belgrade.

You’ll find traditional dishes like grilled cevapi sausages, shopska salad, sarma cabbage rolls, burek pastry rolls, and more.

The food is simple and loaded with flavor. For a first-time experience, choose anything from the “daily special” menu. 

These are some of the most traditional dishes that are bound to impress and surprise you.

Round out your meal with Rakia, a traditional fruit-based liquor for a complete Slavic ethnic experience in Chicago.

Attached to the restaurant is a Serbian grocery store or market. You want to pick up Serbian or Bulgarian cheese, spreads like ajvar or lutenitsa, snacks, drinks, and pastries.

The wait staff is friendly and there is also an outdoor seating patio to enjoy.

Cafe Beograd

Address: 2933-39 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago

Hours: Open every day 8:00 am – 12:00 am

Price: Prices start at $11

Pro Tip: Sit in the back room away from the television screens for an enjoyable experience

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8. The Best Vietnamese Food – Little Saigon Argyle Street

Vietnamese Food Best Ethnic Food Chicago by Authentic Food Quest
Find delicious Vietnamese meals in “Little Saigon”

Uptown, also on the city’s north side, is home to eclectic Asian flavors, smells, and cuisines.

The culinary jewel is Argyle Street, also known as “Little Saigon.” It is the core of the Vietnamese community in Chicago. 

It’s a compact neighborhood with a lot to offer, from bakeries to grocery stores and mom-and-pop restaurants.

During the summer months, there is a weekly night market. And events like Chinese New Year are also celebrated on Argyle.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: If you love Vietnamese cuisine and want to learn to make it at home with an expert chef, consider taking an online Vietnamese cooking class. We transported our kitchen to Saigon with the Chef & The Dish and learned to make authentic banh mi sandwiches and spring rolls with a private chef. See our full review of Virtual Vietnamese Cooking Classes with Chef &The Dish

Best Restaurant For Vietnamese Food in Chicago

Tank Noodle Ethnic Food Chicago by Authentic Food Quest
Popular place for Vietnamese food lovers – Photo credit: Tank Noodle on Facebook

One of our favorite spots for Vietnamese cuisine is Tank Noodle on Argyle. 

Having spent several months in Vietnam exploring the local cuisine, we find the flavors at Tank quite authentic.

Tank is a casual, family-owned restaurant that serves delicious and fresh Vietnamese food. 

The spacious interior has large round tables and smaller private tables for two or three along the edges.

A neighborhood favorite, Tank restaurant fills up quickly. If no private tables are available, grab a seat on one of the large center tables and share the experience with others.

Some of our favorite Vietnamese dishes on the menu are Bun Bo spicy noodle soup or the rice vermicelli noodle dishes. 

The unique tastes and flavors of the che ba mau dessert always take us back to Vietnam.

Tank Noodle

Address: 4953-55 N Broadway, Chicago

Hours: Open every day except Wednesday, 11:00 am – 9:00 pm

Price: Vermicelli noodle soups start at $16

Pro Tip: Go early for dinner especially on the weekend to avoid a long wait. 

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9. Tasty Greek Food – West Loop Chicago

Greek Town Ethnic Restaurants In Chicago by Authentic Food Quest
“Lady of the Lake” statue at the center of Greektown

Greek Town in Chicago’s West Loop has been home to the Greek community since the late 1800s. 

Today, Greek Town is a trendy neighborhood known for its dining and nightlife options.

The core of the Greektown community is between Halsted Avenue between Madison and Van Buren streets. And, the National Hellenic Museum is a community anchor.

Restaurants in the area have come and gone over the years. The Covid-19 pandemic also closed some long-standing institutions like Santorini restaurant.

You’ll find Athena, one of the oldest restaurants in the area with a hugely popular happy hour ($5 menu on weekdays). 

Greek Islands, 9 Muses, and Mr. Greek Gyros are other culinary Greek gems.

The menu features traditional Greek dishes, including the famous Saganaki cheese appetizer created in Chicago.

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Best Restaurant For Greek Food in Chicago

Artopolis Best Ethnic Restaurants In Chicago by Authentic Food Quest
Be sure to try the signature “Artopitas”

Our favorite restaurant in Greek town is Artopolis Bakery and Cafe. The restaurant was opened in 2000 and is now under new management. 

However, their commitment to delicious Mediterranean flavors still carries through. The décor open and modern, with indoor seating on two levels and an outdoor patio.  

You’ll find delicious salads, sandwiches, cakes, and pastries, all freshly made daily.

The signature item to have are their “Artopitas” or phyllo dough pastries, stuffed pastries filled with cheese, meats, or vegetables.

Don’t leave without trying their delectable Greek desserts. You’ll not go wrong with almond baklava, though our favorites sweets are the Greek cookies.

The vision or goal for Artopolis, we learned in a conversation with the owner, is to “maintain a sense of Greece in Greektown.”

And, having spent time in Greece, we can personally attest that Artopolis offers some of the best Greek ethnic food in Chicago. 

Artopolis Bakery, Cafe & Agora

Address: 306 S Halsted St, Chicago

Hours: Open Mon, Tue, Thu, Sun 9:00 am – 6:00 pm, Wed 9:00 am – 3:30 pm, Fri-Sat 9:00 am – 8:00 pm

Price: Prices start at $7

Pro Tip: There is an Agora or market within Artopolis with authentic Greek products like honey, olive oil, wine and more.  

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10. Traditional Polish Food – Polish Triangle (Pulaski Park area)

Polish Food Best Ethnic Food Chicago by Authentic Food Quest
There are several options for authentic Polish food in Chicago

Chicago is home to a thriving Polish community, an integral part of the city’s culture. 

Outside of Warsaw, Chicago has the second-largest Polish population in the world.

Many Poles emigrated to Chicago starting in the 1850s and settled around Ashland, Division, and Milwaukee avenues. 

This area is known as the Polish Triangle. In addition to mom-and-pop restaurants and stores, you’ll also find the historic Chopin Theatre, Polish Museum, and several churches.

Every year, the area hosts the “Taste of Polonia Festival,” a four-day Polish food and music extravaganza during Labor Day weekend.

Best Restaurant For Polish Food in Chicago

Podhalanka Best Ethnic Food In Chicago by Authentic Food Quest
Podhalanka is known as a restaurant for the best Polish ethnic food in Chicago

Podhalanka is an unassuming, easy-to-miss eatery serving authentic Polish cuisine. The restaurant has been around for more than 40 years serving authentic Polish food and specialties.

During our visit, we met Greg, who had taken over the restaurant from his mother, Maria. 

Originally from Kraków, the name is inspired by the Podhale region in southern Poland. You don’t go for the atmosphere, but for the fantastic homemade Polish food.

We visited Podhalanka after spending more than 6 weeks in Poland and were quite impressed.

The flavors and presentation of the food was almost identical to the delicious food we enjoyed in Poland.

Try the homemade soups and plates of pierogis. One of my favorites, the kotlet schabowy or breaded pork cutlet, was divine.

 Ask Greg to guide you if you’ve never had Polish food. The food is amazing, and it’s no surprise the restaurant is rated as having the best Polish ethnic food in Chicago.


Address: 1549 W Division St, Chicago

Hours: Open Mon-Sat, 9:00 am – 8:00 pm; Sunday,10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Price: Main dishes start at $9.75

Pro Tip: The restaurant is cash-only

11. Tasty Middle Eastern Food – Albany Park

Middle Eastern Platter best ethnic Food in Chicago by AuthenticFoodQuest
Tantalizing platter of Middle Eastern staples – Photo credit: Marco Verch Professionnal under CC BY 2.0

The Arab commercial areas opened in Albany park in the 70s with carpet, luxury goods, dry fruit, and other stores. 

Palestinians form a sizeable portion of the Middle Eastern diaspora, with Syrian, Lebanese, Iranian, and Israelis making up the rest. 

A sea of Middle Eastern eateries along the sidewalks of Albany Park will tempt your taste buds.

Restaurant menus feature traditional appetizers and dishes like falafels, salads, grilled meats, and various vegetable-based dishes.

The restaurants use the best ingredients and Middle eastern spices to create tantalizing flavors. 

We love the culinary treasures found in this area. 

The local restaurants tend to be family-owned, serving traditional dishes at affordable prices.

Best Restaurant For Persian Food in Chicago

Noon O Kabab Ethnic Restaurants Chicago by Authentic Food Quest
Noon O Kabab has the most delicious kebabs in the city – Photo credit: Noon-O-Kabab on Facebook

Noon O Kabab in Albany Park has been rated the best Persian restaurant in Chicago.

It’s a family-owned restaurant, opened in 1997, and is one of the best ethnic restaurants in Chicago.

We first visited the restaurant in 2008 and have eaten more recently at the spacious Albany Park location.

As the name implies, the restaurant’s specialty is the kebabs. Bringing the magic of Persia to Chicago, you can enjoy juicy charbroiled skewers cooked with delightful spices.

The appetizers with delicious falafels, hummus, dolmeh, and yogurt salad are a great way to start your culinary adventure.

Wraps, rice plates, stews, seafood, and a variety of vegetarian dishes are some of the other delectable entrees to choose from.

End your dinner with hot tea accompanied by a slice of baklava or bomieh dipped in honey. And, definitively, make room for decadent Persian saffron ice cream. 

If you’ve never had Persian food before, Noon O Kabab is one of the best ethnic restaurants in Chicago to try.

Noon O Kabab

Address: 4701 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago

Hours: Open every day 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

Price: Main dishes start at $11

Pro Tip: Albany Park hosts the “Flavors of Albany Park” festival in June. This would be a great time to visit Noon o Kabob and sample more of the best ethnic food in Chicago.

12. Luscious Italian Food – Little Italy

Little Italy Best Ethnic Food Chicago by Authentic Food Quest
Colors of Italy outside of Mario’s Italian Lemonade

Chicago’s Little Italy is a continuing legacy of Chicago’s Italian American past.

Many southern Italians moved to Chicago between 1880 and 1920 and established a close-knit community on Taylor street.

Fans of Italian-American history will enjoy reading more about Taylor Street and Chicago’s Little Italy.

When it comes to food, there are several family-owned traditional restaurants that have survived the ages.

Tuscany, Rosebud, and Pompeii are some of the longstanding iconic restaurants in the area.

Conte Di Savoia, an Italian grocer carries a wonderful array of authentic Italian products. 

Mario’s Italian Lemonade has been making excellent Italian ice drinks since 1954.  And, to honor Italian American athletes, the National American Sports Hall of Fame is worth visiting.

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Best Restaurant For Italian Food in Little Italy

Tufanos Chicago Ethnic Food by Authentic Food Quest
Lovely patio for dining outside at Tufano’s – Photo credit: Tufanos Vernon Park Tap on Facebook

Tufano’s restaurant, which opened in 1930, is one of the best Italian restaurants on Taylor street.

It is family-owned and managed serving homestyle Italian cuisine. It has a laid-back atmosphere, dark walls, and a giant chalkboard with daily specialties.

The beautiful patio with umbrella tables is an excellent spot for summer lunches.

Regulars frequent the restaurant, and the food is simple and mouthwatering Italian American dishes.

The perfectly roasted Tufano’s lemon chicken is the universal favorite, followed by the lemon-flavored veal picante served with angel hair pasta. 

If you’re looking for something light yet filling, get the stuffed shells or sausage and peppers in an oil-based dressing.

Tufano’s Vernon Park Tap

Address: 1073 W Vernon Park Pl, Chicago

Hours: Open Tue-Fri, 11:00 am – 9:00 pm, Sat 4:00 pm – 9:30 pm, Sun 3:00 pm – 8:45 pm. Closed on Monday.

Price: Main dishes start at $9.50

Pro Tip: Payment is by cash or Venmo.

Where to Taste Trendy Ethnic Food in Chicago

Time Out Market in Chicago by Authentic Food Quest
The dining area at Time Out Market

One of the newest hubs in the city to taste a diversity of ethnic flavors is The Time Out Market Chicago.

It is located in the West Loop, in the Fulton Market area, not far from Randolph Street. The massive two-storey food hall opened in June 2021 following closures due to Covid 19.

Time Out Market Chicago has 3 bars, a rooftop deck, and 18 different eateries. We were pleasantly surprised to find so many eateries featuring some of the best ethnic food in Chicago.

You’ll find Polish food, Vietnamese, Thai, Greek, Indian, African dishes, and much more. Eating at the Time Out Market is taking a culinary journey around the world.

Order small plates of different ethnic foods and sit in the open dining room. Savor all the unique and delightful flavors and discover new Chicago ethnic food favorites.

What Ethnic Foods is Chicago Known For?

Chicago is one of the most diverse cities in the United States. For decades, immigrants from all over the world have settled in the Midwestern city and made it their home. 

Many communities have shaped the city’s diverse food palate, all the way from Eastern Europe to Mexico, Vietnam, Greece, Italy, and more. 

Some of the famous ethnic foods Chicago is known for include Polish pierogis, Mexican tacos, Indian curry dishes, Ethiopian injera, Greek saganaki, dim sum, bahn mi, and much more.

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What’s your favorite foreign food? Have you had any of these Chicago ethnic foods before? Please let us know in the comments below.

Savor the Adventure!

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